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Sens de "play" dans le Dictionnaire Espagnol-Anglais : 135 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
play jugar [v]
play jugada [f]
play desempeñar [v]
play juguetear [v]
play tañer [v]
play juego [m]
play holgura [f]
play huelga [f]
play comedia [f]
play reverberar [v]
play herir [v]
play sacar (cartas) [v]
play disputar [v]
play encarnar [v]
play hacer sonar [v]
play sonar [v]
play interpretar [v]
play teclear [v]
play poner [v]
play tirar [v]
play practicar [v]
play torear [v]
play pulsar [v]
play gastar [v]
play reverbero [m]
play huelgo [m]
play drama [m]
play echar [v]
play echar [v]
play echar [v]
play ejecutar [v]
play encarnar [v]
play auto [m]
play drama [m]
play bolos [m/pl]
play tanda [f] VE BO
play desligar [v]
play cultivar [v]
play alojar [v]
play trebejar [v] rare
play echar [v]
play hacer [v]
play reproducir [v]
play actuar [v]
play jugar a [v]
play canear [v] DO
play cumplir [v]
play obra de teatro [m]
play play [m]
play play (inglés) [m] US
play retozar [v]
play en chanza [adv]
play broma [f]
play diversión [f]
play acción [f]
play representación [f]
play operación [f]
play libertad de acción [f]
play dar [v]
play poner en escena una comedia [v]
play bromear [v]
play chancearse [v]
play burlarse [v]
play divertirse [v]
play recrearse [v]
play enredar [v]
play entretenerse [v]
play travesear [v]
play correr (aguas) [v]
play portarse [v]
play conducirse [v]
play ondular [v]
play ondear [v]
play poner en movimiento [v]
play hacer anear [v]
play flotar [v]
play menear [v]
play remedar [v]
play hacer el papel de representar [v]
play valerse de [v]
play recreo [m]
play divertimiento [m]
play remonte [m]
play vuelo [m]
play de broma [adv]
play en broma [adv]
play echar broma [v] DO VE
play echar bueno [v] CO:C
play echar caja [v] CO:W
play echar el pelo [v] CL
play echar relajo [v] MX
play dar vida a
play fiestar [f] AN
play fiestear [v] GT SV CU DO VE BO CL
play funcionamiento [m]
play calotear [v] PY AR UY
play carrera [f]
play actividad [f]
play reproducción [f]
play vibración [f]
play holgura [f]
play luces [f/pl]
play juego de luz
play valerse [v]
play arrojar [v]
play hacer uso de [v]
play tener huelgo [v]
play dirigir sobre [v]
play tacar [v]
play manipular [v]
play manejar [v]
play anchura [f]
play funcionar [v]
play moverse [v]
play reflejos [m/pl]
play holgura [f]
play juego [m]
play huelgo [m]
play viaje fibre
play reproducir [v]
play juego libre
play separación [f]
play tolerancia [f]
play función [f]
play espectáculo [m]
play espacio libre
play holgura [f]
play resguardo [m]
play extensión productiva
play obra [f]
play pieza [f]
play obra teatral
play obra de teatro
play jugada [f] NI PR
play plei [m]

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Espagnol Anglais
play [m] play
play [m] trend

Sens de "play" avec d'autres termes dans le Dictionnaire Anglais-Espagnol : 500 résultat(s)

Anglais Espagnol
(drama) a tragedy play tragedia [f]
play (an instrument) tocar [v]
play-writing dramaturgia [f]
piece of play jugada [f]
play-acting comedia [f]
play-off repesca [f]
(theater) play pieza [f]
play the part of hacer de [v]
play the villain hacer de malo [v]
play a role hacer un papel [v]
play a part hacer un papel [v]
play cards jugar a las cartas [v]
play low cartear (cartas) [v]
play at home jugar en casa [v]
play in tune afinar [v]
play down restar importancia [v]
play it cool alivianarse [v] MX HN NI BO AR UY
play ball jugar a la pelota [v]
play around enredar [v]
play the piano tocar el piano [v]
be out of play estar fuera de juego [v]
play chess jugar al ajedrez [v]
play tennis jugar al tenis [v]
play hide-and-seek jugar al escondite [v]
play dice jugar a los dados [v]
play roulette jugar a la ruleta [v]
play dirty jugar sucio [v]
play fair jugar limpio [v]
play around with jugar con [v]
play with juguetear con [v]
play (well) trastear [v]
play around travesear [v]
play up travesear [v]
play a trump triunfar (cartas) [v]
play down trivializar [v]
play darts jugar a los dardos [v]
play down frivolizar [v]
play with fire jugar con fuego [v]
play down minimizar [v]
play on gastar a [v]
play down relativizar [v]
play back retocar [v]
play (a role) representar [v]
play on words retruécano [m]
play-pen nido [m]
play on words equívoco [m]
play-off play-off [m]
piece of play lance [m]
mystery play auto [m]
mystery play misterio [m]
(religious) play auto [m]
play dumb hacerse el distraído [v]
play a joke gastar una broma [v]
play a role desempeñar un papel
series of actions or events in a play acción [f]
backgammon play barata [f] disused
illegal play in burro game burrada [f]
foul play charranería [f]
play on words conmutación [f]
play on words danza hablada [f]
inviting to play envidada [f]
play out suceder [v]
play out acontecer [v]
play out acuntir [v] disused
play the pastoral flute alboguear [v] rare
say a play on words alburear [v] MX
play a card that doesn't win amollar [v]
play carnival tricks antruejar [v]
play cards of the same suit asistir [v]
play dumb atontarse [v]
play tricks atravesar [v]
play for fun bolear [v]
play dirty tricks bribonear [v]
play jumping jacks brincar [v]
play a role caracterizar [v]
play with someone's heart castigar [v]
play the zither citarizar [v] disused
play without rules desacotar [v]
play a role desempeñar [v]
play dumb desentenderse [v]
play each other disputarse [v]
play two roles doblar [v]
play funeral bells doblar [v]
put into play echar [v]
put into play echar [v]
play hard get ensancharse [v]
invite to play envidar [v]
play a comedic role farsar [v] disused
invitation to play envidador [adj]
play on words albur (árabe) [m] MX DO
religious play auto [m]
small role in a play bolo [m] AR
metal disk or ruined coin used to play chito chanflón [m]
play in el monte game entrés [m]
fair play fair play (inglés) [m]
well-made play bufos [m/pl]
play alcancía horse agility activity alcancías [f/pl]
play chess with a misplaced piece compongo [expr]
period of play jugada [f]
restart of play reanudación del juego [f]
someone that performs in a theatrical play or film actriz [f]
play-off competition liguilla [f]
play that consists of the player keeping the chips that he could put in play (domino) agachada [f] CU
a type of domino play agachadera [f] CU
children's game where participants play the roles of angel and devil cinta [f] PR
foul or dirty play against an opponent chanchada [f] HN
children's game where participants play the roles of angel and devil cinta [f] PR
hole made in the ground to play marbles chócola [f] CR disused
play that a player makes with a third party after having beaten another opponent (dice) entrada [f] HN
child's play carpintería [f] PA
bad play cañona [f] PR CL
type of trading card or figurine children play with carita [f] AR:Nw
play to get one's marble closer to one's opponent's marble guaira [f] NI
glass or steel ball used for play coyola [f] GT
get-together with friends to play guitar or performs music guitarreada [f] EC BO AR UY
play in which the five die thrown land with the same face up dormida [f] BO
winning play in tejo game moñona [f] CO
winning play in pool moñona [f] PR
play with an ace, two, and three in hand pinta [f] GT
group of people who meet to play football recogida [f] SV
play where five and six win and one and two lose in dice sencilla [f] HN
child's play pen sala cuna [f] CL
friends who play soccer rejunta [f] SV
ring made on the floor to play trolla trolla [f] AR
group of musicians who play a certain family of instruments tropa [f] BO:W
circle drawn on the ground to play trolla troya [f] AR:N UY
gathering to play cards truqueada [f] PY AR UY
political criticism play tanda [f] MX
social criticism play tanda [f] MX
play the lead in protagonizar [v]
play a tune with the castanets castañetear [v]
play (a role) desempeñar [v]
play on a swing columpiarse [v]
play a suit that opponent can follow encartar [v]
ring or play lively repiquetear [v]
play the bully roncar [v]
play the bull using the cape capear [v]
play politics politiquear [v]
play jokes on embromar [v] AMER
play about juguetear [v]
play (a character) interpretar [v]
play compliments to a lady galantear [v]
play the intellect darse aires de intelectual [v]
play guitar guitarrear [v]
play (an instrument) tañer [v]
play out of tune desafinar [v]
play up trastear [v]
play about trastear [v]
play at courtship pinchar con alguien [v] CL
play at courtship flirtear [v]
play at courtship ligar [v]
play at courtship galantear [v]
play at courtship coquetear [v]
play rock music rockear [v]
play with jugar con alguien [v]
play the instrument trompetear [v]
play the instrument tocar a la trompeta [v]
play a dirty trick jugar una mala pasada a [v]
play a joke gastar una broma a [v]
play a joke on someone gastarle una broma a alguien [v]
play a part in desempeñar un papel en [v] fig.
play a role in desempeñar un papel en [v]
play a trick on someone gastarle una broma a alguien [v]
play an important part in desempeñar un papel importante en [v]
play an important part in jugar un papel importante en [v]
play for a team jugar con un equipo [v]
play for time intentar ganar tiempo [v]
play havoc with something causar estragos en algo [v]
play it safe actuar sobre seguro [v]
play truant hacer novillos [v]
play-act fingir [v]
play-act hacer comedia [v]
know how to play the piano saber tocar el piano [v]
play down the importance of restar valor a [v]
play down the importance of quitar valor a [v]
play a role desempeñar un papel [v]
go to a play ir al teatro [v]
play cops and robbers jugar a policías y ladrones [v]
play cat and mouse jugar al gato y el ratón [v]
play a team jugar contra un equipo [v]
play a role in jugar un papel en [v]
be child's play ser un juego de niños [v]
play badly tocar mal [v]
play-act hacer teatro [v]
play a prank gastar una broma [v]
play a part jugar un papel [v]
play a role jugar un papel [v]
play the fool hacer locuras [v]
play in a movie actuar en una película [v]
play in a film actuar en una película [v]
play a joke on pavear [v] SCN
play the fool pavear [v] SCN
look like a person who does not know how to play a game or to win coyotear [v]
play music or perform for voluntary donations on the streets dar el parche [v]
play a hoax on a person gastar una broma pesada a una persona [v]
play a practical joke on a person gastar una broma pesada a una persona [v]
play hide-and-seek with a person jugar al escondite con una persona [v]
play french skipping jugar a la goma [v]
play french skipping saltar a la goma [v]
play french skipping jugar al elástico [v]
play against jugar contra [v]
play dead fingirse muerto [v]
play the lottery jugar a la lotería [v]
play tag (children game) pillarse [v]
play tag (children game) jugar a la mancha [v]
play tag (children game) corretearse [v]
play possum fingirse muerto [v]
play against someone jugar contra alguien [v]
play something jugar a algo [v]
play blind man's buff jugar a la gallina ciega [v]
play for fun jugar a la roña [v]
play a game jugar a la roña [v]
play beach tennis jugar a pala [v]
play dice jugar dados [v]
play tug of war tirar de la cuerda [v]
play solo tocar en solitario [v]
play bagpipe tocar la gaita [v]
play improvisedly tocar de improviso [v]
play with baby guaguatear [v]
run about for play corretear [v]
play guitar puntear [v]
play a trick on bellaquear [v]
bring one's power into play usar el poder que tiene uno [v]
breath control play impedir la respiración de la pareja para satisfacción sexual (coito) [v]
play fight abarajar [v] AR:Ne
play a more expansive game abrir el juego [v]
begin to play empezar a jugar [v]
can't play piano no poder tocar el piano [v]
play baseball jugar béisbol [v]
play a sport birriar [v] PA
play baseball beisbolear [v] NI VE
play the cajón drum cajonear [v] PE
play the ayacastle musical instrument ayacastear [v] HN
play a sport obsessively birriar [v] PA
play truant brillar [v] DO
play pool billarear [v] SV NI EC
play pranks as part of courting burrocorear [v] PE:S rare rur.
play systematically with lower cards bajearse [v] EC rare
play for a fool quedarse [v]
play a dirty trick on someone clavar [v] GT HN UY CL
play in a musical show/performance descargar [v] CU
play a game of dice cuchumbear [v] MX GT SV
play in the water with one's hands or feet chagüitear [v] HN rur.
play hooky frequently cimarrear [v] AR:W
play hooky frequently cimarrear [v] CL rare
play at throwing water, flour, or paper ribbons during carnival challar (del quechua) [v] AR:Nw,W
play hard to get chamarrearse [v] MX:Se
play in the water, hitting the surface with one's hands or feet chapucear [v] SV NI DO CO UY
play hooky capear [v] CL GT
play boisterously (children) chivatear [v] GT BO
play cards chiviar [v] GT HN SV
play soccer chimbimbear [v] GT
play chingolingo (dice game) chingolinguear [v] MX
play marbles chibolear [v] SV
play about chumpipear [v] SV
play practical jokes chunguear [v] GT SV
play for money, usually cards or dice escolasar [v] AR
play for money, usually cards or dice escolasear [v] AR UY
set up a good position for the next play in pool casar [v] SV
play pig pile guaguachar [v] BO
play zulian bagpipe gaitear [v] VE
play golf golfear [v] DO EC rare
play marbles güimbear [v] SV
play folk music on a guitar at a get-together with friends guitarrear [v] NI EC BO CL PY AR UY
play hooky jubilarse [v] VE
play around macanear [v] UY cult
play hooky dropear (inglés drop) [v] US stud.
play tricks mañerear [v] AR rur.
play tricks mañerear [v] PY UY
play tricks mañosear [v] CL rare
play tricks marufiar [v] SV
play a pick up game of soccer masconear [v] SV
play one's best dominoes empollar [v] DO
play pranks mañerear [v] AR rur.
play pranks mañerear [v] PY UY
play pranks mañosear [v] CL rare
play pranks marufiar [v] SV
play tricks macanear [v] UY cult
in card games, make a mistake with the number of cards in a play emburrarse [v] NI
play havoc with embarrar [v] EC PE CL BO PY AR UY
not be able to play the blank domino enchucharse [v] PR
play around ñanguear [v] PR
play with someone matizar [v] NI child
play with the ball meliar [v] CO:W
play pranks ñanguear [v] PR
play hookie pavear [v] PA stud.
play hooky pavear [v] PA stud.
play ping pong pimponear [v] CL
play hooky perearse [v] EC PE:S rare
play a friendly soccer match pichanguear [v] PE BO CL
play a percussion instrument pujar [v] PA
play hooky rabonearse [v] PY UY
play hooky ranclarse [v] EC
play hooky ratearse [v] AR UY
play drums pujar [v] PA
play american pool pulear [v] SV
play the guitar poorly pusunguear [v] HN
play and make a ruckus potranquear [v] GT
play and make a ruckus potrear [v] AR UY
play and make a ruckus potrerear [v] AR
play ombre card game rocamborear [v] PE
play a joke on someone relajear [v] PA
play hooky rochar [v] BO:C
play in a wild card game repechar [v] MX EC BO CL
play cards traquear [v] AR UY PY
play hooky sincolearse [v] AR:W
play a game of tusquia tusquiar [v] SV
play hooky yutear [v] AR:Nw stud.
play pranks ututear [v] AR:Nw
play a game of taba tabear [v] MX BO AR
play around travesear [v] SV NI CR
play tricks traquear [v] SV NI PR EC PE
play a wind instrument toncorear [v] BO:S
play dumb verraquear [v] CU
play a ruse tracalear [v] PA VE
finish a game because there is no possible play trancarse [v] PR
play down restar [v]
play with jugar [v]
play marbles jugar bolita y hoyo [v]
play without betting jugar de birria [v]
play dumb hacerse el boludo [v]
play cat and mouse jugar a la boa y al ratón [v]
play ball jugar bola [v]
play two bases jugar dos bases [v]
play dumb poner cara de barro [v]
play dumb hablar barro [v]
play hard to get hacerse rogar [v]
play hard get venderse caro [v]
pertaining to play lúdico [adj]
child's play chichón [adj] GT HN SV NI
child's play chichudo [adj] HN
no way! (disallowing a play in dice games) ¡barajo! [interj] VE
short play juguete [m]
play on words juego de palabras [m]
someone that performs in a theatrical play or film actor [m]
child's play pan comido [m]
child's play juego de niños [m]
short play sainete [m]
rubber ball that is put on the tip of a stick to play the marimba bodoque [m] HN
children's game where participants play the roles of angel and devil ángel mío [m] BO:E,S
frivolous theater play burlesque [m] NI CL
wasteland, often used to play soccer campito [m] PY AR UY
children's play of the three in line, which is played with small stones. ajedrez [m] DO
play in which an opponent's marble is hit with one's own, in order to move it into a position in the play area culpiche [m] VE:E
indigenous folk dance in which dancers hold a bow and arrows and play with them to the sound of music as a part of the choreography chuncho [m] BO:C,W
dominoes play that consists of starting the game with a low tile casino [m] CU
multi-colored edible seeds or fruits used by children to play marbles fril [m] PE
jacks used to play knucklebones jacks (inglés) [m] HN SV
native music group formed by men who play pinkillus cane flutes julajula [m] BO:W,C
jacks used to play knucklebones jase [m] HN child
play where participant holds a marble to their eye and throws it hard to hit another marble forming a triangle ojito [m] PA rur.
bet where all the money is put on one play paro [m] HN
play center pelotero [m] AR UY
variety of short comedy play in the rio de la plata tenements sainete [m] AR
continuous play movie theater rotativo [m] CL
continuous play movie showing rotativo [m] CL
young adults that get together to play conga drums or small drums rumbón [m] PR
child's play tumbe [m] PR
person blocking a play, movie, or television broadcast or in the way pindi [m/f] CL
play made outside the ring (cock fighting) por encima [n] PR
can we play now? cancha [expr] BO:W,C
don't play dumb no te hagás [expr] HN SV NI CU
plug and play enchufar y usar
plug and play enchufar y listo
a kitchen-sink play obra ultrarrealista
a play on words un juego de palabras
child's play una papa AR
play on words juego de palabras
play-off partido de desempate
turnabout is fair play donde las dan, las toman
play by play jugada a jugada
bad play mala jugada
the staging of a play puesta en escena (de una obra teatral)
production of a play puesta en escena (de una obra teatral)
play area área de juego
fair play juego limpio
unfair play juego sucio
play dirty juego sucio
stroke of one top against another when boys play at tops cachada [f]
child's play with a strap corregüela [f]
play of skipping-rope comba [f]
play-house comedia [f] disused
play contrary to the rule in the game of burro burrada [f] fig.
cheating at play fullería [f]
badly constructed play farsa [f]
plot of a play intriga [f]
act of a play jornada [f]
plot of a play maraña [f]
prologue of a play loa [f]
children's play recancanilla [f]
character in a play parte [f]
gaucho horse-play topeadura [f] CL
five-stones (children's play) taquichuela [f] PY
argument of a play/novel trama [f]
child's play with a strap correhuela [f]
play the advocate abogadear (familiar) [v]
play an inferior card to a winning one amollar [v]
play the albogue alboguear [v]
cut (play) atajar [v]
play carnival tricks antruejar [v]
play-act actuar [v]
play on an untuned guitar cencerrear [v]
play/run/shoot off a tie desempatar [v]
act (a part in a play) desempeñar un papel [v]
play the knave charranear [v]
represent (a play) dar [v]
play/sing in chorus corear [v]
play roguish bellaquear [v]
play without rules desacotar [v]
play at billiards for amusement only bolear [v] AR UY
play out low cards to see how the game stands cartear [v]
play (the) dragonear [v] AMER
play (as a game) echar [v]
play truant haraganear [v]
play chess/draughts escaquear [v] disused
play tricks gestear [v]
play practical jokes enchilar [v] CR
perform a play for the first time estrenar [v]
play tricks juguetear [v]
play the fool necear [v]
play the pedant pedantear [v]
play false prevaricar [v]
play at ball pelotear [v]
play the fool regodearse [v]
play on the stage representar [v]
play the knave picardear [v]
play on the guitar puntear [v]
play flourishes (on the guitar) rasguear [v]
play the guitar with strokes of the tips of the fingers rasguear [v]
play on the tambourine panderetear [v]
act/play childishly muchachear [v]
study/rehearse (lesson/play) pasar [v]
play with the wrist in fencing muñequear [v]
win at play sacar [v]
play the first card trucar [v]
stop play (game/sports) tomar [v]
play a musical instrument tañer [v]
play the hobgoblin trasguear [v] disused
play the lord señorearse [v]
show one card and play another traspintar [v]
play the guitar well trastear [v]
play the bull with the red cloak trastear [v]
act (a part in a play) interpretar [v]
cut (in play) atajo [m]
plot of a story/play argumento [m]
act of a play acto [m]
tableau of a play cuadro [m]
cheater at play fullero [m]
plot of a play enredo [m] fig.
rehearsal of a play ensayo [m]
bit of play jueguecico [m]
episode (a play/novel) lance [m]
play upon words retruécano [m]
part in a play papel [m]
children's play sapo [m] AR CL UY
bit of play jueguecillo [m]
character in a play papel [m]
principal actor or actress in a play protagonista [m/f]
fair play equidad [f]
horse-play chanza pesada [f]
horse-play payasada [f]
horse-play broma de mal gusto [f]
puppet-play representación de títeres [f]
foul play vileza [f]
foul play mala pasada [f]
foul play alevosía [f]
foul play perfidia [f]
child's play poca cosa [f]
free play rienda suelta [f]
child's play cosa facilísima [f] fig.
sword-play esgrima [f]
bad run at play mala suerte en el juego [f]
play at ducks and drakes derrochar [v]
play at ducks and drakes desperdiciar [v]
play at ducks and drakes malgastar [v]
play the fool hacer el tonto [v]
play the fool hacer el bobo [v]
play booty trampear en el juego [v]
play possum desatenderse [v]
play possum no hacer caso [v]
play possum hacerse el tonto [v]
play one's pranks hacer de las suyas [v]
play hob with trastornar [v]
play hob with poner en confusión [v]
play a part representar un papel [v]
play the fool hacerel tonto [v]
play the fool hacerse el tonto [v]
play false engañar [v]
play away perder jugando [v]
play upon one explotar [v]
play upon one burlarse de uno [v]
play out jugar hasta el fin [v]
play high jugar fuerte [v]
play a trick upon hacer una mala jugada a [v]
play upon words hacer equívoco de vocablos [v]
play a trick upon engañar a [v]
play into someone's hands hacer a uno el caldo gordo [v]
play off oponer [v]
play off hacer alarde [v]
play off contraponer [v]