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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "realize" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 51 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
realize realizar [v]
realize hacerse cargo de [v]
realize percatarse de [v]
realize colmar [v]
realize comprender [v]
realize darse cuenta [v]
realize comprobar [v]
realize percatarse [v]
realize concretar [v]
realize acordar [v] ES local
realize acordar [v] MX HN BO
realize actualizar [v]
realize actuar [v]
realize apercibir [v] rare
realize apercibirse de [v]
realize darse acato [v]
realize caer en la cuenta [v]
realize afigurarse [v] MX
realize reparar [v]
realize apiolar [v] AR UY
realize acatar [v] CR CO disused rur.
realize acatar [v] DO
realize acatar [v] VE:W
realize palabrearse [v] EC
realize realizar (inglés realize) [v] US PA disused
realize cumplir [v]
realize caer [v]
realize capitalizar [v]
realize ver [v]
realize darse cuenta de [v]
realize creer en [v]
realize sentir en toda su fuerza [v]
realize vender bienes raíces [v]
realize tener por cierto [v]
realize convertir en dinero contante [v]
realize verificar [v]
realize ganar [v]
realize llevar a cabo [v]
realize darse color [v] MX
realize caer la chaucha [v] CL
realize pasar de noche [v] GT
realize pegarse el alcachofazo [v] CL
realize pegarse la cachada [v] CL
realize caer en la cuenta
realize darse cuenta de
realize hacerse cargo de
realize acatar [v] GT NI
realize apiolarse [v] AR
realize realizar [v]
realize llevar a término [v]
realize caer en cuenta [v]

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "realize" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 49 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
realize [us] reparar [v]
realize [us] percatarse [v]
realize [us] apercibirse [v]
realize [us] enterarse [v]
realize [us] comprender [v]
realize one's mistake caer en la cuenta [v]
realize something darse cuenta de algo [v]
realize a project llevar adelante un proyecto [v]
realize something avivarse [v] NI AR UY
realize something cachar [v] EC CL
realize something despapayarse [v] NI teen
realize many small well-paid jobs cucarachear [v] PR
work in a trade or realize a function, sometimes without the corresponding designation fungir [v] MX DO VE EC PE BO
realize the first steps in a process, report, or some official action instaurar [v] DO CO BO PY
realize one's potential alcanzar el potencial [v]
realize a mistake cazar un gazapo [v]
realize something pegarse el alcachofazo [v] CL
suddenly realize something caerse de la burra [v]
lack the necessary qualities to realize certain activity or work estar cagado [v] GT
realize something llevársela [v] DO
realize in time matar el chucho a tiempo [v] GT EC
suddenly realize something pegarse el gomazo [v] CL rare
not realize problems pasarle las del sordo [v] NI
suddenly realize something pegarse los gomazos [v] CL
realize something prendérsele la lamparita [v] VE PY AR UY
start to realize verle las patas a la sota [v] AR UY
start to realize verle patas a la culebra [v] NI
I realize it ya me he dado cuenta
I realize that ya me he dado cuenta
I did not realize how late it had become no me di cuenta de lo tarde que era
i realize i'm very lucky me doy cuenta de que soy muy afortunado
realize something from something obtener algo de algo [v]
realize something from something comprender algo a partir de algo [v]
notice or realize something coscarse [v]
catch on to (realize) diquelar [v]
realize something escurrirse [v] CL
realize something too late or to understand something that was obvious caer el cuatro [v] CR
realize something too late or to understand something that was obvious caer el veinte [v] MX SV HN
suddenly realize something encendérsele la chispa [v] CU VE
suddenly realize something prendérsele la chispa [v] CU VE
realize that... captar que… [v]
realize that... darse cuenta de que... [v]
realize (understand) darse cuenta
realize assets realizar activos
realize property liquidar propiedades
self-realize [us] autorrealizar [v]
realize [us] realizar [v]
realize [us] efectuar [v]
realize a profit obtener un beneficio [v]