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Meanings of "blow" in Spanish English Dictionary : 259 result(s)

İngilizce İspanyolca
blow reventar [v]
blow soplar [v]
blow estallar [v]
blow inflar [v]
blow golpeteo [m]
blow golpe [m]
blow porrazo [m]
blow soplo [m]
blow chasco [m]
blow golpe seco [m]
blow chingadazo [m] MX
Irregular Verb
blow blew - blown [v]
blow porrada [f]
blow saltar [v]
blow chiflar [v]
blow entonar [v]
blow tocar [v]
blow aventar [v]
blow fundir [v]
blow fundirse [v]
blow palo [m]
blow escopetazo [m]
blow tiento [m]
blow trancazo [m]
blow varapalo [m]
blow descalabro [m]
blow golpecito [m]
blow zambombazo [m]
blow zarpazo [m]
blow achuchadura [f]
blow batería [f]
blow pedrada [f]
blow bofetada [f]
blow contusión [f]
blow desabotonarse [v] fig.
blow henchir [v]
blow inspirar (lenguaje poético) [v]
blow enflautar [v]
blow arruinar [v]
blow hacer explotar [v]
blow achuchamiento [m]
blow cachete [m]
blow chipichape [m]
blow coscorrón [m]
blow capirotazo [m]
blow capirote [m]
blow bombazo [m]
blow cate [m]
blow picazo [m]
blow topetazo (golpe entre animales con los cuernos) [m]
blow sequete (golpe seco) [m]
blow zurrido [m]
blow cachimbazo [m] CAM
blow ictus [m]
blow guamazo [m] MX CR GT CO VE EC
blow mameyazo [m] MX CAM CU PR VE
blow pencazo [m] CAM CL
blow leñazo [m]
blow tortazo [m]
blow ablentar [v]
blow puñalada [f]
blow castaña [f]
blow cachetada [f]
blow goma [f] PE CL
blow machucada [f] HN SV NI
blow sonar [v]
blow quemar [v]
blow fumarse [v]
blow pulirse [v]
blow correr [v]
blow quemarse [v]
blow mamar [v]
blow ventar [v]
blow joder [v]
blow apestar [v]
blow chupar [v]
blow ir [v]
blow largar [v]
blow cagar [v]
blow ventilarse [v]
blow hacer [v]
blow mandar [v]
blow hacer volar [v]
blow salir volando [v]
blow volar (en el viento) [v]
blow tocar (silbato/la bocina) [v]
blow hacer sonar (silbato/la bocina) [v]
blow niquelar [v] ES
blow bloarse [v] PR
blow nortear [v] SV
blow pantallear [v] AR rare
blow pantallear [v] PY
blow apantallar [v] PY AR
blow vajear [v] CR:Nw
blow sifonamiento [m]
blow sombrero [m]
blow resoplido [m]
blow zumbido [m]
blow soplido [m]
blow palo [m] fig.
blow mazazo [m] fig.
blow atropello [m]
blow achocazo [m] DO PR
blow avión [m] CU
blow bollo [m] SV AR UY VE
blow bojazo [m] HN NI rur.
blow cuesco [m] EC
blow cuerazo [m] CU
blow chuponazo [m] PR
blow chincharrazo [m] MX
blow guaspirolazo [m] NI
blow gano [m] NI teen
blow cornete [m] CL
blow coshco [m] GT SV
blow jit (inglés hit) [m] CU
blow kechi [m] PE
blow machacón [m] GT
blow ñique [m] HN NI CR
blow ñocazo [m] SV
blow ñeco [m] SV
blow plenguén [m] GT SV
blow pencazo [m] CO:N rare
blow pencazo [m] GT HN SV NI
blow polongón [m] SV
blow quechi [m] PE
blow purrún [m] SV
blow sape [m] MX
blow tamborazo [m] SV
blow sopangazo [m] SV
blow topón [m] GT NI CL
blow tramacazo [m] CO:C,Sw
blow yaguazo [m] DO
blow yucazo [m] SV NI
blow foetazo [m/f] DO
blow trastazo
blow trancazo
blow porrazo
blow coletazo
blow desgracia [f]
blow desdicha [f]
blow circunstancia imprevista [f]
blow ocasión [f]
blow dar un soplido [v]
blow jadear [v]
blow henchir de aire [v]
blow pasar [v]
blow abrirse las flores [v]
blow cansar [v]
blow divulgar algo [v]
blow tocar un instrumento de aire [v]
blow fatigar [v]
blow hacer perder el aliento [v]
blow choque moral [m]
blow trompetazo [m]
blow momento [m]
blow vara [f]
blow tunda [f] CO
blow burrumazo [m] CAR
blow guarapazo [m] ANS
blow jetazo [m]
blow soplamocos (golpe en la cara) [m]
blow tabanazo [m]
blow trastazo [m]
blow zumbo [m]
blow topetazo (golpe con la cabeza) [m]
blow topetón (golpe con la cabeza) [m]
blow boche [m] VE
blow cajetazo [m] DO
blow bollo [m] SV AR UY VE
blow latazo [m] DO
blow papazo [m] CU PE disused
blow pencazo [m] CL
blow tijcho [m] BO:C,W,S
blow soplar
blow fundirse
blow desperdiciar
blow arruinar
blow jadear
blow joder
blow quemarse
blow reventar
blow farlopa [f] ES
blow farlopa [f]
blow verga [f] HN SV VE
blow aburrir [v]
blow hacer sonar [v]
blow liquidar [v]
blow liquidarse [v]
blow machacarse [v]
blow yeyo [m] MX PR
blow coñazo [m] VE ES
blow perico [m]
blow talco [m] MX SV PE
blow caspa del diablo [loc/nom] CL drug
blow el charly
blow la coca
blow la nieve
blow la blanca
blow el polvo
blow cocaína (eeuu)
blow marihuana (uk)
blow puñetazo
blow volar [v]
blow florecer [v]
blow fundirse [v]
blow ampolla [f]
blow presión [f]
blow hornada [f]
blow fundirse [v]
blow afloramiento [m]
blow ventarrón [m]
blow escarabajo [m]
blow mamporro [m]
blow toque [m]
blow vendaval [m]
blow golpeteo [m]
blow golpe [m]
blow inyectar [v]
blow escapar [v]
blow inyectar [v]
blow fundir [v]
blow inyectar aire a [v]
blow escapar [v]
blow inyectar aire a
blow soplar [v]
blow desastre [m]
blow choque [m]
blow cocaína [f]
blow hacer felación
Nursing Terms
blow golpear [v]
blow topetazo [n]
blow golpe [m]
blow escaparse [v]
blow hacer viento [v]
blow abrir [v]
blow dar viento [v]
blow inyectar aire [v]
blow ensanchamiento [m]
blow carga fundida
blow inyectar aire
blow corriente de aire
blow alcance [m]
blow corriente de aire
blow información secreta
blow inyectar aire
blow leche [f]
blow soplar [v]
blow impacto [m]
blow cheque [m]
blow fundir (fusible) [v]
blow soplar [v]
blow golpe [m]
blow choque [m]
British Slang
blow marihuana
blow cocaína (en estados unidos)
blow golpe [m]
blow corriente de aire [f]
blow inyectar aire a [v]
blow soplar [v]

Meanings of "blow" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 500 result(s)

İngilizce İspanyolca
blow up volar [v]
blow up reventar [v]
go away blow largar [v]
blow up estallar [v]
blow one's top estallar [v]
blow up hinchar [v]
death blow estocada [f]
blow out reventar [v]
blow up reventarse [v]
blow up saltar [v]
blow up inflar [v]
blow one's nose sonarse [v]
blow on soplar [v]
blow off soplar [v]
blow away soplar [v]
blow out soplar [v]
blow up soplar [v]
blow out apagar [v]
blow out apagarse [v]
blow off arrancar [v]
blow up explosionar [v]
blow down tumbar [v]
blow away aventar [v]
blow up fraguarse [v]
blow (open) volar [v]
blow away volarse [v]
blow off volarse [v]
blow bubbles hacer burbujas [v]
knockout blow knock-out [m]
blow with a hammer martillazo [m]
blow one's nose sonarse la nariz [v]
blow or butt given with or received on the head cabezada [f]
blow with a spade/hoe azadada [f]
blow with pickaxe/hoe azadonada [f]
blow with/on the head calamorrada [f]
blow with a dart dardada [f]
blow with a ferrule coqueta [f] rare
blow with the corbacho corbachada [f]
blow with a sticj bastonada [f]
blow caused by a hood capillada [f]
blow with the hind leg coz [f]
blow-fly cresa [f]
blow-pipe bodoquera [f]
blow with a castanet castañetada [f]
blow on the head given in fun while the hand is being kissed buzcorona [f]
blow-out fundición [f]
blow from a bird's beak herronada [f]
violent blow with a quoit herronada [f]
prick/blow with a goad-stick garrochada [f]
violent blow on the windpipe gaznatada [f]
blow with/on the nose hocicada [f]
salute/blow with a spontoon espontonada [f]
slap/blow with the open hand guantada [f]
blow-lever of an organ entonadora [f]
blow on the chest pechada [f]
gentle blow pellada [f]
blow/stroke with a lance lanzada [f]
blow with a mallet mazada [f]
blow with the fist puñada [f]
blast/blow of whistle pitada [f]
blow-out reventazón [f]
blow with a club porrada [f]
blow with the foot patada [f]
blow with the hand manotada [f]
blow on/with the rump nalgada [f]
stroke/blow on the neck tozolada [f]
blow with a stick trancada [f]
blow with a paw zarpada [f]
blow with the head testarada [f]
deal (blow) asestar [v]
blow down acamar [v]
blow with bellows afollar [v]
give a blow atizar [v] fig.
kill by a blow on the neck acocotar [v]
kill by a blow on the neck acogotar [v]
give (blow) arrimar [v]
blow a squall of snow cellisquear [v]
deflect (blow) baraustar [v]
blow (winds) correr [v]
puff and blow with anger (animals) bufar [v]
give a blow descristianar [v] fig.
blow (the wind) softly espirar (lenguaje poético) [v]
deal a blow endilgar [v]
blow with bellows foliar [v] disused
blow the bellows of an organ entonar [v]
blow a whistle pitar [v]
strike (a blow) plantar [v]
land (a blow) plantificar [v]
blow the nose often moquetear [v]
blow/snort repeatedly rebufar [v]
blow the nose sonarse (la nariz) [v]
strike a blow zumbarse [v]
blow (the wind) ventar [v]
blow (wind) ventear [v]
blow up explotar de furia [v]
blow out apagar (de un soplido) [v]
blow up explotar [v]
blow out estallar [v]
blow out plantar a alguien [v]
blow up volar en pedazos [v]
blow out reventarse [v]
blow up hacer volar [v]
blow up ampliar [v]
killed by a blow on the neck acogotado [adj]
downright blow in fencing altibajo [m]
blow with a halberd alabardazo [m]
blow with an alcancía alcanciazo [m]
blow from flying chip or splinter astillazo [m]
blow/stroke with the horns amurco [m]
blow with an oil-cruet/oilcan alcuzazo [m]
blow with the wing/fin aletazo [m]
stupefaction caused by a blow atronamiento [m]
blow with an alpargata alpargatazo [m]
stroke/blow with a clog chapinazo [m]
blow caused by the head cabezazo [m]
blow with a spade/hoe azadazo [m]
blow with a pebble chinazo [m]
blow with a club cachiporrazo [m]
blow with a slipper/clog chinelazo [m]
blow with a fire-shovel badilazo [m]
blow with a pumpkin calabazazo [m]
blow with a bassoon bajonazo [m]
blow from the arrow of a cross-bow ballestazo [m]
blow/stroke given with a pike chuzazo [m]
light blow/tap cale [m]
blow caused by a bench bancazo [m]
blow in falling baque [m]
blow with a baqueta baquetazo [m]
stroke or blow with the flat of the sword cintarazo [m]
blow with a stick bastonada [m]
blow caused by a candlestick candelerazo [m]
blow caused by a kitchen lamp candilazo [m]
blow with a leather strap correazo [m]
blow with the elbow codazo [m]
blow from a stone cantazo [m]
blow with a cane cañazo [m]
blow caused by a basket capachazo [m]
blow with tail coletazo [m]
blow caused by a cloak capazo [m]
blow of one bowl against another bochazo [m]
blow of a pellet shot from a cross-bow bodocazo [m]
violent blow with a bowl bolazo [m]
a blow bollo [m]
blow caused by a bonnet bonetazo [m]
blow/stroke with a carpeta carpetazo [m]
bump on the head caused by a blow borujón [m]
blow with a bottle botellazo [m]
stroke/blow with a spoon cucharazo [m]
blow caused by the head casquetazo [m]
blow from a chestnut castañazo [m]
blow with the butt-end of a fire-arm culatazo [m]
blow and wound given by the chafarote chafarotazo [m]
blow with a pebble/a cobble guijarrazo [m]
blow with a guitar guitarrazo [m]
blow/stroke with an axe hachazo [m]
side blow from a bull's horn which inflicts no wound hachazo [m]
blow with a gun fusilazo [m]
blow with a cutlass escarcinazo [m]
stroke/blow with a broom escobazo [m]
heavy blow empellón [m]
blow caused by a lantern farolazo [m]
prick/blow with a goad-stick garrochazo [m]
blow with cudgel garrotazo [m]
twist of the body to avoid a blow or fall esguince [m]
blow on the throat gaznatón [m]
light blow on the shoulders espaldarazo [m]
blow caused by a spit espetón [m]
blow with a last/block hormazo [m]
great blow golpazo [m]
blow with a stake estacazo [m]
blow with a poker hurgonazo [m]
blow/wound with a dart jarazo [m]
blow with such a cup jicarazo [m]
slap/blow with the open hand guantazo [m]
blow on the breast pechugón [m]
blow with a girdle pretinazo [m]
blow with a brickbat ladrillazo [m]
quick movement to avoid a blow regate [m]
blow/stroke with a ball pelotazo [m]
blow with a flagstone lanchazo [m]
blow/stroke with a lance lanzazo [m]
blow with a book librazo [m]
blow on the back of the neck pestorejón [m]
blow-pipe puntel [m]
blow with the fist on the throat metido [m]
blow with the closed fist puñetazo [m]
blow with the fist puñete [m]
blow with a lantern or any other instrument linternazo [m]
blow with the butt-end of a musket mochazo [m]
blow with a plate/dish platazo [m]
blow/stroke with a rope ramalazo [m]
blow with a stick/shovel palazo [m]
blow-out reventón [m]
blow with a macana macanazo [m]
blow with a ferule palmetazo [m]
blow with a stick palo [m]
blow or stroke with a cutlass machetazo [m]
blow from a rake rastrillazo [m]
blow with a tambourine panderazo [m]
blow caused by a slipper pantuflazo [m]
blow on the face/nose moquete [m]
blow with a ratline rebencazo [m]
two-handed blow with a sword mandoble [m]
blow with the hand manotada [m]
blow with the hand manoteo [m]
blow with an orange naranjazo [m]
blow with a phial redomazo [m]
violent blow with both hands manteniente [m] disused
blow with an inkstand tinterazo [m]
blow with a chair silletazo [m]
blow with a stalk tronchazo [m]
contusion after a blow tolondro [m]
blow with a tomato tomatazo [m]
knock or blow with a cork or stopper taponazo [m]
blow with a frying-pan sartenazo [m]
stroke/blow on the neck tozolón [m]
blow with a tile tejazo [m]
blow given to a ball in the air voleo [m]
blow with a hat sombrerazo [m]
blow-pipe soplete [m]
blow with a bar trancazo [m]
treacherous blow sosquín [m]
blow with a pole varapalo [m]
blow with a shoe zapatazo [m]
blow with a vejiga (from animal) vejigazo [m]
blow with a clod terronazo [m]
contusion after a blow chichón [m]
blow with the hand manotazo [m]
contusion after a blow tolondrón [m]
blow with a sticj bastonazo [m]
bump on the head caused by a blow burujón [m]
killed by a blow on the neck acogotada [adj/f]
blow air abanar [v] disused
blow down acamar [v]
give a blow from a machete amachetear [v]
blow from a fan abanicazo [m]
blow from a fire poker aguzonazo [m]
blow from a sword aguzonazo [m]
blow from a halberd alabardazo [m]
blow from a pike alabardazo [m]
blow from a pillow almohadazo [m]
blow from a pillow almohadillazo [m]
blow from a whip anguilazo [m]
give a low blow to acatar abajo [loc/v] disused
blow air dar aire a alguien [loc/v]
blow air on oneself darse aire [loc/v]
blow air on hacer aire a alguien [loc/v]
blow air on oneself hacerse aire [loc/v]
blow job mamada [f]
blow with a top trompada [f]
hard blow or knock trompada [f]
hit or blow with a stone pedrada [f]
blow one gets when falling on the back costalada [f]
blow with the trunk trompada [f]
blow/hit of a stone pedrada [f]
blow-up gigantografía [f]
final blow puntilla [f]
strong blow that the fighting cock gives to his rival acometida [f] PR
blow/bump given with chest repechada [f]
terrible blow apuñaleada [f] MX HN NI CR CO
hard blow arepa [f] VE
blow-up bed cama hinchable [f]
body-blow fuerte desilusión [f]
body-blow fuerte contratiempo [f]
blow fly mosca azul [f]
blow fly moscarda (mosca califórida australiana que deposita larvas en los cadáveres) [f]
a blow or hit with a ball blanqueada [f] BO
blow given with the ball (game of boccia) bochada [f] VE
blow from one player's top to another's (tromp/whiting top game) amapanga [f] VE
blow from one player's top to another's (tromp/whiting top game) amapola [f] VE:C
blow using the horns of an animal cachada [f] MX HN SV NI rur.
punishing blow cachada [f] HN SV child
hard blow descachimbada [f] HN SV CR
blow that leaves the recipient injured despaletillada [f] CU
hard blow leaving someone injured desmondingada [f] CU
blow from the butt of a rifle or gun culateada [f] MX GT HN SV NI
blow to a tendon cuerda rejuida [f] SV
blow received chancada [f] PE
low blow catutería [f] SV
blow that causes a serious and bloody wound in the neck (cockfighting) hombriguera [f] PR
blow that causes a serious and bloody wound in the neck (cockfighting) picada de hoya [f] PR
blow given as a reprimand, especially to a child fuisa [f] DO
mark left in a top by a blow from the stem of another coña [f] EC
sign that leaves in a spin the blow given by the pick of another coña [f] EC
blow that causes a severe bloody wound in the fleshy part at the end of the neck (cock fighting) hombriguera [f] PR
crack caused by a blow lascadura [f] MX
blow from a whip latiguera [f] PE
blow from a stick leñateada [f] HN SV NI CR
swollen bruise on one's arm from a blow lagartija [f] PA
gash caused by a blow lascadura [f] MX
blow from a spade to remove soil lampada [f] EC PE BO
soft blow llegada [f] MX
violent blow matada [f] GT HN SV NI CR CU VE
crash or blow from a vehicle against some object or another vehicle embarrada [f] MX
blow with a spur that ultimately chokes the opposing fighter cock morcillera [f] PA CO:N VE
blow given to a chest with the palm of a hand pechada [f] HN SV NI
blow to the chest pechugada [f] HN
blow with a stick palera [f] HN rur.
blow to the knee paralítica [f] AR UY rare
accidental blow pancada [f] VE
blow from a spur puñalada [f] PR AR
hard blow from a spur puñalada de vaca [f] VE
blow from a fall porraceada [f] GT
blow to a nail head remachadura [f] MX
blow-out reventada [f] MX CR PY
puff and blow bufar [v]
give a blow atizar [v]
deliver a blow arrear [v]
blow up abultar [v]
land a blow endilgar [v]
blow with a stick or cudgel garrotazo [v]
blow about ondear [v]
blow one's top encorajinarse [v]
(a bugle) to blow soplar (una corneta) [v]
(wind) blow soplar (viento, aire) [v]
absorb the main blow absorber un golpe fuerte [v]
blow in air insuflar [v]
blow (of the wind) ventear [v]
blow one's nose sonar [v] fig.
blow one's own horn autobombearse [v]
blow with a bellows follar [v]
blow off desatender [v]
give a blow golpear [v]
give a blow pegar [v]
give a blow dar [v]
give a blow batir [v]
blow bubbles hacer globos [v]
blow bubbles hacer pompas [v]
deal a blow to something asestar un golpe a algo [v] fig.
deal someone a blow asestar un golpe a alguien [v] fig.
deal something a blow asestar un golpe a algo [v] fig.
cushion a blow amortiguar un golpe [v]
blow one's nose mocar [v]
blow one’s nose mocarse [v]
blow the horn bocinar [v]
blow a blizzard ventisquear [v]
blow up a building hacer saltar un edificio [v]
blow air insuflar aire [v]
blow one's nose limpiarse las narices [v]
blow one's nose limpiarse los mocos [v]
blow down tirar por tierra [v]
dodge a blow esquivar un golpe [v]
avoid a blow esquivar un golpe [v]
evade a blow esquivar un golpe [v]
blow the horn tocar el cláxones [v]
blow the horn tocar el klaxon [v]
blow one's nose tabicarse [v]
blow one's horn cornetear [v] CAR
blow up totearse [v]
crush with a blow or other means achucharrar [v] HN
give a blow afrijolar [v] CO
give a blow aferrar [v] CL
give a blow aforrar [v] CL
blow the whistle on alcahuetear [v] AR
blow up excessively (dead animals) aventarse [v] DO
stop a blow barajar [v] NI CL AR UY rare
blow from east soplar desde el este [v]
blow the tire pincharse el neumático [v]
blow the tyre pincharse el neumático [v]
blow a horn soplar un cuerno [v]
blow hot and cold about ser indeciso [v]
blow out liquid from one's mouth expulsar líquido por la boca [v]
blow the opposite way soplar en dirección contraria [v]
blow hot and cold about dar una cal y otra de arena [v]
blow the final whistle pitar el final (del partido/un árbitro) [v]
blow up a bomb estallar una bomba [v]
begin to blow from the northeast comenzar a soplar desde el noreste [v]
blow from north soplar desde el norte [v]
blow from south soplar desde el sur [v]
blow from west soplar desde el oeste [v]
blow smoke in one's face soplar humo en la cara [v]
blow one's breath upon soplar el aliento sobre [v]
blow in opposite direction soplar en dirección opuesta [v]
blow hard soplar fuertemente [v]
blow gently soplar suavemente [v]
blow the ash off with one's mouth soplar la ceniza con la boca [v]
blow horn soplar un cuerno [v]
blow the fuse perder los estribos [v]
blow up a bomb hacer explotar una bomba [v]
blow a trumpet tocar una trompeta [v]
blow the fuse fundirse un fusible [v]
blow up a balloon hinchar un globo [v]
blow a horn tocar una bocina [v]
blow somebody's brains out volarle los sesos a alguien [v]
blow away the roofs volarse los techos [v]
blow somebody up matar a alguien con una bomba [v]
blow-down derribar [v]
hurt oneself due to a blow or fall agolpearse [v] DO PR
suffer a strong blow/collision that causes traumatic damage apachurrarse [v] MX VE
receive a blow to one eye apagarse [v] CU
make someone queasy (blow/medicament) bolear [v] UY
gently blow (breeze) brisar [v] CO VE
(the wind) to blow moderately vajear [v] CR:Nw
blow over something bajear [v] PR
blow one's breath bajear [v] DO
(the wind) to blow moderately bajear [v] CR:Nw
lose part of a finger nail due to a blow desmontarse [v] PA
become injured from a blow descoñetarse [v] PR VE
injure oneself from a blow deschoretarse [v] VE
injure oneself from a blow descoñetarse [v] PR VE
lose part of the skin on a finger due to a blow desmontarse [v] PA
blow out (referring to a tire) desbandarse [v] CL AR
become injured from a blow deschoretarse [v] VE
dodge or avoid a blow or unwanted contact by moving one's body quickly cuerpear [v] BO PY
hurt someone or something with a blow or with the pressure of an object chancar (del quechua) [v] EC
blow the whistle (on someone) chulear [v] PR
blow hot air farandulear [v] AR
be injured by a blow escoñetarse [v] PR
blow the whistle on someone carbonear [v] NI
give someone a blow to the head casquinear [v] NI
pass or block a law or bill through carpetazo, blow to the table given in unison by representatives in peruvian parliament to signify acceptance or rejection of a law or proposition carpetear [v] PE
blow very strongly (wind) fuetear [v] PR
give a violent blow colisionar [v] CL
do a line of blow conectarse (inglés) [v] PE drug
blow one's own horn dragonear [v] AR PE disused
blow down streets or corridors (wind) embolsarse [v] AR
blow from the north nortear [v] MX GT NI HN CL PY
blow one's own horn palanganear [v] BO:S AR derog.
blow one's own horn palanganear [v] PE derog.
blow a whistle pitear [v] CR BO CL
blow an undercover police officer's cover quemar [v] PR police
blow the whistle quebrar [v] NI
suddenly blow up rechiflarse [v] AR UY
blow the whistle saconear [v] SV
blow one's nose soplar [v] NI PA CU DO PR PE BO:W UY
blow up totearse [v] CO
blow-up inflable [adj]
stunned by a blow zurumbo [adj] SV ANS HN
injured by a strong blow/collision apachurrado [adj] MX
dizzy or lightheaded after taking medicine or a blow boleado [adj] AR UY
damaged from a blow deschoretado [adj] VE
occurring out of the corner of one's eye (blow) cuneteado [adj] CL
lacking feathers on the head due to a blow or injury (rooster) casquirroto [adj] PR
dented or destroyed by a blow joñiqui [adj] BO:N,E
blow-hard echador [adj] MX DO
dying of a hard blow and internal bruising reventado [adj] MX NI PY
semiconscious from a blow tuntuneco [adj] PR
stunned by a blow surumbo [adj] GT HN SV NI
imitating the sound of a blow or punch to something relatively soft ¡cuaz! [interj] HN
express the sound of a blow or fall ¡tacatás! [interj] DO
blow job francés [m]
a blow dealt with a broom escobazo [m]
blow from a whip vergajazo [m]
blow dryer difusor [m]
blow with a brick ladrillazo [m]
blow with a cooking pot pucherazo [m]
heavy blow mazazo [m] fig.
very effective blow that the fighting cock receives in a vein of the neck agallón [m] PR
whip (blow) acialazo [m] SV rur.
blow/swipe from an animal’s claw zarpazo [m]
bump/lump on head from blow or infected follicle nacido [m]
flap/blow with wing aletazo [m]
blow/swipe with crop/whip toletazo [m] MX HN NI PA CU CO VE BO EC
blow (to head) with cudgel macetazo [m]
blow with cane/staff chaparrazo [m]
blow caused by a fall aporrión [m] CO:W
hard blow made with an open hand (especially across the face) arepazo [m] CR VE
hard blow made with an open hand (especially across the face) arepazo [m] CO:C,Nw
blow struck by a person by chance bambazo [m] CO
blow given with a piece of bamboo bambuazo [m] PR
blow given with a piece of bamboo bamburrazo [m] PR
blow-dryer secador de cabello [m]
body-blow golpe fuerte al cuerpo [m]
blow drier secador de pelo [m]
a blow with a cudgel aguacatazo [m] GT HN SV NI
a blow with a club aguacatazo [m] GT HN SV NI
a hard blow or fall aguacatazo [m] GT HN SV NI
hard blow aguacatazo [m] GT HN SV NI
hard blow aguacatazo [m] GT HN SV NI
blow out blower [m] US CR PA CU DO CO
a hit or a blow with a ball bodocazo [m] GT
a hit or blow with a stone bolazo [m] VE BO
blow given with the tip of the spinning top calazo [m] GT SV HN rur.
blow given with a caite caitazo [m] GT HN SV NI
strong blow boche [m] VE
person injured by a strong blow or collision apachurrado [m] MX
blow given with a large object bodocazo [m] GT
blow given with a shoe bototazo [m] CL
blow given a cattle rope bolazo [m] AR UY
strong blow between two spinning tops boliaco [m] VE:W
blow given with a police baton bolillazo [m] CO
strong blow bombazo [m] HN NI CR
blow that is given with a water bomb bombazo [m] EC AR
strong blow given with the hand on the back of the opponent bombazo [m] PR
blow given to a pot belly bimbazo [m] PR
blow given with a slingshot biombazo [m] PA
rooster with some defect in the commissure of the peak by effect of a blow boquijano [m] PR
rooster with some defect in the commissure of the peak by effect of a blow esboquillado [m] PR
strong blow bizcochazo [m] UY CR derog.
blow given with a staff bordonazo [m] NI
hard blow bombazo [m] PR
hard blow bimbazo [m] PR
hard blow burronazo [m] PR
hard blow matracazo [m] PR VE
blow delivered using the butt of a revolver cachazo [m] MX HN SV PA CO VE PE BO CL
hard blow burronazo [m] PR
hard blow burrunazo [m] PR
hard blow bujillazo [m] NI
very hard blow cabestrazo [m] BO
hard blow cachimbazo [m] GT HN SV NI