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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "mamón" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 1 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
mamón limoncillo [m] DO

Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "mamón" im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch : 105 Ergebniss(e)

Spanisch Englisch
mamón [m] papaya
mamón [m] sucking animal
mamón [m] child that sucks overmuch
mamón [adj] sucking
mamón [adj] HN stupid
mamón [adj] HN BO overcharging and not doing much work
mamón [adj] GT servile
mamón [adj] GT intelligent
mamón [adj] HN ingenuous
mamón [adj] HN dumb
mamón [adj] HN silly
mamón [adj] HN foolish
mamón [adj] HN slow
mamón [adj] HN dim-witted
mamón [adj] HN slow-witted
mamón [adj] HN simple
mamón [adj] HN naive
mamón [adj] HN guileless
mamón [m] mamon
mamón [m] mama's boy
mamón [m] AR PY papaya (fruit)
mamón [m] suckling
mamón [m] GT PA bottle nipple
mamón [m] GT PA bottle nipple
mamón [m] BO opportunist
mamón [m] BO con artist
mamón [m] BO:E rur. bull calf
mamón [m] BO hustler
mamón [m] BO con man
mamón [m] BO person who takes advantage of others
mamón [m] BO freeloader
mamón [m] BO parasite
mamón [m] BO swindler
mamón [adj] CL AR being dependent on one's mother
mamón [adj] PA servile
mamón [m] pussy
mamón [m] cocksucker
mamón [m] CL mama's boy
mamón [m] CL mommy's darling
mamón [m] derog. MX dumbass
mamón [m] derog. MX stupid fellow
mamón [m] derog. MX sucker
mamón [m] derog. milksop
mamón [m] CL blow job
mamón [m] CL teen prank that someone performs by pulling the head of another towards his pelvic area
mamón [m] CL fellatio
mamón [adj] MX vain
mamón [adj] CO derog. annoying
mamón [adj] CO derog. boring
mamón [adj] CL teen derog. weakling
mamón [adj] CL teen derog. tear-jerker
mamón [adj] CL teen derog. tear-jerking
mamón [adj] CO derog. tiring
mamón [adj] MX conceited
mamón [adj] CL teen derog. whimp
mamón [adj] MX smug
mamón [adj] CO derog. tedious
mamón [adj] CL teen derog. wuss
mamón [adj] MX arrogant
mamón [adj] MX bigheaded
mamón [adj] CO derog. wearisome
mamón [adj] CO derog. irritating
mamón [adj] MX self-centered
mamón [adj] CO derog. tiresome
mamón [adj] CO derog. frustrating
mamón [adj] MX self-important
mamón [adj] CL teen derog. pushover
mamón [adj] CO derog. tiresome
mamón [adj] CO derog. unpleasant
mamón [m] ES bastard
mamón [m] MX cocksucker
mamón [m] prick
mamón [m] wanker
mamón [m] rotter
mamón [m] swine
mamón [m] blowjob
mamón [m] CR derog. ball hog
mamón MX pain in the ass
mamón MX pain in the neck
mamón MX pain in the butt
mamón MX pain the arse
mamón cocksucker
mamón [m] scrounger
mamón [m] mamon (fruit)
mamón [m] shoot
mamón [m] sucking
mamón [m] sucker
mamón [m] genip tree
mamón [m] jerk
mamón [m] shoot (of a plant)
mamón [m] DO PR bull's heart
mamón [m] DO PR bullock's-heart
mamón [m] DO PR ox-heart
mamón [m] DO PR wild-sweetsop
mamón [m] DO PR a small deciduous or semi-evergreen tree in the plant family annonaceae (annona reticulata)
mamón [m] DO PR sincuya
mamón [m] DO PR soncoya
mamón [m] DO PR an edible fruit and medicinal plant in the annonaceae family (annona purpurea)
mamón [m] GT SV NI CR PA CO:N VE spanish lime (melicoccus bijugatus)
mamón [m] PY AR:N UY pawpaw
mamón [m] PY AR:N UY papaw
mamón [m] PY AR:N UY papaya
mamón [m] PY AR:N UY a giant herbaceous plant (carica papaya)
mamón [m] GT SV NI CR PA CO:N VE fruit of the spanish lime (melicoccus bijugatus)
mamón [m] PR fruit of the wild-sweetsop (annona reticulata)

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "mamón" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 18 Ergebniss(e)

Spanisch Englisch
mamón (portugués) [m] CU tobacco plant sprout
puerquito mamón [m] PR rur. runt of the litter
¡al mamón! loc/interj VE:Nw oh wow!
¡al mamón! loc/interj VE:Nw amazing!
tan mamón such an asshole
mamón chino CR a type of fruit
carne de ternero mamón veal
papaya o mamón papaya
mamón de perro [m] DO corkwood
mamón chino [m] NI CR PA rambutan (nephelium lappaceum)
mamón chino [m] NI CR PA fruit of the rambutan (nephelium lappaceum)
mamón de montaña [m] PA mamón de montaña (talisia nervosa)
mamón de perro [m] DO pond apple
mamón de perro [m] DO bobwood
mamón de perro [m] DO monkey apple
mamón de perro [m] DO a tropical fruit tree in the family annonaceae (annona glabra)
mamón de perro [m] DO swamp apple
mamón de perro [m] DO alligator apple