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Meanings of "cover" in German English Dictionary : 150 result(s)

Englisch Deutsch
cover Deckung [f]
cover Abdeckung (einer Öffnung) [f]
cover Blende [f]
cover Plattenhülle [f]
cover Deckung (Schutz) [f]
cover Versicherungsdeckung [f]
cover Decke [f]
cover Haube [f]
cover Abdeckung [f]
cover Einspringerin [f]
cover Hülle [f]
cover Ersatzdarstellerin [f]
cover Umhüllung [f]
cover Plane [f]
cover Schutzhaube [f]
cover Bedeckung [f]
cover Einband [m]
cover Deckel [m]
cover Titel [m]
cover Einspringer [m]
cover Deckmantel [m]
cover Schutzumschlag [m]
cover Zeitungsmantel [m]
cover Ersatzdarsteller [m]
cover Überzug [m]
cover Bezug [m]
cover Umschlag [m]
cover Schutz [m]
cover Briefumschlag [m]
cover Gedeck [n]
cover Deckblatt [n]
cover Obdach [n]
cover Dach [n]
cover Kuvert [n]
cover Gehäuse [n]
cover bedecken [v]
cover zudecken [v]
cover abdecken [v]
cover decken [v]
cover überlagernde Schicht
cover Hülle
cover Kappe
cover Futteral
cover Abdeckhaube
cover Deckschicht
cover Decke
cover Bedeckung [f]
cover Abdeckung [f]
cover Deckung [f]
cover Schutzumschlag [m]
cover Schutz [m]
cover Umschlag [m]
cover bedecken [v]
cover decken [v]
cover abdecken [v]
cover umfassen [v]
cover erfassen [v]
cover berichten [v]
cover Deckung
cover decken
cover Schutz
cover Deckung [f]
cover Bedeckung [f]
cover Umschlag [m]
cover bedecken [v]
cover decken [v]
cover Verkleidung [f]
cover Verpackung [f]
cover Umhüllung [f]
cover Deckschicht [f]
cover Buchdecke [f]
cover Haube [f]
cover Abdeckung [f]
cover Belag [m]
cover Deckel [m]
cover Abdeck [n]
cover bedecken [v]
cover verdecken [v]
cover überdecken [v]
cover abdecken [v]
cover Deckel [m]
Cold Rolling
cover Deckel [m]
cover Hülle [f]
cover Schutzhaube [f]
cover Verschlussdeckel [m]
cover Giebelhaube [f]
cover Gehäuse [n]
cover Tarnung [f]
cover Deckblatt [n]
cover Deckblatt
cover Abdeckplane [f]
cover Abdeckplatte [f]
cover Abdeckung [f]
cover Deckel [m]
cover Belag [m]
cover Belag [m]
cover abdecken [v]
cover überdecken [v]
cover abdecken
cover Abdeckung einer Öffnung
cover Überdeckung [f]
cover Abschlussdeckel [m]
cover Verschlussdeckel [m]
cover umhüllen [v]
cover abdecken [v]
cover Abdeckung [f]
cover Bespannung [f]
cover Deckel [m]
cover Abdeckung [f]
cover Hülle [f]
cover Deckel [m]
cover Blockdeckel [m]
cover Mantel [m]
cover bespannen [v]
cover Abdeckung [f]
Model Railroading
cover Abdeckung [f]
cover Abdeckung [f]
cover Decke [f]
cover Überzug [m]
cover Fadenschluss [m]
cover Deckung [f]
cover Schutz [m]
cover decken [v]
cover beschälen [v]
cover Einband [m]
cover Umschlag
cover Decke [f]
cover Decke [f]
cover Überdeckung [f]
cover erfassen [v]
cover Ersatz [m]
cover Coverversion [f]
cover Kopfbedeckung [f]
cover Schutzdecke [f]
cover Schutzüberzug [m]
cover Bodenstück [n]
cover Futteral [n]
cover Schutzüberzug
cover Bodenstück
cover Schutzdecke
cover Futteral
cover Verschluss [m]
cover Bewuchs [m]
cover Deckel [m]
cover beschichten [v]
Book Terms
cover Umschlag [m]
cover Abdeckplatte [f]
Safety Engineering
cover Abdeckung [f]
cover Haube [f]
cover Schutzabdeckung [f]

Meanings of "cover" in English German Dictionary : 500 result(s)

Englisch Deutsch
file cover Aktenhülle [f]
paper cover Briefhülle [f]
protective cover Schutzhülle [f]
transparent cover Klarsichthülle [f]
document cover Dokumentenhülle [f]
transparent cover Sichthülle [f]
passenger cover Insassenunfallversicherung [f]
hunter spring (watch cover) Springfeder (Taschenuhr) [f]
hunter (pocket watch with cover) Sprungdeckeluhr [f]
ground cover bodendeckende Pflanze [f]
fan cover Lüfterhaube [f]
end cover Endabdeckung [f]
container cover Containerabdeckung [f]
cover address Scheinadresse [f]
cover address Deckadresse [f]
cover CD (included with a magazine) Heft-DVD [f]
cover awning Kopfplane [f]
cover disc Deckscheibe [f]
cover DVD Heft-DVD [f]
cover disk Deckscheibe [f]
cover disk Heft-DVD [f]
cover flap Gehäuseklappe [f]
cover holder Deckelhalterung [f]
cover note vorläufige Versicherungspolice [f]
cover page Umschlagseite [f]
cover sheeting Abdeckfolie [f]
cover strip Deckenleiste [f]
cover story Titelgeschichte [f]
cover strip Fugenleiste [f]
ancillary cover Anschlussdeckung (Versicherung) [f]
book cover Buchdecke [f]
umbrella cover Schirmhülle [f]
shrouding cover Abdeckhaube [f]
snow cover Schneedecke [f]
snow cover Schneebedeckung [f]
screen cover Displayfolie [f]
prismatic cover Prismatikscheibe [f]
protective cover Schutzabdeckung [f]
rubber-cover Gummihüllung [f]
cover page Titelseite [f]
canvas cover Segeltuchabdeckung [f]
sea ice cover Meereisdecke [f]
toilet seat cover Toilettensitzabdeckung [f]
outside back cover vierte Umschlagseite [f]
sheet metal cover Blechhaube [f]
rear cover rückseitige Abdeckung [f]
sick leave cover Krankheitsvertretung [f]
comprehensive cover Vollkasko [f]
forward cover Kurssicherung [f]
cover-up Vertuschung [f]
glass cover Glasglocke [f]
call for additional cover Nachschussaufforderung [f]
property damage cover Sachschadensdeckung [f]
umbrella cover Pauschaldeckung [f]
extended cover erweiterte Deckung [f]
album cover Plattenhülle [f]
mattress plastic cover Matratzenhülle [f]
passenger cover Insassenversicherung [f]
dust cover Staubschutzkappe [f]
cover address Tarnadresse [f]
cover CD (included with a magazine) Heft-CD (Zeitschriftenbeilage) [f]
cover disk Heft-CD (Zeitschriftenbeilage) [f]
cover DVD Heft-CD (Zeitschriftenbeilage) [f]
cover flap Verschlussklappe [f]
cover note Deckungszusage (Versicherung) [f]
cover strip Abdeckleiste [f]
privacy cover Sichtblende [f]
protective cover Schutzhaube [f]
cover-up Verschleierung [f]
sea ice cover Meereisbedeckung [f]
cover story Geschichte [f]
cover page Startseite [f]
dust cover Staubschutzhaube [f]
end cover Abschlusshaube [f]
cover address Briefkastenadresse [f]
cover note Versicherungsdeckungskarte [f]
cover girl Titelbildschönheit [f]
air-cover Luftsicherung [f]
aluminum cover Aluminiumabdeckung [f]
beard cover Bartmaske [f]
paper cover Briefumschlag [m]
plastic cover Kunststoffeinband [m]
motor cover Motordeckel [m]
lead cover Bleimantel [m]
fee to cover costs Kostenbeitrag [m]
first day cover Ersttagsbrief [m]
front cover Vorderdeckel [m]
dossier cover Aktendeckelkarton [m]
dust cover Schonbezug [m]
dust cover Staubschutzdeckel [m]
disposable seat cover Einwegsitzschoner [m]
coffee pot cover Kaffeewärmer [m]
corner of the bed cover Bettzipfel [m]
cover coat Oberputz [m]
cover fabric Bezugsstoff [m]
cover letter Begleitbrief [m]
cover title Umschlagtitel [m]
cover-up stick Abdeckstift [m]
book cover Bucheinband [m]
saddle cover (bicycle) Sattelschoner [m]
privacy cover Sichtschutz [m]
lens cover Objektivdeckel [m]
paper toilet seat cover Einwegtoilettensitz [m]
bottom cover Unterbezug [m]
back cover Rückdeckel [m]
slip cover Überzug [m]
leather cover Lederbezug [m]
duvet cover Deckbezug [m]
natural cover Bewuchs [m]
manhole cover Gullydeckel [m]
insurance cover Versicherungsschutz [m]
mattress cover Matratzenbezug [m]
front cover vorderer Buchdeckel [m]
quilted cover Steppbezug [m]
ticking cover Matratzenbezug [m]
book cover Buchdeckel [m]
first-day cover Ersttagsbrief [m]
fan cover Griffschutz [m]
end cover Abschlussdeckel [m]
cover coat Feinputz [m]
saddle cover (bicycle) Sattelschutz (Fahrrad) [m]
protective cover Schutzüberzug [m]
mattress cover Matratzenschoner [m]
glass cover Glassturz [m]
slip cover Bezug [m]
manhole cover Kanaldeckel [m]
back cover Rückendeckel [m]
duvet cover Bettdeckenbezug [m]
cover coat Deckputz [m]
cover letter Deckbrief [m]
privacy cover Blickschutz [m]
protective cover Schutzbezug [m]
duvet cover Deckbettbezug [m]
cover coat Edelputz (oberste Putzlage) [m]
protective cover Schutzmantel [m]
aluminum cover Aluminiumdeckel [m]
cover band Abdeckband [n]
cover girl Titelbildmädchen [n]
cover glass Deckglas [n]
cover letter Begleitschreiben [n]
cover page Deckblatt [n]
cover picture Titelbild [n]
cover slip Deckglas [n]
canvas cover Wagenverdeck [n]
upper connector cover part Steckoberteil [n]
cover note Anschreiben [n]
cover sheet Deckblatt [n]
cover girl Titelmädchen [n]
cover letter Anschreiben [n]
cover sheet Abdeckblech [n]
cover girl Covergirl [n]
book cover design Bucheinbanddesign [n]
book cover design Buchumschlagsdesign [n]
provide cover Deckung anschaffen [v]
put a cover (on) beziehen [v]
put a cover on something etwas überziehen [v]
run for cover in Deckung gehen [v]
cover befassen [v]
cover beziehen [v]
cover covern [v]
cover bespannen (mit Stoff ...) [v]
cover etwas einhüllen [v]
cover eine Summe wieder einspielen [v]
cover (up) (someone's.) something with sth (jemandem) etwas mit etwas verdecken [v]
cover verkleiden [v]
cover (with) bedecken [v]
cover a debt eine Schuld abdecken [v]
cover a distance eine Strecke zurücklegen [v]
cover a risk ein Risiko decken [v]
cover a subject ein Sachgebiet durchnehmen [v]
cover a song ein Lied covern [v]
cover a wide field ein weites Feld umfassen [v]
cover an area/country (be responsible) ein Gebiet/Land betreuen (zuständig sein) [v]
cover someone jemandem Deckung geben [v]
cover quite a distance ein gutes Stück Weg zurücklegen [v]
cover something etwas abdecken (Kosten, etc.) [v]
cover something etwas decken [v]
cover something etwas überziehen [v]
cover something sich mit etwas befassen [v]
cover something in earth etwas in/mit Erde einschlagen [v]
cover something up etwas (ganz) zudecken [v]
cover something up etwas verbergen [v]
cover something with fabric etwas mit Stoff beziehen [v]
cover the expenses die Kosten decken [v]
cover up one's track seine Spuren verwischen [v]
cover with curtains zuhängen [v]
give someone cover jemandem Deckung geben [v]
have compulsory insurance (cover) pflichtversichert sein [v]
have health insurance (cover) krankenversichert sein [v]
have insurance cover versichert sein (gegen etwas) [v]
have private insurance (cover) privat versichert sein [v]
blow someone's cover jemanden auffliegen lassen [v]
blow someone's cover jemandes Tarnung auffliegen lassen [v]
break cover (schnell) seine Deckung verlassen [v]
break cover aus der Deckung kommen [v]
take cover in Deckung gehen [v]
to put a cover on something etwas beziehen [v]
to cover someone jemanden decken [v]
cover a topic ein Thema behandeln [v]
cover something with writing etwas vollschreiben [v]
cover in einhüllen [v]
cover with earth einscharren [v]
to cover abdecken [v]
to cover something with artificial snow etwas beschneien [v]
cover by a smoke screen vernebeln [v]
put a cover (on) überziehen [v]
put a cover on something etwas bedecken [v]
run for cover Schutz suchen [v]
cover behandeln [v]
cover ein Lied adaptieren [v]
cover umhüllen [v]
cover überziehen [v]
cover (with) abdecken [v]
cover a song eine Coverversion eines Liedes aufnehmen [v]
cover something abdecken [v]
cover something etwas bedecken [v]
cover something etwas behandeln [v]
cover something etwas polstern [v]
cover something up etwas verdecken [v]
cover something up etwas verheimlichen [v]
blow someone's cover jemanden enttarnen [v]
to cover umfassen [v]
put a cover on something etwas einhüllen [v]
cover umfassen [v]
cover umwickeln [v]
cover (with) verdecken [v]
cover something etwas einhüllen [v]
cover something etwas bedecken [Ös.] [v]
cover something up etwas vertuschen [v]
cover something up etwas verhüllen [v]
to cover something etwas behandeln [v]
to cover verdecken [v]
to cover zudecken [v]
to cover bedecken [v]
to cover einhüllen [v]
cover ummanteln (mit etwas) [v]
cover (with) verhüllen (mit) [v]
to cover überziehen [v]
to cover something etwas auslegen [v]
to cover bespannen [v]
to cover einbeziehen [v]
to cover something etwas beziehen [v]
to cover erfassen [v]
cover bedecken [v]
cover something bedecken [v]
cover/do a distance of fifteen kilometres eine Strecke von fünfzehn Kilometern zurücklegen [v]
(please) see the back cover for additional details (bitte) sehen Sie auf die Rückseite für weitere Details [v]
(please) see the back cover for details (bitte) sehen Sie auf die Rückseite für weitere Details [v]
(please) see the back cover for further details (bitte) sehen Sie auf die Rückseite für weitere Details [v]
break cover aus der Deckung hervorbrechen [v]
break cover seine Deckung verlassen [v]
presses with cover/wrapper Muldenpressen [pl]
cover addresses Scheinadressen [pl]
cover addresses Deckadressen [pl]
cover caps Abdeckkappen [pl]
cover awnings Kopfplanen [pl]
cover discs Deckscheiben [pl]
cover disks Deckscheiben [pl]
cover gaskets Deckeldichtungen [pl]
cover girls Titelbildmädchen [pl]
cover holders Deckelhalterungen [pl]
cover letters Begleitbriefe [pl]
cover nuts Abdeckmuttern [pl]
cover pages Umschlagseiten [pl]
cover pages Deckblätter [pl]
cover pictures Titelbilder [pl]
cover stories Titelgeschichten [pl]
cover sheets Deckblätter [pl]
cover strips Deckenleisten [pl]
cover strips Fugenleisten [pl]
cover addresses Tarnadressen [pl]
cover girls Titelmädchen [pl]
cover letters Anschreiben [pl]
cover pages Vorsatzblätter [pl]
cover sheets Vorsatzblätter [pl]
cover strips Abdeckleisten [pl]
cover addresses Briefkastenadressen [pl]
cover girls Covergirls [pl]
hard-cover fester Einband
cover of glacial till eiszeitliche Ablagerung
cover-up correction Korrektur durch Abdecken (Schreibmaschine)
cap/cover of a tyre/tire Lauffläche eines Reifen
uncured cover unvulkanisierter Reifen
soft-cover flexibler Einband
put a cover bezog
put a cover bezogen
puts a cover bezieht
putting a cover beziehend
the depth of the snow cover die Höhe/Dicke der Schneedecke
dust cover Schutzumschlag
cover removed Abdeckung entfernt
cover for vertreten
put a cover überzog
put a cover überzogen
puts a cover überzieht
putting a cover überziehend
cover in bedecken
cover in bedachen
cover girl Mädchen {n} von Seite eins
cover girls Mädchen {pl} von Seite eins
to cover something by a smoke screen etwas vernebeln [v]
blow someone's cover jemanden auffliegen lassen [v]
blow someone's cover jemanden enttarnen [v]
blow someone's cover jemandes Tarnung auffliegen lassen [v]
Take cover! Volle Deckung!
under separate cover mit getrennter Post
from cover aus der Deckung heraus
in paper cover broschiert
as a cover for als Abdeckung für
as a cover for als ein Deckmantel für
as a cover for als Tarnung für
as cover als Tarnung
as cover zur Abdeckung
as cover zur Bedeckung
as cover zur Deckung
attach to cover geh hinter den Schutz
attach to cover geh in Deckung
cover up for someone jemanden decken [übertragen] [v]
judge a book by its cover etwas nur nach dem Äußeren beurteilen [übertragen] [v]
to cover one's back sich absichern [v]
to blow one's cover auffliegen [v]
cover note Deckungsbestätigung [f]
cover insurance Versicherung [f]
duration of cover Garantiezeit [f]
global cover Pauschalversicherung [f]
capital cover Kapitaldecke [f]
open cover Generalpolice [f]
duration of cover Versicherungsdauer [f]
comprehensive cover Vollkasko [f]
gold cover Golddeckung [f]
cover note Deckungszusage [f]
forward cover Terminsicherung [f]
forward cover Kurssicherung [f]
book cover Bucheinband [m]
book cover Buchumschlag [m]
insurance cover Versicherungsschutz [m]
cover letter Begleitbrief [m]
cover ratio Deckungsverhältnis [n]
extent of the insurance cover der Umfang des Versicherungsschutzes
evidence of insurance cover Nachweis über den Versicherungsschutz
the extent of the insurance cover der Umfang des Versicherungsschutzes
to cover insurance eine Versicherung abschließen
book cover Bucheinband
cheque without cover ungedeckter Scheck
full cover volle Deckung
full cover voller Versicherungsschutz
open cover offene Deckung
provisional cover vorläufiger Versicherungsschutz
cover a risk Risiko decken
cover a risk ein Risiko decken
for want of cover mangels Deckung
fully comprehensive cover Vollkasko- und Insassenversicherung
suspend cover Schutz aufheben
provide cover Schutz gewähren
maintain cover Deckung aufrechterhalten
provide cover Deckung beschaffen
grant cover Deckung gewähren
give cover Schutz gewähren
offer cover Deckung anbieten
cover insurance Versicherung decken
cover the expenses die Kosten decken
short period cover kurzfristige Deckung
extend cover Schutz gewähren
suspension of cover Aufhebung des Versicherungsschutzes
under separate cover in getrenntem Umschlag
cover a loss einen Verlust abdecken
cover by a mortgage durch eine Hypothek abdecken
open cover Generalpolice
duration of cover Garantiezeit
duration of cover Versicherungsdauer
capital cover Kapitaldecke [f]
cover limit Deckungsgrenze [f]
additional cover Nachschusszahlung [f]
cover register Deckungsregister [n]
costs of exchange cover Kurssicherungskosten [pl]
cover funds Deckungsmittel [pl]
cover limits Deckungsgrenzen [pl]
dividend cover Verhältnis von Gewinn zu Dividende
percentage of cover Deckungsquote [f]
scope of cover Deckungsumfang [m]
conditions of cover Deckungsbedingungen [pl]
terms of cover Deckungsbedingungen [pl]
revolving cover revolvierende Deckung
eligibility as cover Deckungsfähigkeit [f]
cover girl Titelmädchen [n]
Business Correspondence
to cover all our requirements unseren gesamten Bedarf decken
have to cover our requirements elsewhere Bedarf anderweitig decken müssen
to cover your requirements Ihren Bedarf zu decken
to cover all our requirements unseren ganzen Bedarf decken
please cover the marine insurance Bitte decken Sie die Seeversicherung
under separate cover unter separatem Umschlag
under separate cover in getrenntem Umschlag
cover letter Begleitbrief [m]
cover letter Anschreiben [n]
Work Safety
protective cover Schutzabdeckung [f]
protective cover Schutzhaube [f]
cover spline Abdeckstreifen
bed-cover holder Deckbetthalter
ironing board cover Bügelbrettbezug
cover layer Deckschicht
combined bowl-cover kombinierter Pfeifenkopfdeckel
cover for protection Schutzabdeckung
push rod cover Stößelstangenverkleidung
radiator cover lid Radiatorschutzdeckel
hatch cover Lukendeckel
protective cover Schutzabdeckung
X-ray protective cover Röntgenschutzhaube
toilet cover Klosettdeckel
machine cover Maschinenabdeckung
paper-protecting cover Papierschutzauflage
shaft cover Schachtverschluss
cover plate Abdeckplatte
paper block without cover Papierblock ohne Einband
cover belt conveyer Deckbandförderer
lighter with snap-off cover Sprungdeckelfeuerzeug
saddle cover Satteldecke
cover support Deckelabstützung
sealing cover Verschlussdeckel
overall protective cover Vollschutzhaube
protecting cover Schutzauflage
decorative cover Zierabdeckung
cover fastening Deckelbefestigung
hinged protection cover Schutzklappe
bed-cover holder Bettdeckenhalter
canvas sun cover Sonnenplane
sheet metal cover Abdeckblech
liquid cover Flüssigkeitsabdeckung
umbrella cover Schirmbezug
protecting cover Schutzdeckel
hinged cover Klappenverschluss
muzzle cover Mündungsdeckel
top cover of distributor Verteilerdeckel
bookbinding cover Einbanddecke
hinged cover Scharnierdeckelhülle
lipstick cover Lippenstifthülle
telescopic cover Teleskopabdeckung
sewing-machine cover Nähmaschinenabdeckung
cover for traction animals Zugtierschoner
frame cover Gestellverkleidung
protective cover Schutzhülle
crucible furnace cover Tiegelofendeckel
wheel cover ring Radverkleidungsring
watch cover Uhrendeckel
cover-making machine Buchdeckenmaschine
dustproof cover Staubschutzdeckel
housing cover Gehäuseabdeckung
safety cover Sicherheitsdeckel
protective cover Schutzhaube
cylinder cover Zylinderdeckel
cut-and-cover tunnel Unterpflastertunnel [m]
cover foil Abdeckfolie [f]
cover slide Bodenklappe [f]
rocker box cover Zylinderkopfhaube [f]
rocker cover Zylinderkopfhaube [f]
cover cap Schutzkappe [f]
cover sealing Deckeldichtung [f]
cover film Schutzschicht [f]
outer cover Reifendecke [f]
rubber cover Gummierung [f]
cover cap Abschlusskappe [f]
protecting cover Schutzabdeckung [f]
protecting cover Schutzkappe [f]
cover shield Abdeckscheibe [f]
cover panel Deckplatte [f]
protecting cover Schutzhaube [f]
cover gasket Deckeldichtung [f]
spark plug cover Zündkerzenabdeckung [f]
timing belt cover Steuerriemenabdeckung [f]
shrouding cover Abdeckhaube [f]
front cover Vorderhaube [f]
bunker cover Bunkerabdeckung [f]
distributor cover Verteilerkappe [f]
cover sheeting Abdeckfolie [f]
end cover plate Abschlussplatte [f]
hatch cover Lukenabdeckung [f]
air guide cover Luftführungshaube [f]
cover plate Verschlussplatte [f]
cover seal Deckeldichtung [f]
cover plate Deckscheibe [f]
wheel cover Radabdeckung [f]
blank cover Blindabdeckung [f]
blank cover Leerabdeckung [f]
blanking cover Abdeckung [f]
blind cover Blindabdeckung [f]
book-cover making machine Buchdeckenmaschine [f]
casing cover Gehäuseabdeckung [f]
cover cap Abdeckkappe [f]
cover nut Abdeckmutter [f]
cover plate Lasche [f]
cover plate Deckplatte [f]
cover screw Abdeckschraube [f]
insulating cover Isolierhülle [f]
main spring cover (clock) Federdeckscheibe (Uhr) [f]
access cover Abdeckung [f]
pressure relief cover Druckentlastungshaube [f]
protective cover Schutzkappe [f]
toothed belt cover Zahnriemenabdeckung [f]
valve cover Ventilabdeckung [f]
valve cover gasket Ventildeckeldichtung [f]
wheel cover Laufrollenabdeckung [f]