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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "mill" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 110 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
mill fábrica [f]
mill molino [m]
mill moledor [m]
mill acordonar [v]
mill cerrillar [v]
mill fresar [v]
mill moler [v]
mill molturar [v]
mill ingenio [m]
mill taller [m]
mill atahona [f]
mill molienda [f]
mill prensa [f]
mill tejeduría [f]
mill fresa [f]
mill molinillo [m]
mill fábrica de hilados [f]
mill rueda de lapidario [f]
mill fábrica de tejidos [f]
mill majar [v]
mill pulverizar [v]
mill labrar el canto de las monedas [v]
mill trituradora [f]
mill vagar [v]
mill pulir [v]
mill moldero [m]
mill triturador [m] PR
mill dar puñetazos [v]
mill pugilato [m]
mill pelear a golpes de puño
mill boxear
mill serrería [f]
mill máquina [f]
mill muela [f]
mill hilandería [f]
mill machacadora [f]
mill amasadora [f]
mill fresa [f]
mill fábrica [f]
mill retorcer [v]
mill fresar [v]
mill cerrillar [v]
mill carear [v]
mill moletear [v]
mill acepillar [v]
mill labrar [v]
mill fresar [v]
mill frentear [v]
mill batán [m]
mill mezclador [m]
mill molino [m]
mill molino [m]
mill ingenio [m]
mill molino [m]
mill carpintería mecánica
mill moler [v]
mill molturar [v]
mill acería [f]
mill labor de beneficio [f]
mill usina [f]
mill ingenio [m]
Construction Machinery
mill maquinar [v]
mill fresadora [f]
mill quebrantadora [f]
mill moldear [v]
mill bocartear [v]
mill recantear [v]
mill enfurtir [v]
mill moletear [v]
mill laminar [v]
mill abatanar [v]
mill tallar [v]
mill trabajar la pasta [v]
mill refrentar [v]
mill molino de pisones
mill fresar [v]
mill moletear [v]
mill fábrica [f]
mill cepillar [v]
mill avellanar [v]
mill quebrantados [m/pl]
mill motor de avión
mill chimenea de mineral [f] LAM
mill desmenuzar [v]
mill aparato para moler
mill pozo vertedero
mill tiro ciego
mill fábrica [f]
mill fresar [v]
mill desbastar [v]
mill pulir [v]
mill rectificar [v]
mill molino [m]
mill taller [m]
mill molinillo [m]
mill bocarte [m]
mill milésima [f]
mill fábrica [f]
mill máquina [f]
mill fundición [f]
mill muela [f]
mill fresa [f]
mill taller [m]
mill molino [m]
mill quebrantadora [f]
mill machacadora [f]
mill fresar [v]
mill moletear [v]
mill laminar [v]
mill molino de pisones [m]

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "mill" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 500 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
spinning mill hilandería [f]
water mill aceña [f]
steel mill acería [f]
paper mill papelera [f]
oil mill almazara [f]
flour mill tahona [f]
rolling mill laminadora [f]
sugar mill ingenio [m]
textile mill telares (singular) [m]
rolling mill laminador [m]
sugar mill trapiche [m]
fulling mill batán [m]
hand mill molinillo [m]
mill-pond alcubilla [f]
water-mill aceña [f]
oil-mill almazara [f]
hopper in a corn-mill cibera [f] rur. rare
mill-hopper spout canaleja [f]
mill-hopper spout canaleta [f] AR CL CO
mill-dust harija [f]
spinning-mill hilandería [f]
grooved stone of an oil-mill regaifa [f]
sluice-gate in a mill ladronera [f]
roller of a sugar cane mill maza [f]
oil produced by an oil-mill at each pressing obradura [f]
mill industry molinería [f]
mill-woman molinera [f]
beam of a horse-mill maimona [f]
upper mill-stone muela [f]
crushing-mill tahona [f]
mill beam viga [f]
mill-hopper tolva [f]
small mill-pond zangarilla [f] rur. rare
powdering-mill moledora [f]
worker in a sugar mill trapichera [f]
warping-mill urdidora [f]
mill a coin acordonar [v]
clear a mill-stream of stagnant water desempalagar [v]
mill coins cerrillar [v]
sort (rags in paper-mill) desalisar [v]
full/mill clothes infurtir [v] rare
blackish (mill-stone) bornero [adj]
that which belongs to a mill molinero [adj]
path for a horse round the draw-well or in a mill andén [m]
water-mill keeper aceñero [m]
master beam of an oil-mill alfargo [m]
lower stone of an oil-mill alfarje [m]
bucket in which flour falls from the mill-stones alguarín [m] ARA
mining mill arrastre [m] MX
someone who washes the olive pits in an oil-mill cagarrache [m]
minting-mill balancín [m]
stay which supports the beam of an oil-mill calamón [m]
peon in a sugar mill cañero [m] BO CO CR CU HN NI UY
stamp-mill bocarte [m]
worker in a sugar mill bojotero [m] CO
mill-stone cuesco [m]
sluice of a mill buzón [m]
top mill-stone faldón [m]
hole in the under stone of a mill foramen [m]
copper mill martinete [m]
circle described by a mill-horse lendel [m]
powdering-mill moledor [m]
crushing cylinder in a sugar mill moledor [m]
small mill molinejo [m]
little mill molinete [m]
small mill molinillo [m]
coffee mill molinillo [m]
hand-mill molinillo [m]
nether mill-stone mortero [m]
mill-wheel ruejo [m]
worker in a sugar mill prensero [m] CO
mill-trough saetín [m]
mill-run saetín [m]
oil mill trujal [m]
outlet of a mill socaz [m]
twisting-mill torcedero [m]
twisting mill torcedor [m]
warping-mill urdidor [m]
coiner's stamping mill volante [m]
cashier in a sugar mill templador [m] CO
sugar-mill trapiche [m]
worker in a sugar mill trapichero [m]
halter of a mill horse tiento [m]
small mill molinito [m]
sluice of a mill dam tajaderas [f/pl]
that which belongs to a mill molinera [adj/f]
blackish (mill-stone) bornera [adj/f]
gig-mill máquina de perchar [f]
gig-mill percha [f]
horse-mill tahona [f]
mill-dam represa [f]
mill-dam esclusa [f]
mill-hopper tolva de molino [f]
mill-pond charca [f]
mill-pond alborea [f]
mill-wheel rueda de molino [f]
slitting-mill sierra múltiple [f]
slitting-mill (jewellry) sierra de disco [f]
go through the mill saber a fondo [v]
go through the mill aprender una cosa a fondo [v]
go through the mill conocer a fondo [v]
corn-mill molino [m]
bolting-mill torno [m]
coffee-mill molinillo de café [m]
fulling-mill batán [m]
horse-mill molino de sangre [m]
mill [us] milésimo de dólar [m]
saw-mill molino de aserrar [m]
mill race canal de molino [m]
wind-mill molino de viento [m]
water-mill molino de agua [m]
mill race cañal de molino [m]
mill-board cartón de encuadernar [m]
mill-board cartón doble [m]
mill-dam dique [m]
mill-hand obrero (de molino) [m]
grinding-mill trapiche [m]
stamping-mill bocarte [m]
slitting-mill taller de hacer clavos [m]
mill fever bisinosis [f]
mill for making olive oil almazara [f]
rice mill arrocera [f] CR CU UY
olive oil mill almazara [f]
flour mill aceña [f]
wooden trough for cooling sugar cane in the mill artesa [f] HN NI
crescent-shaped stone in the fulling mill (used to grind) balladora [f] BO:E
(in the sugar mill industry) water used in the final mill to extract more juice from the sugar cane bagasse agua de imbibición [f] CU rare
coffee or rice mill beneficiadora [f] HN SV
opening where the sugarcane is to be ground in the mill boquilla [f] HN
cover attached to the rim of the large dish in a sugar cane mill falca [f] CO EC rur.
machinery that drives sugar cane toward the mill in order to extract the juice estera [f] CU
steel mill factoría (inglés factory) [f] EC
sugar cane mill central [f] NI PA DO PR
sugar cane mill central [f] PR VE
employee provided housing by the sugar cane mill caseña [f] AR:Nw rur.
(in a mill) large mallet used to wring out the sugar cane huesteadora [f] HN
person who handles the pans or kettles in a sugar mill hornillera [f] CO
person responsible for tending the oven at a sugar mill hornera [f] HN
sugar mill owner hacendada [f] CU PR
stove for boiling sugar cane juice in a mill hornilla [f] CR PA
each of the three steel cylinders in the mill of a plant that extract the juice from the sugar cane masa [f] PR
crank of a small mill manillete [f] HN
mill property and installations molida [f] HN SV CR
mill property and installations molienda [f] HN PA
lever moved by a draft animal to operate a mill mijarra [f] HN SV PA CO:N,Sw
lever moved by a draft animal to operate a mill mijarra [f] VE PE:N rur.
mill roller maza [f] HN CU PR
sugar mill cleaner pasconera [f] HN
large rectangular trough to whip syrup in a sugar cane mill pila [f] HN
sugar mill or farm store where workers do their shopping ratonera [f] PR rur.
liquid squeezed out of the sugar cane in a mill tafia [f] PA EC
sugar cane mill grinding wheel voladora [f] HN rur.
water-mill keeper aceñera [f]
water mill aceña (árabe) [f]
water mill aceña (árabe) [f] rare
mill (clothes) abatanar [v]
pour sugar cane honey into molds at the sugar cane mill enmoldar [v] HN rur.
manually collect sugar cane cut by machine in a mill repañar [v] EC
run-of-the-mill mediocre [adj]
run of the mill adocenado [adj]
run-of-the-mill anodino [adj]
run-of-the-mill corriente y moliente [adj]
run-of-the-mill ordinario [adj]
run-of-the-mill común y corriente [adj]
run-of-the-mill ordinaria [adj]
run-of-the-mill normal y corriente [adj]
olive oil mill wastewater alpechín [m]
mill-leat saetín [m]
sugar mill ingenio azucarero [m]
pepper mill molinillo [m]
pepper mill pimentero [m]
barley grain cracked in the mill and lightly toasted arroz de cebada [m] EC
excess of grinding remains in a mill atoro [m] CU
framework that supports the maces of the mill (sugar industry) bancazo [m] CU
cane sugar mill molino de caña de azúcar (GB) [m]
(sugar industry) a machine that applies heat to the liquid leaving the sugar cane mill calentador [m] CU
in a sugar mill, a person in charge of loading ovens with bagasse bagacero [m] CU
a person in charge of picking up and moving the bagasse out of a mill bagacero [m] GT HN EC
the owner of a sugarcane plantation or mill azucarero [m] HN DO PR
(in the sugar industry) the person responsible for a sugar mill azucarero [m] DO PR
field worker who hauls sugar cane in a mill burro [m] SV rur.
machinery for clarifying the liquid that comes out of the mill at the sugar cane refinery clarificador [m] PR EC PY rare
mill waste chingaste [m] MX GT HN SV NI
man in charge of a cauldron at a mill fondero [m] VE rur.
sugar cane mill central [m] CU
employee provided housing by the sugar cane mill caseño [m] AR:Nw rur.
sweet that forms spontaneously on the tools used in the mill cuajo [m] HN
bronze net to filter the juice extracted from the cane in the mill colador [m] CU
person who handles the pans or kettles in a sugar mill hornillero [m] CO
person responsible for tending the oven at a sugar mill hornero [m] HN
sugar mill owner hacendado [m] CU PR
(in a mill) each of the two small mallets that accompany the large mallet that serve to wring out the sugar cane hijuelo [m] HN
each of the two lateral poles nailed to the ground that hold the small manual mill in position hijuelo [m] HN
person in charge of handling sugar cane juice in a mill hornero [m] EC
person in charge of pouring sugar cane honey into molds at the sugar cane mill enmoldador [m] HN
block of sugar produced at sugar mill dulce [m] GT HN SV NI
rustic sugar cane mill with two rotating logs to squeeze the canes matagente [m] CO:C,Sw rare
small grinding-mill ñongoté [m] HN
water that powers a mill molino [m] EC:S rur.
manual sugar cane mill mordedor [m] HN
person in charge of introducing sugar cane into the mill metecaña [m] CO
mill assistant mico [m] SV
mill operator operador de mesa [m] PR
sugar mill cleaner pasconero [m] HN
saw mill worker palillero [m] HN
set of buildings and yards of a sugar mill plantel [m] HN NI CR
person who introduces cane into the sugar mill pite [m] CO:Sw
factory, sugar mill, or warehouse ground where raw material or final product is left temporarily plantel [m] HN NI CR
first boiling of a sugar mill recibidor [m] PR rur.
person who loads sugar cane into the mill prensero [m] CO
manual collection of sugar cane cut by machine in a mill repañe [m] EC
shield in sugar mill grinders sapo [m] HN
convex exterior part of the sugar mill oven sábalo [m] HN
worker who regulates the amount of sugar cane entering the mill retranquero [m] PR
hand mill triturador [m] PR
small mill zangarro [m] HN NI
manual mill made of two wooden rollers and a crank to extract juice from sugar cane zangarro [m] HN NI
mill waste shingaste [m] GT
mill waste shingaste [m] GT
sugar cane mill trapiche [m] MX GT SV NI CR DO PR CO VE EC PE PY
sugar cane mill trapiche panelero [m] MX
sugar cane mill trapiche panochero [m] MX
water-mill keeper aceñero [m]
sugar cane mill owner centralista [m/f] PR
person who washes the molds and beats the honey in a mill sacatrapos [m/f] SV
run-of-the-mill común y silvestre [loc/adj] PE BO CL AR UY
run-of-the-mill (thing) de correntada [loc/adj] CR disused
chile mill molino chileno
paper-mill fábrica de papel
paper mill fábrica de papel
ball mill molino de bolas
gossip mill usina de rumores [f] BO PY AR UY
rumor mill usina de rumores [f] BO PY AR UY
bring grist to the mill poner sobre el tapete [v]
bring grist to the mill hacer de su parte [v]
bring grist to the mill poner de su parte [v]
bring grist to the mill hacer el suficiente esfuerzo [v]
bring grist to the mill hacer su parte [v]
bring grist to the mill poner su granito de arena [v]
go through the mill pasarlas moradas [v]
go through the mill pasarlas canutas [v]
go through the mill sudar tinta [v]
go through the mill pasar por un período difícil en la vida [v]
go through the mill experimentar dificultades [v]
go through the mill vivir experiencias difíciles [v]
put someone through the mill ponérsela difícil a alguien [v]
put someone through the mill hacerle pasar las de caín a alguien [v]
be through the mill pasar por muchos problemas [v]
put a person through the mill hacer sufrir a uno [v]
run-of-the-mill corriente y moliente
put somebody through the mill someter a un entrenamiento riguroso a uno
go through the mill pasarlas moradas
put somebody through the mill pasar a uno por la piedra
been through the mill haber pasado muchos problemas
no mill, no meal el que no trabaje, que no coma
run of the mill común y corriente
run of the mill del montón
grist for someone's mill útil para alguien
grist for someone's mill provechoso para alguien
grist for someone's mill beneficioso para alguien
grist for the mill útil
grist for the mill provechoso
grist for the mill beneficioso
grist to the mill lleva agua al molino
grist to the mill viene de perlas
grist to the mill favorable
run of the mill corriente y moliente
rumor mill usina de rumores
rumour mill usina de rumores
run-of-the-mill común y corriente
the rumor mill says se rumorea
be through the mill atravesar grandes dificultades [v]
be through the mill vivir un infierno [v]
be through the mill pasarlas negras [v]
be through the mill pasarlas moradas [v]
be through the mill pasarla muy mal [v]
stamp mill triturador [m]
mill about arremolinarse [v]
mill around arremolinarse [v]
mill about pasearse [v]
mill around deambular [v]
sugar mill azucarera [f]
run-of-the-mill mediocre [adj]
run-of-the-mill común y corriente [adj]
sugar mill central de azúcar
sugar mill molino azucarero
sugar mill central azucarero
sugar mill fábrica de azúcar
sugar mill ingenio azucarero
sugar mill refinería de azúcar
sugar mill hacienda de azúcar
ex mill en fábrica
paper mill fábrica de papel
sugar mill ingenio de azúcar
Work Safety Terms
cotton mill fever fiebre de los hilanderos de algodón
cotton mill fever fiebre de los hiladores
cotton mill fever fiebre de los cardadores
rubber mill laminadores de goma
tandem cold mill tren continuo para laminar en frío
looping mill tren de alambre
rod mill tren de alambre
continuous hot strip mill tren continuo para banda caliente
rod mill molino de cabillas
fee for grinding grain at a mill maquila [f]
ex-mill clause clausula ex-mill
mill certificate certificado de fabrica
mill certificate certificado de fábrica
american tropical sugar mill inc. azucarera tropical americana s.a. EC
argentine flour mill workers union unión obrera molinera argentina AR
association of orinoco iron and steel mill professionals asociación de profesionales de la planta siderúrgica del orinoco VE
trade union of rio haina sugar mill workers sindicato de trabajadores del ingenio rio haina DO
federation of flour mill workers federación de obreros y empleados molineros y afines UY
diploma mill fábrica de diplomas
eddy mill triturador [m]
pug mill amasadora [f]
drilling-mill perforadora [f]
fulling mill batanadora [f]
drawing-mill trefilería [f]
lumber-mill serrería [f]
stone mill quebrantadora [f]
hammer mill trituradora [f]
weaving mill tejeduría [f]
drilling-mill sonda [f]
wire mill trefilería [f]
mill-cake torta [f]
stone mill machacadora [f]
mill-run campaña [f]
mill-cake pasta [f]
boring mill mandrinadora [f]
drilling-mill taladradora [f]
beton mill hormigonera [f]
wire mill hilera [f]
bruising mill machacadora [f]
steel mill acería [f]
mill scale concha [f] VE
mill hole alcancía [f] MX
sugar mill telephone exchange central [f]
bark mill descortezadora [f]
water-power mill aceña [f] ES
end mill with indexable inserts fresa universal con adaptador graduadle [f]
shell end mill fresa universal hueca [f]
end mill fresa universal radial [f]
shell mill fresa hueca [f]
boring and turning mill taladradora [f]
run-of-the-mill ramplón [adj]
rolling-mill laminador [m]
mill man batanero [m]
oil-mill trujal [m]
grinding mill molino [m]
drag mill bocarte [m]
sugar mill central [m] CU
sugar mill ingenio [m]
mill worker molinero [m]
clay mill amasadero [m]
drag mill arrastre [m]
stamp mill bocarte [m]
rolling mill laminador [m]
rolling mill laminador [m]
plate mill laminador de chapas [m]
blooming mill laminador de desbaste [m]
bar mill laminador para perfiles [m]
blooming mill laminador preliminar [m]
three-high mill laminador de tren trio [m]
three-high mill laminador de tres cilindros superpuestos [m]
three-high mill laminador trio [m]
three high mill laminador trío
impact mill trituradora de martillos
roller mill molino de rulos
pin mill molino de púas
pug-mill molino de amasar arcillas
edge mill molino chileno
blooming rolling mill laminador desbastador
oil-mill molino de aceite
flour mill molino harinero
mill hole pozo vertedero
grindstone mill molino de muelas
stamp mill molino de bocartes
paperboard mill fábrica de cartón
grinding mill molino machacador
cloth mill fábrica de paños
grinding mill molino graneador
rumpling mill banco desbastador
three-high rolling mill laminador trío
shaking mill tambor desarenador
cold mill laminador en frío
gold mill molino para oro
end mill fresa frontal
tandem roughing mill tren continuo desbastador
water flour mill molino harinero de agua
plate mill laminador de chapas
corn mill molino harinero
bowl mill molino de cuba móvil
mill building edificio industrial
drilling-mill máquina de taladrar
planetary ball mill molino planetario de bolas
duo mill tren dúo
mill scale cascarilla de laminación
mill cutter fresa cortadora
three-high mill laminador trío
looping mill tren de alambre
cogging mill tren de desbaste
ring roll mill molino de rodillos
beater mill machacadora de martillo
end mill fresa de espiga
pulverizer mill molino triturador
conical ball mill molino cónico de bolas
pug-mill amasadora de arcilla
vertical boring mill mandrinadora vertical
hammer mill fábrica de martillos
reversing mill laminador reversible
face mill fresa cilíndrica
forge mill taller de forja
mill tooth diente triangular
rolling-mill fábrica de laminación
blooming mill laminador de desbaste
angle mill fresa de ángulo
gunpowder mill fábrica de pólvora
mill supply house proveedor industrial
facing mill fresa cilíndrica
sugar cane mill central azucarera
stamping mill molino de pisones
hot strip mill laminador de bandas en caliente
mill edge borde de laminación
mill hole chimenea de mineral
hammer mill molino triturador
flatting mill laminador para alambres
disintegrator mill molino desintegrador
grist mill molino de trigo
uranium mill tailings relaves de minas de uranio
rod mill tren de alambre
mill train tren de laminar
mill-wheel rueda de molino
paper mill fábrica de papel
kibbling-mill molino triturador
mill saw sierra con armazón
stone mill molino de muelas
olive-oil mill molino de aceite
pulp mill fábrica de pasta
copper mill fundición de cobre
blooming mill tren desbastador
rail mill laminador de carriles
rolling mill rolls tren de laminación
colloidal mill molino coloidal
plate mill tren de chapas
mill roll rodillo de laminador
pug-mill triturador de muelas
cone mill molino de conos
tube rolling mill laminador de tubos
powder-mill molino de pólvora
shank end mill fresa frontal
planing mill taller de cepillado
mill pick pico de dos cortes
guide mill laminador de guías
wire rod mill tren de alambre
flax mill hilandería de lino
two-high reversing mill laminador dúo reversible
roller-mill molino de rodillos
mill-bar acero en barras
cane mill ingenio de azúcar
bar mill laminador para perfiles
end mill fresa radial
pug-mill mezclador de paletas
weaving mill fábrica de tejidos
disc mill fresa de disco
stamp mill molino de pisones
pulp mill molino de pulpa
blooming mill tren blooming
rolling mill planta de laminación
cotton mill fábrica de tejidos de algodón
mill saw sierra mecánica
hammer mill trituradora de martillos
planetary mill laminador planetario
side mill fresa radial
mixing-mill molino mezclador
ball mill triturador de bolas
cotton mill hilandería de algodón
grinding mill molino de muelas
industrial mill molino industrial
globe mill molino de bolas
pan mill cuba de amalgamación
rolling-mill taller de laminar
tube mill molino tubular
hammer-mill molino de martillos
finishing mill tren acabador
rolling mill rolls tren laminador
sizing mill laminador acabador
face mill fresa de refrentar
three-high blooming mill tren trío de desbaste
rod mill tren de laminar redondos
cotton spinning mill hilandería de algodón
two-high mill laminador dúo
wire mill tren de alambre
mill finish acabado de laminación
disc mill molino de discos
hand-mill molinillo de café
sheet-mill laminador para chapa fina
autogenous mill molino autógeno
mill saw file lima de sierra
pebble mill molino de piedras de sílex
pebble mill molino de bolos