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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "bolear" im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch : 86 Ergebniss(e)

Spanisch Englisch
bolear [v] throw
bolear [v] VE reject
bolear [v] VE floor
bolear [v] MX polish
bolear [v] MX shine
bolear [v] MX PY shoe shine
bolear [v] PY AR UY throw bolas
bolear [v] PY AR UY throw three leather straps with stones at cattle
bolear [v] NI PY UY wrap up
bolear [v] NI UY confuse
bolear [v] play for fun
bolear [v] throw iron balls and bet on who throws further
bolear [v] throw the ball in a game
bolear [v] hit many pins in bowling
bolear [v] PY tell many lies
bolear [v] round up using bolas
bolear [v] knock the balls about
bolear [v] flunk
bolear [v] polish
bolear [v] knead
bolear [v] make into balls
bolear [v] boule
bolear [v] wax
bolear [v] apply wax to
bolear [v] MX shoe shine
bolear [v] UY make (someone) queasy
bolear [v] VE turn down
bolear [v] MX BO:C:W disused shoe shine
bolear [v] MX shine shoes
bolear [v] VE reject
bolear [v] UY make (someone) dizzy
bolear [v] BO:W,C kick out
bolear [v] VE not invite
bolear [v] AR UY BO:W,C rur. throw balls or rocks at
bolear [v] CU scoop ice cream
bolear [v] NI give (someone) the runaround
bolear [v] VE kick out
bolear [v] PY tell a lie
bolear [v] BO:C,W disused condition shoes by polishing
bolear [v] MX condition shoes by polishing
bolear [v] MX work as a shoe cleaner
bolear [v] UY make someone queasy (blow/medicament)
bolear [v] VE reject a person's entry to a club
bolear [v] VE not invite someone to a social reunion
bolear [v] AR UY rur. lasso
bolear [v] BO:W,C rur. lasso
bolear [v] CO do something repeatedly and without control
bolear [v] PE mold or round off angles and edges of a surface/object
bolear [v] CU scoop ice cream
bolear [v] NI serve someone ice cream balls
bolear [v] NI evade responsibilities in decisions and actions while implicating other people
bolear [v] PY lie
bolear [v] AR UY rur. rope
bolear [v] BO:W,C rur. rope
bolear [v] AR UY play at billiards for amusement only
bolear [v] throw wooden or iron balls for a wager
bolear [v] NI UY lie
bolear [v] throw the boleadoras at an animal
bolear [v] NI UY boast
bolear [v] confuse (argentina)
bolear [v] cheat
bolear [v] NI UY deceive
bolear [v] entangle
bolear [v] dart
bolear [v] fall down
bolear [v] launch
bolear [v] bowl
bolear [v] PY lie
bolear [v] BO:W,C kick
bolear [v] CL turn down
bolear [v] CL reject
bolear [v] PE BO:W,C mold
bolear [v] BO:W,C volley
bolear [v] PY bullshit
bolear [v] PY deceive
bolear [v] BO:W,C evict
bolear [v] CL expel someone
bolear [v] BO:W,C mold or round off angles and edges of a surface/object
bolear [v] CL dismiss someone
bolear [v] throw
bolear [v] toss
bolear [v] sack
bolear [v] fire
bolear [v] BO:W,C hit the ball when in the air with the instep of the foot (soccer)
bolear [v] HN NI PA PR throw the ball
bolear [v] HN NI PA PR pass the ball