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Meanings of "top" in Spanish English Dictionary : 177 result(s)

English Spanish
top encima [adv]
top cima [f]
top cumbre [f]
top despuntar [v]
top trompo [m]
top cabecera [f]
top cabeza [f]
top caperuza [f]
top chapa [f]
top peonza [f]
top cofa [f]
top picota [f]
top tapa [f]
top tapadera [f]
top copa [f]
top baca [f]
top capear [v]
top descabezar [v]
top rematar [v]
top absoluto [adj]
top encimero [adj]
top superior [adj]
top líder [adj]
top tope [adj]
top puntero [adj]
top último [adj]
top mejor [adj]
top capuchón [m]
top sujetador [m]
top cogollo [m]
top tablero [m]
top tapón [m]
top tejadillo [m]
top ápice [m]
top absoluta [adj/f]
top encimera [adj/f]
top superiora [adj/f]
top puntera [adj/f]
top última [adj/f]
top mejora [adj/f]
top tapa (olla) [f]
top blusa [f]
top cresta [f]
top cúspide [f]
top galdrufa [f] rur. rare
top punta [f]
top picota [f] fig.
top sumidad [f]
top coronar [v]
top cacumen [m] outdated
top copete [m] fig.
top colmo [m]
top fastigio [m]
top peón [m]
top picacho [m]
top pico [m]
top pináculo [m]
top vértice [m]
top tope [m]
top acmé [m/f]
top alto [adv]
top alto [m] rare
top altos [m/pl]
top top (inglés) [adv] CL cult
top capota [f]
top altura [f]
top trompa [f]
top pirinola [f] LAM
top dominadora [f]
top pirinola [f]
top cubierta [f]
top cúpula [f]
top ser un éxito [v]
top ser exitoso [v]
top rendir [v]
top sobresalir [v]
top cubrir [v]
top superar [v]
top exceder [v]
top estar a la cabeza de [v]
top colmo [adj]
top de arriba [adj]
top top (inglés) [adj] CL cult
top dominador [m]
top tope (inglés top) [m] PR
top tapacete [m] DO
top parte superior
top parte de más arriba
top parte de arriba
top copa (de árbol) [f]
top coronilla (de cabeza) [f]
top superficie [f]
top cabeza (de página) [f]
top cumbre [f] fig.
top llegar a la cima de [v]
top prevalecer [v]
top dominar [v]
top ser más alto que [v]
top reinar [v]
top primero [adj]
top principal [adj]
top jefe [m]
top lo más alto [m]
top auge [m]
top tupé [m]
top primera [adj/f]
top de encima [loc/adj]
top top [adj]
top máximo [adj]
top top [m]
top además
top activo [adj]
top machucador [adj] PE BO
top activo [m]
top hombre penetrador [m]
top camote [m] MX
top funda [f]
top tope [m]
top parte superior
top límite superior
top peinado [m]
top raberón [m]
top límite superior
top arriba/en lo alto
Ios Terms
top arriba [adv]
top límite [m]
top cogolla [f]
top cilonita [f]
top cumbre [f]
top extremo [v]
top coronamiento [m]
top cielo [m]
top cumbre [f]
top cumbrera [f]
top cielo [m]
top cucurucho [m]
top remate [m]
top tope [m]
top cima [f]
top cofa [f]
top amantillar [v]
Pipe Terms
top parte alta
top recubrir [v]
top apretar [v]
top embicar [v]
top sobrepujar [v]
top acotar [v]
top llegar [v]
top amantillar [v]
top inflar por completo [v]
top remontar [v]
top desmochar [v]
top alcanzar [v]
top aventajar [v]
top descopar [v]
top rellenar por completo [v]
top remate [m]
top cabecera [f]
top capa de protección al ácido [f]
top fuelle [m]
top parte superior
top rellenar [v]
top inflar [v]
top parte superior
top superficie superior
top cofa [f]
top poner por encima [v]
top remate [m]
top cimero [adj]
top extremo [m]
top techo [m]
top parte superior
British Slang
top matar [v]
top genial
top estupendo
top súper
top altura [adj]

Meanings of "top" in English Spanish Dictionary : 7 result(s)

Spanish English
top [adj] top
top [adj] best
top [adj] leading
top [m] top
top [m] top person
top [m] leading personality
British Slang
top posh

Meanings of "top" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 500 result(s)

English Spanish
on top encima [adv]
blow one's top estallar [v]
top (spinning toy) trompo [m]
top soil capa arable
on top of that encima [adv]
top (level) cabecera [f]
top gear directa [f]
top [us] capota [f]
big top carpa [f]
top hat chistera [f]
top spot titularidad [f]
top of the head coronilla [f]
spinning top trompa [f]
top management cúpula [f]
top hat bimba [f]
top of the head morra [f]
top it all como guinda [v]
be at the top of encabezar [v]
put on top sobreponer [v]
put on top superponer [v]
top up recargar [v]
top-hatted enchisterado [adj]
top secret top-secret [adj]
top man puntero [adj]
top-quality floreado [adj]
top secret ultrasecreto [adj]
top-down descendente [adj]
open-top descubierto [adj]
top hat sorbete [m] AMER
top executive staff [m]
spinning top peón [m]
top hat cilindro [m]
top goal-scorer pichichi [m]
top hat tarro [m]
top secret top-secret [m]
spinning top trompo [m]
top club líder [m/f]
on top of sobre [prep]
top-hatted enchisterada [adj/f]
top man puntera [adj/f]
top-quality floreada [adj/f]
top secret ultrasecreta [adj/f]
open-top descubierta [adj/f]
take the top off destapar [v]
at the top encima [adv]
top (book/page/mountain) cabeza [f]
stroke of one top against another when boys play at tops cachada [f]
top of a stage-coach baca [f]
top-gallant poop chopa [f]
top of a beehive barba [f]
head of top (toy) coquera [f]
top of a height corona [f]
control top and range-finder cofa [f]
cutting off the top desmocha [f]
top of tree-trunk where branches begin cruz [f]
top-hat castora [f] rur. rare
height of the masts (and top-masts) guinda [f]
top (in galleys) gavia [f]
coach top imperial [f]
top seats on a stagecoach imperial [f]
whipping-top peonza [f]
top of a fishing rod mediana [f]
fore-top (of a horse's mane) melena [f]
point of a spinning top púa [f]
small playing top pulga [f]
top view planta [f]
top of an epaulet pala [f]
top of the head mollera [f]
top of head morra [f]
humming top trompa [f]
top-timbers urnición [f] rur. rare
humming top zaranda [f] VE
cutting off the top desmochadura [f]
top-maker trompera [f]
hit the top of the post or horn in the game of calva calvar [v]
decorate the top of a building coronar [v]
put a top on a bottle capsular [v]
examine one's hand by the top of cards brujulear [v]
take off the top or crown from anything descoronar [v]
place on top encimar [v]
rise to the top montar [v]
whip a top trompar [v]
grow on top sobrecrecer [v]
whip a top trompear [v]
placed at the top of some elevated spot cimero [adj]
heaped up full to the top colmo [adj]
little head/top cabezudo [m]
top and bottom pieces of a window-frame cabio [m]
top and bottom pieces of a door-frame cabio [m]
fore-top staysail contrafoque [m]
cutting off the top desmoche [m]
mud wall covered at the top with straw or brushwood bardal [m]
top of a shoe copete [m]
projecting top of ice-cream copete [m]
top of a stag's horn candil [m]
tree-top cogollo [m]
half-circle at the top of a column collarino [m]
tree-top carrujo [m]
top hat cubilete [m] CO
hill-top with castle in ruins castro [m] rur. rare
examining one's hand by the top of cards brujuleo [m]
laying-top (rope-making) galapo [m]
fold back in top part of sheet embozo [m]
top mill-stone faldón [m]
point of a spinning top herrón [m] CO
top-man gaviero [m]
top of a treeless hill espigón [m]
top-wig peluquín [m]
top-mast mástil [m]
spinning-top peón [m]
top man prohombre [m]
top of a felled tree raberón [m]
top of branches ramón [m]
top-knot moño [m]
top-maker trompero [m]
large top trompón [m]
top-rope virador [m]
top (toy) tanguillo [m] rur. rare
top opening of a furnace tragante [m]
top of the shaft of a column sumoscapo [m]
placed at the top of some elevated spot cimera [adj/f]
heaped up full to the top colma [adj/f]
put on top acaballar [v]
place on top acaballar [v]
form a top acopar [v]
top sirloin aguayón [m] MX
top floor alto [m]
top floor altos [m/pl]
on top a mayor abondamiento [loc/adv] disused
on top arriba [adv]
at the top arriba [adv]
on top of that para colmo [adv]
to top it off encima [adv]
bottom to top de abajo a arriba [adv]
on top of encimona [adv] PR
arched top of a coach tumba [f]
two-wheeled round-top carriage tartana [f]
bottle top chapa [f]
blow with a top trompada [f]
whipping top peonza [f]
whip top peonza [f]
spinning top peonza [f]
spinning top pirinola [f]
top round steak bola [f] CU
tank top bividí [f] PE EC rare CO:N disused
bottle top cajuela [f] SV
high top hat with a narrow brim, woven from a single piece of cane boca de canasta [f] DO
blow from one player's top to another's (tromp/whiting top game) amapanga [f] VE
blow from one player's top to another's (tromp/whiting top game) amapola [f] VE:C
top hat bomba [f] DO
tooth that grows on top of another andana [f] DO PR
tank top bividí [f] EC derog.
tank top bividí [f] PE
tank top bividí [f] CO:N disused
lamb top loin cabeza de lomo [f] HN NI CR BO
tank top camisilla [f] EC PY
children's game where one throws a disc, and the one to lands on top wins cuepa [f] SV NI CR disused
top part of the harp that contains the pegbox culebra [f] VE
mountain top cuchilla [f] PR
platform that serves as a kind of car with small iron wheels or rollers, children sit on top and slide themselves down hill on the street chancha [f] CL
strip of leather left on the top part of footwear chapeta [f] HN
children's game that involves using a top to remove bottle caps from a circle chapa [f] PR
large button used by children as payment when playing with a top chava [f] DO
soft-top (car) capota [f] HN NI PA DO PR CO VE
bottle top checa [f] CO
cards/dice/spinning top player chiva [f] HN
splinter that shears off a spinning top when hit by another (spinning top) chonela [f] NI child
spinning top made with half a bobbin chintalala [f] SV
stove-top oven estufa [f] MX GT HN PA DO CO
yellow or red honey from the top of some honeycombs flor [f] HN
small, homemade spinning top careadora [f] NI
top dog la mera cepa [f] HN
splinter dislodged from the top when hit with the tip of another canela [f] HN SV NI
jump by a dull spinning top carreta [f] NI DO
spinning top string huaraca [f] EC PE CL
top award given at the festival of the canción de viña del mar to the favorite artists gaviota [f] CL
top award given at the festival of the canción de viña del mar to the favorite artists gaviota de plata [f] CL
spinning top string guaraca [f] EC PE CL
top hat galera [f] BO PY AR UY CL rare
decoration placed on top of a kite tail golilla [f] CU
cookie made with wheat flour, sugar, and egg yolk with chocolate shavings in the form of scribbles on top galleta garabato [f] HN
rustic hat with short top and brim guaripa [f] MX
small, artisanal spinning top guasapa [f] SV NI
small spinning top guazapa [f] GT HN:S,W SV child
game that involves one person throwing themselves to the ground and the other participants piling on top guaguacha [f] BO
mark left in a top by a blow from the stem of another coña [f] EC
rustic sandal with a leather sole and canvas or cloth top cotiza [f] CO:C,Ne,E VE
sealed plastic container that permits one meal to be stored on top of another meal cocotera [f] HN
top of the head cocorotina [f] CU
spinning top string huaraca [f] CL:S AR:Nw
tobacco leaf that grows at the top of the plant hoja ligera [f] HN
children's game consisting of dropping an action figure from a certain height trying to land on top of another on the ground in order to win encimadita [f] AR
small circle made on the ground to spin the top without losing it mancha [f] HN NI
game of spinning a top in a circle drawn on the ground mancha al aire [f] HN
game of spinning a top in a circle drawn on the ground mancha brava [f] HN SV NI
game of spinning a top in a circle drawn on the ground mancha mansa [f] HN
spinning top game drapa [f] PR
muffin top lonja [f] MX HN NI
men's haircut, short sides long on top malanguita [f] CU
top rib malaya [f] PE CL
large top momoroca [f] SV
large top with a flat head mona [f] HN child
small top mona [f] NI child
handmade spinning top ñacinga [f] PA
fireworks in the form of a crown on top of a fireworks tower-like frame paloma [f] EC PE
top sirloin palomilla [f] PA CU
stove top pot holder parangua [f] MX rur.
small spinning top piunga [f] HN:W,S
small spinning top pinga [f] HN
tank top playera [f] GT HN
top sirloin picana [f] AR
spinning top pirinola [f] MX GT HN NI CR CO PE BO CL
toy similar to a spinning top pirinola [f] PE CL
small spinning top pringa [f] HN
point of a spinning top punta [f] PR
tip of a spinning top punta [f] PR
tip of a spinning top puya [f] NI BO
foam and impurities that float to the top of the sugar cane juice pusunga [f] HN:W,C
point of a spinning top puya [f] NI BO
toy similar to a spinning top turra [f] CO:C disused
large spinning top zaranda [f] VE
top rump tapa cuadril [f] PY
top rump tapa de nalga [f] AR
circle made for a spinning top tortuga [f] HN NI
put the top on tapar [v]
fill to the top colmar [v]
climb to the top of encumbrar [v]
be at the top of coronar [v]
blow one's top encorajinarse [v]
(a single etc) take (someone) to top llevar a la cima (un single/un sencillo/una canción) [v]
remove the top from descabezar [v]
raise to the top of the line volar [v]
top up [uk] volver a llenar [v]
top off [us] volver a llenar [v]
be placed in top three llegar entre los tres primeros [v]
go at top speed ir a toda pastilla [v]
climb to the top subir a lo alto [v]
top the list encabezar la lista [v]
be on the top of the list ir en cabeza de la lista [v]
get to the top llegar arriba [v]
reach the top llegar arriba [v]
shout at the top of one's voice gritar alto [v]
top food with honey (especially sweet potato) achicalar [v] MX
bring (someone) to top llevar a la cima (a alguien) [v]
be at the top estar en la cima [v]
be at the top of the agenda ser prioridad de la agenda [v]
pile items on top of each other apilonar [v] NI CU DO PR CO VE BO PY disused
subject a race horse to a series of tests to check its physical condition and top speed aprontar [v] CL AR UY
cause nicks on a spinning top with the tip of another calacear [v] MX:Se SV HN rur.
pile items on top of each other empilonar [v] PR
pile things one on top of the other acarguillar [v] AR:Nw rur.
be top of the class ser el mejor de la clase [v]
be of top priority ser una máxima prioridad [v]
be on the top estar en la cima [v]
be placed near the top situarse cerca de lo más alto [v]
be placed on the top colocarse en lo más alto [v]
be of top priority ser una principal prioridad [v]
be stacked up on top of each other estar apilados el uno encima del otro [v]
cut the top part of someone's trachea desgañotar [v] MX:Se
cover a wagon with an canvass top entorar [v] SV
keep spinning in a horizontal position (top) enyerbarse [v] PR
scream at the top of one's lungs desgalillarse [v] HN SV NI CR PA DO PR
dance (spinning top) espinear (inglés spin) [v] US
jump (dull spinning top) carretear [v] DO
top-notch mandarse [v] MX GT CU
put the top down destoldar [v] MX
remove a top destoldar [v] MX
wrap a string around a top to make it spin encabuyar [v] DO PR
place reeds on top of the crossbars of a roof to support the tiles encañar [v] VE BO rur.
skim off the top mojarse [v] CU
skim off the top mojarse [v] PR
spin a top wrong momoroquear [v] SV
splinter a spinning top ñequear [v] SV
be on top of pararse [v] HN BO
pile things on top of each other prensar [v] HN
hum (spinning top) roncar [v] EC
top ranking eminente [adj]
top secret supersecreto [adj]
open-top descapotado [adj]
top secret secretísimo [adj]
over-the-top teatrero [adj]
top-notch excelente [adj]
top-notch de primera clase [adj]
over the top subido de tono [adj]
over the top desmesurado [adj]
over the top exagerado [adj]
tip-top de primera [adj]
top-secret sumamente secreto [adj]
top-level de alto nivel [adj]
top quality (for a thing) avanti (del italiano) [adj] PR
on top of something (object) alzado [adj] HN SV NI
that removes the top part of something leaving it blunted (something) desmochador [adj] PE disused
that cuts the top part of something leaving it blunted (something) desmochador [adj] PE disused
that jumps when spun due to having the string tangled or too tight (top) cucarro [adj] CL AR:Nw
covered with a canvas top (wagon) entorado [adj] SV
pirouetting (spinning top) carcancho [adj] BO
jumping and spinning (spinning top) carcancho [adj] BO
filled to the top fuleado [adj] HN SV NI
growing on top of another tooth encimado [adj] BO
built on top of another structure encimado [adj] PE
top-notch macizo [adj] HN
top-notch mandado [adj] CU
with butter spread on top enmantecado [adj] AR
with butter spread on top enmantecado [adj] NI PY
with a muffin top lonjudo [adj] MX
top-ranking ranqueado [adj] CU PR EC
top-notch ranqueado [adj] CU PR
top working sobreinjerto [m]
top surface dorso [m]
top floor ático [m]
top (of a car) techo (automóvil) [m]
top hat sombrero de copa [m]
top quark quark cima [m]
a top in male-male sex hombre [m]
child's toy top peón [m]
crown (top of hat) casco [m]
top-range sports car superdeportivo [m]
top-class hotel hotelazo [m]
top (on the tip of the pencil) guardapuntas [m]
top floor altillo [m] HN SV rare
top floor altillo [m] PA
placement of items one on top of the other apilonamiento [m] HN NI
tasty, sweet, top quality mango with soft flesh and no fibers banilejo [m] DO
top mark in an exam billete [m] PR
blow given with the tip of the spinning top calazo [m] GT SV HN rur.
passing a spinning top from one hand to the other bote [m] CR
a top bajichupa [m] CU
over-the-top behavior to the point one loses their dignity descule [m] CR
person who cuts the top part of palm trees desmochador [m] CU
top or tallest branches of a tree cucurucho [m] PR
piece of leather places on top of one's pants and that covers from the buttocks to the abdomen, worn by miners culero [m] CL
top that jumps when spinning due to one end of the nail being bent or twisted chachare [m] VE:W
(cockfighting) wound to the top of the animal's beak cielo [m] PA
cards/dice/spinning top player chivo [m] HN
hair cut that consists of shaving the head except for the top which is left longer than the rest firpo [m] BO
disease that attacks the top of the sugar cane carbón [m] AR:Nw
string used to make a spinning top dance caricón [m] VE
top hat galerón [m] PY disused
muffin top gordito [m] MX HN CO EC
fighter cocks that are not in the top categories gallo de pluma inferior [m] PR
cord wrapped around a spinning top cordel [m] NI BO
set of similar things stacked on top of one another colchón [m] CU
top fronds of a palm tree coollo [m] PR
top leaf of the tobacco plant copiancho [m] AR:Nw
top of a tree coollo [m] PR
top of a woman's dress corpiño [m] EC CL AR
top part of a plant filled with fruit copito (de copito®) [m] CR rur.
tree top cojollo [m] HN SV NI CR
tree top cojollo [m] DO
blow given to a top with the stem of another coñi [m] EC
foam or dried herbs at the top of a well mixed yerba mate copete [m] AR rare
point of a spinning top herrón [m] CO VE
tip of a spinning top herrón [m] CO VE
hard leather, commonly cow hide, waterproofed with wax and used to protect loads, cover one's body, or to lie on top of hijar [m] AR:Nw
sugar cane top despunte [m] AR:Nw rur.
top of a straw broomstick engorre [m] PR
top wall beam enrase [m] PR
splintering of a spinning top ñipear [m] HN NI CR
blow to a spinning top that in motion ñeco [m] HN SV
hollow made in one spinning top by the point of another meco [m] CR
splintering of a spinning top ñicazo [m] HN
series of deep soils on top of volcanic material in a humid-dry climate palín [m] GT
over-the-top reaction pamento [m] PY UY
small apartment on the top floor palomar [m] CU derog.
losing spinning top puchador [m] CO:W
losing spinning top, hit by the winning top quiñador [m] CO:Sw
blow from the tip of a spinning top on another quiñazo [m] EC PE BO CL
blow from the tip of a spinning top on another calazo [m] GT SV HN
blow from the tip of a spinning top on another quiño [m] EC:C
hole made in a spinning top by another top quiñazo [m] EC:C PE CL
hole made in a spinning top by another top quiño [m] EC:C
blow from the tip of a spinning top on another quiño [m] EC:C
tip of a spinning top puyón [m] CR VE
tip of a spinning top puyón [m] HN NI child
tip of a spinning top puyón de tope [m] HN child
point of a spinning top puyón [m] CR VE
point of a spinning top puyón [m] HN NI child
point of a spinning top puyón de tope [m] HN child
blow with the tip to the loser's spinning top puyonazo [m] HN NI BO child
spinning top that spins the best in a game rejero [m] HN
top sirloin butt rochoy [m] GT
top rump salón [m] SV
steady spinning top seda [m] EC
soft spinning top sedita [m] EC CL
losing spinning top that gets hit by the winning one trompo de ñeque [m] HN
crooked spinning top trompo tarate [m] HN
tank top tubo [m] HN SV
deep well-drained soil on top of a rocky muddy flow xay [m] MX disused rur.
deep well-drained soil on top of a rocky muddy flow xayá [m] GT disused rur.
top hat sombrero de pelo [m] CL disused
blow from the body of a spinning top zapotazo [m] HN NI child
spinning top that jumps zarandago [m] EC
spinning top that jumps zarandango [m] EC
spinning top used to take hits from other tops sufridor [m] EC
top of a mountain tope (inglés top) [m] PR
top-down order verticalazo [m] UY
top part of the sugar cane stalk where the flower blooms virulí [m] PA
top hat tarro alto [m] BO
top of a hierarchy turpén [m/f] DO
top dog timacle [m/f] DO
toward the top hacia arriba [prep]
on top of encima de [prep]
on top of además de [prep]
top section of a saddle batoles [m/pl] CU rur. pl.
try to top that! ¡mátame esa! [expr] DO
top-secret sumamente secreta [adj/f]
top-notch de jerarquía [loc/adj] CO BO CL PY AR UY
top notch la pura uva [loc/adj] MX
at the top of one's voice a todo pulmón [loc/adv]
at the top of his lungs a todo grito [loc/adv]
at the top of one's voice a todo grito [loc/adv]
at the top of one's voice a toda boca [loc/adv] PA PR
at the top of one's lungs a toda boca [loc/adv] PA PR
at top speed a full [loc/adv] CO CL AR UY
pruning of the top branches of trees (generally in coffee production) desmonte arriba [loc/nom] PR
top-notch el despipe [loc/nom] CL disused
on the top of arriba de [loc/prep] HN NI CR PA CU DO PR CO VE BO AR UY
on top of arriba de [loc/prep] HN NI CR PA CU DO PR CO VE BO AR UY
be top and bottom batear para las dos bandas [loc/v] GT PA DO
the top score puntuación máxima
round top tapa circular
top end extremidad superior
from top to bottom de arriba abajo
top brass alto dirigente
top dog pez gordo
round top punta redondeada
over-the-top flying vuelo sobre las nubes
a table-top item un objeto de sobremesa
a top-secret unit una unidad de alto secreto
a top lawyer uno de los mejores abogados
a top lawyer un abogado de primera
on top of sobre
the top floors los pisos más altos
top quark quark cima
strap top camiseta de tirantes
right at the top arriba del todo
mountain-top cima de la montaña
top floor ultimo piso
top hat sombrero de copa
towards the top hacia arriba
top of a mountain cima de una montaña
the top lo alto
top secret el top secret
top brass cúpula militar
top floor último piso
top notch de primera fuerza
top notch de primera línea
top two los dos principales
top of the wall bardas
top speed velocidad punta
peg-top peonza [f]
whip-top peonza [f]
whipping-top trompa [f]
whip-top trompa [f]
main-top-sail gavia [f]
top-hat chistera [f]
top-sail gavia [f]
lay the top-sails aback poner las gavias en facha [v]
sleep like a top dormir como un lirón [v]
sleep like a top dormir como un tronco [v]
sleep like a top dormir como una piedra [v]
chimney-top sombrerete de chimenea [m]
chimney-top tejadillo de chimenea [m]
roll-top desk escritorio de tapa rodadera [m]
main-top-gallantroyal sobrejuanete mayor [m]
main-top-gallantsail juanete mayor [m]
fore-top-sail velacho [m]
fore-top-gallant-sail juanete de proa [m]
mizzen-top-gallant sail juanete de mesana [m]
top-coat abrigo [m]
top-coat sobretodo [m]
top-hat sombrero de copa [m]
top-mast mástil de cofa [m]
top heavy muy pesado por arriba [loc/adj]
from top to toe de pies a cabeza [loc/adv]
at the top en lo alto [loc/adv]
at the top a la cabeza [loc/adv]
at top speed a rienda suelta [adv]
at top speed a toda galleta [adv]
at top speed a toda leche [adv]
top-hat cacimba [f]
blow with a top/fist trompada [f]
top-hat bimba [f]
top-dog vencedora [f]
top-notch thing mengambrea [f] GT
top-notch person mengambrea [f] GT
over-the-top public demonstration of courage pantalla [f] CO
go over the top pasarse de rosca [v]
top out cubrir aguas [v]
blow one's top amontonarse [v]
blow one's top coger un cabreo [v]
blow one's top corrérsele a alguien la teja [v]
blow one's top encuetarse [v]
blow one's top enculebrarse [v]
blow one's top despampanar [v]
blow one's top descrismarse [v]
blow one's top perder los estribos [v]
blow one's top perder la compostura [v]
blow one's top perder los nervios [v]
blow one's top perder los papeles [v]