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Meanings of "back" in Spanish English Dictionary : 206 result(s)

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back volver a [adv]
back atrás [adv]
back espalda [f]
back favorecer [v]
back respaldar [v]
back apoyar [v]
back lomo [m]
back verso [m]
back espaldar [m]
back revés [m]
back techo [m]
back fondo [m]
back respaldo [m]
back palomilla [f]
back cola [f]
back trasera [f]
back culata [f]
back vuelta [f]
back acular [v]
back afianzar (apoyar) [v]
back patrocinar [v]
back endosar [v]
back apadrinar [v]
back apuntalar [v]
back costear [v]
back auspiciar [v]
back posterior [adj]
back trasero [adj]
back atrasado [adj]
back reverso [m]
back dorso [m]
back cerro [m]
back envés [m]
back lomos [m/pl]
back trasera [adj/f]
back atrasada [adj/f]
back foro [m]
back detrás [adv]
back parte de atrás [f]
back retrechar [v]
back retroceder [v]
back recular [v]
back secundar [v]
back costillas [f/pl]
back abonar [v]
back acuerpar [v] CR PA
back hacia atrás [adv]
back defensa [f]
back financiar [v]
back ir/dar marcha atrás [v]
back sostener [v]
back ir hacia atrás [v]
back apostar por [v]
back ir marcha atrás [v]
back dar marcha atrás a [v]
back forrar (línea con el material) [v]
back endosar (inglés endorse) [v] PR
back espaldar [adj]
back de atrás [adj]
back vuelto [adj]
back revertido [adj]
back anterior [adj]
back viejo [adj]
back distante [adj]
back arrinconado [adj]
back ultimo [adj]
back costado [m] disused
back defensa [m]
back trasero [m]
back extremo [m]
back cabo [m]
back cucuche (del maya) [m] GT
back cucucho [m] SV
back ultima [adj/f]
back parte de atrás
back (teléfono) de vuelta
back parte trasera
back de vuelta
back trasera (de un coche) [f]
back montar [v]
back hacer recular [v]
back subir a espaldas de [v]
back montar a caballo [v]
back sufragar [v]
back justificar [v]
back apostar [v]
back interior [adj]
back extraviado [adj]
back lejano [adj]
back separado [adj]
back añejo [adj]
back ¡vuélvanse ustedes! [interj]
back ¡vuélvase usted! [interj]
back ¡atrás! [interj]
back espinazo (de animales) [m]
back espaldar (de personas) [m]
back respaldo (de una silla) [m]
back metacarpo (de la mano) [m]
back recazo [m]
back foro (de un teatro) [m]
back separada [adj/f]
back lejana [adj/f]
back extraviada [adj/f]
back añeja [adj/f]
back de detrás [loc/adj]
back del interior [loc/adj]
back de nuevo [loc/adv]
back otra vez [loc/adv]
back de retorno [loc/adv]
back petaca [f] GT derog.
back espalda
back dar apoyo a [v]
back echar para atrás [v]
back cinchar por [v]
back volver [v]
back respaldar [v]
back financiar [v]
back apoyar [v]
back endosar [v]
back patrocinar [v]
back atrasado [adj]
back dorso [m]
back cola [f]
back dorso [m]
back avalar [v]
back devolver [v]
back respaldar [v]
back diaclasa [f]
back contracara [f]
back devolución [f]
back espalda [f]
back contrafrente [m] AR
back lomo [m]
back cara dorsal
back cuba grande
back espinazo
back lado posterior
back diaclasa longitudinal [f]
back zaguero [adj]
back diaclasa longitudinal [f]
back dorsal [adj]
back diaclasa longitudinal
back espaldas [f/pl]
back parte trasera [f]
back parte trasera
back reforzar [v]
back enlomar [v]
back engalgar [v]
back cejar [v]
back disminuir [v]
back fachear [v]
back hacer retroceder [v]
back adosar [v]
back rechazar [v]
back añadir [v]
back engalanar [v]
back retirar [v]
back ciar [v]
back entibar [v]
back respaldar [v]
back retiración [f]
back documentar [v]
back imprimir el dorso [v]
back imprimir el dorso
back cara anterior
back parte posterior
back girar a izquierdas
back parte superior
back hacer retroceder
back galga de ancla [f]
back espalda de un buque [f]
back quilla de un buque [f]
back fachear [v]
back engalgar [v]
back defensa [f]
back diaclasa longitudinal [f]
back techo [m]
back respaldo [m]
back cruce de galenas [m]
back crucero principal [m]
back diaclasa longitudinal
back crucero principal
back cruce de galerías
back espalda [f]
back hacer retroceder [v]
back acular [v]
back mover hacia atrás [v]
back empujar hacia atrás [v]
back tirar hacia atrás [v]
back apoyar [v]
back respaldar [v]
back trasero [adj]
back de atrás [adj]
back pasado [adj]
back dorso [m]
back parte posterior
back respaldar [v]
back desbloquear [v]
back parte trasera
back parte posterior [f]
back respaldo [m]
back parte posterior
back back [m] CL AR UY BO
back bac [m] CR
back baj (inglés) [m] PE rare
back trasero (parte de peinado)

Meanings of "back" in English Spanish Dictionary : 2 result(s)

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back [m] CL AR UY BO a defense player
back [m] CL AR UY BO back

Meanings of "back" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 500 result(s)

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back in time atrás [adv]
holding back contención [f]
back seats of a bus cocina [f] DO
(fig) to come back to reality aterrizar [v]
come back tornar [v]
back cross retrocruzar [v]
go back (place) regresar [v]
go back volver [v]
put back tornar [v]
drive back repeler [v]
hold back apretar [v]
back up cejar [v]
coming back retorno [m]
back matter suplemento [m]
looking back recuento [m]
at the back atrás [adv]
back projection retroproyección [f]
back of the neck nuca [f]
back comb peina [f]
back comb peineta [f]
back cover contraportada [f]
buying back recompra [f]
back tooth muela [f]
put back retrasar [v]
lean back retreparse [v]
move back retroceder [v]
go back retroceder [v]
fall back retroceder [v]
back down retroceder [v]
take back retrotraer [v]
give back devolución [v]
send back devolución [v]
take back devolución [v]
pay back devolución [v]
back down achantarse [v]
shrink back acobardarse [v]
back down acojonarse [v]
back-up salvaguardar [v]
back away acular [v]
back down cejar [v]
move back cejar [v]
go back cejar [v]
hold back aguantar [v]
choke back ahogar [v]
back up ciar [v]
back down ciar [v]
set back entorpecer [v]
throw back amusgar [v]
hold back comprender [v]
put back aplazar [v]
hold back estancar [v]
go back to arrancar de [v]
date back to arrancar de [v]
hold back contener [v]
answer back contestar [v]
drive back arredrar [v]
draw back arredrarse [v]
give back tornar [v]
go back tornar [v]
hold back trabar [v]
bring back traer [v]
take a step back dar un paso atrás [v]
put back atrasar [v]
date back to datar de [v]
hold back frenar [v]
hold back mellar [v]
bounce back rebotar [v]
drive back rechazar [v]
come back venirse [v]
lean back reclinarse [v]
get back recobrar [v]
win back recobrar [v]
buy back recomprar [v]
take back reconducir [v]
bring back reconducir [v]
lie back recostarse [v]
go back recular [v]
fall back recular [v]
back down recular [v]
get back recuperar [v]
bend back redoblar [v]
pay back reembolsar [v]
look back volver la mirada [v]
flow back refluir [v]
rein back refrenar [v]
draw back descorrer [v]
put back remeter [v]
go back to remontarse a [v]
send back volver [v]
come back volver [v]
go back volver atrás [v]
turn back volver atrás [v]
back out volverse atrás [v]
turn back volverse atrás [v]
turn back volverse [v]
go back volverse [v]
fall back replegarse [v]
be back estar de vuelta [v]
hold back reprimir [v]
get back rescatar [v]
lean back respaldarse [v]
answer back responder [v]
give back restituir [v]
give back to restituir a [v]
take back retirar [v]
pull back retirar [v]
draw back retirar [v]
move back retirarse [v]
play back retocar [v]
come back retornar [v]
go back retornar [v]
give back retornar [v]
put back retornar [v]
move back retornar [v]
bring back retraer [v]
back garden huerto [m]
back of the knee jarrete [m]
back and forth de aquí para allá [adv]
slap on the back palmear [v]
slap on the back palmotear [v]
fall on one's back caerse de espaldas [v]
be back estar de regreso [v]
turn one's back volver las espaldas [v]
pay back restituir [v]
laid-back apacible [adj]
chair back espaldar [m]
back ridge lomo [m]
back payment atraso [m]
step back retroceso [m]
call back devolver la llamada
towards the back atrás [adv]
back-fire made to prevent the spread of a forest fire contracandela [f] CU
back-pressure contrapresión [f]
crooked back corcova [f]
back of the knee corva [f]
flowing back of water coz [f]
turning back desandadura [f]
padding of the saddle which touches the animal's back carona [f]
back part of anything culata [f]
wicker chair with seat and back of leather or woven palm equipal [f] MX
back of waistcoat/jacket espaldilla [f]
crooked back giba [f]
back-bone espina [f]
back-bone esquena [f] rare
molding of wood fixed to a wall to prevent damage by the back of chairs guardasilla [f]
cane back/seat of a chair rejilla [f]
sound echoed back respuesta [f]
keeping back retención [f]
drawing back retracción [f]
horse's back palomilla [f]
back part of a coach rotonda [f]
falling back reculada [f]
back-door surtida [f]
back-stitch vainica [f]
back/wrong side vuelta [f]
load on the back of a carriage zaga [f]
back kitchen trascocina [f]
back part trasera [f]
back court traspuesta [f]
back-door traspuesta [f]
back-room (of a shop) trastienda [f]
crooked back sifosis [f]
back-water contracorriente [f]
back-water agua estancada [f]
back-bone columna vertebral [f]
back-bone resistencia [f]
back-bone columna dorsal [f]
back-tooth muela [f]
coming back vuelta [f]
change from positive to negative and back again in turns alternar [v]
carry on the back ajobar [v] disused
throw back the ears alastrar [v]
place back-to-back adosar [v]
throw back the ears amusgar [v]
call back (birds/hunting) aclamar [v] outdated
fall back acortarse [v]
cause to move back arredrar [v]
make an animal back up acular [v]
set one's back against something acularse [v]
carry something or somebody in the arms or on the back chinear [v] CAM
back water with the oars and go astern ciar [v]
go back desistir [v]
strike back a ball contrarrestar [v]
break the back deslomar [v]
dislocate shoulder or back of an animal despaldillarse [v]
win one's money back again desquitarse [v]
break the back derrengar [v]
pay back devolver [v]
turn back desandar [v]
run back descorrer [v]
fall violently on one's back descostillarse [v]
go back ceder [v]
hold back cejar [v]
take back a present desdonar [v] outdated
fall back gurrar [v] disused
keep back guardar [v]
flow back regolfar [v]
run back (game) rehuir [v]
make a horse's back sore (of harness) matar [v]
give back rendir [v]
lean back at full length repantigarse [v]
drive back repercutir [v]
back-stitch pespuntar [v]
keep back reservar [v]
be echoed back resonar [v]
spring back resurtir [v]
keep back retener [v]
go back retirarse [v]
cause to go back retornar [v]
go back upon one's word retractarse [v]
translate back into the original language retraducir [v]
go back retrasar [v]
set back retrasar [v]
draw back retroceder [v]
date back retrotraer [v]
drive back rebatir [v]
fall back recaer [v]
lean back recalcarse [v]
go back recalcitrar [v]
lean back reclinar [v]
scratch one's back often reconcomerse [v]
lean back/against recostarse [v]
keep back suprimir [v]
come back again tornar [v]
give back volver [v]
carry goods on one's back terciar [v]
strengthen the back of an arch trasdosear [v]
back (oxen) tesar [v]
lean back at full length repanchigarse [v]
break the back descaderar [v]
come back regresar [v]
date back antedatar [v]
date back poner fecha anterior a [v]
come back revenir [v]
come back resurgir [v]
break the back derrengarse [v]
back-stitch pespuntear [v]
break the back deslomarse [v]
placed back to back adosado [adj]
riding (on animal's back) caballero [adj]
having a thick back (knives) cazudo [adj]
that cannot be paid back impagable [adj]
flowing back refluente [adj]
hurt in the back rengo [adj]
bending back retorsivo [adj]
said of a horse that flees back home volvedor [adj] rur. AR CO
back player at the game of pelota zaguero [adj]
moving back arredramiento [m]
sharp back edge of sword near point contrafilo [m]
back step in walking/dancing contrapaso [m]
back of altar-piece contrarretablo [m]
slap on the back of the neck cogotazo [m]
back part of the neck cogote [m]
back (knife) canto [m]
back part of the head colodrillo [m]
load of wood which a person carries on his head or back colono [m] rur. rare
back stroke given to a ball cotín [m]
small basket for carrying on the back cuévano [m]
hold-back strap of a harness cejadero [m]
fold back in top part of sheet embozo [m]
bench with a back escaño [m]
back of a wild boar escudo [m]
back-plate in armour espaldarón [m]
back-bone espinazo [m]
back (in stage scenery) foro [m]
back-water remanso [m]
back-stitching pespunte [m]
blow on the back of the neck pestorejón [m]
back of the neck pestorejo [m]
back (seat) respaldar [m]
back part respaldo [m]
back of book/cutting tool lomo [m]
back-tooth quijal [m]
coming back retorno [m]
stump/root of back tooth raigón [m]
back side reverso [m]
back part revés [m]
stroke with the back of the hand revés [m]
drawing back revoco [m]
back of knife blade recazo [m]
ribbon adornment hanging down the back siguemepollo [m]
back of a horse sillar [m]
back room trascuarto [m]
back of fireplace trashoguero [m]
back-tooth quijar [m]
coming back regreso [m]
back-fire made to prevent the spread of a forest fire contrafuego [m]
back of a horse espaldar [m]
back of the head testuzo [m]
back-stitch pespunte [m]
back-water lugar apartado [m]
back-tooth molar [m]
back of the neck cerviguillo [m]
back of the head testuz [m/f]
back-to-back seats for two persons on the same horse artolas [f/pl]
back/back parts espaldas [f/pl]
said of a horse that flees back home volvedora [adj/f] rur. AR CO
back player at the game of pelota zaguera [adj/f]
placed back to back adosada [adj/f]
having a thick back (knives) cazuda [adj/f]
hurt in the back renga [adj/f]
bending back retorsiva [adj/f]
riding (on animal's back) caballera [adj/f]
back then allá en [adv]
holding back aguantada [f] EC
spanish coin with an eagle on the back águila [f]
person who carries loads on her back ajobera [f] disused
thick tight wool on the back albardilla [f] rare
going back and forth alternación [f]
lean back abandonarse [v]
pay back abastarse [v] disused
take back abjurar (de) [v]
back out of abjurar (de) [v]
back out on abjurar (de) [v]
back down on abjurar (de) [v]
go back on abjurar (de) [v]
back up abonar [v]
go back on a commitment achaplinarse [v] CL
come back down to earth acordar [v] disused
back into a corner acorralar [v]
answer back acudir [v]
approach from the back acularse [v]
back in acular [v]
back up acular [v]
back into aculatar [v] CL
back into a parking spot aculatar [v] CL
hold back aguantar [v]
hold back aguantarse [v]
put ears back flat alastrar [v]
throw back amugar [v] VE
lay ears back amusgar [v]
carrying on his/her back ajobero [adj] disused
with fur of a different color on its back albardado [adj]
with a curved back alomado [adj]
person who carries loads on her back ajobero [m] disused
carrying on one's back ajobo [m] disused
come back down to earth volver alguien en su acuerdo [loc/v] rare
a little while back hace poco [adv]
a little while back hace un momento [adv]
a little while back hace poco tiempo [adv]
a little while back hace un rato , hace unos momentos [adv]
back first al revés [adv]
on the back of a horse a caballo [adv]
toward the back hacia atrás [adv]
back to front al revés [adv]
back to back espalda con espalda [adv]
two weeks back hace dos semanas [adv]
on the back acucuche [adv] GT SV
on the back acucucho [adv] SV
with one hand in front and the other in back (specifically when mounting a bull) almuerciado [adv] CR:Nw
on piggy-back amochinche [adv] PA
on piggy-back mochinche [adv] PA
on piggy-back aguachinche [adv] PA
on the back a cucuche [adv] GT SV
on the back a cucucho [adv] SV
back to back antarca (del quechua) [adv] BO:S
back to back antarca (del quechua) [adv] AR:Nw
on someone's back amochinche [adv] PA
lying on one's back mochinche [adv] PA
on someone's shoulders or back turucuto [adv] AR:Nw
back room trastienda [f]
clear-back signal desconexión [f]
laid-back attitude cachaza [f]
giving back torna [f]
back page contraportada [f]
back light calavera [f]
leather back sea turtle moosnípol [f]
back part zaga [f]
blow one gets when falling on the back costalada [f]
money-back guarantee garantía de devolución de dinero [f]
back street calleja [f]
back corner/area culata [f]
one-day’s travel by horse back jornada [f]
strap on back of saddle with an eyelet for the horse’s tail so the saddle doesn’t slide forward gurupera [f] VE rur.
strap on back of saddle with an eyelet for the horse’s tail so the saddle doesn’t slide forward gurupera [f] HN NI CR
strap on back of saddle with an eyelet for the horse’s tail so the saddle doesn’t slide forward grupera [f]
bullet featuring a cross drawn on the back bala cruciada [f] HN
back country región interior de un país [f]
back manipulation manipulación de espalda [f]
back translation traducción inversa [f]
back wall pared posterior [f]
back window ventana trasera [f]
back-pack mochila [f]
back biter chismosa [f]
back manipulation manipulación de la espalda [f]
back story historia de fondo [f]
back up electricity electricidad de apoyo [f]
back-of-the-house zona de acceso solo para el personal (en restaurantes) [f]
back-seat driver persona que desde el asiento trasero da indicaciones al conductor [f]
back country zona rural [f]
back bruise basteadura [f] UY rur.
back bruise bastera [f] UY rur.
plumage bird which is black on the back and on the wings, and yellow on the chest calandria [f] PR
hole in the back of old socks calavera [f] MX
a pack or knapsack carried on one's back backpack [f] US PR
(during a battle) wound in the back due to the friction of the waders bastera [f] UY rur.
(during a battle) wound in the back due to the friction of the waders basteadura [f] UY
double back botamanga [f] PE CL PY AR
a rectangular blanket, about 1m long, generally of rustic and heavy wool, placed directly over the back of the mount bajera [f] UY AR rur.
dye back pérdida de brillo durante un revestimiento o una capa clara [f]
maliciously critique someone behind their back descuereada [f] AR:Nw
imaginary medication that serves to bring someone back to reality desahuevina [f] PE
back part of a house culata [f] VE:W
set back chuleta [f] PR
street artist who dances spinning around while playing the chichín, which she carries on her back chinchinera [f] CL
back row of seats in a theater or movie theater typically used by romantic couples fila de los cocheros [f] PY
back row of seats in a theater or movie theater typically used by romantic couples fila de los cocheros [f] CL disused
part of a suit that covers the back espaldera [f] DO BO
game where five adolescent girls write their names on pieces of paper and on the back they write marriage, hate, or love, then each chews their piece of paper and throws it at the ceiling, if it sticks the wish will be granted carta rusa [f] BO:E
woman's informal or laid-back attitude toward men casquivanería [f] HN
tack used to carry loads on the back of a horse or mule cangalla [f] AR
part of a disguise, typical in the carnival of the municipality of la vega, which covers the head and falls down the back galacha [f] DO
back cover (book, magazine, notebook) contratapa [f] NI CO EC PE BO CL PY AR UY
fall onto its back with its feet in the air during a fight (fighter cock) concha [f] PR
fall onto its back with its feet in the air during a fight (fighter cock) pámpana [f] PR
answering back respuesta [f]
answering back réplica [f]
bringing or taking something back and forth jaladera [f] HN SV NI
braid saraguro indigenous people wear down their back jimba [f] EC:C
strip of fabric that is placed in the back of the sacks or coats at waist height for notching or as an ornament martingala (francés) [f] AR UY
launching a boat back into the water after running aground desvarada [f] CL
earring stud back stopper mariposa [f] SV
indigenous shawl, very colorful and contrasting with the color of one's skirt, used to cover a woman's shoulders and back lliclla [f] EC PE BO:W,C AR:Nw
indigenous shawl, very colorful and contrasting with the color of one's skirt, used to cover a woman's shoulders and back, (llijlla) llijlla [f] BO:W,C AR:Nw
group of back up horses muda [f] AR UY rur.
back stabber orejera [f] AR:Nw
movement back and forth pasadera [f] MX GT NI CR CU VE
movement back and forth pasadura [f] HN rur.
laid back person patancha [f] AR:Nw
straight machete with the edge on the back of the blade parranda [f] SV rur.
bluish or brownish stain that most mestizo children have from birth on the buttock, waist or back, at kidney level pedurría [f] HN rur.
stinging come-back pachotada [f] MX GT CR DO PR VE EC PE BO:C
small back room ranchita [f] MX
back pocket revolvera [f] BO:E
talking back respondedera [f] MX SV NI CR DO CO
frame to carry fruits or flowers on the back silleta [f] CO:W
leather strap for carrying sugar cane on the back valona [f] HN
traveling back and forth viajadera [f] MX GT HN SV NI CR PA CU DO CO
laid-back life vida del oso [f] CL
back room of a pharmacy trasbotica [f] MX
go back remontarse [v]
put back sobar [v]
accept back readmitir [v]
win back one's money desquitarse [v]
fall back atrasarse [v]
hold back detener [v]
turn back retroceder [v]
answer back replicar [v]
pay back reintegrar [v]
come back regresarse [v]
back up secundar [v]
go back regresarse [v]
sit back comfortably arrellanarse [v]
get back to normal normalizarse [v]
bring back devolver [v]
go back over desandar [v]
cut back restringir [v]
bring back resucitar [v]
drive back rebotar [v]
go back reincorporarse [v]
lean back recostarse [v]
take back retractarse [v]
back up apuntalar [v]
hold back retraerse [v]
bring back restituir [v]
draw back encoger [v]
take back readmitir [v]
answer back rechistar [v]
win back reconquistar [v]
give back regresar [v]
put back on the rails encarrilar [v]
sit back recostarse [v]
knock back trincar [v]
come back revivir [v]
break the back of deslomar [v]
pull back retroceder [v]
go back reincidir [v]
hang back remolonear [v]
fall back replegarse [v]
(memories) to flood back aflorar (los recuerdos) [v]
(memories) to come flooding back aflorar (los recuerdos) [v]
(one's memories) flood back aflorar (los recuerdos) [v]
(one's memories) come flooding back aflorar (los recuerdos) [v]
(memories) to flood back invadir (a alguien, los recuerdos) [v]
(memories) to come flooding back invadir (a alguien, los recuerdos) [v]
(one's memories) flood back invadir (a alguien, los recuerdos) [v]
(one's memories) come flooding back invadir (a alguien, los recuerdos) [v]
(please) see the back cover for additional details mire en la parte trasera para detalles adicionales [v]
(please) see the back cover for details mire en la parte trasera para los detalles [v]
(please) see the back cover for further details mire en la parte trasera para más detalles [v]
(memories) to come flooding back regresar (los recuerdos) [v]
(memories) to flood back regresar (los recuerdos) [v]
(one's memories) come flooding back regresar (los recuerdos) [v]
(one's memories) flood back regresar (los recuerdos) [v]
bring back to reality with a jolt arrancarlo de sus pensamientos [v]
back up arriar velas [v]
back down from arriar velas [v]
put back recolocar [v]
back water ciar [v]
send back reconducirse [v]