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Sens de "large" dans le Dictionnaire Espagnol-Anglais : 127 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
large grande [adj]
large macizo [adj]
large nutrido [adj]
large altaricón [adj] ES:N
large crecido [adj]
large cumplido [adj]
large fuerte [adj]
large grueso [adj]
large multitudinario [adj]
large bueno [adj]
large nutrida [adj/f]
large altaricona [adj/f] ES:N
large crecida [adj/f]
large cumplida [adj/f]
large gruesa [adj/f]
large multitudinaria [adj/f]
large altiricón [adj]
large atroz [adj]
large bárbaro [adj]
large boludo [adj] UY
large bonito [adj]
large bueno [adj]
large capaz [adj]
large arrón [suf]
large astrón [suf]
large astrona [suf]
large simbra [f] HN
large tayca [f] BO:W
large gran [adj]
large caudaloso [adj]
large benedictino [adj] fig.
large numeroso [adj]
large barbarazo [adj] DO VE
large caspote [adj] BO:W,C
large large (inglés) [adj] US MX HN SV NI CR PA PR EC PE BO CL PY CU rare
large júcaro [adj] CR:Nw rur.
large mandarria [adj] SV
large masacotudo [adj] CL
large macana [adj] DO
large molleto [adj] PR
large momotombo [adj] SV
large mero [adj] CR
large muco [adj] HN
large mundial [adj] HN PY
large pelotudo [adj] AR UY
large pelú [adj] PR
large salvaje [adj] HN NI
large valumoso [adj] MX
large importante [adj]
large jumbo (inglés) [m] PR
large ladrillo [m] HN PA CU
large unca [suf] HN
large grandes [adj/pl]
large mamarro de [loc/adj] VE
large numerosa [adj/f]
large amplio [adj]
large ampón [adj]
large ancho [adj]
large anchuroso [adj]
large considerable [adj]
large gran (delante de sustantivo) [adj]
large copioso [adj]
large dilatado [adj]
large espacioso [adj]
large holgado [adj]
large espléndido [adj]
large gordo [adj]
large granado [adj]
large lato [adj]
large mayúsculo [adj]
large argomón [m]
large jaquetón [m]
large dilatada [adj/f]
large larga [adj/f]
large lata [adj/f]
large amplia [adj/f]
large ampona [adj/f]
large espaciosa [adj/f]
large anchurosa [adj/f]
large ancha [adj/f]
large espléndida [adj/f]
large mayúscula [adj/f]
large copiosa [adj/f]
large gorda [adj/f]
large granada [adj/f]
large holgada [adj/f]
large vasto [adj]
large difuso [adj]
large extenso [adj]
large vasta [adj/f]
large extensa [adj/f]
large difusa [adj/f]
large tamaño [adj] HN SV
large fuerte [adj] GT HN
large bonillo [adj] disused
large buena [adj/f]
large de a kilo [adj]
large de novela [adj] AR
large pescuezo largo [adj] DO
large como poncho [adj] CL
large de alto bordo [loc/adj]
large de aúpa [adj]
large de garabatillo [adj]
large mazacotudo [adj] CL
large altaricón [adj] ES local
large hecho una botija [loc/adj]
large con jactancia [loc/adv]
large como un piano ES
large de campeonato
large cargado [adj] CO:Nw
large grandiosano [adj] HN jail
large de once mil putas [adj] HN
large voluminoso [adj]
large grandioso [adj]
large favorable [adj]
Marine Biology
large beluga (ruso) [adj]
large anchuroso [adj]
large voluminoso [adj]
large vasto [adj]
General Medicine
large cuantioso [adj]
large lleno [adj]
large abultado [adj]
large con viento a la cuadra [loc/adv]
large abundante [adj]
large liberal [adj]
large franco [adj]
large franca [adj/f]

Sens de "large" avec d'autres termes dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 500 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
large hall sala [f]
large bay abra [f]
large battery batería [f]
large wall for protecting cities muralla [f]
large ring aro [m]
large amount of money buey (puerto rico) [m]
large ship navío [m]
large window ventanal [m]
large display alarde [m]
large hammer used to forge macho [m]
large pill bolo [m]
large tumor bubón [m]
large chequered skipper espejitos [m/pl]
to a large extent en gran parte [adv]
large house casona [f]
large room cuadra [f]
large city urbe [f]
large basket banasta [f]
large barrel barrica [f]
large barrel bota [f]
crowd (large number of people or things together) nube [f]
diving bell (a large vessel for underwater work) campana [f]
extra large corrido [adj]
medium large medio grande [adj]
large (food, drink) doble [adj]
large basket canasto [m]
large basket capazo [m]
large pillow almohadón [m]
large rock peñasco [m]
large cup tazón [m]
large pin espetón [m]
large estate latifundio [m]
large door portón [m]
large chest arcón [m]
large pin topo [m] AMER
large cup copón [m]
large retail store bazar [m]
extra large corrida [adj/f]
large mirror luna [f]
large shrimp gamba [f]
throng (a large number of people or things) multitud [f]
large wagon carretón [m]
large spot manchón [m]
large tower torreón [m]
at large en general [loc/adv]
large number abundancia [f]
large wasp ahogadora [f] NI CR
large wasp ahorcadora [f] HN NI
large glazed vessel albornía (árabe) [f]
large glass cruet alcolla (árabe) [f]
large needle for making sandals almarada (árabe) [f]
large lunch almorzada [f] MX NI CR CO EC BO
large candle antorcha [f]
large ring argolla [f]
large animal bell to guide the rest of the flock arrancadera [f]
large number arribazón [f] CU
large pile of hay barcina [f] MX AL
large bellows barquinera [f] disused
large container bazuca [f] SV NI
large b be grande [f] LA
spring in large lock cacheta [f]
large canary cage canariera [f]
large earthenware wine jug candiota [f]
large iron card carducha [f]
large amount carretada [f]
large house casa grande [f]
hail large hailstones acantalear [v] ARA rur.
clean wheat with a large sieve arelar [v]
unusually large acromegálico [adj]
unusually large acromegálico [adj] fig.
large winged aludo [adj]
with large moles alunarado [adj]
large-hoofed cascudo [adj]
large number abondamiento [m] disused
large number abundamiento [m] disused
large piece of candy adoquín (árabe) [m]
large knife alfajor (árabe) [m] AR derog.
large fishing net aljerife [m]
fugitive at large alzado [m] HN VE
large excavation anchurón [m]
large clothing faldulario [m]
large stone used on fishing nets ancorel [m]
large clothing andulario [m]
large group of islands archipiélago (italiano) [m]
large sieve to clean the wheat arel (catalán) [m]
large plot of sand arenal [m]
large staple argollón [m]
large iron ring argollón [m]
large bundle balón [m]
large corral baño [m]
large bellows barquín [m] disused
large bellows barquino [m] disused
large drill barreno [m]
large trunk baúl mundo [m]
large earthenware jar belez [m] ES local
large round-head nail bellote [m]
large eggplant plantation bermejal [m]
large middle pin in the game of nine-pins birlón [m] rur.
large candle blandón (francés) [m]
large candlestick blandón (francés) [m]
large piece of wood bolo [m] CU
large knife bolo [m] PH
large stone bolón [m] CL
large meeting bolón [m] MX CU
large bag bolsón [m]
large volume of water buey [m]
large box cajón [m]
large piece of artillery used to break walls camelete [m]
large wide basket canasto [m]
large wicker basket capazo [m]
large hood caperuzón [m]
large reel for winding cables carretel [m]
large, uncomfortable and rickety carriage carromato [m]
large and ramshackle house casarón [m]
large and ramshackle house caserón [m]
at large suelto [adv]
at large eñ general [adv]
at large suelta [adv]
to a large extent en gran medida [adv]
in large quantities hosco [adv] PR
in large quantities josco [adv] PR
in large quantities jorno [adv] PR
in large quantities jorno [adv] PR
in large quantities josco [adv] PR
in large amounts parejo [adv] PA cult
large plane galera [f]
large amount bestialidad [f]
large doll pepona [f]
large amount friolera (coloquial) [f]
large-chested woman pechugona [f]
large town ciudad [f]
large knife cuchilla [f]
large number of sheep or cattle cabaña [f]
large size or quantity mole [f]
large round basket canasta [f]
large number of birds pajarería [f]
large pointed knife faca [f]
large wave oleada [f]
large amount burrada [f]
a large bonito palomina [f]
a large amount barbaridad [f]
device which is used for launching large objects catapulta [f]
very large store macrotienda [f]
very large store megatienda [f]
large agency macroagencia [f]
large cage for birds pajarera [f]
large candelabrum almenara [f]
large earthenware jar tina [f]
large forge hammer martinete [f]
banner (large sign) pancarta [f]
drove (large amount) masa [f]
large wall built to guard the cities muralla [f]
large sack saca [f]
large serpent sierpe [f]
large flat stone lastra [f]
large gourd made into water container camaza  [f] VE CO
rudder like a large oar for steering small boats espadilla [f]
half of a large gourd used for storing tortillas artesa [f] HN:S
arrival of a large quantity of turtles to spawn on the beach arribazón [f] MX
arrival of a large quantity of fish at the surface of the water arribazón [f] VE
act of drinking a large amount of atol atoleada [f] MX GT HN SV NI rur.
large amount of atol atoleada [f] HN NI
a large amount of food eaten atragantada [f] VE
large capsule difficult to swallow bala [f] PR
very large item banasta [f] PR
large pill hard to swallow bala [f] PR
large pill difficult to swallow bala [f] PR
large amount of something bangañada [f] PA
a person who can drink large amounts of alcoholic beverages without reaching a state of inebriation aguantadora [f] MX VE BO
large, flavorless clam bichúa [f] PR
large marble bolonca [f] HN
large marble bolondrona [f] VE
large vessel used for the transport of fish bolichera [f] PE
large tubular container bazuca [f] SV NI
tall person with a large body and wide hips caja fuerte [f] HN NI
very large pocket watch callana [f] CL disused
a herbaceous plant with three to eighteen segments, with large, long-necked leaves, with long petioles, and a very short stem attached to a rhizome from which a single tuber is born badú [f] PA
a perennial herbaceous plant, with large thin leaves, pink flowers and reddish stem without hairs diapana [f] PR
(in banana cultivation) a facility where the large bunches are brought, and cut into smaller pieces/bunches (called hands), washed with a solution of water and muriatic acid and packed in boxes bacadía [f] HN:N
large and straight machete for agricultural use colima [f] GT SV rare
machine that lifts large stacks of cane alzadora [f] CU
very large abdomen botija [f] NI derog.
very large belly botija [f] NI derog.
large series of consecutive hits obtained in a game of billiards bolada [f] PE
large tear on any garment bramera [f] VE:W
large vessel used for the transport of fish bolichera [f] PE
large moustache brocha [f] CU
large round explosive coated with paper and a wick (pyrotechnics) bomba [f] MX HN NI
large amount of money billetada [f] HN SV NI
large donut bizcotela [f] EC derog.
large donut bizcotela [f] SV NI CR
large mouth buceta [f] AR:Nw
large mouth buceta [f] CL
pregnant woman with a large belly bimbolla [f] PR
large mouth buchaca [f] MX GT HN SV NI
large capacity container for measuring coffee in a processing plant angarilla [f] CR
popular guitar of large dimensions bordonúa [f] PR
large person animalona [f] GT HN NI CR PE
large group of children or adolescents borregada [f] UY AR disused
a large number of people or things grouped together in one place burdajada [f] CU DO
large noisy crowd engaged in a protest buruca [f] GT
large, elongated head of a person cabeza de zepelín [f] US CU
a large number of people or things grouped together in one place burda [f] CU DO
large amount burdajá [f] CU
large amount burdajada [f] CU DO
large amount of something cacashtada [f] GT
large quantity of something cacastada [f] SV NI rur.
large amount of something cacastada [f] GT
a large amount baisa [f] DO
a variety of large cemita bread camiona [f] SV
a large amount of something camionada [f] HN SV NI EC rare
large amount of something canastada [f] GT HN SV NI
large and ugly tooth clavija [f] DO
large house with an indoor courtyard, and which is divided into rooms for rent cuartería [f] HN NI CU
large quantity of something cuchumbada [f] SV
large wooden spoon mama cuchara [f] EC
large wooden spoon cuchara mama [f] EC
large wooden spoon mama cuchara [f] EC
serving of food that fits in a large ladle or spoon cucharonada [f] BO CL
large shoe chaguala [f] PA PR
large shoe chaguana [f] CU
large rock curunca [f] HN SV:E
large quantity of ants curunquera [f] HN:W
large tick chata [f] PA
large shoe chalana (del francés) [f] PR
piece of timber attached to a large hook used to catch sharks in the pacific ocean cimbra [f] MX
large shoe, and by extension any footwear chalupa [f] CU PE BO CL
very large button on an article of clothing chapeta [f] HN
large rock turunca [f] HN SV
large button used by children as payment when playing with a top chava [f] DO
large button chaveta [f] DO
large white umbrella used by street markets stallholders chiwiña [f] BO:W
large number of people, animals, things, or immaterial entities chorrera [f] GT HN NI CU VE BO CL AR UY
large quantity of chirmol chirmolada [f] GT
cover attached to the rim of the large dish in a sugar cane mill falca [f] CO EC rur.
large pocket in an article of clothing faldiquera [f] DO VE
large agricultural farm or livestock ranch estancia [f] US NI PA PR VE EC PE BO CL PY AR UY
palisade made with large and strong stakes on a beach to prevent dangerous fish from entering estaqueada [f] PR
three-pronged harpoon for catching large fish figa [f] DO PR
large vessel usually made of clay that is used to filter the water estiladera [f] CL rur.
large rectangular handkerchief used by indigenous women as shawl secured with a knot fachalina [f] EC
in large quantities flota [f] EC derog.
large quantity of something flota [f] NI
large amount of ash cenicera [f] HN
large pocket cartera [f] CL:S
large amount of alcoholic beverages available at a party or gathering cañamentazón [f] VE
large hole for pouring a foundation, planting a tree, or installing drainage pipes cepa [f] MX
large quantity of money purruchada [f] CU
large glass container carboya [f] VE:W
very large shoe chaguala [f] PA PR
very large shoe chalana [f] PR
very large shoe chaguana [f] CU
large public bus cazadora [f] CR disused rur.
large and wide wooden pod of the palm tree canoa [f] CL
very large shoe canoa [f] CU DO PR VE BO AR UY
large family carretada [f] MX CR disused rur.
large knife using in farming activities guaba [f] CR rur.
hydraulic or mechanical machine used to lift large weights at low height gata caimán [f] BO
hydraulic or mechanical machine used to lift large weights at low height gata hidráulica [f] EC BO CL
large margin win goliza [f] MX GT SV
large bag for storing yerba ate leaves ready to be ground guainona [f] AR:Ne
person with large and protruding lower jaw gaveta [f] SV derog.
large knife for cutting sugar cane guarrusca [f] CO:W
large livestock farm ganadería [f] CR DO EC PY
large group of us citizens gringada [f] HN NI DO CO derog.
large group of us citizens gringada [f] CL rare
large group of us citizens gringada [f] MX GT CR PA CU VE EC BO
rounding up and counting the large livestock on a ranch in order to brand the animals corrida [f] AR:Nw rur.
hollow formed by the lower part of a large tree between the trunk and the roots concaverna [f] HN
very large river rock cuadrillera [f] PR rur.
large and straight machete for agricultural use colima [f] GT SV rare
large group, especially of children creche [f] CU
large quantity of items of the same type costalada [f] GT HN
large scale cheating on a test copiadera [f] HN PE CL UY NI EC derog. stud.
large scale cheating on a test copiazón [f] HN
catapult (large) huaraca [f] EC PE BO CL AR:Nw
catapult (large) hulera [f] HN NI
catapult (large) horqueta [f] DO PR
catapult (large) cata [f] EC
catapult (large) paica [f] EC
large chunk of soil and rock loosened by a landslide huayco [f] CL:N AR:Nw
very large hollow hueca [f] VE
large group of children güirrada [f] SV
(in a mill) large mallet used to wring out the sugar cane huesteadora [f] HN
very large clay pot for making soap jabonera [f] HN
large extent of land dedicated to agriculture and livestock hacienda [f] NI DO CO VE CL
large incisor tooth hacha [f] CU PR
large incisor tooth jacha [f] DO PR
large incisor tooth molacha [f] PA
large incisor tooth molacha [f] PR rare
very large leaf hojarona [f] HN
large serving platter lapa [f] PE
prostitute, especially with a very large vulva joyona [f] HN SV derog.
large marijuana cigarette leña [f] DO drug
large quantity jangá [f] DO
large quantity kilada [f] AR
large sliver of wood latilla [f] EC
large plot of flat and barren land with abundant grass jalca [f] PE
large plot of flat and barren land with abundant grass jalca [f] PE:C,N rur.
large limousine in need of body work lechona [f] PR
large number jangá [f] DO
large number kilada [f] AR
large wooden hut in which a country or peasant family lives jibaría [f] EC disused
large nugget of gold limalla [f] VE
large luxury automobile limosina [f] US SV NI CR PA CU DO PR CO EC BO CL PY
large eyes linterna [f] MX CU
large bottle of pisco with four other smaller bottles of drinks linterna con cuatro pilas [f] CL
very large foot laisa [f] HN
large machete laiza [f] GT
large flat rock used for washing clothes laja (portugués) [f] NI
very large foot lancha [f] CL cult
large shoe lancha [f] SV NI PR
large wooden spoon mamacuchara [f] EC
large pot without handles manca [f] AR:Nw rur.
person with large front teeth dientusa [f] CU
person with large front teeth dientuza [f] CU
large penis mandurria [f] DO PR
large plastic bag manga [f] CL
large hen unusable for a fight manila [f] DO
feeling of fullness after a large meal llenazón [f] MX GT
masked character with large ears and a very long trunk, characteristic of the barranquilla carnival marimonda [f] CO
large person or thing tamaña maceta [f] HN
large paper bag with handles maleta azuana [f] DO
large bruise ñóñora [f] PA
large maguey fiber bag matata [f] SV
large maguey fiber satchel matata [f] HN
person who makes or sells large maguye fiber bags or satchels matatera [f] HN SV
1 cm long nail with a fine tip and a flat, large head to fix the heels of the soles of footwear mostacilla [f] HN NI
large pot for cooking mole sauce molera [f] MX
large marble molonca [f] HN child
large top momoroca [f] SV
large, fat hen that lays many eggs momoroca [f] HN
large top with a flat head mona [f] HN child
large amount of urine where people relieve themselves meadera [f] PE
large pot for the final cooking of sugar cane to make syrup meladora [f] MX:Se
large marble morola [f] HN
large number of births nacedera [f] GT
content of a large basket with intertwined strands of vine that peasants carry on their backs motetada [f] PA rur.
large pot used to cook corn with lime or ash nixtamalera [f] HN
large loaf of white bread micha [f] MX:E
large container mula [f] PA
large amount of small corn cobs not fully developed mulquitera [f] SV
large buttocks nalga de batea [f] CU DO
large number milería [f] HN
large number montonera [f] CL
large and old root ñoña [f] CR rur.
large quantity of sticks and logs palanquera [f] HN
large amount of packages paquetera [f] PA
large quantity of logs palazón [f] GT NI
large quantity papadita [f] HN
large foot patota [f] PA DO PR EC derog.
large shallow metal pan paila [f] MX GT NI PA CU DO CO VE EC PE BO:E,S CL PY AR
large shallow metal pan paila [f] MX HN SV NI CR CU VE BO:E
large truck patana [f] DO
place where pailas, large shallow metal pans, are made or sold pailería [f] MX
large ear pantalla [f] AR UY derog.
large cooking pot paila [f] PE
large flat brush pinceleta [f] PY AR UY
large liquor bottle pescuezona [f] NI
large fork for frying fish pingancha [f] VE
large amount of money cualquier plata [f] CL AR UY
large stain playa [f] GT
large amount piña [f] GT HN SV NI
large amount of people plebe [f] GT NI
large piece of pork crackling penca [f] PR rur.
something very large pipa [f] HN
large amount pipada [f] HN NI
large and hard seed pepa [f] PA PR PE BO
large and hard seed pepa [f] HN CR PA
large purple acorn pichota [f] HN
footstep or foot board on large vehicles pisadera [f] EC BO CL
large cardboard beer cup perga [f] CU
large pile of worn out objects perolada [f] VE
large rectangular trough to whip syrup in a sugar cane mill pila [f] HN
large clay vase puruña [f] PE AR:Nw
large group of people pueblada [f] BO:C,E,S UY
large group of people purruchada [f] CU
large amount quilada [f] AR
large vegetable garden quinta [f] AR UY
large amount ponchada [f] BO:E PY AR UY
large amount ponchada [f] PY AR UY disused
large amount ponchadera [f] AR:Nw
large amount redoblona [f] VE
large extension of uncultivated land on the high plains puna [f] VE EC PE BO CL PY AR UY
large amount punta [f] SV UY
large numbers of ponchada [f] BO:E PY AR UY
large numbers of ponchadera [f] AR:Nw
large numbers of punta [f] SV UY
large numbers of purruchada [f] CU
large numbers of quilada [f] AR
large numbers of redoblona [f] VE
large earthenware jar poronga [f] NI rur.
large earthenware jar poroña [f] AR:Nw rur.
large amount purruchada [f] CU
large amount of money purruchada [f] PR
large clay pot puruña [f] PE AR:Nw
large number of people runfia [f] GT derog.
large number of people ringlera [f] DO
large tick rodela [f] PA rur.
large tree trunk rola [f] VE
large spur wheel roncadora [f] EC AR
large flying insect ronsapa [f] PE:E
large mouth roseta [f] NI
large amount of things runflada [f] PA derog.
large clay pot with handles for cooking sartena [f] SV
large dilapidated truck wincha (inglés winch) [f] PR
large basket for dirty laundry tumbilla [f] HN SV
large marble tera [f] AR:Nw
large stone turunca [f] HN SV
large drum tambora [f] VE
large thing tamaña magaña [f] HN
large amount of old things tilchada [f] SV
large amount of things trailada [f] SV
large rock turunca [f] HN SV
very large kettledrum timba [f] CO:N
large mango zapata [f] HN
large spinning top zaranda [f] VE
large expanse of land of the atlantic or pacific coast of costa rica where banana companies have plantations zona [f] CR
very large person vaquillona [f] AR derog.
large amount of corpses zopilotera [f] HN
large amount tonga [f] CU
girl who is large for her age tajalana [f] DO
boy who is large for his age tajalona [f] DO
large stone curunca [f] HN SV:E
preparation of a large amount of tamales tamalada [f] CR PA CU
preparation of a large amount of tamales or nacatamales tamaleada [f] MX HN
large person tamaña magaña [f] HN
large cake with fruits, cream, or another confiture torta [f] NI PA CO VE EC PE BO CL PY AR UY
large amount of fried smashed plantain tostonada [f] PR
with large buttocks tanatuda [f] SV
large clay pot with a wide mouth and small base virquina [f] BO rur.
large machete tarama [f] HN:W
large drinking cup taza [f] NI CO
large basket taza [f] EC:S
beef large intestine tripa dulce [f] AR
beef large intestine tripa gorda [f] PY AR UY
beef large intestine tripa mishqui [f] EC
large quantity of things volconada [f] GT HN SV rur.
large farmstead estancia [f]
stream (a large amount or number moving or occurring in steady succession) lluvia [f]
horde (a large group or crowd; a swarm) nube [f]
army (a large number of people or things) multitud [f]
ton (a large number of people or things) multitud [f]
dozens (a large number of people or things) multitud [f]
horde (a large group or crowd; a swarm) multitud [f]
swarm (a large number of people or things) multitud [f]
mob (a large number of people) multitud [f]
crowding (a large number of people) multitud [f]
droves (a large number of people) multitud [f]
herd (a large number of people) multitud [f]
legion (a large number of people o things) multitud [f]
flock (a large crowd or number) multitud [f]
lump (a large number of people or things) multitud [f]
slew (a large amount or number; a lot) multitud [f]
swarm (a large number of small animals or insects) masa [f]
(for people) to go out in large numbers salir a la calle un gran número de (personas) [v]
earn a large amount of money hacer su agosto [v]
win a large amount of money hacer su agosto [v]
win a large amount of money hacerse la américa [v]
earn a large amount of money hacerse la américa [v]
remain at large andar suelto [v] ES
gather together in large numbers achoclonarse [v] LAM
seem large agigantarse [v]
heap or abound in large amounts of any harvested products abalserar(se) [v] HN
get too large masticarse [v]
be provided a large quantity of money armarse [v] MX GT SV CU AR UY
ingest a large amount of food apretarse [v] CR
drink a large amount of liquid aturusarse [v] CR
eat a large amount of food aturusarse [v] CR
ask someone to take a large risk pedir a alguien que tome un gran riesgo [v]
travel a large distance on foot camellar [v] MX HN SV NI DO
use a large denomination bill to pay a small amount desorillar [v] PR
walk in shoes that are too large chancletear [v] CL
pay for something small with a large denomination bill or coin esencetar [v] PR
eat large quantities of something fajar [v] HN SV
steal large amounts carrancear [v] MX derog.
cook something, especially in a large pot cazuelear [v] CL
clean the filter with a large colander fumillonar [v] SV rur.
consume fuel or electricity, especially in large quantities (machine) halar (francés) [v] SV CU PR
consume fuel or electricity, especially in large quantities (machine) jalar [v] PR
be at large estar suelto [v]
be at large ser un prófugo [v]
do a bad job sewing using large and loose stitches ejotear [v] SV
drink a large amount of alcoholic beverages turquear [v] BO:W delinq.
pay a large amount of money tortear [v] CL
large-sized gordal [adj]
large-minded comprensivo [adj]
with a large head cabezudo [adj]
large-fruited macrocarpo [adj]
large-scale grande [adj]
with a large nose narizón [adj]
with large breasts chichón [adj] LAM
with large pectorals pechugón [adj]
large-scale a gran escala [adj]
large-scale en gran escala [adj]
very large colosal [adj]
expressing a large amount of love cariñoso [adj]
expressing a large amount of love amoroso [adj]
very large tremendo [adj]
very large tremenda [adj]