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Significados de "place" en diccionario español inglés : 113 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
place lugar [m]
place poner [v]
place sitio [m]
place localidad [f]
place posición [f]
place librar [v]
place colocar [v]
place situar [v]
place ubicar [v]
place lado [m]
place sentar [v]
place emplazar [v]
place enclavar [v]
place encuadrar [v]
place cifrar [v]
place introducir [v]
place estacionar [v]
place posar [v]
place asentar [v]
place paraje [m]
place local [m]
place puesto [m]
place recinto [m]
place acomodar [v]
place acomodar [v] MX HN CU VE BO AR UY
place aplazar [v]
place aposar [v]
place colocar [v]
place aportadero [m]
place apostadero [m]
place asiento [m]
place cabo [m]
place al [suf]
place vez [f]
place semboni [f] NI teen
place establecer [v]
place plantificar [v]
place depositar [v]
place erigir [v]
place aplicar [v]
place clasificarse [v]
place contratar [v]
place entonar [v]
place colocar (posición/puesto) [v]
place poner (posición/puesto) [v]
place emplazamiento [m]
place apostadero [m]
place espacio [m]
place punto [m]
place servicio [m]
place colocación [f]
place plaza [f]
place parte [f]
place instalar [v]
place meter [v]
place plantar [v]
place parar en [v]
place acomodo [m]
place cabo [m]
place encargo [m]
place rodal [m]
place dignidad [f]
place residencia [f]
place mansión [f]
place destinar [v]
place señalar [v]
place prestar a interés [v]
place asignar [v]
place destinar a un deber [v]
place empleo [m]
place callejón [m]
place texto [m]
place rango [m]
place pasaje [m]
place calle corta y estrecha
place buco [m] disused
place casa [f]
place clavar [v]
place posicionar [v]
place poner [v]
place dar empleo [v]
place colocar [v]
place asilo [m]
place local [m]
place lugar [m]
place sitio [m]
place estampar [v]
place dar empleo [v]
place fincar [v] MX
place situación [f]
place cabida [f]
place acomodar [v]
place acomodar [v]
place desplantar [v] MX
place colocar [v]
place emplazar [v] AR
place plantar [v]
place instalar [v]
place lado [m]
place el lugar
place instalar [v]
place colocar [v]
place paraje [m]
place fijar [v]
place pasar [v]
place dar salida [v]
place poner en la obra [v]
place puesto militar
place situar [v]
place instalar [v]
place colocar [v]
place puesto [m]
place buque [m]

Significados de "place" con otros términos en diccionario español inglés : 500 resultado(s)

Inglés Español
take place tener lugar [v]
in the first place en primer lugar [adv]
square (public place) plaza [f]
take place ocurrir [v]
place (seat in a train, bus, concert hall) asiento [m]
in what place donde [adv]
place for gathering ágora [f]
place where something is buried sepultura [f]
faraway place lejanía [f]
space (place) zona [f]
place (situar) ubicar [v]
place oneself situarse [v]
reside in a place permanently domiciliar [v]
take place transcurrir [v]
place in charge encargar [v]
place in the sun asolear [v]
take place suceder [v]
native of a place nativo [adj]
a very hot place horno [m]
place for adjudicated individuals juzgado [m]
(fig) place with lots of people hormiguero [m]
hiding place escondrijo [m]
quiet place remanso [m]
burying place cementerio [m]
burying place camposanto [m]
common place lugar común
all over the place a troche y moche [adv]
meeting place acogida [f]
dark place salamanca [f] BO UY AR CL
market place plaza [f]
first place titularidad [f]
study of place names toponimia [f]
place names toponimia [f]
first place primacía [f]
work place faena [f]
dwelling place morada [f]
safe place retirada [f]
take the place of desplazar [v]
take the place of suplantar [v]
place in front anteponer [v]
place before preponer [v]
feel out of place sentirse fuera de lugar [v]
take place producirse [v]
take place verificarse [v]
take place desarrollarse [v]
put in place bornear [v]
store (in a place) mantener [v]
hiding place nidal [m]
watering place abrevadero [m]
hiding place nido [m]
place of safety salvamento [m]
second place subcampeonato [m]
hiding place escondedero [m]
hiding place escondite [m]
stopping place apeadero [m]
washing place lavadero [m]
breeding place criadero [m]
place setting cubierto [m]
hiding place zulo [m]
quiet place retiro [m]
first place cabecera [f]
top place cabecera [f]
that place allí [adv]
all over the place acá y acullá [adv]
all over the place acá y allá [adv]
all over the place de acá para acullá [adv]
all over the place de acá para allá [adv]
all over the place aquí y allí [adv]
all over the place de aquí para allá [adv]
place planted with holly trees acebeda [f]
meeting place ágora [f]
watering place aguada [f]
market place for raw silk where taxes are paid alcaecería [f] disused
market place for raw silk where taxes are paid alcaicería (árabe) [f]
place of merchant stores alcaná [f]
sacred place apacheta [f] BO
putting in place aplicación [f]
narrow place apretura [f]
place to dry sugar cane bagasse bagacera [f]
deep place bajeza [f] rare
person throwing the ball a second time from the place where it first stopped birladora [f]
dark place boca de lobo [f]
fenced place calahorra [f]
place to grind and sell limestone calería [f]
place full of gravel and pebbles cascajera [f]
place or meeting where catechism is imparted catequesis [f]
place where sieves are made cedacería [f]
isolated place cerradera [f] disused
closed off place cerradera [f] disused
place where cork shoes are sold chapinería [f]
place with abundant black seabream chopalera [f]
place with abundant black seabream chopera [f]
make a place fill up abarrotar [v]
place on top acaballar [v]
take place acaecer [v]
put in place acomodar [v]
take place acontecer [v]
take place acuntir [v] disused
place under anesthetic anestesiar [v]
being to place apuntar [v]
place a bet apuntar [v]
become attached to a place aquerenciarse [v]
place under a restriction order arraigar [v] MX GT HN DO EC PE BO CL
place over asolapar [v]
place across atravesar [v]
place on horseback atravesar [v]
move from one place to another bandear [v]
throw the ball a second time from the place where it was stopped first birlar [v]
take place caer [v]
place on cargar [v]
having earned one's place acuchillado [adj] disused
taking the place of apeador [adj]
throwing the ball a second time from the place where it first stopped birlador [adj]
in last place colista [adj]
place with abundant european silver fir abetal [m]
second place accésit [m]
place planted with holly trees acebal [m]
place planted with holly trees acebedo [m]
place with intense heat achicharradero [m]
place to stay acomodo [m]
watering place aguadero [m]
watering place aguaje [m]
stifling place ahogadero [m]
place packed with people ahogadero [m]
place with many scorpions alacranero [m] HN CR
place planted with larch trees alerzal [m]
piece or place of an oil mill stone alfarje (árabe) [m]
place with abundant almond almendral [m]
place with abundant common alder alnedo [m] disused
out-of-the-way place andurrial [m] rare
off course place andurrial [m] rare
place for cooling fire embers apagador [m]
stopping place apeadero [m]
place for stone throwing apedreadero [m] disused
hiding place ascondrijo [m] disused
resting place asestadero [m] ES local
place to tie to atadero [m]
place to tie to atadijo [m]
area to place moorish slippers babuchero [m] disused
place to hold a public dance bailadero [m]
deep place bajo [m]
place with many ravines, place with many gullies barrancal [m]
muddy place barreal [m]
muddy place barrero [m]
muddy place barrial [m] GT NI CR CU CO VE PE BO PY CL AR
muddy place barrizal [m]
craggy place berrocal [m]
rocky place berrocal [m]
person throwing the ball a second time from the place where it first stopped birlador [m]
place where the first rower sits bogavante [m]
place to throw the ball around boleo [m]
pickpocket meeting place bolsín [m]
stove or place in convents designed for warming calefactorio [m]
place with abundant reed grass cañal [m]
place with abundant reed grass cañar [m]
place full of gravel and pebbles cascajal [m]
place full of gravel and pebbles cascajar [m]
place where pine nuts are cracked casquero [m]
place to sleep catre (portugués) [m]
hiding place cavo [m]
isolated place cerradero [m] disused
closed off place cerradero [m] disused
muddy place chapatal [m]
place full of puddles charcal [m]
place full of puddles charquetal [m]
place populated with chinch bugs chincharrero [m]
place with abundant black seabream chopal [m]
place for safekeeping cobro [m] disused
place where wine is boiled cocedero [m]
losing one's place in a card game codillo [m]
man in last place cola [m]
voting place colegio electoral [m]
place populated with alder trees vientos alisios [m/pl]
suffix indicating place where the meaning is from the derivative base aria [suf]
in a higher place arriba [adv]
in a lower place abajo [adv]
in the first place para empezar [adv]
no-place [us] en ninguna parte [adv]
all over the place por todas partes [adv]
in place en su sitio [adv]
in place en marcha [adv]
in any place cualquier sitio [adv]
in another place otro lugar [adv]
in another place otro sitio [adv]
in any place cualquier lugar [adv]
in this place helay [adv] EC rur.
in this place helay [adv] PE
at that place en ese lugar [adv]
in the right place at the right time en su mero mole [adv] MX GT
in this very place ahí mero [adv] MX NI
in this very place allá mero [adv] MX NI
in this very place allí mero [adv] MX NI
in this very place aquí mero [adv] MX NI
through the lower regions of some place por abajeras [adv] SV
the very moment someone leaves a particular place en el albur de arranque [adv] CU
rough place aspereza [f]
very cold place nevera [f]
last place cola [f]
place in which hair is removed from hides pelambrera [f]
filthy place letrina [f]
narrow place apretura [f]
distant place lejanía [f]
place of seclusion reclusión [f]
place where cement blocks are sold blockera [f] GT
place where cement blocks are sold bloquera [f] GT
manufacturing place fábrica [f]
manufacturing place planta [f]
a place where sick or injured people are cared for enfermería [f]
a place which is for keeping pheasants faisanería [f]
a place which is for sleeping birds pajarera [f]
certain time spent in a place estadía [f]
a place which is for the detention of stray animals perrera [f]
fun place jauja [f]
resting place morada [f]
hiding place madriguera [f]
hiding place jerarquía [f]
place destined to gather the human bones that are taken from the graves huesera [f]
place where stolen objects are sold cachina [f] PE
pizza place pizzería [f]
disorder or mess (in a place) regancina [f] HN NI
gathering of cattle used to grazing in given place mancha (de ganado) [f]
theft of everything in a place arreada [f] SV
theft of everything in a place arriada [f] GT HN SV NI
place where arepas are made and sold arepa [f] VE
place where arepas are sold arepera [f] VE
place where arepas are sold arepería [f] VE
place permanently flooded with water aterradera [f] HN:C rur.
rod/bar of a certain length to place flags on astabandera [f] MX
place of work asignación [f] DO
very dark place boca de lobo [f]
crossing of something or someone from one place to another atravesada [f] CL
place where the vines abound bejuquera [f] CR
place where the vines abound bejuquera [f] MX HN SV NI CR VE
noisy place (street) barullenta [f] UY
a place where reeds grow bejucalera [f] BO:E
weedy place camalotera [f] MX:S HN
place on the banks of rivers, lagoons and swamps that serves as a refuge for alligators caimanera [f] CU
a place with many badeas badeada [f] CO
(in the sugar industry) a place used to store cane bagasse bagacera [f] MX GT HN SV PA DO PR EC VE
driving cattle from one place to another arreada [f] PE BO CL AR UY rur.
place where the vines abound bejucalera [f] BO:E
very dark place boca de lobos [f] VE CL
place that sells skewers anticuchería [f] PE CL
new arrival to a place or a certain group aparecida [f] CO
constant movement from one place to another brincoteadera [f] CR CU DO
confused or disordered place or situation bolsa de gatos [f] CL AR UY
place where cachapas are sold cachapera [f] VE
place where donkeys frequently graze burrera [f] HN rur.
a large number of people or things grouped together in one place burdajada [f] CU DO
a large number of people or things grouped together in one place burda [f] CU DO
a place where a party is celebrated bailanta [f] AR
a religious procession of the transfiguration of jesus, which takes place on august 6th bajada [f] SV
a place where a specific activity is carried out cancha [f] CL
place where drugs are consumed clínica (del inglés clinic) [f] PR drug
place for breeding pigs chanchería [f] CL AR BO
at train stations, airports, or lodgings, place where travelers can store their luggage temporarily custodia [f] PE CL
place where this type of lottery is played chalupa [f] NI
place where bootleg sugar cane moonshine is made chaparrera [f] SV
theft consisting of taking money or a wallet using a knife to slice the place or pocket where victim carries it cirugía [f] MX
place with abundant weeds or underbrush chamizal [f] GT SV
place where the films are preserved for study and exhibition cineteca [f] MX CL
place populated with strawberry trees capuliceda [f] EC
place where beef steaks are sold churrasquería [f] CL
place/construction suitable for lighting a fire and barbecuing (usually open air) churrasquera [f] BO AR UY
place where marijuana cigarettes or joints are sold churrería [f] NI teen
place for mixing concrete by hand at a construction site chorrea [f] CR
constant confluence of people to a place chorreadera [f] PA
unattractive marginal and remote place, far away from towns and cities chifurnia [f] GT HN SV
place where fighter cocks are bathed estación de limpieza [f] PR
store or place where meat is sold retail fama [f] CO:C,E
remaining in a certain place for a certain amount of time estada [f] PA CO:N EC PE CL AR UY
place where bottles and jars are piled up frasquería [f] PR
place where fruit-based refreshments are prepared and sold fresquería [f] GT
crowding of people who come together in a certain place estrujadera [f] DO
place where a group of workers are employed or based faena [f] CL
place (list or classification) casilla [f] HN DO
place where witches or elves appear cataplasma [f] PA rur.
children's game in which players occupy different places around a child in the center looking to take the place of one of the others pretending to ask for fire while they exchange positions candelita [f] VE
place where latex rubber is process cauchería [f] BO:Ne,E
place mat carpeta [f] NI AR
hiding place guaca [f] NI CR PA EC
inca place of prayer guaca [f] EC
place for a party guachanga [f] NI DO
hiding place huaca [f] NI CR PA EC
place where seagulls nest gaviotera [f] CL
place where guano or manure accumulates guanera [f] PE CL
place with abundant zombie palm guanera [f] PR
place where giant photographs are printed gigantografía [f] CL
repeated walking by the same place cruzadera [f] DO
dirty or untidy place cochera [f] CO
place on the coast where guano covadera [f] BO disused
place on the coast where guano covadera [f] PE CL:N
place that is easy to enter without being seen coladera [f] PE
place where coconuts are piled up to remove the tinder cocollera [f] PR
place where coke (coal residue) is stored coquería [f] CL
place where there is white soil coipana [f] AR:Nw
fire place hornilla [f] PR
hiding place huaca [f] NI PA EC
restlessness and nervousness that makes a person move continuously from one place to another gusanera [f] PE rare
secret place huaca [f] NI PA EC
burger place hamburguesera [f] CU BO
polling place junta receptora [f] CL rare
polling place junta receptora [f] PY cult
oath that takes place when taking possession of a position or public power, in an attempt to fulfill the obligations and duties of that position juramentación [f] CR DO PR EC PE CL
place where beasts and animals are fed jurunela [f] DO
inhospitable place jurunela [f] DO
remote and ugly place jurunera [f] SV
voting place junta receptora [f] CL rare
voting place junta receptora [f] PY cult
place with abundant flagstones lajería [f] BO:W
woman who sells in a market place marchanta [f] CO:C
noisy and very crowded place lorera [f] NI
place frequented by a certain class of people mata [f] EC
person or institution acting in place of another mampara [f] HN
place where pork is sold marranería [f] GT
place where small plants are planted to later be transplanted marquera [f] PE
group of people arriving at a place negrada [f] UY
money to travel or move to another place movilidad [f] PE
place where pailas, large shallow metal pans, are made or sold pailería [f] MX
place to stay pascana [f] PE BO:E,S AR:Nw rur.
place where many homosexual men gather patera [f] CU
sacred place pacarina [f] BO:W
place of origin of a community pacarina [f] PE
spiritual place pacarina [f] BO:W
place where items made of woven palm mats are made or sold petatería [f] MX
place selected for a robbery placita [f] PR delinq.
rocky place peñasquería [f] MX rur.
secluded place that is difficult to access quimbamba [f] PR
secluded place that is difficult to access quimbámbula [f] PR
place where pupusa stuffed tortillas are sold pupusera [f] HN
place where pupusa stuffed tortillas are sold pupusería [f] GT HN SV NI
place on the shore of a river or road, used by sailors or passerbys to spend the night ranchería [f] VE
place full of thing of poor quality rascuachera [f] SV
well protected place, guarded with alarms ratonera [f] PR delinq.
place where pozol fermented corn dough with sugar, cacao, or milk is sold pozolería [f] MX
small place that is difficult to access ratonera [f] CU
frequent stays in a place quedadera [f] CR
far off place remotidad [f] CR rare
far off place remangalatuerca [f] CU
far off place remotidad [f] GT
habit of returning to the same place rochela [f] VE
chaotic place romería [f] PY
sandwich place sandwichería [f] PE BO CL AR UY
place with abundant toads sapera [f] HN NI
vulgar place runchera [f] CO derog.
gang meeting place sed [f] SV delinq.
place where tepache fermented pineapple drink is sold tepachería [f] MX
place where tequila is sold tequilería [f] MX
knowing one's place ubicación [f] BO CL AR
party from one place to the next zandunga [f] CL
place full of fodder tlazolera [f] MX
place setting trastera [f] PR
place setting vajillería [f] BO CL PY
place where tamales are made or sold tamalería [f] MX SV
place where a cockfight is held traba [f] PR
place where a rest stop is made during a trip etapa [f]
seep (a place on land or underwater where a liquid or gas oozes out of the ground) fuente [f]
place oneself apostarse [v]
place one's hopes librar [v]
place in a home or asylum asilar [v]
be kept in place sujetarse [v]
place oneself erigirse [v]
lead cattle toward some place carear [v]
place across or crosswise terciar [v]
take the place of relevar [v]
take place organizarse [v]
put through a narrow place embocar [v]
stealthily take out of its place sonsacar [v]
place at intervals escalonar [v]
carry from place to place trajinar [v]
place diagonally sesgar [v]
take place efectuarse [v]
put in a safe place recaudar [v]
take place celebrarse [v]
take place registrarse [v]
stay at a place apalancarse [v]
put in a narrow place encajonar [v]
(for a place) be deserted estar desierto (un lugar) [v]
(for a place) be deserted no verse un alma por la calle [v]
(accident) to take place ocurrir (un accidente) [v]
(accident) to take place tener lugar (un accidente) [v]
place a tilde over atildar [v]
place in manacles maniatar [v]
put (in its place) emplazar [v]
place in front of anteponer [v]
rush from one place to another zancajear [v]
fall from a high place descachimbar [v] NI
fall from a high place desmarimbar [v] NI
be in second place (in a race) segundar [v]
know (person/place) conocer [v]
hold in place atenazar (literal) [v]
look out of place desentonar [v]
place side by side yuxtaponer [v]
return to a place volver [v]
take the place of substituir [v]
take the place of sustituir [v]
hold in place suprimir [v]
hold in place fijar [v]
occupy a place estar [v]
depart a place irse [v]
leave a place irse [v]
depart a place salir [v]
depart a place egresar [v]
leave a place salir [v]
leave a place marcharse [v]
leave a place egresar [v]
depart a place marcharse [v]
place blame upon culpar [v]
place blame upon reprochar [v]
place blame upon echar la culpa [v]
place inside a box encajonar [v]
dry out a wet place desaguar [v]
place into a box empaquetar [v]
place emphasis on poner énfasis en [v]
place emphasis on hacer hincapié en [v]
place pressure on ejercer presión sobre [v]
take the place of sustituir a [v]
be getting no-place [us] no estar avanzando nada [v]
be getting no-place [us] no ir a ninguna parte [v]
be out of place no estar en su sitio [v]
lose one's place no saber uno dónde estaba [v]
keep in a safe place guardar en un lugar seguro [v]
take you to a place llevar a un lugar [v]
leave for a place salir para un lugar [v]
leave a place salir de un lugar [v]
take place in celebrarse en [v]
take place at celebrarse en [v]
take place in tener lugar en [v]
take place at tener lugar en [v]
take place in librarse en [v]
place an ad colocar un anuncio [v]
be out of place no venir a tono [v]
arrive in a place llegar a un lugar [v]
arrive at a place llegar a un lugar [v]
go to a place salir a un lugar [v]
take place in tener como marco [v]
be at a place estar en un lugar [v]
gathering place lugar de encuentro [v]
go to a place dirigirse a un lugar [v]
be all over the place estar por todas partes [v]
be all over the place estar por todos lados [v]
run all over the place correr por todas partes [v]
run all over the place correr por todos lados [v]
take place in estar ambientado en [v]
be out of place estar fuera de lugar [v]
come from a place provenir de un lugar [v]
come from a place venir de un lugar [v]
have no place no tener cabida [v]
have no place in no tener ningún lugar en [v]
place at risk hacer peligrar [v]
place an order with hacer un pedido a [v]
place shoe insoles emplantillar [v] SCN
move someone from some place mover a alguien de algún sitio [v]
go from place to place having fun andorrear [v]
take the place of someone ocupar el lugar de alguien [v]
take someone's place ocupar el lugar de alguien [v]
place bets apuntar [v] LAM
take a shortcut to get to a place faster atrechar [v]
take a shortcut to get to a place faster atrochar [v]
get into a place by force entrar en un lugar a la fuerza [v]
enter a place by force entrar en un lugar a la fuerza [v]
break into a place entrar en un lugar a la fuerza [v]
go into a place forcibly entrar en un lugar a la fuerza [v]
put something in a secure place poner algo a buen recaudo [v]
place your trust in someone poner su confianza en alguien [v]
get to a place (especially after you've been traveling) recalar a [v]
arrive (the wind) to the place where the boat is recalar a [v]
feel out of place sentirse descolocado [v]
place one’s confidence in someone dar un margen de confianza a alguien [v]
place one’s confidence in someone conceder un margen de confianza a alguien [v]
jog in place correr en parada [v]
provide a place for dar alojamiento [v]
for someone (place flags) abanderar [v] DO EC
return something to its place volver algo a su lugar [v]
escape and run away from a place because of a conflict desmanchar [v] LAM
place a partition or a light wall entabicar [v] HN MX
take place corporeizarse [v]
place a double domino tile acostarse [v] DO VE
place objects in an orderly manner acotejar [v] CU DO CO
distribute people to a specific place acotejar [v] CU US rare
put someone in a place acotejar [v] CU DO
gather together in a disorderly fashion in a small place achoclonarse [v] CL
stay improperly in someone else's house or in any place achantarse [v] CU DO VE
stay in a place for your own convenience achantarse [v] VE
place in the cradle acunar [v] CR rare
feel shy after arriving to a place at first moment aflojar [v] DO
place someone against a wall acorar [v] DO
remain in one place for a long time, particularly in a home allantarse [v] DO
get a hard-to-reach place encaramar [v]
take a liking to a place arrochelarse [v] VE
act in place of actuar en nombre de [v]
be accustomed to staying in one place without wanting to leave arrochelarse [v] VE
gather together in one place apilonarse [v] CU VE PY
place a ring in the nose of livestock argollar [v] HN CO
place in a ring binder argollar [v] CO
accumulate many people in a single place arrumarse [v] NI rare
move toward a particular place arrumbar [v] NI CU
return to a place arrendarse [v] MX HN rur.
stay in one place for a considerable length of time arrancharse [v] PA CU VE
arrive at a place (typically by plane) arribar [v] GT HN SV NI CU PR CO VE UY