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Meanings of "stand" in Spanish English Dictionary : 188 result(s)

English Spanish
stand soportar [v]
stand soporte [m]
stand erguir [v]
stand pararse [v]
stand ponerse de pie [v]
stand aguantar [v]
stand estante [m]
stand manchón [m]
Irregular Verb
stand stood - stood [v]
stand caseta [f]
stand andanada [f]
stand tarima [f]
stand tribuna [f]
stand banca [f]
stand elevarse [v]
stand sostenerse [v]
stand alzarse [v]
stand colocarse [v]
stand ponerse [v]
stand levantarse [v]
stand consentir [v]
stand presentarse [v]
stand asentarse [v]
stand cadalso [m]
stand pedestal [m]
stand stand [m]
stand plante [m]
stand puesto [m]
stand quiosco [m]
stand sufrir [v]
stand atril [m]
stand banca [f]
stand barraca de feria [f]
stand caseta [f]
stand abandonarse [v]
stand aguantar [v]
stand apoyarse [v]
stand aturar [v] disused
stand colocarse [v]
stand atril [m]
stand posición [f]
stand barraca [f]
stand postura [f]
stand fundamentarse [v]
stand postularse [v]
stand reposar [v]
stand permanecer [v]
stand fundar [v]
stand resistir [v]
stand levantar [v]
stand estar parado [v]
stand mantener [v]
stand poner [v]
stand colocar [v]
stand estar de pie [v]
stand reposar (líquido) [v]
stand seguir vigente [v]
stand seguir en pie (siendo válido) [v]
stand dispararse [v] CU
stand rustir [v] VE
stand estancamiento [m]
stand velador [m]
stand pabellón [m]
stand tenderete [m]
stand caballete [m]
stand mesita [f]
stand estar [v]
stand llevar [v]
stand arrimadero [m]
stand pie [m]
stand sitio [m]
stand consola [f]
stand colocar derecho [v]
stand colocar de pie [v]
stand poner derecho [v]
stand poner de pie [v]
stand llevar con paciencia [v]
stand someterse a [v]
stand tolerar [v]
stand hacer frente a [v]
stand ser útil [v]
stand importar [v]
stand ser de provecho [v]
stand ser [v]
stand pasar por [v]
stand pagar el coste de [v]
stand tener [v]
stand estar en pie [v]
stand hallarse [v]
stand estar derecho [v]
stand hacer alto [v]
stand estar tieso [v]
stand presentarse como candidato [v]
stand estancarse (el agua) [v]
stand puesto (en un mercado) [m]
stand atril (de música) [m]
stand estado fijo
stand vegetación sobre el campo
stand caseto [m] ES local
stand ponerse en pie [v]
stand convidar [v]
stand bancarse [v] AR
stand aguantar  [v] AR
stand soplarse [v]
stand opinión [f]
stand permanecer [v]
stand seguir vigente [v]
stand mantenerse [v]
stand comparecer [v]
stand puesto [m]
stand expositor [m]
stand ponerse de pie
stand estar de pie
stand stand
stand opinión [f]
stand comparecer [v]
stand someterse [v]
stand mantenerse [v]
stand expositor [m]
stand estrado [m]
stand resistencia [f]
stand oposición [f]
stand parada [f]
stand caja [f]
stand situación [f]
stand inactividad [f]
stand pausa [f]
stand estación [f]
stand plataforma [f]
stand sostener [v]
stand basado [adj]
stand mostrador [m]
stand término [m]
stand rodal [m]
stand sitio [m]
stand emplazamiento [m]
stand pista interior
stand tren de varillas
stand estante [m]
stand atril [m]
stand repunte [m]
stand soporte [m]
stand sostén [m]
stand atascamiento [m]
stand soporte [m]
stand sostén [m]
stand resistir a [v]
stand quedar en suspenso [v]
stand cesar [v]
stand hacer frente [v]
stand tenerse derecho [v]
stand mantener el rumbo [v]
stand ser válido [v]
stand durar [v]
stand resitir [v]
stand defender [v]
stand sufragar [v]
stand conservar [v]
stand estar situado [v]
stand quedarse [v]
stand dejar reposar [v]
stand equipo completo
stand estand [m]
stand soporte [m]
stand erguirse [v]
stand subsistir [v]
stand enderezarse [v]
stand banco [m]
stand bastidor [m]
stand resistir a
stand ponerse de pie
stand estar firme
stand poner de pie
stand mantenerse derecho
stand masa (silvicultura)
stand armamento [m]
stand población vegetal
stand lingada [f]
stand parada [f]
stand tres tubos enroscados
stand situación [f]
stand plataforma [f]
stand bastidor [m]
stand banco [m]
stand soporte [m]
stand plataforma [f]
stand equipo completo [m]
stand estand [m]

Meanings of "stand" in English Spanish Dictionary : 4 result(s)

Spanish English
stand [m] stand
stand [m] booth
stand stand
stand [m] floor

Meanings of "stand" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 500 result(s)

English Spanish
stand out campar [v]
stand out sobresalir [v]
stand up pararse [v]
stand up parar [v]
stand out destacar [v] fig.
stand for saddles caballete [m]
hat stand percha [f]
stand-in sustituta [f]
cruet stand vinagreras [f]
stand out despuntar [v]
stand out destacarse [v]
stand out diferenciarse [v]
stand out distinguirse [v]
stand in for doblar [v]
stand out dominar [v]
stand out señalarse [v]
stand at elevarse a [v]
stand up to aguantar [v]
stand upright parar [v]
stand on end pararse [v]
stand on end erizarse [v]
stand in for sustituir [v]
stand up levantarse [v]
stand at cotizarse [v]
stand out marcarse [v]
stand out gallear [v]
stand out recortarse [v]
stand in for reemplazar [v]
stand guard montar guardia [v]
stand out descollar [v]
stand out resaltar [v]
make a stand against resistir [v]
stand on end despeluzarse [v]
stand-alone independiente [adj]
stand-alone autónomo [adj]
stand-up comedy café-teatro [m]
stand-up comedy humorismo [m]
umbrella stand paragüero [m]
coat stand perchero [m]
stand-in sustituto [m]
music stand atril [m]
stand-alone autónoma [adj/f]
stand firm plantarse [v]
stand up dejar plantado [v]
stand up straight ponerse derecho [v]
cruet stand alcuza (árabe) [f] NI DO EC PE BO CL AR
lunch stand almuercería [f] MX PE
atole stand atolería [f] MX
market stand banca [f]
fruit stand banca [f]
vegetable stand banca [f]
umbrella stand bastonera [f]
stand mixer batidora [f]
stand for abogar [v]
stand up for abogar [v]
make stand out abultar [v]
stand out adivinarse [v]
stand up straight adrezarse [v]
stand by ahirmarse [v] disused
not be able to stand añusgarse [v]
stand out arrechar [v] MX SV NI
not be able to stand atragantarse [v]
stand out brillar [v]
stand out campear [v]
saddle stand albardón [m] GT HN
stand taxi automóvil de sitio [m] MX
stolen goods stand baratillo [m]
stand mixer batidor [m]
two-leg stand bípode [m]
two-legged stand bípode [m]
coat stand capero [m]
refreshment stand chiringuito [m]
cruet stand aceiteras [f/pl]
as matters stand tal como están las cosas [adv]
as affairs stand tal como están las cosas [adv]
as affairs stand en la situación actual [adv]
as affairs stand tal y como están las cosas [adv]
as matters stand tal y como están las cosas [adv]
flowerpot stand jardinera [f]
jack stand torre [f]
owner of a newspaper stand quiosquera [f]
fruit market/stand frutería [f]
hot dog stand panchería [f] UY AR
bedside stand mesita de noche [f]
bedside stand mesa de noche [f]
bedside stand mesilla de noche [f]
cab stand parada de taxi [f]
refreshment stand chiclera [f] HN EC
person in charge of an establishment, stand, or cafeteria fondera [f] MX GT HN NI CU PR EC CL AR UY derog.
stand or cafeteria where food and drink are served fonda [f] MX PA CU DO CL AR UY PE rur.
newspaper stand casilla [f] PY
refreshment stand glorieta [f] HN:N
stall or stand in a public market colmena [f] CO:N
one-night-stand levantona [f] PA
fruit juice stand juguera [f] CU
fruit juice stand juguería [f] MX PE EC rare
stand-in mampara [f] HN
enchilada stand enchiladuría [f] MX
newspaper stand parada [f] AR UY
comic book stand paquinero [f] HN
stand-in for military service personera [f] AR
taxi stand piquera [f] PA
market stand pilastra [f] CL disused
fair stand pilastra [f] CL disused
person who works at a vegetable and fruit stand puestera [f] CU
person with a vegetable and fruit stand puestera [f] CU
stand-out person vergataria [f] VE
small stand venduta [f] CU disused
stand in the way obstar [v]
stand out brillar [v]
stand gaping embobarse [v]
stand up straight erguirse [v]
make stand on end erizar [v]
make stand out resaltar [v]
stand each other tragarse [v]
stand firm cuadrarse [v]
stand by ratificarse [v]
stand out singularizarse [v]
stand out relucir [v]
stand out significarse [v]
stand to attention cuadrarse [v]
stand for simbolizar [v]
stand up alzarse [v]
stand firm cerrarse [v]
stand up ponerse de pie [v]
stand out dar nota [v]
take a stand tomar partido [v]
stand aside from apartarse de [v]
stand out destacarse [v]
stand up plantar [v]
stand out (excel) despuntar [v]
stand out dibujarse [v]
stand up for propugnar [v]
stand about idly holgazanear [v]
stand about idly vagar [v]
stand about idly perder el tiempo [v]
stand about idly merodear [v]
stand about idly vaguear [v]
stand up surgir [v]
stand by esperar [v]
stand in suplantar [v]
stand by hacer una pausa [v]
stand in for substituir [v]
stand up dejar plantados [v]
stand up dejar plantada [v]
stand up pararse [v] LAM
stand up dejar plantadas [v]
stand (be still valid) seguir vigente [v]
stand (be still valid) seguir en pie [v]
stand firm mantenerse firme [v]
stand guard hacer guardia [v]
stand for Parliament presentarse para las elecciones al Parlamento [v]
stand in twos estar en parejas [v]
stand in line hacer cola [v]
stand in queue [uk] hacer cola [v]
stand in twos estar en pares [v]
stand on ceremony andarse con ceremonias [v]
stand on ceremony andarse con cumplidos [v]
stand someone in good stead servir de mucho a alguien [v]
make a stand resistir al enemigo [v]
stand beside estar parado junto a [v]
stand beside estar parada junto a [v]
stand firm mantenerse en sus trece [v]
stand firm seguir en sus trece [v]
stand the pain aguantar el dolor [v]
stand aloof from mantenerse apartado de [v]
stand for reelection presentarse a la reelección [v] ES
stand the pain tolerar el dolor [v]
stand up and be counted dar la cara [v]
stand one's ground no dar el brazo a torcer [v]
stand firm no dar su brazo a torcer [v]
stand by and do nothing quedarse de brazos cruzados [v]
stand there and do nothing quedarse de brazos cruzados [v]
not to be able to stand no poder soportar [v]
not to be able to stand someone no poder ver a alguien [v]
stand in line hacer fila [v]
stand in line formarse [v] MX
stand in line guardar cola [v]
take a stand abanderizarse [v] SCN
stand firm in one's opinions aferrarse a su opinión [v]
stand firm permanecer a pie firme [v]
stand by someone ponerse al lado de alguien [v]
stand firm poner firmes [v]
stand still quedar inmóvil [v]
stand guard rendir la guardia [v]
stand at attention estar en posición de firme [v]
stand in the corner estar cara a la pared [v]
(a student/pupil) stand in the corner estar cara a la pared [v]
stand up to hacer cara a [v]
(a horse) stand on the hind legs and raise the forehead at the same time abalanzarse [v] AR UY
let something stand dejar reposar algo [v]
stand to attention estar en posición de firmes [v]
stand at attention estar en posición de firmes [v]
stand up tenerse de pie [v]
stand up tenerse en pie [v]
stand firm tenerse firme [v]
stand upright tenerse en pie [v]
stand upright tenerse de pie [v]
stand still estacarse [v]
stand out campar [v]
stand for someone or something abanderizarse [v] DO PR CL
stand for someone or something abanderarse [v] DO rare
stand for someone or something abanderarse [v] PR EC PE CL
can not stand no poder soportar [v]
can’t stand to be apart no poder soportar estar separados [v]
cannot stand seeing blood no poder soportar ver sangre [v]
can't stand no poder aguantar [v]
can't stand no poder soportar [v]
can't stand the smell no soportar el olor [v]
can't stand the sight of blood no poder ver la sangre ni de lejos [v]
can't stand no poder tolerar [v]
stand for someone or something abanderizarse [v] DO PR CL
stand in a hostile place botarse [v] DO
stand aside aorillarse [v] GT HN SV CR CO VE
stand firm and constant in a certain activity/attitude aperrarse [v] MX
have a one-night stand chumelear [v] SV
stand up with one's legs open estacarse [v] PR
stand out from the others in their area estelarizar [v] NI AR
stand on end (someone's hair) espelucarse [v] HN NI PR VE
stand on end (someone's hair) espelucar [v] VE
stand on end (someone's hair) espeluznarse [v] PR
occasionally stand in for someone in an activity galletear [v] CL
stand around huevear [v] EC PE CL derog.
stand around huevoniar [v] HN NI
stand around güevear [v] CL
stand on end empunchar [v] HN
stand on end engranojarse [v] DO
stand on end engranujarse [v] DO
stand on end engranojarse [v] DO
just stand there enchonarse [v] NI
stand out empinarse [v] DO CL
stand one's ground empuntarse [v] VE
stand in the way of embretar [v] AR UY
stand up to pararse [v] NI
stand on end parar [v] AMER
stand up parar [v] MX GT NI CR CU DO CO VE EC BO CL PY AR UY
stand up pararse [v] AMER
stand out rifar [v] MX
stand for apoyar [v]
stand somebody up dejar arrollado [v] PR
stand a person's bad breath aguantar el ácido [v] NI
stand up for oneself hacerse billete de a mil [v]
stand alone independiente [adj]
pertaining to an establishment, stand, or cafeteria fondero [adj] CL
able to stand on one's own feet macizo [adj] SV NI rur.
stand-in stand-in [m]
newspaper stand quiosco [m]
newspaper stand kiosco [m]
display stand expositor [m]
rack or stand for arms armero [m]
stand (place to stand) estand [m]
wash stand aguamanil [m]
ham stand jamonero [m]
stand of cork oaks alcornocal [m]
game in which two children stand back-to-back, holding each other's arms, while they try to lift their opponent onto their backs balancín [m] HN
bike stand caballete de bicicletas [m]
bicycle stand aparcamiento de bicicletas [m]
bicycle stand parking de bicis [m]
cake stand puesto de pasteles [m]
cobbler stand anvil bofo [m] HN
one night stand choque y fuga [m] PE
person in charge of an establishment, stand, or cafeteria fondero [m] MX GT HN NI CU PR EC CL AR UY derog.
newspaper stand estanquillo [m] CU
one-night-stand levantón [m] PA
game where participants stand in a circle and count down and put one hand out palm facing up or down cargar la mata [m] CL
microphone stand pedestal [m] NI EC PE CL PY
stand-in for military service personero [m] AR
punishment consisting of making someone stand for a long time plantón [m] GT UY
cake stand plato de pie [m] VE
person who works at a vegetable and fruit stand puestero [m] CU
person with a vegetable and fruit stand puestero [m] CU
mate gourd container stand posamate [m] AR UY
kettle stand posapava [m] AR
stand by stand by (inglés) [m] US DO PR
stand-out person vergatario [m] VE
stand-in suplente [m/f]
stand-up monologuista [m/f]
stand-up comedian monologuista [m/f]
cheap food stand in the street los agachados [n] PE BO
stand-by reserva activa
stand by quedarse sin hacer nada
taxi stand parada de taxis
witness stand [us] tribuna de los testigos
taxI stand parada de taxi
button stand soporte/repisa para botones
market-stand banca [f]
umbrella-stand bastonera [f]
egg-stand huevera [f]
stand/gallery having gradins grada [f]
flower-stand jardinera [f]
watch stand relojera [f]
cruet-stand salvilla [f] CL
stand/rack for billiard-cues taquera [f]
stand against abobarse [v]
remove a platform/stand desentarimar [v]
stand firm cerrarse [v]
stand treat convidar [v]
make the hair stand on end despeluzar [v]
stand out dibujarse [v]
stand at attention cuadrarse [v]
stand up desasentarse [v] rare
stand facing one another confrontarse [v]
stand/sit erect erguirse [v]
stand on end (the hair) erizar [v]
stand gaping embobar [v]
stand on tiptoe empinarse [v]
make the hair stand on end encrespar [v]
make one's hair stand on end with fright horripilar [v]
take one's stand estacionarse [v]
make the hair stand on end engrifar [v]
stand up levantar [v]
stand for representar [v]
stand for militar [v] fig.
stand firm plantarse [v]
stand pat (in a card game) plantarse [v]
stand up pararse [v] AMER
stand out salir [v]
stand/sit erect erguirse [v]
make the hair stand on end despeluznar [v]
making the hair stand on end despeluznante [adj]
music-stand atril [m]
wash-stand aguamanil [m]
wash-stand aguamanos [m]
wooden stand or shed for selling provisions cajón [m]
stand-cask for wine bajillo [m] rur. rare
cruet-stand convoy [m]
making hair stand on end despeluzamiento [m]
flower stand florero [m]
stand/frame for casks combo [m]
doll weighted so that it will always stand upright dominguillo [m]
refreshment-stand kiosco [m]
news-stand kiosco [m]
wash-stand lavabo [m]
fitted wash-stand lavamanos [m]
wash-stand lavatorio [m]
portable wash-stand palanganero [m]
umbrella stand portaparaguas [m]
cruet-stand angarillas [f/pl]
cab-stand estación de coches [f]
coach stand estación de carruajes [f]
stand-by persona digna de confianza [f]
stand in awe of tener miedo de [v]
stand back retroceder [v]
stand by sostener [v]
stand by defender [v]
stand by apoyar [v]
stand by estar listo [v]
stand by preparado [v]
stand aloof mantenerse apartado [v]
stand off mantenerse apartado [v]
stand to leeteard virar de bordo en redondo [v]
have not a leg to stand on no poder disculparse [v]
to stand one's ground mantenerse firme [v]
stand mute (for) negarse a responder ante la justicia [v]
stand in need of necesitar [v]
stand trial estar a juicio [v]
stand trial estar a derecho [v]
stand security for salir fiador por [v]
stand sentry estar de centinela [v]
stand the test soportar la prueba [v]
stand treat pagar una convidada [v]
stand against oponerse a [v]
stand about rodear [v]
stand about cercar [v]
stand alone estar solo [v]
stand alone ser el único [v]
stand against mantenerse firme contra [v]
stand aloof mantenerse separado [v]
stand aside alejarse [v]
stand aside dejar pasar [v]
stand aloof aparte [v]
stand aside mantenerse separado [v]
stand by ayudar [v]
stand back recular [v]
stand by ser espectador (de un juego) [v]
stand by estar cerca [v]
stand by estar al lado de [v]
stand by auxiliar [v]
stand by atenerse a [v]
stand by itself ser único en su clase [v]
stand fire aguantar el fuego [v]
stand far away estar muy lejos [v]
stand by itself estar solo [v]
stand for sustituir [v]
stand for estar en lugar de [v]
stand for indicar [v]
stand for querer decir [v]
stand for presentarse para [v]
stand for sacar de pila a [v]
stand forth avanzar [v]
stand forth adelantarse [v]
stand in montar [v]
stand in importar tanto [v]
stand in a tee of sentir temor de [v]
stand in someone's light quitar la luz a uno [v]
stand in good stead ser útil [v]
stand in someone's light causar perjuicio a uno [v] fig.
stand in the way of cerrar el paso (a) [v]
stand in good stead servir [v]
stand in the way of ser un obstáculo [v]
stand in the way of impedir [v]
stand off mantenerse separado [v]
stand off no ser amigos [v]
stand off no convenir [v]
stand off volverse atrás [v]
stand off no acercarse [v]
stand on end mantenerse derecho [v]
stand on tiptoe ponerse de puntillas [v]
stand out avanzar [v]
stand out oponerse resolutamente [v]
stand out adelantarse [v]
stand out estar en relieve [v]
stand out no convenir [v]
stand out hacer frente [v]
stand out hacerse a la mar [v]
stand to reason ser razonable [v]
stand out of the way quitarse de en medio [v]
stand still estarse quieto [v]
stand together mantenerse juntos [v]
stand still no moverse [v]
stand upon estar en [v]
stand up for volver por [v]
stand upon adherirse a [v]
stand upon picarse de [v]
stand upon ceremony gastar en cumplimientos [v]
stand upon ceremony andarse en cumplimientos [v]
stand upon end erizarse (el pelo) [v]
stand upon trifles pararse en fruslerías [v]
take one's stand on basarse en [v]
take one's stand on hacer hincapié en [v]
stand still detenerse [v]
stand still permanecer quedo [v]
stand by quedarse [v]
choose (to like; please: you may stand if you choose) desear [v]
stand-offish reservado [adj]
stand-offish altanero [adj]
barrel-stand poíno [m]
coach stand punto de carruajes [m]
music-stand pupitre [m]
news-stand quiosco de periódicos [m]
umbrella-stand portaparaguas [m]
umbrella-stand paragüero [m]
wash-hand-stand lavabo [m]
wash-hand-stand palanganero [m]
wash-hand-stand aguamanil [m]
flower-stand tenducho de flores [m]
stand-by adherente fiel [m/f]
stand-in doble [m/f]
stand-offish altanera [adj/f]
stand-offish reservada [adj/f]
station (a place or position where a person or thing stands or is assigned to stand; a post) posición [f]
saints stand anda [f] GT NI CR EC PE BO
tobacco stand owner chinchalera [f] CU
a stall or stand in a market or on the street tramo [m] CR
taxi stand punto [m] HN SV
one-night stand programa [m] BO
tobacco vending stand chinchal [m] CU
tobacco stand owner chinchalero [m] CU
stand one's ground en la brecha [adv]
presidential stand-in paloma presidencial [f] CO
stand a chance (of doing something) tener un chance (de hacer algo) [v] AMER
stand one's ground mantenerse firme [v]
stand out from the crowd estar fuera de lo común [v]
stand on one's own two feet volar con sus propias alas [v]
stand up to hacer frente a [v]
stand up for salir en defensa de [v]
not stand more no aguantar más [v]
cannot stand someone no poder pasar a alguien [v]
cannot stand something or someone tener algo o a alguien atravesado [v]
cannot stand something/someone tener algo o a alguien atravesado [v]
cannot stand someone tener a alguien sentado en el estómago [v]
cannot stand something no poder ver a alguien ni pintado [v]
cannot stand the sight of someone no poder ver a alguien ni en pintura [v]
cannot stand someone/cannot stomach someone no poder tragar a alguien [v]
stand one's ground seguir en sus trece [v]
take a firm stand on something asumir una postura obstinada [v]
take a firm stand on something no dar ni un paso atrás en algo [v]
take a firm stand on something adoptar una actitud firme acerca de algo [v]
take a firm stand on something adoptar una postura firme sobre algo [v]
take a firm stand on something mantener obstinadamente la postura en algo [v]
can't stand the pace no soportar el ritmo [v]
can't stand the sight of no soportar el hecho de ver a [v]
can't stand the sight of someone no soportar el hecho de ver a alguien [v]
can't stand the sight of no soportar la vista de [v]
can't stand (the sight of) someone no poder soportar (ver) a alguien [v]
take a stand on doing something adoptar una postura sobre hacer algo [v]
stand the gaff aguantar (la) marea [v]
stand the gaff aguantar el tirón [v]
stand the gaff aguantar mecha [v]
stand on one's own virtues brillar con luz propia [v]
stand out like a sore thumb cantar como una almeja [v]
stand out like a sore thumb desentonar terriblemente [v]
stand out like a sore thumb llamar la atención [v]
stand in tomar la alternativa [v]
stand in tomar cartas en el asunto [v]
fail to stand the test of time no resistir el paso del tiempo [v]
stand on one's own feet comer pan con corteza [v]
have no power to stand estar al límite de las fuerzas [v]
have one's hair stand on end poner los pelos de punta [v]
have one's heart stand still estar muy conmocionado [v]