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Meanings of "cause" in Spanish English Dictionary : 89 result(s)

English Spanish
cause causa [f]
cause causar [v]
cause provocar [v]
cause razón [f]
cause ocasión [f]
cause ocasionar [v]
cause producir [v]
cause meter [v]
cause principio [m]
cause factor [m]
cause motivo [m]
cause porqué [m]
cause determinar [v]
cause acarrear [v]
cause originarse [v]
cause engendrar [v]
cause suscitar [v]
cause arrancar [v]
cause promover [v]
cause crear [v]
cause propiciar [v]
cause generar [v]
cause motivar [v]
cause manantial [m]
cause desencadenante [m]
cause causalidad [f]
cause génesis [f]
cause materia [f]
cause sementera [f]
cause semilla [f]
cause misión [f]
cause cruzada [f]
cause arromadizar [v]
cause aportarse [v]
cause dar [v]
cause hacer [v]
cause labrar [v]
cause levantar [v]
cause querer [v]
cause parir [v]
cause atraer [v]
cause inferir [v]
cause inducir [v]
cause alegato [m]
cause fundamento [m]
cause pie [m]
cause resorte [m]
cause origen [m]
cause lugar [m]
cause título [m]
cause abrasar [v]
cause acalorar [v]
cause achaque [m] rare
cause coa [f] PR
cause mata [f] CU EC
cause introducir [v]
cause organizar [v]
cause traer [v]
cause despertar [v]
cause excitar [v]
cause dar a luz [v]
cause concebir [v]
cause enguangarar [v] DO
cause causante [m]
cause autora [f]
cause mover [v]
cause autor [m]
cause interés [m]
cause pretexto [m]
cause partido [m]
cause fomentar [v]
cause desembarazar [v] SCN
cause dar pie a [v]
cause echar un vellón [v] PR
cause causa [f]
cause acción [f]
cause causa [f]
cause obligar [v]
cause irrogar [v]
cause ocasionar [v]
cause causar [v]
cause juicio [m]
cause causante [adj]
cause litigio [m]
cause causa [f]
cause semillero [m]
cause dar lugar [v]
cause compeler [v]
cause causa [f]

Meanings of "cause" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 500 result(s)

English Spanish
cause to be traer [v]
cause impatience impacientar [v]
cause to blush sonrojar [v]
cause trouble dar que hacer [v]
cause trouble enredar [v]
cause a scandal escandalizar [v]
without reason/cause infundadamente [adv]
joint cause concausa [f]
criminal cause/information causa [f]
originating cause fuente [f]
cause of delay remora [f]
cause of grief/sorrow púa [f]
cause pain apenar [v]
cause grief or sorrow apenar [v]
cause affliction apesadumbrar [v]
cause grief apesarar [v]
cause pity apiadar [v]
cause to approach abocar [v]
cause bitterness amargar [v]
cause drowsiness/sleep adormecer [v]
cause a sore on a horse amatar [v] EC
cause rapture absortar [v]
cause admiration asombrar [v]
cause sedition amotinar [v]
cause/inspire affection or fondness aficionar [v]
cause pain to afligir [v]
cause anguish angustiar [v]
cause displeasure acibarar [v]
cause pain atormentar [v]
cause to move back arredrar [v]
cause to lose caste desencastar [v]
cause a race to deteriorate desencastar [v]
cause a cold constipar [v]
abandon a cause desertar [v]
cause to despair desesperar [v]
cause to dwindle desmoronar [v]
cause to open the legs wide despatarrar [v]
cause to evanesce/disappear desvanecer [v]
cause loss/harm costar [v]
cause to exist crear [v]
cause a colour to fade (by light) comer [v]
cause a ship great damage descalabrar [v]
cause abandon catholicism descatolizar [v]
cause regret or grief doler [v]
cause estrangement between friends descompadrar [v]
cause enjoyment gustar [v]
cause to fly/escape fugar [v] disused
cause to explode fulminar [v]
cause erysipelas erisipelar [v]
cause hunger hambrear [v]
cause indigestion empachar [v]
cause mischief herir [v]
cause to smart escocer [v]
cause to appear emplazar [v]
cause loss to fastidiar [v]
cause wounds to granulate encorar [v]
cause the formation of skin over a wound encorecer [v]
cause horror horrorizar [v]
cause to quarrel esquinar [v]
cause a quarrel engrescar [v]
cause to occasion (damage) irrogar [v]
cause stigmata to appear estigmatizar [v]
cause illusion ilusionar [v]
cause pecuniary damage lacrar [v]
cause to fade marchitar [v]
cause loss of reputation notar [v]
cause remorse remorder [v]
cause sorrow/regret pesar [v]
cause (fear) meter [v]
cause compunction punzar [v]
cause pain punzar [v]
cause to contract vices or bad habits resabiar [v]
cause to go back retornar [v]
cause to become (angry) poner [v]
cause to rebound rebotar [v]
cause a spasm pasmar [v]
cause to shrink reducir [v]
cause a swoon/fainting-fit sincopizar [v]
cause a noise like thunder or the discharge of guns tronar [v]
cause changes in colour tornasolar [v]
give cause sembrar [v]
cause great affliction traspasar [v]
cause a rising trastornar [v]
cause (fear) infundir [v]
without reason/cause inmotivado [adj]
crying with small cause llorón [adj]
kind of asp said by the ancients to cause sleep hipnal [m]
physical/moral cause nacimiento [m]
without reason/cause inmotivada [adj/f]
crying with small cause llorona [adj/f]
cause to bulge abombar [v]
cause bloating abutagar [v] CL
cause upset stomach abutagar [v] CL
cause indigestion abutagar [v] CL
cause to be congested acatarrar [v]
cause a cold acatarrar [v]
cause an accident accidentar [v]
cause envy acodiciar [v]
cause envy acudiciar [v] disused
cause to lose weight adelgazar [v]
cause pain or illness adolecer [v] disused
cause the flu agripar [v] MX CL
cause a cold agripar [v] MX CL
cause indigestion ahitar [v]
cause joy alborotar [v] rare
cause an uproar alborozar [v]
cause an uproar alborozar [v] disused
cause an uproar alborozarse [v] disused
cause joy alegrar [v]
cause insanity alocar [v]
cause madness alocar [v]
cause dementia alocar [v]
cause haughtiness altivecer [v] rare
cause anarchy anarquizar [v]
common cause solidaridad [f]
lost cause causa perdida [f]
great cause macrocausa [f]
cause of progressive destruction polilla [f]
actualization of form-giving cause entelequia [f]
voluntary economic contribution by different people for the same cause ajustadilla [f] HN
hex used to cause harm burundanga [f] CU
voluntary economic contribution by different people for the same cause cabuda [f] HN SV
mistake cause by a lack of experience burrera [f] BO
illness in some mammals cause by an infection by the protozoa trypanosoma evansi derrengadera [f] VE
scheme or trap to distract a victim and cause harm during his or her distraction entretenga [f] MX
obstacle meant to cause problems cáscara [f] HN CO
underlying cause causa basal [f] CL
driving cause causa basal [f] CL
cause, reason, or motivation causal [f] CL
cause, reason, or motivation causal [f] HN
circumstance or group that applies pressure to cause the transfer of someone grúa [f] CL
person who attracts another to his/her cause jaladora [f] HN
cause a rift between enemistar [v]
cause to appear publicar [v]
cause indignation indignar [v]
make common cause solidarizarse [v]
cause caries cariar [v]
cause pain hacer daño [v]
cause indigestion indigestarse [v]
cause an accident accidentar [v]
cause a rift between desunir [v]
cause to flake desconchar [v]
cause to vanish evaporar [v]
cause frostbite in congelar [v]
cause great harm to desollar [v]
cause anguish to desolar [v]
cause to blush ruborizar [v]
cause sorrow apenar [v]
cause to face enfrentar [v]
cause to decay cariar [v]
cause trouble encizañar [v]
cause to break down averiar [v]
cause sorrow or regret pesar [v]
cause atrophy atrofiar [v]
cause a rift or feud between desavenir [v]
cause harm or danger irrogar [v]
cause suffering acongojar [v]
cause to be out of shape destemplar [v]
cause to be drowsy modorrar [v]
cause to become indisposed indisponer [v]
cause to become stupid abobar [v]
cause to fall out of love desenamorar [v]
cause to get out of the habit desacostumbrar [v]
cause to go out of tune destemplar [v]
cause to lose concentration desconcentrar [v]
cause to seize up agarrotar [v]
to cause indigestion indigestar [v]
lead a cause abanderar [v]
cause to blush abochornar [v]
cause complexes acomplejar [v]
cause cavities cariar [v]
cause discomfort to someone incomodar [v]
cause to be fatter engordar [v]
cause displeasure/sadness amohinar [v]
cause a plague apestar [v]
cause disgust asquear [v]
cause to act foolishly desatinar [v]
cause to fork off bifurcar [v]
cause to rise levantar [v]
cause to rise alzar [v]
cause to become addicted causar adicción en [v]
cause to become addicted volver adicto [v]
cause to undergo someter [v]
cause to suffer causar dolor a [v]
cause to suffer molestar [v]
cause laughter divertir [v]
cause revulsion repulsar [v]
cause to rest arrullar [v]
cause to rest adormecer [v]
cause to collide with chocar [v]
cause to collide with tropezar [v]
cause to oxidize aherrumbrar [v]
cause failure frustrar [v]
cause failure contrariar [v]
cause a trauma traumatizar [v]
cause rebel rebelar [v]
cause to move agitar [v]
cause to move sacudir [v]
cause an ulcer ulcerar [v]
cause damage dañar [v]
cause a blot manchar [v]
cause a blot emborronar [v]
cause to be tener [v]
cause to burst reventar [v]
cause to burst romper [v]
cause to overturn hacer volcar [v]
cause to overturn zozobrar [v]
cause to droop marchitar [v]
cause to have wrinkles arrugar [v]
cause someone to do something hacer que alguien haga algo [v]
cause problem dar que hacer [v]
cause damage to causar desperfectos en [v]
cause pain provocar dolor [v]
cause injury producir daños [v]
cause injuries causar lesiones [v]
cause injury causar lesiones [v]
cause injuries producir daños [v]
cause injury causar heridas [v]
cause injuries causar heridas [v]
cause problems causar problemas [v]
cause trouble causar problemas [v]
cause a rift abrir un foso [v]
cause pain causar dolor [v]
cause pain producir dolor [v]
cause a war causar una guerra [v]
advance a cause promover una causa [v]
promote a cause promover una causa [v]
cause an effect provocar un efecto [v]
cause an effect causar un efecto [v]
cause a fire provocar un incendio [v]
cause a fire causar un incendio [v]
work for a cause trabajar por una causa [v]
cause damage producir daños físicos [v]
cause trouble dar guerra [v]
cause a stir dar la campanada [v]
cause a sensation dar la campanada [v]
be a lost cause ser una causa perdida [v]
be a lost cause no tener remedio [v]
be a lost cause no tener arreglo [v]
cause riot amotinar [v]
cause a panic apanicar [v] SCN
cause to be arid aridecer [v]
cause annoyance to someone producir contrariedad a alguien [v]
cause sadness to someone producir tristeza a alguien [v]
cause someone to be silent reducir a alguien al silencio [v]
cause someone to become suddenly silent reducir a alguien al silencio [v]
cause to feel sick dar náuseas a [v]
cause damage provocar destrozos [v]
cause damage causar destrozos [v]
cause trouble echar ocote [v]
cause a sensation causar sensación [v]
cause a sensation hacer sensación [v]
cause something conducir a algo [v]
be the cause or origin of conducir a algo [v]
cause something to exist conducir a algo [v]
cause to become less spanish desespañolizar [v]
cause a person to do something acotejar [v] CO
cause great suffering acototar [v] CL
cause a person's waist to narrow acinturar [v] MX CL
cause crumble desmoronar [v]
cause something bend cimbrar [v]
cause repugnance hastiar [v]
cause something vibrate cimbrar [v]
cause disgust hastiar [v]
cause someone to have altitude sickness apunar [v] AR
cause mechanical damage to cars (low pressure of high altitude areas) apunar [v] AR
cause someone to have altitude sickness apunar [v] UY rare
cause heartburn arrebatar [v] MX CL
cause damage to a person or thing arañar [v] CU
cause milk to flow again from a milking cow by bringing a calf close apoyar [v] MX HN PR UY rur.
cause problems for someone aproblemar [v] CL PY
cause despair abatatar [v] BO PY AR UY
cause fear abatatar [v] BO PY AR UY
cause embarrassment abatatar [v] BO PY AR UY
boast about something so as to cause envy atollarse [v] CR disused
cause a traffic jam ataponar [v] PR
eat/drink so excessively so as to cause health disorders atacarse [v] MX
eat or drink so excessively so as to cause health disorders atascarse [v] MX
cause to be treated by a medical doctor atenderse [v] NI CU PR CL UY
be a cause for ser causa de [v]
cause discomfort calvarear [v] HN
cause nicks on a spinning top with the tip of another calacear [v] MX:Se SV HN rur.
cause despair abombar [v] AR
cause embarrassment abombar [v] AR
cause fear abombar [v] AR
cause someone to lose notoriety and fame apagar [v] PR
cause a commotion bolinar [v] NI
cause shame apenar [v] HN NI CR PA CU DO CO VE BO PY
cause a disease by means of a spell bilonguear [v] CU
cause someone to behave better abuenar [v] AR
cause a scandal bullar [v] HN NI
cause itchiness (insect bite) aburar [v] CU
cause to become bloated (food) abutagar [v] CL
cause a sensation acabar [v] US rare
cause a sensation acabar [v] CU DO PR
cause roosters to confront one another without touching in order to prepare them for the fight (cock fighting) abosar [v] CU
be the cause of something ser la causa de algo [v]
be the second most common cause of death ser la segunda causa más común de mortandad [v]
be the cause of something ocasionar algo [v]
look for and cause problems for someone clavear [v] HN NI
cause a breakdown in desguabilar [v] HN
cause damage desguabinar [v] PR
cause a failure in desguabilar [v] HN
cause oneself to lose a privilege deslecharse [v] PR
cause a short-circuit cuetear [v] CL
cause damage or harm, typically out of wickedness, for pleasure, or for fun dañinear [v] HN BO:E
cause illness in an animal entecar [v] AR
cause moral or material damage envainar [v] VE
cause damage to someone fregar [v] CR rur.
cause damage to someone fregar [v] MX HN NI PA CO EC PE BO CL AR:Nw
cause damage to oneself fregarse [v] MX NI PA CO PE BO CL AR:Nw
cause something to rot fregar [v] MX GT NI CR BO
cause a fissure fisurar [v] CO EC BO CL PY AR UY
cause damage to someone esguabinar [v] PR
cause damage to someone esguañangar [v] PR
cause damage to someone desguañangar [v] PR
cause damage to someone desguañangar [v] PR
cause something to decompose fregar [v] MX GT NI CR BO
quickly and impetuously find a way to cause chaos, (escurcar) esculcar [v] MX NI
cause a crack fisurar [v] CO EC BO CL PY AR UY
cause damage in a relationship fisurar [v] MX
cause something to spoil fregar [v] MX GT NI CR BO
cause anger ajizar [v] CL rare
annoy, cause anger, or make someone lose their patience ajorar [v] DO PR
contribute an amount of money to a party, celebration, or cause cantearse [v] DO
cause disgust güevear [v] CR CL
cause constipation fruncir [v] VE
cause discomfort güevear [v] CR CL
cause discomfort huevear [v] CR derog.
cause irritation hostigar [v] MX GT EC CL
cause disgust huevear [v] CR derog.
be a cause for ser causa de [v]
cause inebriation jalar [v] CU
cause a vehicle or train to derail desrielar [v] CL
cause a bad feeling destemplar [v] CR PA CO VE EC PE BO CL
cause a commotion embochinchar [v] MX GT DO VE BO AR
cause a strange feeling in someone's teeth and gums due to eating something bitter, hearing high-pitched noises, or touching certain items destemplar [v] CR PA CO VE EC PE BO CL
cause drunkenness machar [v] BO AR:Nw
cause to feel full empanzar [v] CR
cause welts enronchar [v] EC BO CL
cause deep discomfort enronchar [v] CL
cause a ruckus embochinchar [v] MX GT DO VE BO AR
cause an uproar embochinchar [v] MX GT DO VE BO AR
cause to feel stuffed empanzar [v] CR
cause cattle tympanites empastar [v] CL AR
cause a falling out ennavajar [v] HN
rub with nettle to cause an allergic reaction ortigar [v] CL
cause a commotion molotear [v] SV
cause a ruckus mitotear [v] MX
cause a racket mitotear [v] MX
adhere to an ideology, cause, political party, or person partidarizarse [v] NI PE BO
cause harm partir [v] GT
cause a bad impression partir [v] GT
cause fatal damage pitear [v] CL
cause a mess rebuluntear [v] DO
cause intrigue politiquear [v] MX GT HN SV NI CR PA CU DO PR VE EC PE BO PY AR UY derog.
cause pain ponchar (inglés punch) [v] GT
cause confusion relajarse [v] UY
cause confusion relajearse [v] HN
cause pain repisar [v] HN SV
cause a disaster or accident siniestrar [v] DO EC BO CL cult
cause a disaster or accident siniestrarse [v] EC BO CL UY cult
cause to get sick zapatear [v] DO
cause and effect causa-efecto [adj]
being a cause of something causal [adj]
that contains organisms that cause contagious diseases pestífero [adj]
that causes or intending to cause intentional harm malvado [adj]
that causes or intending to cause intentional harm malo [adj]
that causes or intending to cause intentional harm cruel [adj]
that causes or tending to cause cancer cancerígeno [adj]
stunned or disturbed as a result of an illness or another cause barbasqueado [adj] BO
lost cause caso perdido [m]
cause célèbre tema de interés [m]
cold air that is believed to cause respiratory infections and earaches mal aire [m] VE EC
group of people committed to a certain political cause clientelismo [m] MX PY UY
quick and impetuous search to cause chaos esculque [m] MX
blow meant to cause harm cuajazo [m] CU
working together for a common cause (several people) compadrazco [m] CL rare derog.
group of radio stations that raise funds for a humanitarian cause hablatón [m] NI
person who attracts another to his/her cause jalador [m] HN
lost cause natimuerto [m] DO PR
people bussed in to support a cause portátil [m] PE
torture consisting of simultaneously slapping both ears to cause pain and loss of balance teléfono [m] CL disused
spell used to make someone fall in love or cause mental disorders, done with spirits and tobacco tabacazo [m] EC
blow meant to cause harm vejigazo [m] DO
exalted supporter of a cause, especially puerto rican ındependence comefuego [m/f] PR
protester participating in a protest or joining a march for a cause marchista [m/f] CU VE BO
protester participating in a protest or joining a march for a cause marchista [m/f] EC rare
drugs that cause a bad trip material trilirí [loc/nom] PR drug
cause (someone) to argue or reply buscar la boca [loc/v]
cause (someone) to argue or reply buscarle la boca [loc/v]
a worthy cause una causa noble
a worthy cause una buena causa
cause of death causa de la muerte
proximate cause causa inmediata
cause for complaint motivo de queja
cause of the problem la causa del problema
cause of the problem el origen del problema
underlying cause causa subyacente
cause of causa de
cause distaste enfadar [v]
cause distaste disgustar [v]
cause at issue causa que está para verse
cause at issue causa a ser sentenciada
cause of dispute batallona [f]
group of people who yell or cause a disturbance, especially children indiada [f] AR UY
cause someone’s head spin calentar la cabeza a alguien [v]
cause a panic provocar el pánico [v]
cause problem camotear [v]
cause trouble ciscar [v] MX
cause inconvenience ciscar [v] MX
cause trouble for someone dar batería a alguien [v]
give cause for dar pie para [v]
cause some tongues to wag dar que hablar a la gente [v]
cause some tongues to wag dar que decir a la gente [v]
cause someone to feel horny darse el calentón [v]
cause someone to feel horny darse un calentón [v]
cause serious damage descuerar [v]
cause irritation encalabrinar [v]
give cause for thought agavillarse [v]
cause fear/amazement despatarrar [v]
cause a big mess liarla parda [v]
cause trouble meter cizaña [v]
cause trouble meter cisco [v]
cause problem meter cizaña [v]
cause problem meter cisco [v]
cause trouble montar un cirio [v]
cause trouble montar un numérito [v]
cause trouble montar el numérito [v]
cause problem acizañar [v]
cause trouble ponerse patoso [v]
cause problem ponerse patoso [v]
cause a great mess dejar la escoba [v] CL
cause disorder dejar la escoba [v] CL
make or cause to be in bad condition chotear [v] AR
cause a commotion meter ruido [v]
cause quite a stir meter ruido [v]
cause someone to laugh causar risa a alguien [v]
cause damage hacer pupa [v]
cause itching trapicar [v] SCN
cause someone annoyance repeatedly atabanar [v] CO:N rur.
cause someone sudden physical harm aguaicar [v] AR:Nw
cause someone to be puzzled or bewildered ahuevar [v] CO
cause a rift between two people clavear [v] HN
cause a reaction or change in attitude in someone (something) cimbronear [v] AR
cause shooting pains chucear [v] CR
cause stabbing pains chucear [v] CR
cause tedium esgunfiar (italiano) [v] UY AR disused
cause a cut fisurar [v] CL
cause boredom esgunfiar (italiano) [v] UY AR disused
cause annoyance estufar (italiano) [v] UY AR UY
cause a good impression encandelillar [v] EC
cause chaos embalurdar [v] AR
give money or perks in exchange for adherence to a cause maicear [v] MX
cause to lose sense of direction nortear [v] MX
cause fear muñequear [v] PE
cause stomach pain or indigestion patear [v] CR PA PR EC BO CL PY AR UY
cause physical or moral harm pasearse [v] GT HN SV CR
cause a rash prender [v] HN CU CL AR UY
cause a rash prender [v] BO
cause an uproar rochelear [v] CO VE
cause a disturbance rochelear [v] CO VE
cause confusion relajear [v] GT HN SV NI CO
cause a commotion rochelear [v] CO VE
cause constipation trancar [v] CU BO CL
cause anguish sicosear [v] PE
cause fear acalambrar [v] NI UY
cause worry acalambrar [v] NI UY
cause a scene armar un pancho [v] MX
cause boredom amuermar [v] rare
according to popular belief, evil spirit that can cause illness ñanca [m] BO:W
sudden illness of unknown cause yeyo [m] PA
cause an unpleasant surprise caer como balde de agua fría [loc/v] CR PA DO PR AR UY
cause an unpleasant surprise caer como un baldazo de agua fría [loc/v] GT CO EC PE
cause bewilderment or surprise to someone caer en pandorga [loc/v] MX
expressing the existence of a cause/reason for a certain situation ¡de algo murió mi abuela! [loc/interj] PR
make common cause hacer causa común
cause of motivo de [v]
cause a row armarse un escándalo [v]
cause a lot of trouble dar guerra [v]
give cause for dar lugar a [v]
all for a good cause todo por una buena causa
the cause of the fire is not known at this stage por el momento se desconoce la causa del incendio
the cause of the fire is under investigation se investiga la causa del incendio
cause and effect causa y efecto
just cause causa justificada
without cause sin causa
for this cause por este motivo
without cause sin causa
waiting to cause harm or to take revenge en salmuera [adv] DO
cause trouble dar mucha guerra [v] ES
cause trouble dar mucha lata [v] MX
cause a setback quitar los mocos a alguien [v]
be a lost cause ser un caso perdido [v]
cause a scene or disturbance alborotar el cotarro [v]
cause a scene or disturbance armar cisco [v]
cause a scene or disturbance armar un cisco [v]
cause a scene or disturbance armar camorra [v]
cause a scene or disturbance echar a rodar los bolos [v]
cause a scene or disturbance hacer la santísima [v]