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Spanisch Englisch
guacho [adj] motherless
guacho [adj] abandoned
guacho [adj] LAM orphaned
guacho [adj] LAM bastard
guacho [adj] LAM fatherless
guacho [adj] CL wild-growing (flower)
guacho [adj] CL single
guacho [adj] CL mismatched
guacho [adj] CL odd
guacho [adj] odd
guacho [adj] CL odd
guacho [adj] AR UY rur. accidental crop
guacho [adj] CL derog. illegitimate
guacho [adj] CL left incomplete
guacho [adj] CL sporadic
guacho [adj] CL obedient
guacho [adj] CL teen sexually attractive
guacho [adj] CL random
guacho [adj] CL occasional
guacho [adj] CL ruined
guacho [adj] CL odd
guacho [adj] CL unpaired
guacho [adj] CL well-trained
guacho [adj] CL well-behaved
guacho [adj] CL docile
guacho [m] HN twin
guacho [m] MX:Se GT soldier
guacho [m] MX:Se thief
guacho [m] EC PE rare 10th of a lottery ticket
guacho [m] EC rur. agricultural furrow
guacho [m] PY rur. orphan calf
guacho [m] CR eye
guacho [m] PA children's game consisting of throwing small pointed sticks into the mud
guacho [m] MX:Se foreigner
guacho [m] CL trusted man
guacho [m] MX:Se delinquent
guacho [m/f] bastard
guacho [m/f] orphan
guacho [adj] BO PE forlorn
guacho [adj] BO PE solitary
guacho [adj] disused EC PE BO CL AR UY orphan
guacho [m] disused EC PE BO CL AR UY foundling
guacho [m] disused EC PE BO CL AR UY orphan
guacho [m] CL bastard
guacho [m] nestling of a sparrow
guacho [m] EC furrow
guacho [adj] EC PE BO CL AR UY disused rur. orphaned
guacho [adj] EC PE PY AR UY BO rur. orphaned
guacho [adj] BO PE rur. alone
guacho [adj] AR teen self-assured
guacho [adj] AR teen self-confident
guacho [adj] BO PE rur. single
guacho [m] AR a bad person
guacho [m] AR any person one shows some attitude (good or bad) towards
guacho [m] AR a small animal left without parents
guacho [m] MX SV NI CR wrist watch
guacho [m] NI CR heart
guacho [m] AR UY teen young man
guacho [m] CU derog. male farmer
guacho [adj] AR UY derog. malignant
guacho [adj] AR UY derog. malicious
guacho [adj] AR UY derog. malevolent
guacho [m] AR CL EC PE BO son of a bitch
guacho [m] MX GT a soldier
guacho [m] AR derog. bastard
guacho [m] AR derog. son of a bitch
guacho CR a wrist watch
guacho [m] CR:Nw PA thick stew prepared with rice cooked with meat or chicken and some vegetables
guacho [m] CR:Nw PA stew made with rice with meat or chicken and vegetables

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Spanisch Englisch
guacho pistola [adj] AR full of oneself
guacho pistola [adj] AR self-assured
guacho pistola [adj] AR self-confident
guacho pesado [m] EC rur. slow-moving irrigation canal
guacho pistola [n] AR self-assured person
guacho pistola [n] AR person who is full of themselves
guacho pistola [n] AR self-confident person
arroz guacho [m] CR dish made of rice, meat, and other ingredients mixed together until they form a mass
boca de guacho [f] chickweed (stellaria media)