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Meanings of "away" in Spanish English Dictionary : 14 result(s)

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away de distancia [adv]
away fuera [adv]
away ausente [adj]
away ausente [adj]
away lejos [adv]
away ausente [adv]
away sin parar [adv]
away aguardado [adj]
away aguardada [adj/f]
away continuamente [adv]
away a distancia [loc/adv]
away lejos
away afuera [adv]
away ausente [adj]

Meanings of "away" with other terms in English Spanish Dictionary : 500 result(s)

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far away lejos [adv]
act of pulling away arrancada [f]
put away guardar [v]
chase away largar [v]
eat away picar [v]
move away alejarse [v]
move away alejar [v]
go away partir [v]
frighten away remontar [v]
run away arrancarse [v]
chase away ahuyentar [v]
go away irse [v]
drive away correr [v]
drive away ahuyentar [v]
throw away botar [v]
walk away correrse [v]
take away retirar [v]
go away marcharse [v]
drive away espantar [v]
go away blow largar [v]
chase away correr [v]
cast away echar [v]
cast away echarse [v]
get away escaparse [v]
get away escaparse [v]
pass away fenecer [v]
move away apartar [v]
move away apartarse [v]
carry away arrollar [v]
take away quitar [v]
give away regalar [v]
waste away consumirse [v]
throw away botar [v] AMER
(fig) away with abajo [interj]
falling away repliegue [m]
right away ipso facto [adv]
right away presto [adv]
right away prontito [adv]
away from home fuera [adv]
come away desprenderse [v]
fade away desvanecerse [v]
turn away desviar [v]
turn away desviarse [v]
take away detraer [v]
take away robar [v]
eat away roer [v]
do away with acabar [v]
fade away difuminarse [v]
hide away achantarse [v]
drive away disipar [v]
drive away ojear [v]
run away huir [v]
run away from huir de [v]
eat away hurtar [v]
back away acular [v]
waste away carcomerse [v]
eat away carcomer [v]
throw away echar [v]
shoo away oxear [v]
go away from egresar de [v]
break away separarse [v]
come away separarse [v]
hide away sepultar [v]
fade away agostarse [v]
stay away ahuyentarse [v]
run away ahuyentarse [v]
grind away [us] empollar [v]
break away from romper con [v]
file away encarpetar [v]
chatter away charlatanear [v]
keep away alejar [v]
go away alejarse [v]
move away from alejarse de [v]
wipe away enjugar [v]
blow away soplar [v]
waste away chuparse [v]
hide away soterrar [v]
put away alzar [v]
give away entregar [v]
run away sumirse [v]
die away amortecer [v]
pass away irse [v]
go away andarse [v]
take away sustraer [v]
whisk away escamotear [v]
break away escapar [v]
get away from escapar de [v]
run away escaparse [v]
get away from escaparse de [v]
fly away escaparse [v]
gamble away jugarse [v]
slip away escurrirse [v]
melt away esfumarse [v]
fade away esfumarse [v]
take away apagar [v]
fade away apagarse [v]
die away apagarse [v]
move away from apartarse de [v]
shy away apocarse [v]
wash away lavar [v]
store away archivar [v]
burn away arderse [v]
throw away tirar [v]
get away with evadir [v]
boil away consumirse [v]
snatch away arranchar [v] EC PE
sweep away arrastrar [v]
snatch away arrebatar [v]
carry away arrebatar [v]
move away arredrarse [v]
sweep away arrollar [v]
slog away machetear [v]
eat away corroer [v]
pass away fallecer [v]
pass away finar [v]
stay away ausentarse [v]
give the game away tirar de la manta [v]
fade away marchitarse [v]
blow away aventar [v]
go away quitarse [v]
fade away decaer [v]
be away estar fuera [v]
give away delatar [v]
run away fugarse [v]
sweep away barrer [v]
push away rechazar [v]
put away depositar [v]
shut away recluir [v]
clear away recoger [v]
put away recoger [v]
do away with batir [v]
cut away recortar [v]
drain away desaguar [v]
go away salir de viaje [v]
go away desaparecer [v]
move away desarrimar [v]
throw away descartar (cartas) [v]
give away descubrir [v]
eat away morder [v]
blow away volarse [v]
fly away volarse [v]
wipe away borrar [v]
fade away borrarse [v]
fritter away botar [v] MX CAM PE CL AR
wear away desgastar [v]
wear away desgastarse [v]
wear away deshacer [v]
waste away deshacerse [v]
run away zafarse [v]
slip away zafarse [v]
get away from zafarse de [v]
slog away bregar [v]
tuck away zambucar [v]
scare away zapear [v]
shoo away zapear [v]
run away desmandarse [v]
take away restar [v]
wear away desmoronar [v]
pull away retirar [v]
move away retirarse [v]
throw away desperdiciar [v]
given away regalado [adj]
wearing away desgaste [m]
given away regalada [adj/f]
take away from restar [v]
go away from aballar [v] disused
take away abdicar [v] disused
move away abrir [v]
get away from abstraerse [v]
get away from abstraerse de [v]
frighten away achucuyar [v] GT NI SV CR
scare away achucuyar [v] GT NI SV CR
shoo away birds aclamar [v]
clear away aclararse [v]
go away aclararse [v]
melt away aclararse [v]
give oneself away acusarse [v]
chase away ahuyentar [v]
run away ahuyentarse [v]
wear away ajar [v]
carry away by force ajorar [v]
move away alargar [v]
get away alargar [v]
get away from alargarse [v]
move away alargarse [v]
go further away alargarse [v]
drive away alejar [v]
get away alejarse [v]
have run away alzarse [v] MX HN NI CR DO VE CL AR UY
hide away amadrigarse [v]
run away amontarse [v]
hide away from flies amosquilarse [v]
blow away apantallar [v] MX GT HN SV NI CO
move away apartar [v]
get away apartar [v]
get away from apartarse [v]
move away apartarse [v]
go away apartarse [v]
chase away aporrear [v] rare
step away arredrarse [v]
chase away arrincar [v] disused
put away arrinconar [v]
bury away arrinconar [v]
walk away from arrinconar [v]
get carried away arrobarse [v]
carry away arrollar [v]
put away atener [v] disused
be away ausentarse [v]
slave away azacanear [v]
throw away barrer [v]
sweep away barrer [v]
do away with barrer [v]
be away absente [adj] disused
far away absente [adj] disused
far away ausente [adj]
chasing away ahuyentador [adj]
put away aliñado [adj]
blown away apantallado [adj] MX HN CR
put away arrinconado [adj]
far away ausente [adj]
go away absit (latín) [interj] disused
gesture that gives one away amague [m] GT NI PR EC
carrying away arrollamiento [m]
wearing away baqueteo [m]
throwing away barrido [m]
sweeping away barrido [m]
doing away with barrido [m]
straight away enseguida [adv]
right away ya [adv]
right away lueguito [adv]
straight away al tiro [adv] CL
straight away seguidamente [adv]
straight away sin demora [adv]
right away en el acto [adv]
right away inmediatamente [adv]
right away sin demora [adv]
right away al tiro [adv] CL
right away enseguida [adv]
far away muy lejos [adv]
far away aquisito [adv] PE rur.
right away ahoritita [adv] MX GT HN SV NI EC PE BO
right away ahorininga [adv] DO
right away ahoritica [adv] CU CO VE EC
right away ahorititita [adv] MX GT HN SV NI BO
right away untualito [adv] HN rur.
right away luego [adv] HN SV
right away utualito [adv] HN SV
an hours drive away a una hora de distancia en coche [adv]
right away luego [adv] HN SV
straight away luego [adv] HN SV
right away untual [adv] HN
right away untualito [adv] HN rur.
right away utual [adv] SV
right away utualito [adv] HN SV
drop away caída [f]
drift away deriva [f]
a night spent away pernoctación [f]
the quality of being away ausencia [f]
covering of a vent to suck away smoke or fumes campana [f]
an pulling away arrancada [f]
person who passed away during the past 9 years alma nueva [f] BO
square structure made from reed grass and suspended from the kitchen's ceiling to keep certain food away from rodents ashanga (del quechua) [f] EC rur.
action of going to find people/animals that have run away atajada [f] CR PA CU DO VE EC PE AR
the rising waters in rivers that sweep away soil and trunks agua bronca [f] MX
going away party at the end of carnival kacharpaya [f] BO:W CL rare
going away party at the end of carnival cacharpaya [f] AR:Nw
going away party at the end of carnival cacharpaya [f] PE rur.
going away party at the end of carnival cacharpaya [f] CL:N
recovery through the use of esoteric or alternative practices, especially to keep enemies away curada [f] BO
whip used to shoo away dogs chusa [f] DO disused
unattractive marginal and remote place, far away from towns and cities chifurnia [f] GT HN SV
fleeing far away huyilanga [f] PR
fleeing far away juyilanga [f] DO PR
escape far away where one cannot be found huyilanga [f] PR
escape far away where one cannot be found juyilanga [f] DO PR
move away mudada [f] HN SV NI CU CO PE BO
girl who scares birds away from fields pajarera [f] HN NI EC PE BO:E,S CL rur.
tied bundle of leaves of chacapa that witch doctors use to drive away evil spirits shacapa [f] PE:E
tied bundle of leaves of chacapa that witch doctors use to drive away evil spirits shacapa [f] PE:E
take away container tamuga [f] NI
do away with suprimir [v]
explain away subsanar [v]
shut oneself away recluirse [v]
break away escindirse [v]
slave away bregar [v]
run away desbocarse [v]
put away soplarse [v]
give oneself away descubrirse [v]
wrench oneself away desgajarse [v]
drag away arrancar [v]
fritter away quemar [v]
go away retirarse [v]
turn away divertir [v]
run away rajarse [v]
run away ahuyentarse [v]
chase away ojear [v]
put away arrumbar [v]
fade away desaparecer [v]
wear away corroer [v]
get carried away desbocarse [v]
wipe away enjugarse [v]
blaze away at tirotear [v]
give away traicionar [v]
lock away confinar [v]
sneak away evadirse [v]
lock away recluir [v]
drive flies away mosquear [v]
shut oneself away confinarse [v]
break away desmandarse [v]
move away retirar [v]
shut oneself away enclaustrarse [v]
slave away descornarse [v]
pull away separarse [v]
sweep away arramblar [v]
tear oneself away desgarrarse [v]
carry away llevar [v]
move away separar [v]
give oneself away delatarse [v]
run away from huir [v]
put away enfundar [v]
take away llevarse [v]
drop away desaparecer [v]
tear away desgajar [v]
go away mudarse [v]
run away emplumar [v]
melt away escabullirse [v]
move away from separarse [v]
(the problem) go away desaparecer (el problema) [v]
waste away consumirse [v]
snatch away from arrancar de [v]
turn away apartar [v]
go away apartarse [v]
keep away from apartarse de [v]
pull away arrancar [v]
send away ausentar [v]
do away with sustraerse [v]
eat away apolillar [v]
huddle (away from cold) acurrucarse [v]
run away chaquetear [v]
pack away empacar [v]
put farther away alejar [v]
go away andarse [v]
boil away irse [v]
slip away escabullirse [v]
pine away languidecer [v]
slip away escurrir [v]
roll away arrollar [v]
get carried away propasar [v]
pass away expirar [v]
waste away pudrirse [v]
whittle away ralear [v]
wear away minar [v]
fly away volar [v]
get away despejarse [v]
take away someone's possessions desposeer [v]
take away raptar [v]
take away secuestrar [v]
take away remover [v]
keep away from abstenerse [v]
flee or run away salir en carrera [v]
flee or run away apretar los talones [v]
run away arrancarse [v]
take away humanity deshumanizar [v]
go away egresar [v]
go away viajar [v]
take away a natural characteristic of desnaturalizar [v]
go away from arrancarse de [v]
go away from salir de [v]
go away from escaparse de [v]
throw away desechar [v]
throw away descartar [v]
move away alejar-se [v]
pass away perecer [v]
sneak away escabullirse [v]
drive away largar [v]
lock away in prison encarcelar [v]
while away pasar el tiempo [v]
cast away naufragar [v]
shy away acobardarse [v]
shy away achicarse(río de la plata region) [v]
shy away ciscarse [v] MX
wear away by abrasion erosionar [v]
wear away by abrasion corroer [v]
edge away/closer ir alejándose/acercándose poco a poco [v]
fritter money away on something malgastar dinero en algo [v]
fritter time away on something malgastar tiempo en algo [v]
get carried away exaltarse [v]
take something away from someone quitarle algo a alguien [v]
be away on business estar en viaje de negocios [v]
be miles away estar en la luna [v] fig.
fire away abrir fuego [v]
back away echarse atrás [v]
go away on vacation irse de vacaciones [v]
put away the groceries colocar la compra [v]
put away the groceries ordenar la compra [v]
put away the groceries guardar la compra [v]
put away the groceries almacenar la compra [v]
be so far away estar tan lejos [v]
come away empty-handed marcharse con las manos vacías [v]
slog away currar [v] ES
slave away currar [v] ES
back away retroceder [v]
live away from home vivir fuera de casa [v]
be away from home no parar en casa [v]
run away ahuecar el ala [v]
move away from alejar de [v]
keep someone away from someone alejar a alguien de alguien [v]
brush away almohazar [v]
drift away from the topic alejarse del tema [v]
stray away from the topic alejarse del tema [v]
wander away from the topic alejarse del tema [v]
shoo away ojear [v]
deliver right away aprontar [v]
keep away pajarear [v] LAM
move away from arredrarse de [v]
walk away desvincularse [v]
get away with something zafarse con algo [v]
strum away at the guitar rascar la guitarra [v]
take something away from someone privar a alguien de algo [v]
take away power from someone restar autoridad a alguien [v]
give away a secret revelar un secreto [v]
turn one's eyes away desviar la mirada [v]
turn away or aside desviar la mirada [v]
look away desviar la mirada [v]
throw away tirar a la basura [v]
stow away viajar de polizón [v]
escape and run away from a place because of a conflict desmanchar [v] LAM
fritter away farrearse [v] AR
sneak away alcanforarse [v] HN rare
hide something away alcanforarse [v] HN
get away zafarse [v]
pass away templarse [v] VE
slip away escabullirse [v]
run away escurrirse [v]
break away with someone romper con alguien [v]
take something away violently arranchar [v] EC PE
run away up hill (animal/person) arriscar [v] HN
run away quickly (animal/person) arrispar [v] HN NI rur.
take something away from somebody without his/her consent (particularly by deception/force) aventar [v] CR disused
run away impetuously barajustarse [v] HN PA VE
run away impetuously barajustarse [v] SV NI VE
bargain away perder [v]
bear away to leeward virar a sotavento [v]
bang away at the door aporrear una puerta [v]
beaver away matarse trabajando [v]
bargain away renunciar [v]
avert one's eyes away from tornar la mirada hacia otro lado [v]
beaver away trabajar de manera dedicada por mucho tiempo en una tarea específica [v]
barter away malvender [v]
blow away the roofs volarse los techos [v]
barter something away malvender algo [v]
save or put away something aguachapar [v] DO
give away boletear [v] VE
give away bolsearse [v] HN SV NI
hit a ball against another to knock it away from the target (game of boccia) bochar (italiano) [v] VE
clear away dense vegetation abrir [v] CU CL
run away afufarse [v]
wash away (river banks) derrubiarse [v]
go away abrirse [v]
chase away fugar [v]
pass away ajilarse [v] DO
be just hours away estar apenas a unas horas de distancia [v]
be led away in handcuffs llevarse a alguien esposado [v]
be three blocks away hallarse a tres manzanas de distancia [v]
drone away hablar con monotonía [v]
be millions of light years away from earth encontrarse a millones de años luz de distancia de la tierra [v]
be millions of light years away from earth estar a millones de años luz de la tierra [v]
be up and away mantenerse alejado [v]
drive sleep away dormirse mientras se está estudiando [v]
be wiped away ser aniquilado [v]
be worn away estar desgastado [v]
drink away beber [v]
be wiped away ser barrido [v]
drive sleep away quedarse dormido [v]
do away with somebody deshacerse de alguien [v] fig.
drone away hablar sin cesar [v]
dry away dejar secar [v]
drink away tomar [v]
do away with eliminar por completo [v]
be wiped away ser arrasado [v]
drone away soltar una perorata [v]
do away with somebody dar el paseíllo a alguien [v] ES
drone away hablar y hablar [v]
do away with somebody cargarse a alguien [v] fig.
get away from something depintarse [v] DO
give oneself away deschaparse [v] BO
walk away in a hurry despatarrarse [v] CU PR
walk away in a hurry despatillarse [v] CU rare
walk away in a hurry despatillarse [v] DO PR
walk away in a hurry despaturrar [v] PR
take away someone's drive to complete a task desestimular [v] NI CU EC PE BO PY
become carried away about someone/something darse [v] BO AR
run away in a hurry despatarrarse [v] CU PR
run away degaritarse [v] DO
run away in a hurry despatillarse [v] DO PR
run away in a hurry despatillarse [v] CU rare
run away in a hurry despaturrar [v] PR
sneak away desgüasarse [v] PA
shy away desguarrancharse [v] PR
take away part (leaving something incomplete) descompletar [v] PA CU DO