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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "portion" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 40 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
portion porción [f]
portion ración [f]
portion parte [f]
portion hijuela [f]
portion parcela [f]
portion lote [m]
portion aportación [f]
portion apartadijo [m]
portion pitanza [f]
portion mensuración [f] MX BO
portion porción [f] MX EC BO PY AR UY
portion tanto [m] LAM
portion almácigo [m] VE
portion canto [m] PR
portion gajo [m] DO VE PY
portion ñoco (kikongo) [m] SV
portion ñolo [m] PR
portion tramo [m]
portion retazo
portion raja [f]
portion toma [f]
portion sección [f]
portion dotar [v]
portion apartadijo [m]
portion retazo [m]
portion tiempo [m]
portion dote [f]
portion dividir [v]
portion partir [v]
portion repartir [v]
portion distribuir [v]
portion pedazo [m]
portion porqué [m] rare
portion tocho morocho [m] MX
portion porción [f]
portion cuota [f]
portion cuota [f]
portion trozo
portion paquete de acciones
portion parte [f]

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "portion" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 184 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
appetizer (small portion of food) tapa [f]
installment (portion of debt) cuota [f]
portion or piece of food presa [f]
appetizer (small portion of food) picada [f]
major portion grueso [m]
portion of land in turn for watering dula [f]
portion of a town adra [f]
portion of land in turn for watering adula [f]
grape juice portion in wine atestadura [f]
bran from a small portion of flour acemite (árabe) [m] disused
portion of masonry bancada [f]
small portion cata [f]
central portion of a road used by the vehicles calzada [f]
big portion gran parte [f]
small extra portion when weighing an item caída [f] PR
portion of corn that is toasted all at once in a clay pot callanada [f] AR
small portion of something birragua [f] VE:W
irrigated portion of a plot of land for cultivation cabecera [f] PE rur.
double portion porción doble [f]
long elevated portion of a plot of land with slopes that gradually extend into flat land cuchilla [f] CU DO VE AR UY
additional free portion offered by the vendor to the customer chascada [f] SV NI
small portion of a harvest that a worker takes without express permission from the land owner he/she works for chala (del quechua) [f] EC:S
small portion of land ceja [f] DO
portion paid to the winner (dice or roulette) casa [f] HN
portion of excrement cantada [f] GT NI
free portion a vendor gives to a customer chascada [f] SV NI
each portion of meat that sticks to the bones after the butcher cuts the meat carnaza [f] CL
small portion grisma [f] GT HN SV NI PA
allotted portion porción adjudicada [f]
amount or portion of bread or other things that is baked in an oven cochada [f] CO VE
portion of marijuana cuajada [f] NI drug
portion of a street in quito where contraband items from the colombian town of ipiales are sold ipiales [f] EC
portion of a food, especially bread or cakes, cooked in the oven at one time horneada [f] SV CR CU CO BO CL AR
portion of marijuana equivalent to 28.75 g lata [f] SV
bite-sized portion kachida [f] BO:W,C
bite-sized portion kachuda [f] BO:W
portion of snuff or cocaine narigada [f] AR rare
small portion ñica [f] GT
very small portion naitica [f] VE rur.
very small portion milaña [f] DO
very small portion mincha [f] CO:C,Ne
very small portion miñanga [f] AR disused
very small portion miñanga [f] UY
very small portion miñinga [f] DO
very small portion mirringa [f] CU
minimal portion of something piscacha [f] MX NI
portion of cocaine perica [f] CO VE
portion of the rump tortuguita [f] AR
portion of food tanda [f] SV NI
portion of unrefined cane sugar tapa [f] PE
surround a portion of land acotar [v] MX HN
spend a small portion of an amount of money that was destined for another expense casar [v] BO:W,C,S
leave merchandise to someone so that the portion that is not sold is returned to the owner consignar [v] EC
skim some portion of a product sold to offset the discount offered ñapear [v] VE
portion of wool ready to be spun cadejo [m] AR
portion of a soft material in the form of a ball bodoque [m] CR disused
portion of a soft material in the form of a ball bodoque [m] MX GT HN SV
portion of a lotto ticket cachito [m] PA
interior part of a cow hide (which is of lower quality than the exterior portion) descarne [m] HN EC AR UY rur.
portion into which a field planted with beans is divided cuartón [m] CU
drink prepared with the juice from the lower portion of the maguey, sometimes sweetened and boiled with cornstarch chahuarmishqui (del quechua) [m] EC
round portion (of something) chiloto [m] GT
portion (food) chical [m] MX:C
portion of an alloy frajo [m] SV
small portion of something estril [m] NI
free portion a vendor gives to a customer ajuste [m] SV NI
portion of food eaten in an tortilla gallo [m] CR
small portion of something, especially marijuana guato [m] SV
portion of cattle in a herd hato [m] NI
bite-sized portion kachunazo [m] BO:W
portion of chewy food mascón [m] CU rare
portion of work that is left for tomorrow emburrador [m] HN
portion of something dosaje [m] PE
portion of chewing tobacco or rolled cigarettes naco [m] PY AR UY
thick and sticky portion pegoshte [m] GT rare
thick and sticky portion pegoste [m] MX GT HN SV NI CU CO
extra portion that is added pilón [m] MX
portion of soil transplanted with a plant pilón [m] GT
small portion of something piti [m] EC
work system in indigenous communities where the men work for a week in exchange for the right to plant a portion of land pongaje [m] PE rur.
work system in indigenous communities where the men work for a week in exchange for the right to plant a portion of land pongueaje [m] BO disused
portion of mashed potato pancake quechín [m] CL
additional portion taken from the loot rolo [m] VE delinq.
very small portion of dough used to make soups pastines [m/pl] UY AR disused
portion of coffee, chocolate or sugarcane juice taken before breakfast tragos [m/pl] CO:W
very small portion of dough used to make soups pastinas [f/pl] AR disused
vital portion porción vital
aft upper portion parte superior de popa
aft upper portion parte superior trasera
portion of the inhabitants of a town adra [f]
portion of capers alcaparrada [f]
small portion dedada [f]
portion of hewn stone cantería [f]
large portion cantidad [f]
portion of wool carded at one operation cardada [f]
portion of olives or grapes obtained in one pressing pisa [f]
portion of snuff narigada [f] AR CL
small portion porcioncita [f]
small portion porcioncilla [f]
give a portion/dowry dotar [v]
smaller portion of such divided ground atajadizo [m]
small portion of (flax) copete [m]
small portion bocado [m]
main portion of book cuerpo [m]
big portion of meat matahambre [m] AR
portion of tithe paid in money rebujo [m]
second portion of bread distributed in some monasteries segundillo [m]
poor person or student who comes for a portion of bodrio or hotchpotch brodista [m/f] disused
small portion porcioncica [m/f]
holder of a share/portion porcionista [m/f]
lower portion of feminine undergarments bajos [m/pl]
marriage-portion dote [f]
give a portion dotar [v]
give a portion entregar una cuota [v]
cross a river through the least dangerous and most shallow portion cruzar banda [v] BO:Ne,W
small portion of marijuana libra [f] SV NI drug
portion of snuff magalla [f] HN SV
portion of snuff magaya [f] HN
portion of chewing tobacco magalla [f] HN SV
portion of chewing tobacco magaya [f] HN
small portion nadita [f] AR:Nw UY rare
small portion nadita [f] MX GT SV NI CU DO VE EC PE BO:W,C
very small portion mirranga [f] CO PY
very small portion mirringa [f] CO
very small portion mirrusca [f] CR
small portion of something pinga [f] NI CO:C,Ne
a small portion of solid matter (food) cacho  [m] AR
small, round portion of something chupuste [m] HN SV
thick and sticky portion pegostre [m] MX HN
portion of alcohol in a drink piquete [m] MX GT NI EC BO
small portion of something pite [m] CO EC
portion of food zurungo [m] CL disused
for a large portion of my life durante gran parte de mi vida
small portion of marijuana libreta [f] NI drug
Quality Management
test portion muestra de prueba [f]
test portion muestra de prueba
single portion packaging machine embaladora de porciones simples [f]
foreign portion porción de material extranjero
uninsured portion parte no asegurada
equal portion of a whole parte alícuota
portion of paternal estate devolving on a child divisa [f]
inventory of the portion due to each heir hijuela [f]
portion of an estate hijuela [f]
marriage portion dote [f]
extra portion in a will mejora [f] PR ES
increase of dower/portion excrex [m]
marital portion porción marital
birthright portion of an estate legítima rigurosa CL EC
write-in portion of gray secrecy envelope porción de voto escrito del sobre gris de confidencialidad
major portion of the earth's atmosphere parte principal de la atmósfera terrestre
elevated portion porción elevada
recessed portion parte rebajada
portion-packed envasado en porciones
in-phase portion of the signal porción en fase de la señal
quadrature portion porción de cuadratura
central sterile portion of the sporangium columela [f]
analytical portion porción analítica
test portion porción de prueba
test portion porción de ensayo
Marine Biology
a large portion of algae that is sometimes supernatant in the water algazo [m]
Food Engineering
single portion porción individual
wrap-around portion of a cyclone región de arrollamiento del ciclón
Molecular Biology
analytical portion porción analítica
pharmacologically active portion fracción activa
pharmacologically active portion porción con actividad farmacológica
sphincter of third portion of duodenum esfínter de la tercera porción del duodeno
significant portion parte importante
stationary portion parte fija
rear portion parte trasera
forward lower portion parte inferior de proa
planted portion of a plot of land corte [m] CR
portion packs recipiente calibrado
a portion of the rump tortuguita [f] AR
portion of refried beans maleta [f] GT
portion of fried chicken served with fried potatoes or plantains pica pollo [f] DO
portion of coriander, parsley, chives, and other condiments used for seasoning recacha verde [f] PA
fine bran bread made with a small portion of flour acemita (árabe) [f]
portion of vegetables or beans that accompanies a main dish of meat or fish conque [m] HN
portion of yucca, banana, or corn served as garnish jacuú [m] BO:E
big portion of rolled meat stuffed with egg, raisins, and other ingredients matahambre [m] PE
spicy portion of food picante [m] EC PE CL
smaller portion of mineral than expected or required despinte [m] CL
top portion of a tree cogollo [m]
stationary portion parte fija [f]