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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "bearing" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 141 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
bearing rumbo [m]
bearing palier [m]
bearing cojinete [m]
bearing comporte [m]
bearing porte [m]
bearing continente [m]
bearing apostura [f]
bearing aguantada [f] EC
bearing balinera [f] NI
bearing balero de rodamiento [m] MX
bearing balinero [m] CO
bearing presión [f]
bearing conducta [f]
bearing incumbencia [f]
bearing importancia [f]
bearing de soporte [adj]
bearing de apoyo [adj]
bearing larguero [m]
bearing rodamiento [m]
bearing casquillo [m]
bearing aplastamiento [m]
bearing portante [m]
bearing portamacho [m]
bearing balero [m]
bearing comportamiento [m]
bearing balero [m] MX
bearing rulemán (francés) [m] PY AR UY
bearing rúleman (francés) [m] PY UY
bearing ubicación [f]
bearing conexión [f]
bearing orientación [f]
bearing localización [f]
bearing compostura [f]
bearing relación [f]
bearing sufrido [adj]
bearing sufriente [adj] rare
bearing soporte [m]
bearing emplazamiento [m]
bearing vínculo [m]
bearing aire [m]
bearing sufrida [adj/f]
bearing colocación [f]
bearing presencia [f]
bearing gracia [f]
bearing paciencia [f]
bearing faz [f]
bearing fuerza [f]
bearing fructificación [f]
bearing línea de flotación [f]
bearing extensión [f]
bearing aire [m]
bearing donaire [m]
bearing aspecto [m]
bearing sentido [m]
bearing valor [m]
bearing maneras [f/pl]
bearing relevancia [f]
bearing chumacera [f]
bearing rangua [f]
bearing punto de apoyo
bearing entrega [f]
bearing cosecha [f]
bearing producción [f]
bearing repercusión [f]
bearing preñez [f]
bearing demora [f]
bearing gestación [f]
bearing derrota [f]
bearing marcación [f]
bearing palomilla [f]
bearing chumacera [f]
bearing muñonera [f]
bearing portante [adj]
bearing apoyo [m]
bearing puntal [m]
bearing asiento [m]
bearing sufrimiento [m]
bearing soporte [m]
bearing cojinete [m]
bearing apoyo [m]
bearing descanso [m]
bearing soporte [m]
bearing rodamientos [m/pl]
bearing manga del eje
bearing apoyo [m] LAM
bearing demora
bearing chumacera [f]
bearing orientación [f]
bearing marcación [f]
bearing arrumbamiento [m]
bearing rumbo [m]
bearing cojinete [m]
bearing rumbo del filón
bearing rumbo del filón
General Medicine
bearing sostén [m]
bearing cojinete [m]
bearing rodamiento [m]
bearing descanso [m] AR
bearing apoyo [m] LAM
bearing soporte [m]
bearing punto de apoyo
bearing apuntalamiento [m]
bearing silleta [f]
bearing colocar cojinetes [v]
bearing tejo [m]
bearing empuje [m]
bearing muñonera [f]
bearing manga de eje [f]
bearing cojinete [m]
bearing porta-macho [m]
bearing alojamiento [m]
bearing punto de apoyo
bearing bancada [f] AR
bearing cojinete [m]
bearing rodamiento [m]
bearing arrumbamiento [m]
bearing aguante [m]
bearing situación [f]
bearing demora [f]
bearing acimut [m]
bearing reconocimiento [m]
bearing portamacho [m]
bearing tope de aguja [m]
bearing tope de aguja
bearing azimut [m]
bearing aguante [m]
bearing chumacera [f]
bearing apoyo [m]
bearing asiento [m]
bearing rumbo [m]
bearing cojinete [m]
bearing cojín [m]
bearing rumbo del estrato
bearing caja de chumacera
bearing articulación [f]
bearing cojinete [m]
bearing apoyo [m]
bearing escudo armorial [m]
bearing portador [m]
bearing portamacho [m]
bearing apoyo [m] LAM

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "bearing" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 500 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
oil bearing petrolífero [adj]
radio-bearing installation radiogoniómetro [m]
water-bearing strata niveles [m/pl]
ball bearing chumacera [f]
ball bearing bola [f]
have a bearing on incidir en [v]
news-bearing noticiero [adj]
water-bearing acuífero [adj]
oil-bearing petrolífero [adj]
wool-bearing lanar [adj]
gold-bearing aurífero [adj]
fruit-bearing frutal [adj]
news-bearing noticiera [adj/f]
water-bearing acuífera [adj/f]
oil-bearing petrolífera [adj/f]
gold-bearing aurífera [adj/f]
wheel bearing balinera [f] NI
be bearing arms armarse [v]
water-bearing acuífero [adj]
not bearing fruit agracero [adj]
biennial bearing añero [adj] CL
bearing fruit n alternate years añero [adj] CL
bearing with arrastramiento [m]
bearing with something arrastre [m]
wheel bearing balero de rodamiento [m] MX
wheel bearing balinero [m] CO
ball bearing balinera (inglés) [f] HN NI PA CO
axle bearing bufa (del inglés) [f] GT rur.
ball bearing pillow blocks chumacera (portugués) [f] HN
bearing reins sobrerrienda [f] CL UY
have bearing on incidir [v]
make oneself capable of bearing something unpleasant acerarse [v]
bud-bearing geminifloro [adj]
interest-bearing productivo [adj]
quartz-bearing cuarcífero [adj]
gem-bearing gemífero [adj]
uranium-bearing uranífero [adj]
pyrite-bearing piritoso [adj]
oil-bearing oleaginoso [adj]
iron-bearing ferroso [adj]
ore-bearing metalífero [adj]
beyond bearing intolerable [adj]
beyond bearing insoportable [adj]
bearing a yoke (animal) enyuntado [adj] CU DO rur.
fruit bearing cargador [adj] HN AR
footstep bearing tajuelo [m]
ball bearing rodamiento [m]
ball bearing cojinete [m]
pivot bearing tejuelo [m]
bearing ball balín [m] MX GT HN SV NI CR CO CL
ball-bearing rodamiento de bolas [m]
a marshy area where the moriche palm grows, of the family mauritia flexuosa and bearing edible fruits aguajal [m] PE
copper bearing for an electric motor bushin (inglés) [m] HN NI
ball-bearing rodamiento de bolas [m]
bearing down pujido [m] GT HN SV
bearing liabilities pasivos remunerados [m/f]
ball bearing cojinete de bolas
load-bearing wall la pared de carga
load-bearing wall pared maestra
bearing of arms tenencia de armas
load-bearing wall muro de carga
fly-leaf bearing the title only of a book anteportada [f]
tale-bearing chismería [f]
dignified bearing dignidad [f]
slip of paper for writing or bearing written or printed matter cédula [f]
fur-bearing seal foca [f]
berry-bearing alder frángula [f]
stalk of plants bearing fruit lleta [f]
journal bearing palomilla [f]
silver-bearing argentífero [adj]
tale-bearing chismero [adj]
tale-bearing chismoso [adj]
coal-bearing carbonífero [adj]
burden-bearing carguero [adj]
shell-bearing conchífero [adj]
leaf-bearing frondífero [adj]
fruit-bearing fructífero [adj]
iron-bearing ferrífero [adj]
bearing grains as seeds granífero [adj]
concerning any of the queens of spain or england bearing the name of isabel (elizabeth) isabelino [adj]
cone-bearing estrobilifero [adj]
nectar-bearing nectarífero [adj]
resin-bearing resinífero [adj]
radium-bearing radífero [adj]
platinum bearing platinífero [adj]
incense-bearing turífero [adj]
fruit-bearing in alternate years vecero [adj]
bearing false witness testimoniero [adj]
fruit-bearing in alternate years vecera [adj]
jewel bearing of a magnetic needle chapitel [m]
palm bearing an oily nut corojo [m]
unsigned note bearing the abbreviation blm and written in the third person besalamano [m]
file of papers bearing on a case expediente [m]
pepper-bearing ground pimental [m]
a flower-bearing shrub palpallén [m] CL
soldier bearing a buckler rodelero [m]
soda-bearing field sosal [m]
silver coin bearing a head testón [m]
coal-bearing carbonífera [adj/f]
burden-bearing carguera [adj/f]
radium-bearing radífera [adj/f]
concerning any of the queens of spain or england bearing the name of isabel (elizabeth) isabelina [adj/f]
resin-bearing resinífera [adj/f]
shell-bearing conchífera [adj/f]
cone-bearing estrobilifera [adj/f]
silver-bearing argentífera [adj/f]
iron-bearing ferrífera [adj/f]
leaf-bearing frondífera [adj/f]
fruit-bearing fructífera [adj/f]
nectar-bearing nectarífera [adj/f]
tale-bearing chismera [adj/f]
tale-bearing chismosa [adj/f]
bearing false witness testimoniera [adj/f]
bearing grains as seeds granífera [adj/f]
incense-bearing turífera [adj/f]
platinum bearing platinífera [adj/f]
tale-bearing hablilla [f]
beyond all bearing insoportable [adj]
beyond all bearing inaguantable [adj]
beyond all bearing insufrible [adj]
olive-bearing olivífero [adj]
past bearing insoportable [adj]
child-bearing parto [m]
tale-bearing soplo [m]
roller bearing cojinete de rodillos [m]
olive-bearing olivífera [adj/f]
berry-bearing que produce bayas
come bearing gifts venir con regalos [v]
have a bearing on influir [v]
have a bearing on tener interés en [v]
have a bearing on tener peso sobre [v]
have a bearing on afectar [v]
have a bearing upon tener interés en [v]
have a bearing upon tener peso sobre [v]
have a bearing upon afectar [v]
have a bearing upon influir [v]
come bearing gifts llegar golpeando con los pies [v] CL
bearing the load sostener la peña [v] HN SV NI
by bearing difficulties con el cuchillo entre los dientes
no bearing on no guarda relación con
no bearing on no tiene nada que ver con
no bearing on no tiene relación con
no bearing on no afecta a
tale-bearing soplón [adj]
tale-bearing soplona [adj/f]
bearing in mind teniendo en cuenta [loc/prep]
bearing/keeping this situation in mind teniendo en cuenta esta situación
bearing in mind teniendo en mente
bearing in mind considerando
bearing/keeping this situation in mind teniendo esta situación en mente
for bearing the stigma of rape por llevar el estigma de la violación
bearing in mind that tomando nota de que
bearing in mind that considerando que
bearing in mind that recordando que
bearing in mind that teniendo presente que
bearing in mind that teniendo en cuenta que
bearing in mind that habida cuenta de que
bearing in mind that tomando en consideración que
copper-bearing cuprífero [adj]
non-interest-bearing que no devenga interés [adj]
interest-bearing reditual [adj]
interest-bearing redituable [adj]
interest-bearing útil [adj]
noninterest-bearing que no devenga interés
non-cost-bearing liabilities pasivos sin costo
interest-bearing que devenga interés
noninterest-bearing sin intereses
interest bearing credits créditos con intereses
interest-bearing loan préstamo con intereses
non-interest bearing credits créditos sin intereses
interest bearing que producen intereses
interest-bearing deposits depósitos con interés
cost-bearing liabilities pasivos con costo
interest bearing que rinden intereses
cost of interest-bearing liabilities coste de los recursos onerosos
non-interest-bearing liabilities pasivos que no devengan intereses
interest bearing que devengan intereses
interest-bearing liabilities pasivos que devengan intereses
non-interest-bearing que no devenga interés
interest-bearing que produce intereses
interest-bearing con interés
interest bearing que devenga intereses
noninterest-bearing que no devenga intereses
interest-bearing reserve encaje remunerado
non-interest-bearing note pagaré sin intereses
interest-bearing checking account cuenta de cheques con intereses MX
interest-bearing account cuenta productiva
interest-bearing account cuenta remunerada
interest-bearing loan préstamo con intereses
interest-bearing deposit depósito con intereses
interest-bearing deposits in banks depósitos en bancos que devengan intereses
non-interest-bearing deposits in banks depósitos en bancos que no devengan intereses
interest-bearing debt deuda onerosa
Social Security Terms
bearing and raising of children la maternidad y la crianza de los hijos
child-bearing years edad de procrear
Work Safety Terms
bearing noise ruido de rodamiento
bearing block bloque de apoyo
ball bearing block motón de caja de bolas
main bearing bolt perno de cojinete del cigüeñal
interest bearing obligations obligaciones de interés fijo
plummer-block bearing cojinete [m]
noninterest-bearing que no devenga intereses
dividend-bearing coupon cupón de dividendo
interest bearing con intereses
fixed-interest (bearing) security título valor de renta fija
interest bearing que devenga intereses
noninterest-bearing sin intereses
interest-bearing account cuenta remunerada
interest-bearing debt deuda sujeta a al pago de intereses
interest-bearing deposit depósito a plazo
non-interest-bearing que no devenga interés
interest-bearing que devenga interés
non-interest-bearing sin intereses
interest-bearing con interés
risk-bearing capacity capacidad para asumir riesgos
non-interest-bearing no remunerado improductivo
noninterest-bearing note pagaré que no devenga intereses
act of bearing witness on oath deposición [f]
nitrogen-bearing nitrogenado [adj]
petroleum-bearing petrolífero [adj]
interest-bearing que devenga intereses [adj]
interest bearing redituable [adj]
interest bearing reditual [adj]
interest-bearing útil [adj]
engine bearing rodamiento [m]
bearing date fecha del instrumento
bearing (machine) cojinete [m]
Un Social Studies
child-bearing age edad fecunda
child-bearing age edad de procrear
thrust bearing soporte a presión
flatness of bearing planicidad de contacto [f]
range bearing display presentación distancia demora [f]
reciprocal bearing marcación recíproca [f]
long path bearing cojinete de largo recorrido [m]
coal-bearing hullero [adj]
salt-bearing salino [adj]
jewel bearing cojinete de piedra dura [m]
bearing and power transfer assembly conjunto de marcación y transferencia de energía [m]
swivel bearing motor motor de apoyo giratorio [m]
spherically seated bearing cojinete de rótula
pad type bearing cojinete segmenado
self-lubricating bearing cojinete autolubricante
insulated bearing pedestal pedestal de cojinete aislado
forced lubricated bearing cojinete de engrase forzado
oil-jacked bearing cojinete de aceite a presión
tilting pad bearing cojinete de segmentos oscilantes
bearing pedestal pedestal de cojinete
flood lubricated bearing cojinete de engase por riego
cartridge type bearing cojinete tipo cartucho
bearing lining casquillo de cojinete
oil ring lubricated bearing cojinete de anillo de engrase
disc and wiper lubricated bearing cojinete de engrase por disco
thrust bearing cojinete de empuje
bearing liner conjunto de cojinete
bearing pressure carga específica de cojinete
spring loaded bearing cojinete de resorte
bearing housing alojamiento de cojinete
pressure lubricated bearing cojinete de engrase a presión
motor suspension bearing cojinete de motor de suspensión
magnetic bearing cojinete magnético
bearing shield palier soporte
guide bearing cojinete guía
insulated bearing housing brazo de cojinete
ball bearing cojinete de bolas
bearing shell concha de cojinete
roller bearing cojinete de rodillos
plug in type bearing cojinete de tipo cartucho
bearing clearance juego de cojinete
straight seated bearing cojinete rígido
sleeve bearing cojinete casquillo
insulated bearing housing alojamiento de cojinete aislado
split sleeve bearing cojinete de dos semicasquillos
journal bearing cojinete de resbalamiento
location bearing cojinete de ajuste
bearing clearance juego de cojinete
self-lubricating bearing cojinete autolubricante
split sleeve bearing cojinete de dos semicasquillos
thrust bearing cojinete de empuje
bearing pressure carga específica de cojinete
sliding bearing resbaladera [f]
grid bearing orientación [f]
bearing rein gamarra [f]
fruit-bearing fructificación [f]
side bearing resbaladera [f]
bearing alloy antifricción [f]
radio bearing radiomarcación [f]
ball bearing municionera [f] VE
compass bearing marcación [f]
bearing cap tapa del cojinete [f]
gas bearing fuerza del gas [f]
ball-bearing cage jaula de bolas del rodamiento [f]
bush (bearing) guarnecer [v]
mineral-bearing mineralizante [adj]
clay-bearing arcilloso [adj]
water-bearing freático [adj]
lead-bearing plomilloso [adj]
pearl-bearing perlífero [adj]
cross-bearing crucífero [adj]
nut-bearing nucífero [adj]
metal-bearing metalífero [adj]
drupe-bearing drupáceo [adj]
lead-bearing plomoso [adj]
coal-bearing carbonífero [adj]
water-bearing acuífero [adj]
silver-bearing argentífero [adj]
copper-bearing encobrado [adj]
gold-bearing aurífero [adj]
copper-bearing cuprífero [adj]
copper-bearing cúprico [adj]
copper-bearing cuproso [adj]
ore-bearing metalífero [adj]
oil-bearing petrolífero [adj]
coal-bearing hullifero [adj]
gold-bearing aurífero [adj]
coal-bearing hullífero [m]
lead-bearing plumbífero [m]
bearing up sostenimiento [m]
wool-bearing animal ovino [m]
bearing block portacojinete [m]
ball bearing balinero [m]
bearing rivet empuje [m]
ball bearing balero [m] MX
bearing pin empuje [m]
bearing race portabolas [m]
roller bearing cage portarrodillos [m]
bearing cap casquete del cojinete [m]
bearing cap casquillo del cojinete [m]
self-aligning bearing conector de holgura [m]
dummy bearing race anillo de cojinete falso [m]
bearing race anillo guía del cojinete [m]
bearing plate disco de presión [m]
oilless bearing cojinete autolubricante
bearing reciprocal demora inversa
rolling bearing cojinete de bolas
bearing transmission transmisión de orientación
split bearing cojinete seccional
axle bearing caja del eje
bearing-in shot tiro de franqueo
end bearing pile pilote de columna
annular ball bearing cojinete anular de bolas
observed bearing rumbo observado
true bearing marcación verdadera
bearing metal metal para cojinetes
bearing plate disco de presión
bearing block bloque de apoyo
radial thrust bearing cojinete de empuje radial
bearing rein falsa rienda
friction bearing cojinete de fricción
radio bearing rumbo radiogoniométrico
side bearing soporte lateral
ceramic bearing cojinete cerámico
calculated bearing rumbo computado
swivel bearing soporte de rótula
compass bearing rumbo con la brújula
intermediate bearing cojinete intermedio
angular bearing dirección angular
taper roller bearing cojinete de rodillos cónicos
needle bearing cojinete de agujas
load bearing capacity capacidad portante
angular-contact bearing cojinete de contacto angular
spindle bearing cojinete del husillo
cross-bearing marcación cruzada
bearing surface superficie portante
bearing cap sombrerete del cojinete
back bearing marcación de salida
true-bearing unit unidad de demora verdadera
bearing sleeve casquillo del cojinete
elastic bearing apoyo elástico
support bearing cojinete de soporte
beam bearing soporte del plegador
antifriction bearing grease grasa para rodamientos
bearing ring corona de apoyo
journal bearing cojinete liso
bearing loss pérdida por cojinetes
anchorage of the bearing fijación del cojinete
motor bearing cojinete del motor
lignum vitae bearing chumacera de guayacán
bearing carrier cojinete de apoyo
tapered roller bearing cojinete de rodillos cónicos
bearing flange brida de cojinete
radio compass bearing brújula radiogoniométrica
bearing stud perno de cojinete
bearing pedestal pedestal de chumacera
bearing sleeve camisa de cojinete
shaft bearing cojinete de transmisión
bearing capacity carga admisible
bearing point punto de aplicación
crankshaft bearing cojinete del cigüeñal
compass bearing marcación de la brújula
swivel bearing soporte basculante
floating bearing soporte móvil
swivel bearing cojinete de rótula
bearing wall muro de contención
bearing surface superficie de contacto
bottom end bearing cojinete de pie de biela
bearing spring muelle de suspensión
main bearing cojinete del cigüeñal
bearing bar traviesa de parrilla
tumbler bearing soporte oscilante
bearing stress tensión de apoyo
roller bearing rodamiento de rodillos
conical bearing cojinete cónico
direct bearing marcación directa
angular-contact bearing rodamiento de contacto angular
rubber bearing cojinete de caucho
grid bearing rumbo de cuadriculado
solid bearing cojinete liso
relative bearing marcación relativa
shaft bearing cojinete del eje
bearing chart gráfico de marcaciones
misaligned bearing cojinetes desalineados
bearing roller rodillo de apoyo
astronomic bearing rumbo astronómico
support bearing cojinete de apoyo
self-lubricating bearing cojinete autolubricado
information bearing signals señales portadoras de información
bilateral bearing marcación bilateral
bearing repeater compass compás repetidor del rumbo
load-bearing wall muro de carga
area of bearing superficie de apoyo
tilting bearing apoyo de rótula
center-bearing draw puente giratorio de apoyo central
roller bearing cojinete de rodillos
bearing plate placa de asiento
step bearing disc disco regulable de apoyo
bearing disc disco de demoras
magnetic radio bearing radiomarcación magnética
floating bearing cojinete flotante
bearing bushing cojinete cilindrico
fruit-bearing tree árbol frutal
wall bearing muro de carga
shaft bearing cojinete del árbol
true bearing orientación verdadera
bearing washer arandela del cojinete
great circle bearing marcación ortodrómica
spindle bearing cojinete del huso
true bearing rumbo verdadero
release bearing cojinete de desembrague
bearing point punto de contacto
bearing stud tope de aguja
fur-bearing rodent roedor de pelo
bearing point punto de apoyo
bearing strip pletina de apoyo
friction bearing cojinete liso
worn bearing cojinete desgastado
ball bearing cojinete de apoyo de bolas
bearing wall pared medianera
ground-bearing capacity resistencia del terreno
bush bearing cojinete cerrado
back bearing marcación recíproca
slide bearing apoyo deslizante
rolling bearing cojinete de rodillos
self-aligning bearing cojinete de rótula
hydrostatic bearing cojinete hidrostático
bearing tree árbol de referencia
bearing pressure presión sobre la chumacera
bearing shell casquillo de cojinete
thrust bearing cojinete de empuje
bearing shell casco del cojinete
compass bearing compás de referencia
fruit-bearing shrub arbusto frutal
bearing axle eje portador
end bearing soporte frontal
cylindrical roller bearing cojinete de rodillos cilíndricos
main bearing soporte principal
bearing cartridge alojamiento del cojinete
plate-bearing test ensayo de carga con placa
pilot bearing cojinete de guía
outer bearing cojinete exterior
bearing retainer retén de rodamiento
bearing pedestal soporte de cojinete
bearing puller extractor de cojinetes
bearing strength resistencia de apoyo
guide bearing cojinete de guía
bearing projector proyector de aterrizaje
end bearing soporte final
wall bearing partition tabique de carga
small-end bearing cojinete de pie de biela
hinged bearing cojinete articulado
forward bearing rumbo directo
conical bearing rodamiento cónico
bearing support soporte de cojinete
end-bearing pile pilote columna
ore bearing solution solución mineralizante
limestone-bearing calizo
slider bearing cojinete de deslizamiento
main bearing cojinete principal
signal bearing azimut de la señal
mainshaft bearing cojinete del eje principal
load-bearing wall muro de contención
reverse bearing rumbo inverso
swivel bearing cojinete esférico
bearing spacer separador de rodamiento
lower bearing soporte inferior
rod-bearing cojinete de biela
bearing material metal antifricción
connecting-rod bearing cojinete de biela
bearing scale escala acimutal
bearing spindle árbol principal
bearing set marco de soporte