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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "office" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 63 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
office oficina [f]
office despacho [m]
office departamento [m]
office oficio [m]
office agencia [f]
office dependencia [f]
office oficinesco [adj]
office escritorio [m]
office consultorio [m]
office gabinete [m]
office oficinesca [adj/f]
office función [f]
office colocación [f]
office celaduría [f]
office ocupación [f]
office plaza [f]
office destino [m]
office cargo [m]
office ejercicio [m]
office encargo [m]
office gobierno [m]
office menester [m]
office puesto [m]
office ministerio [m]
office lugar [m]
office uso [m]
office plataforma [f] CR BO
office pulpería [f] HN derog.
office sede [f]
office (posición de autoridad) cargo [m]
office letrina [f]
office empleo [m]
office bufete [m]
office servicio divino [m]
office empleados de oficina [m/pl]
office sucursal [f]
office oficina [f]
office agencia [f]
office titular [m]
office negociado [m]
office oficio [m]
office cargo [m]
office escritorio [m]
office despacho [m]
office estudio [m]
office oficina de gobierno
office oficina [f]
office sucursal [f]
office oficina [f]
office delegación [f] ES
office negociado [m]
office oficina [f]
office cargo [m]
office gabinete [m]
office oficina [f]
office agenda [f]
office estudio [m]
office escritorio [m] AR
office oficina [f]
office puesto de mando de un avión grande
office oficina [f]
office rezo [m]
office oficios [m/pl]

Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "office" im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch : 5 Ergebniss(e)

Spanisch Englisch
office [m] ES breakfast room
office [m] utility room
office [m] scullery
office [m] pantry
office [m] galley

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "office" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 500 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
left-luggage office [uk] consigna [f]
office boy recadero [m]
office boy mensajero [m]
office worker oficial [m/f]
office clerk oficinista [m/f]
office worker oficinista [m/f]
post office oficina de correos [n]
loan-office préstamos [m/pl]
tax office hacienda [f]
notary's office notaría [f]
manager's office dirección [f]
head office dirección [f]
director's office dirección [f]
office automation ofimática [f]
central office administración [f]
office worker administrativa [f]
secretary's office secretaría [f]
central office sede [f]
box office casilla [f]
head office central [f]
office worker empleada [f]
mayor's office alcaldía [f]
office of mayor alcaldía [f]
booking office taquilla [f]
ticket office taquilla [f]
box office taquilla [f]
term of office legislatura [f]
period of office legislatura [f]
porter's office conserjería [f]
left-luggage office consigna [f]
box office contaduría [f]
consultant's office asesoría [f]
local office delegación [f]
tax office recaudación [f]
branch office dependencia [f]
box office ventanilla [f]
newspaper office redacción [f]
manager's office gerencia [f]
governor's office gobernación [f]
office automation burótica [f]
principal's office dirección [f]
remove from office destituir [v]
take office asumir [v]
office boy cadete [m]
office worker administrativo [m]
office worker empleado [m]
chain (of office) collar [m]
doctor's office [us] consultorio [m]
term of office mandato [m]
term of office mando [m]
dean's office decanato [m]
president's office [us] rectorado [m]
lawyer's office bufete [m]
office furniture despacho [m]
doctor's office consulta (del doctor) [f]
post office box apartado [m]
office of an administrator administración [f]
office/place of an assessor asesoría [f]
office of the pontifical issuer of briefs abreviaduría [f]
office of the pontifical issuer of briefs abreviaturía [f]
custom office aduana [f]
office, dwelling, territory of a governor alcaidía [f]
office or jurisdiction of an alcalde alcaldía [f]
agent's office agencia [f]
office of auditor auditoría [f]
duplicating office autografía [f]
janitor's office conserjería [f]
place or office of a juez conservador conservatoría [f]
censor's office oficina de censura [f]
office of a censor censura [f]
office of adjutant ayudantía [f]
cashier's office contaduría [f]
cashier's office caja [f]
central or distributing post office caja [f]
public office where bread was distributed in times of scarcity calahorra [f] outdated
controller's office contraloria [f] AMER
duty and office of a defender defensoría [f]
office and dignity of key-bearer in certain military orders clavería [f]
office of steward despensería [f]
office of a coadjutor coadjutoría [f]
delegate's office delegación [f]
broker's office correduría [f]
office of a newspaper correspondent corresponsalía [f]
dismissal from employment or office destitución [f]
tax office colecturía [f]
office of a commander comandancia [f]
high office/position dignidad [f]
resignation (office) dimisión [f]
office of director dirección [f]
distributing-room in a post office cartería [f]
ticket office casilla [f]
office at court where wax candles were kept bujiería [f]
office of providing fruit for the royal palace frutería [f] outdated
office of an executive officer ejecutoria [f]
office of a paymaster habilitación [f]
investiture (in an office) envestidura [f]
discharge of an office función [f]
acquired right to an office or employment before its vacancy futura [f]
factor's office factoraje [f]
craze/mania for public office empleomanía [f]
office of a notary escribanía [f]
dignity/office of marshal mariscalía [f]
holy office inquisición [f]
inspector's office inspección [f]
office and business of the fiscal fiscalía [f]
office for printing or selling prints estampería [f]
dignity and office of a chief jefatura [f]
exemption from office or duty, with reduced pay jubilación [f]
printing-office imprenta [f]
female proprietor of a printing office impresora [f]
office of a juror juraduría [f]
attorney's office procuraduría [f]
profession/office of notary notaría [f]
reporter's office relatoría [f]
purveyor's office proveeduría [f]
office of a provisor provisoría [f]
verger's office pertiguería [f]
clerk's place in an office oficialía [f]
office/dignity of an oidor oidoría [f]
business section of a public office mesa [f]
auditor's office ordenación [f]
office for distribution of allowances pitancería [f]
paymaster's office pagaduría [f]
disbursement office pagaduría [f]
office of censor/reviser revisoría [f]
office, report or decision of a chairman or umpire ponencia [f]
royal office realdad [f]
collector's office recaudación [f]
receiver's office receptoría [f]
robe/gown of office ropa [f]
office of common crier pregonería [f]
editorial office redacción [f]
office and dignity of a provost pavordía [f]
office of a syndic sindicadura [f] disused
syndic's office sindicatura [f]
sexton's office sacristanía [f]
sacristan's office sacristía [f]
revenue office at the frontier tabla [f]
box-office taquilla [f] ES
ticket-office taquilla [f]
booking office taquilla [f] ES
sergeant's office sargentía [f]
office of a seneschal senescalía [f]
inspector's office veeduría [f]
treasurer's office tesorería [f]
grill (of a booking office) ventanilla [f]
lord chamberlain's office sumillería [f]
office-hunter pretendienta [f]
ticket office ventanilla [f]
office-holder empleada [f]
aspirant to an office entretenida [f] disused
person in charge of a booking office taquillera [f]
jurisdiction and office of a veguer veguería [f]
serve an office administrar [v]
discharge an office/a duty desempeñar (cargo) [v]
deprive of office/employment deshonorar [v]
discharge from an office despedir [v]
dismiss from office destituir [v]
sing prayers at the divine office capitular [v]
confer a distinguished employment/office caracterizar [v]
fulfill the duties of an office with care celar [v]
serve an office ministrar [v] rare
attain the office of rector rectorar [v]
attain the office of rector regir [v]
deprive of office/employment dejar sin trabajo [v]
deprive of office/employment despedir [v]
discharge from an office echar [v]
dismiss from office despedir [v]
post office private letter-box apartado [m]
office of the alamin alaminazgo [m]
office of master builder alarifazgo [m]
successful candidate for public office aspirante [m]
office of archpriest arciprestazgo [m]
alguacil's office alguacilazgo [m]
inspector's office almotacén [m]
inspector's office and duty almotacenazgo [m]
main office centro [m]
office of a centurion centurionazgo [m]
office/territory of a pasha bajalato [m]
assayer's office contraste [m]
private office camarín [m]
office or district of a corregidor or magistrate corregimiento [m]
branch office departamento [m]
book of prayers for the divine office capitulario [m]
post office correo [m]
lawyer's office and clientele bufete [m] fig.
office of guide/conductor guionaje [m]
aspirant to an office entretenido [m] disused
office-holder empleado [m]
public station/office empleo [m]
situation/office of the fiel fielato [m]
office pro tempore ínterin [m]
office, dignity, and term of a governor gobierno [m]
dignity/office of marshal mariscalato [m]
enrolling office registro [m]
post-office cancellation stamp matasellos [m]
office of royal physician protomedicato [m]
office of provider provisorato [m]
canonical office-book oficionario [m]
weighing office repeso [m]
office of a reporter reporterismo [m]
office of a preacher pulpito [m]
divine office rezo [m]
collector's office/district recaudamiento [m]
office of sub-prior or sub-prioress supriorato [m]
person in charge of a booking office taquillero [m]
tax-office telonio [m]
stamp office sello [m]
lieutenant's office tenientazgo [m]
office of deputy tenientazgo [m]
jurisdiction and office of a veguer veguerío [m]
kind office servicio [m]
office in a mint sete [m]
term of office superiorato [m]
office of a superior superiorato [m]
situation/office of the fiel fielazgo [m]
office-hunter pretendiente [m/f]
clerical office órdenes [f/pl]
customs office aduana (árabe) [f]
internal customs office aduana interior [f]
central customs office aduana central [f]
agency office agencia [f]
office of attaché agregación [f]
attaché office agregación [f]
attaché office agregaduría [f]
office of attaché agregaduría [f]
warden's office alcaidía [f]
mayor's office alcaldía [f]
post-office coach ambulancia de correos [f]
office of the inspector of weights and measures almotacén (árabe) [m]
office of a delegate delegación [f]
administrative office administración [f]
administrative representative's office gestoría [f]
post-office branch estafeta [f]
payments office pagaduría [f]
head office jefatura [f]
rector's office rectoría [f]
attaché's office agregaduría [f]
removal from office deposición [f]
public prosecutor's office fiscalía [f]
president's office presidencia [f]
removal from office destitución [f]
main office casa matriz [f]
main office sede principal [f]
box office boletería [f] LAM
holding of office titularidad [f]
box office bomb bomba de la taquilla [f]
magistrate's office corregiduría [f]
an office of the gestor gestoría [f]
office of a notary notaría [f]
office of the public prosecutor fiscalía [f]
box-office worker taquillera [f]
box-office salesperson taquillera [f]
box-office officer taquillera [f]
left luggage (office) consigna [f]
office cleaner afanadora [f] MX NI
deputy mayor's office alcaldía auxiliar [f] GT HN NI
box office gross recaudación de taquilla [f]
box-office return recaudación de taquilla [f]
social services office asistencia pública [f] EC PE BO CL UY
welfare office asistencia pública [f] EC PE BO CL UY
office of the assistant major auxiliaría [f] GT HN
betting office casa de apuestas [f]
birth registration office oficina de registro de nacimiento [f]
ticket office boletería [f] MX HN CR PA CU DO PR CO VE:W EC PE BO CL AR UY
ticket office boletería [f] AR UY
currency exchange office cadeca [f] CU
currency exchange office cambiadora [f] HN
ticket office boletería [f] VE:W
ticket office boletería [f] MX HN CR PA CU DO PR CO EC PE BO CL AR UY
box office boletería [f] MX HN CR PA CU DO PR CO EC PE BO CL AR UY
box office boletería [f] VE:W
public office (particularly the presidency or mayoralties) burra [f] HN
social services office asistencia pública [f] EC PE BO CL UY
welfare office asistencia pública [f] EC PE BO CL UY
an office or dependence of the police cana [f] BO:W,C derog.
an office or dependency of the police canasta [f] BO
electrical office machine máquina de oficina eléctrica [f]
office in mexico city where police respond to complaints, write up reports, and carry out prior inquiries delegación [f] MX
dentist office dentistería [f] CR CO PA PR MX EC disused
office in a church in charge of the collection and distribution of income to the canonry clavería [f] MX HN
left-luggage office custodia [f] PE CL
notary's office escribanía [f] DO PY AR UY
government accountability office contraloría (inglés) [f] MX GT HN NI CR BO CL UY
councilman's office where penal and civil cases are heard corregiduría [f] PA
office of the comptroller contraloría (inglés) [f] MX GT HN SV NI CR PA DO CO VE EC PE BO CL PY
municipal office of market administration intendencia municipal [f] BO
municipal office of market administration intendencia [f] BO
baggage registration office oficina de facturación de equipaje [f]
office where the superintendents or civil heads of the parishes and municipalities of venezuela are dispatched and attended jefatura [f] VE
office supply store librería [f] GT NI CR DO VE EC PE BO CL PY AR PA disused
command office jefatura [f] MX BO PY
head office jefatura [f] MX BO PY
office girl mandadera [f] MX GT HN SV NI CR PA DO CO BO UY
office of correspondence oficialía de partes [f] MX
medical examiners office medicatura forense [f] NI CR PA VE EC
political office with economic benefits papa [f] PA
procurator's office personería [f] CO
fixed personnel of a company or office planta [f] CL
fixed personnel of a company or office planta funcional [f] AR
attorney general's office procuraduría [f] MX GT CO EC PE AR UY
office of the mayor prefectura [f] EC PE BO
office of the mayor prefectura [f] CL
government office secretaría [f] MX HN SV DO CO EC BO CL AR
government office secretaría [f] PA disused
carabineer office tenencia [f] CL
politician's office tenencia política [f] EC
government office of justice of a subdelegation subdelegación [f] MX
instruction or resolution to process an issue, written by the head of a government office sumilla [f] EC
staff of office vara alta [f] HN:W
rifleman office tenencia [f] CL
office of a subprefect subprefectura [f] BO CL
staff of office vara [f]
take the oath of office tomar protesta [v]
take office asumir el cargo [v]
take office subir al poder [v]
leave office dejar el cargo [v]
leave office dejar el poder [v]
take the oath of office jurar el cargo [v]
take office tomar posesión del cargo [v]
remove from office amover [v]
displace someone from office relevar a alguien de un cargo [v]
come into office entrar en funciones [v]
take office entrar en funciones [v]
leave office cesar en su cargo [v]
go to the post office ir a correos [v]
administer an oath to someone who then begins in office tomar juramento a alguien [v]
be a failure in the box office ser un fracaso en la taquilla [v]
be a box office disappointment ser una desilusión en la taquilla [v]
be appointed (to a duty or office) ser nombrado (para cumplir con un deber u ocupar un cargo) [v]
remove from office/post descontinuar (inglés to discontinue) [v] DO
remove someone from political office descamburar [v] VE
streamline the processing of any required documentation before a notary or public office through an additional payment habilitar [v] VE
be a box office disappointment no cubrir las expectativas (recaudación en taquilla) [v]
be appointed (to a duty or office) ser asignado (a un trabajo o cargo) [v]
be appointed (to a duty or office) ser nombrado (para un deber o cargo) [v]
be a box office disappointment ser un chasco taquillero [v]
be a failure in the box office ser un fracaso taquillero [v]
obtain a public office encamburarse [v] VE
box-office smash supertaquillero [adj]
box-office success taquillero [adj]
relating to office work clerical (inglés) [adj] PR
pertaining to a town or city hall or mayor's office comunal [adj] HN SV
working in a public office encamburado [adj] VE
office boy botones [m]
registry office juzgado [m]
president's office rectorado [m]
(land) registry office manager director del registro (de propiedad) [m]
post office box apartado postal [m]
register office asiento [m]
box-office bomb fracaso en taquilla [m]
someone that does office work chupatintas [m]
vice-chancellor's office rectorado [m]
office of a commissioner of police comisariato [m]
box-office worker taquillero [m]
box-office officer taquillero [m]
box-office salesperson taquillero [m]
office cleaner afanador [m] MX NI
office of judge juzgado [m]
box-office hit éxito de taquilla [m]
dental office consultorio dental [m]
dentist’s office consultorio del dentista [m]
post-office box box (inglés) [m] HN PR
office furniture amoblamiento [m] BO CL AR UY
wait in the lobby of the office of a powerful person in order to ask them a favor cabildeo [m] PA
limited access office búnker (inglés) [m] HN SV NI
office assistant clerk (inglés) [m] PR
post office box clasificador [m] CL
office pool cuchubal [m] GT SV
small office cubículo [m] MX HN NI CR DO PE UY
humble office chinchorro [m] DO
office or store offering document and letter writing services escritorio público [m] MX
home office escritorio [m] EC BO CL PY
office assistant júnior (inglés júnior) [m] CL
announcement to fill a public office llamado [m] HN NI PA PY UY
office boy mandadero [m] MX GT HN SV NI CR PA DO CO BO UY
office boy mandadera [m] GT
office boy mandadero [m] GT
phone number of the head office master (inglés) [m] VE
obtaining a public office encamburamiento [m] VE
person in charge of office or workshop supplies ofisboy (inglés office y boy) [m] HN:N
office boy ofisboy (inglés office y boy) [m] NI
office boy ofisboy (inglés office y boy) [m] HN:N
office messenger ofisboy (inglés office y boy) [m] NI
post office box p o box (postal office box) [m] HN EC
post office box p o box [m] US NI PR EC
practice alternating political parties in a mayor's office or other public administration pasanacu [m] BO
protest by waiting outside a government office plantón [m] MX EC PE
independent office privado [m] MX NI EC UY CL rare
medical office building policonsultorio [m] BO
post office pick-up service poste restante (francés) [m] AR
staff of office varayoc [m] PE rur.
staff of office varáyoc [m] PE
staff of office varayok [m] PE
staff of office varáyok [m] PE
office clerk chupatintas [m/f] derog.
someone that works in an office oficinista [m/f]
(land) registry office manager director del catastro [n]
post office correos [m/pl]
by the approval of governors office por la aprobación de la oficina del gobernador [loc/adj]
by the confirmation of governors office por la confirmación de la oficina del gobernador [loc/adj]
by the acceptance of governors office por la aceptación de la oficina del gobernador [loc/adj]
privilege provided by a boss to their subordinates to visit their office without making an appointment ahead of time derecho de picaporte [loc/nom] MX
public information office oficina de información pública
booking office oficina de registro
post-office oficina de correos
post-office estafeta de correos
public office oficina pública
booking-office oficina de billetes
booking office despacho de pasajes
luggage office depósito de equipajes
post office estafeta de correos
booking-office oficina de registro
post office administración de correos
international labour office organización internacional del trabajo
office of the therapist oficina del terapeuta
therapist's office oficina del terapeuta
main office oficina central
information office oficina de información
tourist office oficina de turismo
post office box apartado de correos
post office box casilla de correos AMER
head office oficina central
the foreign office el ministerio de asuntos exteriores
the home office el ministerio del interior británico
registry office registro civil
lost property office [uk] oficina de objetos perdidos
lost-and-found office [us] oficina de objetos perdidos
office block bloque de oficinas
ticket office taquilla boletería
sorting office oficina de clasificación del correo
tourist information office oficina de turismo
post office casa de correos
term of office mandato (del oficio publico)
office supplies el material de oficina
office supplies store tienda de material de oficina
taking of office toma de posesión (de un mandato)
post office box apartado de correo
post office box correo postal
term of office término del cargo
office holder titular del cargo
office location ubicación de la oficina
law office manager gerente de oficina legal
medical office manager gerente de oficina médica
office hours horas de oficina
law office oficina legal
front office oficina principal
office where volunteers from military service are recorded el banderín de enganche
government printing office imprenta del gobierno
bullion-office oficina de cambios [f]
post office estafeta [f]
post-office casa de correos [f]
post-office estafeta [f]
printing office imprenta [f]
pay-office pagaduría [f]
loan-office casa de empeños [f]
lottery office expendeduría de billetes de lotería [f]
lottery office lotería [f]
registry office agencia doméstica [f]
registry office oficina del registro civil [f]
be in office estar colocado [v]
be in office estar en el poder [v]
do the office of servir de [v]
do the office of hacer el oficio de [v]
serve an office desempeñar algún cargo [v]
foreign office ministerio de asuntos extranjeros [m]
booking-office despacho de billetes [m]
box in post-office apartado de correos [m]
ticket office despacho de billetes [m]
jack in office pequeño empleado [m]
post office administración de correos [m]
post office estanco [m]
holy office santo oficio [m]
record office archivo [m]
war office ministerio de la guerra [m]
left luggage office [uk] consigna [f]
office of a crown minister covachuela [f] outdated
send it to my office mandarlo a mi oficina [v]
remove someone from office desnucar [v] HN
go to the office echar una firma [v] MX
government office ministerio [m]
office/post vacant hueco [m]
office obtained through nepotism enchufe [m]
government office with a lot of incompetent employees (batatas) batatal [m] PR
public office mame [m] EC
office worker chupatinta [m/f] BO CL rare
clean out your office limpiar la oficina
during office hours durante la jornada laboral
out of office/working hours fuera del horario de trabajo
in office en el cargo
in office en el poder
after leaving office... tras dejar el cargo...
in office de mandato
I will be out of the office until no estaré en la oficina hasta
I will be out of the office until estaré ausente de la oficina hasta el
I will be out of the office until estaré fuera de mi oficina hasta
drive someone out of office obligar a alguien a renunciar [v]
do a land-office business vender mucho en poco tiempo [v]
do a land-office business hacer un gran negocio [v]
do a land-office business tener mucho éxito de ventas [v]