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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "machucar" im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch : 39 Ergebniss(e)

Spanisch Englisch
machucar [v] beat
machucar [v] crush
machucar [v] pound
machucar [v] knock about
machucar [v] dent
machucar [v] damage
machucar [v] bruise
machucar [v] hit
machucar [v] smash
machucar [v] squash
machucar [v] hit extremely hard
machucar [v] GT HN SV NI PA tread on
machucar [v] MX SV CR PA PE BO AR:Nw UY crush some part of someone's body
machucar [v] GT embarrass
machucar [v] AR hit someone
machucar [v] MX SV CR PA PE BO AR:Nw UY crush someone's fingers
machucar [v] AR bruise someone
machucar [v] GT HN SV NI PA step on
machucar [v] GT NI rur. cover the (male bird)
machucar [v] GT humiliate
machucar [v] PR rur. ride a wild horse for the first time
machucar [v] PR rur. wear out a horse by making it run
machucar [v] GT HN SV NI PA walk on
machucar [v] UY PA rur. pound
machucar [v] UY PA rur. batter
machucar [v] UY PA rur. squeeze
machucar [v] MX PA knock down
machucar [v] UY PA rur. mash
machucar [v] UY PA rur. crush
machucar [v] MX PA run over
machucar [v] MX have lesbian sex
machucar [v] EC cult have sex
machucar [v] PE BO have sex
machucar [v] PA CU VE get tongue tied
machucar [v] BO:C,W keep the change when buying something with someone else's money
machucar [v] PA CU VE not be able to express oneself well
machucar [v] pound
machucar [v] crush
machucar [v] maul

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Spanisch Englisch
machucar los espárragos [v] AR:Nw shake someone's hand
machucar los tigüilotes [v] NI step on someone's toes
machucar los espárragos [v] AR:Nw offer someone one's hand