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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "improve" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 84 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
improve mejorar [v]
improve agilizar [v]
improve embonar [v]
improve alear [v]
improve perfeccionar [v]
improve componerse [v]
improve apreciar [v]
improve potenciar [v]
improve arreglarse [v]
improve arribar [v]
improve corregir [v]
improve aventajar [v]
improve cultivar [v]
improve medrar [v]
improve mejorarse [v]
improve ganar [v]
improve bonificarse [v]
improve avanzar [v]
improve adelantar [v] disused
improve adelantar [v]
improve aumentar [v]
improve pulir [v]
improve sanear [v]
improve afinar [v]
improve enriquecer [v]
improve remendar [v]
improve aprender [v]
improve ajustar [v]
improve ventajear [v]
improve aventajarse [v]
improve corregirse [v]
improve mejorarse [v]
improve importantizar [v] DO
improve pordelantear [v] AR:Nw
improve repechar [v] AR UY
improve aprovechar [v]
improve desarrollar [v]
improve favorecer [v]
improve abonar [v]
improve beneficiar [v]
improve bonificar [v]
improve enmendar [v]
improve reformar [v]
improve progresar [v]
improve embellecer [v]
improve avanzar [v]
improve hermosear [v]
improve labrar [v]
improve rectificar [v]
improve tormentar [v]
improve sacar partido de [v]
improve hacer progresos [v]
improve urbanizar [v]
improve construir [v]
improve favorecer [v]
improve bonificar [v] disused
improve chapearse [v] BO
improve dejar algo en alto [v]
improve subir de punto [v]
improve ganar distancias [v]
improve echar para adelante [v] PR EC
improve ponerse a derechas [v] GT
improve ponerse a derecho [v] PE
improve taparse de plata [v] CO:W
improve entrar en vereda [v]
improve emprolijar [v] PY AR UY
improve taparse [v] CO:W
improve superarse [v]
improve perfeccionarse [v]
improve aumentar [v]
improve estar en alza [v]
improve mejorar [v]
improve subsanar [v]
improve urbanizar [v]
improve reformar [v]
improve aumentar de valor [v]
improve subir [v]
improve revalorizar [v]
improve utilizar [v]
improve explotar [v]
improve trabajar [v]
improve hacer progreso
improve encarecer [v]
improve fomentar [v]

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "improve" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 74 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
improve oneself superarse [v]
set of techniques to improve coffee growing caficultura [f] GT HN SV NI
product of mixing quinoa stalk ash with rice and ground anise, kneaded with water and dried in small portions, used to improve the taste of coca lejía [f] BO
construction of latrines in rural areas to improve hygiene letrinificación [f] DO
construction of latrines in rural areas to improve hygiene letrinización [f] NI DO CO EC PY
(quality) improve incrementar (la calidad) [v]
(one's financial position) improve mejorar (la situación económica de alguien) [v]
(one's) quality to improve mejorar la calidad (de alguien) [v]
(one's financial position) improve progresar (la situación económica de alguien) [v]
improve a material tallar [v]
improve a material trabajar [v]
improve one's habits or behavior cambiar de conducta [v]
improve a person's mind edificar el espíritu de una persona [v]
improve one's mind culturizarse [v]
improve oneself promocionarse [v]
add something to complement/improve something else aditar [v] MX BO AR
add something to complement/improve something else aditamentar [v] BO
improve the performance of a computer/vehicle alentar [v] MX
improve one's financial standing alentarse [v] CL PR rare
improve one's mood alivianarse [v] MX HN
improve in health arribar [v] DO rur.
improve income by performing other work ayudarse [v] MX HN NI VE
need attention or action to improve (process) ameritar [v] MX HN CR PA CO VE EC PE PY AR
improve the functioning of something aceitar [v] AR UY
produce the air stream needed to improve combustion (oven/chimney) halar (francés) [v] EC
improve the quality jerarquizar [v] BO PY AR
improve the quality jerarquizar [v] UY rare
improve the efficiency of eficientizar [v] NI DO
competition an athlete or sports team participates in to improve their performance fogueo [m] MX GT CR CU DO PR BO
change in the direction of major roadways in order to improve the flow of traffic at certain times contraflujo [m] CO VE EC
crossbreed of two breeds of animals to improve the quality of the young hibridaje [m] PE BO CL
university student who works for a company or public institution to improve their preparation pasante [m/f] VE EC
improve the soil with clay arcillar [v]
improve lands explotar [v]
improve a breed of animals encastar [v]
improve in health restablecerse [v]
improve herds with new pastures recriar [v]
improve (lands) sanear [v]
correct and improve something done by someone else corregirle la plana a alguien [v]
correct and improve something done by someone else enmendarle la plana a alguien [v]
correct and improve something done by someone else enmendar la plana a alguien [v]
improve one's position by one's own efforts salir adelante sin la ayuda de nadie [v]
improve the breed adelantar la raza [v] CU
improve in a job arreglar el pastel [v] CL
not prosper, improve, or thrive no pasar de perico perro [v] MX
improve the quality or appearance subir el pelo [v] CL
improve one's looks mejorar el aspecto de uno
how can I improve my english? ¿cómo puedo mejorar mi inglés?
improve yourself! ¡el saber no ocupa lugar!
we must improve ourselves debemos mejorar
my english will improve mi inglés mejorará
I want to improve myself quiero mejorar
I want to improve my english quiero mejorar mi inglés
improve on something mejorar algo [v]
improve upon something mejorar algo [v]
improve on mejorar [v]
improve on perfeccionar [v]
improve upon mejorar [v]
improve one's fortune/health pelechar [v]
improve (the weather) componerse [v] MX NI CU BO AR UY
in order to improve para mejorar
improve your listening skills mejorar sus habilidades de escucha
(improve) pick up recuperarse [v]
improve performance mejorar el rendimiento [v]
improve service mejorar el servicio [v]
improve quality mejorar la calidad [v]
improve capacity mejorar la capacidad [v]
continue to improve continuar mejorando
unable to improve incapaz de mejorar
International Law
meeting of government experts to examine ways to improve the exchange of information and other measures for cooperation among member states to prevent, combat, and eliminate terrorism reunión de expertos gubernamentales para examinar los medios que permitan mejorar el intercambio de información entre los estados miembros para prevenir, combatir y eliminar el terrorismo
work or improve a mine beneficiar [v]
improve the power factor mejorar el factor de potencia [v]
improve the output mejorar el rendimiento [v]
improve in grade enriquecerse [v]