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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "joint" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 352 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
joint común [adj]
joint articulación [f]
joint tasca [f]
joint costura [f]
joint paritario [adj]
joint conjunto [adj]
joint empalme [m]
joint ensambladura [f]
joint juntura [f]
joint coyuntura [f]
joint ensamblar [v]
joint solidario [adj]
joint mancomunado [adj]
joint mixto [adj]
joint mutuo [adj]
joint enchufe [m]
joint ensamblaje [m]
joint peta [m]
joint petardo [m]
joint cuarto [m]
joint solidaria [adj/f]
joint conjunta [adj/f]
joint mancomunada [adj/f]
joint mixta [adj/f]
joint mutua [adj/f]
joint antro [m]
joint porro [m]
joint junta [f]
joint unión [f]
joint articulación [f]
joint conjuntura [f] disused
joint costura [f]
joint coyuntura [f]
joint delantera [f] rare
joint junta [f]
joint juntura [f]
joint articulario [adj]
joint conjuntivo [adj]
joint empalme [m]
joint co [pref]
joint llaga [f]
joint bareta [f] CO
joint chilombiana [f] CL drug
joint chicha [f] CU drug
joint chilombiana [f] CL
joint empatadura [f] MX DO PR
joint pituca [f] BO:E AR drug
joint piña [f] NI drug
joint vareta [f] CO
joint articular [v]
joint asociado [adj]
joint unitario [adj]
joint en común [adj]
joint comunitario [adj]
joint compartido [adj]
joint asado [adj]
joint conjunto [m]
joint enganche [m]
joint acoplamiento [m]
joint bar [m]
joint boliche [m] AR
joint bareto [m] CO EC
joint bate [m] HN NI PA DO EC
joint cuete [m] CL
joint charuto [m] AR UY drug
joint chala (del quechua) [m] AR
joint chilombiano [m] CL drug
joint churro [m] MX HN NI drug
joint chubi [m] MX:N drug
joint estril [m] NI drug
joint carrufo [m] MX SV
joint carretón [m] HN rur.
joint leño [m] HN SV DO drug
joint join [m] NI
joint joint [m] CO CL
joint joint [m] EC rare
joint embone [m] EC PE
joint ñenque [m] SV drug
joint pichón [m] PR drug
joint pirulín [m] AR teen drug
joint pistolo [m] CO disused
joint piticlín [m] PE drug
joint pito [m] GT NI CR PA CU PR VE EC PE CL drug
joint pocho [m] SV
joint pucho [m] NI CR CO:W,Sw
joint rin (inglés rim) [m] SV
joint troncho [m] CL AR teen
joint yiyo [m] CL
joint yoen (inglés joint) [m] NI
joint yoin (inglés joint) [m] GT SV NI CL
joint yoing (inglés joint) [m] HN
joint yuyo [m] PA
joint zepelín [m] CL drug
joint zépelin [m] CL drug
joint vareto [m] CO
joint varillo [m] CO:C
joint tabaquito [m] PR
joint taco [m] CO
joint compartida [adj/f]
joint empalmadura [f]
joint gafar [v]
joint acumulativo [adj]
joint artículo [m]
joint ensamble [m]
joint nudo [m]
joint tugurio [m]
joint acumulativa [adj/f]
joint descuartizar [v]
joint formar nudos [v]
joint formar coyunturas [v]
joint formar articulaciones [v]
joint hacer alianza [v]
joint hacer confederación [v]
joint combinado [adj]
joint repartido [adj]
joint participante [adj]
joint indiviso [adj]
joint dividido [adj]
joint distribuido [adj]
joint nudillo [m]
joint encuentro de un ave [m]
joint cuarto de un animal [m]
joint dividida [adj/f]
joint repartida [adj/f]
joint indivisa [adj/f]
joint combinada [adj/f]
joint distribuida [adj/f]
joint juntura [f] disused
joint ayuntamiento [m]
joint empate [m] MX DO PR VE EC PE
joint palillo [m] PR drug
joint puro [m] GT HN SV CR drug
joint toque [m] PR PY
joint juntamiento [m] disused
joint chustilla [f] ES
joint guachafita [f] VE
joint bisagra [f] NI DO
joint fragua [f] SV drug
joint macoña [f] CL teen
joint mafú [f] PR drug
joint bazuca [f] CO
joint leño [m] HN
joint porro [m] ES
joint churro [m]
joint hojar [m] LAM
joint lugar de reunión [m]
joint caño  [m] AR
joint frago [m] SV drug
joint faso [m] BO AR UY drug
joint fasola [m] AR drug
joint carruco [m] HN
joint cañón [m] PE AR teen
joint cohete [m] AR UY drug
joint güiro [m] PE CL
joint lirio [m] HN:N drug
joint dime (inglés) [m] PR drug
joint dub [m] SV drug
joint dulce [m] SV drug
joint pitillo [m] NI PR PE
joint canuto [m]
joint [uk] cuarto de carne
joint [us] cigarillo de marihuana
joint bareta [f] CO
joint motivosa [f] MX
joint motocicleta [f] MX
joint aracata [f] MX
joint mary [f] MX
joint nalga de ángel [f] MX
joint grilla [f] MX CAM
joint hierba [f]
joint zacate inglés [f] MX CAM
joint chora [f] MX
joint moravia [f] MX
joint morisqueta [f] MX
joint malva [f] MX
joint mota [f] MX
joint canoa [f]
joint trompeta [f]
joint mandanga [f]
joint cárcel [f]
joint marihuana [f]
joint galía [f] SV drug
joint juanita [f] MX HN drug
joint tila [f] NI
joint motor de chorro [m] MX
joint mastuerzo [m] MX
joint orégano [m] MX
joint orégano chino [m] MX
joint kiki [m]
joint porro [m] ES
joint chocolate [m]
joint ful [m]
joint tate [m]
joint tinglado [m]
joint pito [m]
joint trullo [m]
joint leño [m] HN
joint carruco [m] HN
joint bate [m] HN
joint leño [m]
joint pito [m] AMER
joint canuto [m]
joint pito [m] CL
joint bate [m] PA PE
joint calillo [m] CO
joint cambumbo [m] SV
joint faisán [m] AR jail
joint carruco [m] HN drug
joint carrufo [m] SV drug
joint cartucho [m] SV drug
joint caño [m] SV drug
joint grullo [m] PR drug
joint garrufo [m] MX GT drug
joint moto [m] MX CAM CO VE EC PR
joint huato [m] HN
joint gallito [m] PR
joint gallo [m] PR drug
joint gallo [m] MX teen
joint tabaco [m] PR
joint cacho [m] CO
joint verga
joint madriguera
joint porro
joint cigarrillo de marihuana
joint club nocturno de mala reputación
joint prisión
joint cigarrillo de cannabis
joint antro
joint mierda [f]
joint colectivo [adj]
joint copartícipe [adj]
joint mancomunado [adj]
joint conjunto [adj]
joint unido [adj]
joint en común [adj]
joint colectivo [adj]
joint segmento [m]
joint recíproco [adj]
joint unido [adj]
joint conexión [f]
joint empalme [m]
joint enganche [m]
joint chamela [f]
joint grieta [f]
joint frisa [f]
joint diaclasa [f]
joint bisagra [f]
joint conexión [f]
joint junta [f]
joint soldadura [f]
joint unión [f]
joint ensambladura [f]
joint articulación [f]
joint costura [f]
joint acopladura [f]
joint junta [f]
joint juntura [f]
joint junta [f]
joint chamela [f]
joint poner en circuito [v]
joint articular [v]
joint juntear [v]
joint agrupado [adj]
joint gozne [m]
joint empalme [m]
joint nudo [m]
joint empate [m]
joint encuentro [m]
joint ensamble [m]
joint acoplamiento [m]
joint ensamblaje [m]
joint gozne [m]
joint enganche [m]
joint junta [f]
joint diaclasa [f]
joint fisura [f]
joint junta [f]
joint juntura [f]
joint diaclasa [f]
joint fractura [f]
joint rendija [f]
joint unión [f]
joint grieta [f]
joint articulación [f]
joint conexión [f]
joint grieta [f]
joint fisura [f]
joint diaclasa [f]
joint abismo [m]
joint acoplamiento [m]
joint empalme [m]
joint enchufe [m]
joint crucero [m]
joint articulación [f]
joint gonce [m]
joint articular [adj]
joint articulacion [f]
joint degolladura [f]
joint unión [f]
joint junta [f]
joint bisagra [f]
joint degollado [m]
joint nudo [m]
joint acoplamiento [m]
joint junta longitudinal
joint faldilla [f]
joint degolladura [f]
joint nudo [m]
joint fractura [f]
joint grieta [f]
joint diaclasa [f]
joint junta [f]
joint juntar [v]
joint rejuntar [v]
joint unir [v]
joint articularse [v]
joint igualar [v]
joint agregar [v]
joint empalmar [v]
joint poner en circuito [v]
joint empalme [m]
joint charnela [f]
joint empalme [m]
joint empalme [m]
joint empalme [m]
joint empalme [m]
joint empalme [m]
joint junta [f]
joint topar [v]
joint faldilla [f]
joint unión [f]
joint diaclasa [f]
joint articulación [f]
joint conexión [f]
joint junta [f]
joint conexión [f]
joint acoplamiento [m]
joint empalme [m]
joint ensamblador [m]
joint unión [f]
joint rótula [f]
joint junta [f]
joint acoplar [v]
joint empalmar [v]
joint juntar [v]
joint unir [v]
joint combinado [adj]
joint compartido [adj]
joint junta articulada [f]
joint junta articulada
joint articulación [f]
joint junta [f]

Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "joint" im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch : 6 Ergebniss(e)

Spanisch Englisch
joint [m] CO CL marijuana cigarette
joint [m] EC rare marijuana cigarette
joint [m] CO CL blunt
joint [m] EC rare blunt
joint [m] CO CL joint
joint [m] EC rare joint

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "joint" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 500 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
hip joint cadera [f]
joint owner copropietaria [f]
joint heir coheredera [f]
joint tenant coarrendatario [m]
joint heir coheredero [m]
joint owner copropietario [m]
ball-and-socket joint rótula [f]
joint author coautora [f]
joint financing cofinanciación [f]
joint management cogestión [f]
joint production coproducción [f]
joint responsibility corresponsabilidad [f]
out of joint descoyuntado [adj]
universal joint cardán [m]
mitre joint inglete [m]
joint author coautor [m]
joint ownership condominio [m]
joint! tugurio [m]
joint property gananciales [m/pl]
out of joint descoyuntada [adj/f]
degenerative joint disease artrosis [f]
joint purchasing coadquisición [f]
joint acquisition coadquisición [f]
joint management cogestión [f]
joint cause concausa [f]
joint participation coparticipación [f]
joint production coproducción [f]
joint ownership copropiedad [f]
joint estate copropiedad [f]
joint tenancy copropiedad [f]
joint responsibility corresponsabilidad [f]
joint liability corresponsabilidad [f]
burger joint hamburguesería [f]
hamburger joint hamburguesería [f]
move a joint goncear [v]
pipe joint mortar betún [m]
joint creditor coacreedor [m]
joint partner in renting something coarrendador [m]
joint debtor codeudor [m]
elbow joint codillo [m]
joint heir coheredero [m]
joint-curate combeneficiado [m]
joint-guarantor confiador [m] disused
joint owner coposesor [m]
joint possessor coposesor [m]
joint president copresidente [m]
joint owner copropietario [m]
joint redeemer corredentor [m]
joint ruling correinado [m]
joint rule correinado [m]
miter joint inglete [m]
joint holder cotitular [m/f]
welded joint soldadura [f]
joint stock of two gamblers vaca [f]
soldered joint soldadura [f]
joint account cuenta conjunta [f]
joint account cuenta mancomunada [f]
hot dog joint panchería [f] UY AR
joint of progress or social group progresía [f]
breeches joint junta en y [f]
breeches joint derivación en y [f]
rolling paper (joint) boleta [f] NI
joint paper boleta [f] NI
bone joint bisagra [f] NI DO
disarticulation of a bone from the joint descuyuntura [f] HN
jaw joint carretilla [f] CL
plumbing joint copla [f] PE BO CL
long, uniform soldering joint costura [f] PR
long, uniform welding joint costura [f] PR
aluminium joint junta de aluminio (dilatación estructural) [f]
joint task force incursión [f] DO PR
half of a joint mioca [f] SV
cigar or joint butt tocola [f] NI CR
joint creditor coacreedora [f]
joint partner in renting something coarrendadora [f]
joint debtor codeudora [f]
joint heir coheredera [f]
joint-guarantor confiadora [f] disused
joint owner coposesora [f]
joint possessor coposesora [f]
joint president copresidenta [f]
joint owner copropietaria [f]
joint redeemer corredentora [f]
come out of joint dislocarse [v]
roll a joint of cannabis fachar [v] VE
dislocate a joint desbinzar [v] GT disused
dislocate a bone/joint descomponerse [v] SV DO CO rur.
lick the paper of a marijuana cigarette or joint before smoking it curar [v] SV
smoke joint jalar [v] HN
roll a joint enrolar [v] US NI PR
smoke a joint motearse [v] HN SV NI CR
dislocate a joint recalcarse [v] AR UY
roll a joint rolar [v] SV
roll a joint rolear (inglés roll) [v] PE drug
roll a joint ralear [v] PA
twist or dislocate a joint troncharse [v] CO EC CL
twist or dislocate a joint troncharse [v] PE rare
dislocate a joint troncharse [v] NI CO EC
dislocate a joint troncharse [v] PE rare
twist or dislocate a joint tronchar [v] CO
stoned (from a joint) emporrado [adj]
feeling pain in a joint due to a dislocation (someone) decoyuntao [adj] DO
straight-joint empalme [m]
lap joint empalme [m]
joint doer coautor [m]
joint trustee cofiduciario [m]
pipe joint manguito [m]
pipe joint compound betún [m]
joint property gananciales [m]
arm joint close to chest (animal) codillo [m]
joint (marijuana) aparato [m] SV
pipe joint bushin (inglés) [m] HN
draft joint resolution proyecto de resolución conjunto [m]
fat marijuana joint or cigarette chancho [m] CL
drag of a joint yegue [m] SV
thick joint mazo [m] HN drug
passing of a joint palomita [m] CL drug
rolling of a joint role [m] SV
drag off a joint yegue [m] SV
drag off a joint yonson (inglés junction) [m] SV
drag off a joint yoquis [m] SV
joint custody custodia compartida
joint venture empresa conjunta
joint venture joint venture
joint venture empresa mixta
mortise-and-tenon joint caja y espiga
joint account cuenta conjunta
combined joint income ingresos conjuntos
the joint chiefs junta de jefes
the joint chiefs of staff junta de jefes
joint bank account cuenta bancaria conjunta
joint chiefs cúpula militar
as a limited or joint-stock company comanditariamente [adv]
hip-joint cadera [f]
joint participation coparticipación [f]
joint-property copropiedad [f]
joint-purchase coadquisición [f]
joint delinquency codelincuencia [f]
joint-heiress coheredera [f]
joint-tutorship cotutela [f]
joint-carrying comportación [f]
joint cause concausa [f]
tie-joint (carpentry) encepadura [f]
fleshy leaf or joint of some plants penca [f]
joint stock of two gambling partners vaca [f]
joint-purchaser coadquiridora [f]
joint creditor coacreedora [f]
joint-lessor coarrendadora [f]
joint-tenant coarrendataria [f]
joint-assignee coasignatoria [f]
joint-author coautora [f]
joint-debtor codeudora [f]
joint directress codirectora [f]
joint-director codirectora [f]
joint-elector coelectora [f]
joint-tenant coinquilina [f]
joint-liquidator coliquidadora [f]
joint-donatory condonataria [f]
joint-proprietor copropietaria [f]
joint-tutor cotutora [f]
joint-vendor covendedora [f]
joint-purchaser coadquisidora [f]
put out of joint desconcertarse [v]
joint session pleno [adj]
finger-joint artejo [m]
joint-proprietor copropietario [m]
joint creditor coacreedor [m]
joint-purchaser coadquiridor [m]
joint-lessor coarrendador [m]
joint-tenant coarrendatario [m]
joint-tenancy coarrendamiento [m]
joint-assignee coasignatorio [m]
joint-author coautor [m]
joint rule by two kings correinado [m]
joint-debtor codeudor [m]
joint directress codirector [m]
joint-director codirector [m]
joint-elector coelector [m]
joint-heir coheredero [m]
joint-tenant coinquilino [m]
joint-liquidator coliquidador [m]
joint-tutor cotutor [m]
joint-vendor covendedor [m]
joint-curate/prebendary combeneficiado [m]
rights and duties of joint patronage compatronato [m]
joint-holder of a tenure of lands comunero [m]
joint casting of a net by two boats bou [m]
joint of the wing cuento [m]
joint-ownership condominio [m]
joint-donatory condonatario [m]
scarf-joint (carpentry) escarpe [m]
twist/sprain of a joint esguince [m]
joint of the wings in poultry next to the breast encuentro [m]
pipe-joint enchufe [m]
finger-joint nudillo [m]
door strip covering joint with wall tapajuntas [m]
joint-purchaser coadquisidor [m]
joint plaintiff codemandante [m/f]
joint donor codonante [m/f]
joint-bidder colicitante [m/f]
joint-litigant colitigante [m/f]
joint-owner condómino [m/f]
joint-owner condueño [m/f]
joint-parties to a lawsuit consortes [m/pl]
hock-joint of quadrupeds corvejos [m/pl]
joint session plena [adj/f]
joint committee comisión colectiva [f]
joint-stock company compañía por acciones [f]
knee-joint articulación de la rodilla [f]
lap-joint junta solapada [f]
lap-joint ensambladura solapada [f]
swivel-joint rótula [f]
swivel-joint junta articulada [f]
weld-joint junta de soldadura [f]
universal joint junta cardánica [f]
joint-stock company sociedad por acciones [f]
toggle-joint junta de codillo [f]
scarf-joint (carpentry) junta a diente de sierra [f]
put one's nose out of joint desquiciar a uno [v]
put one's nose out of joint suplantar [v]
out of joint desunido [adj]
out of joint dislocado [adj]
out of joint confuso [adj]
out of joint desconcertado [adj]
out of joint desordenado [adj]
out of joint despegado [adj]
feather-joint (carpentry) encaje de barbilla y farda [m]
flange-joint junta de bridas [m]
joint consent común acuerdo [m]
joint stock capital social [m]
joint bolt perno [m]
joint-stool asiento plegadizo [m]
joint stock fondos en común [m/pl]
out of joint dislocada [adj/f]
out of joint desunida [adj/f]
out of joint desconcertada [adj/f]
out of joint desordenada [adj/f]
out of joint despegada [adj/f]
out of joint confusa [adj/f]
on joint account de cuenta a mitad
joint of two things empatadura [f] MX DO PR
kill a joint matar [v] PR drug
large marijuana joint burro [m] PE
puffing a joint toque [m] MX HN SV NI DO CO PE BO PY
blow the joint volar [v]
blow the joint apretar las calzaderas [v]
blow the joint echar a correr [v]
blow the joint poner pies en polvorosa [v]
blow the joint darse con los talones en el culo [v] ES
blow the joint correr rápidamente [v]
blow the joint salir arreando [v]
blow the joint huirse [v]
case the joint reconocer un lugar (para robar) [v]
class up the joint darle más categoría al evento o al grupo [v]
class up the joint subir de nivel algo [v]
have one's nose out of joint enfadarse [v]
have one's nose out of joint ofenderse [v]
have one's nose out of joint contrariarse [v]
have one's nose out of joint molestarse [v]
blow the joint desaparecer por el foro [v]
blow the joint irse por el foro [v]
be out of joint estar dislocado [v]
put someone's nose out of joint crispar a alguien [v]
put one's nose out of joint estar molesto [v]
put one's nose out of joint estar enfadado [v]
put one's nose out of joint estar irritado [v]
put one's nose out of joint estar fastidiado [v]
put someone's nose out of joint poner nervioso a alguien [v]
put someone's nose out of joint ofender a alguien [v]
put someone's nose out of joint molestar a alguien [v]
put someone's nose out of joint sacar de quicio a alguien [v]
put someone's nose out of joint sacar de las casillas a alguien [v]
have one's nose out of joint no estar en el candelero [v]
make a joint effort remar en la misma dirección [v]
be out of joint estar fuera de quicio [v]
go to a party to smoke joint hacer un bayú [v] PR
eat the butt of a marijuana joint dar el mate [v] PR drug
blow this joint hacerse gas [v] BO
smoke a joint coger una jalaíta [v] PR
kill a joint matar la changa [v] PR
get one's nose out of joint encabronarse
get one's nose out of joint enfadarse
get one's nose out of joint enojarse
get one's nose out of joint irritarse
your nose is out of joint estás enojado
blow the joint demoler
blow the joint derribar
blow the joint hacer estallar
pickup joint bar de ligar
pickup joint sito de ligar
out of joint dislocado
i was joking but she got her nose out of joint estaba bromeando pero ella se molestó
drag of a joint jalá [f] PR
drag of a joint jalaíta [f] PR drug
tweezers to smoke the butt of a joint or marijuana cigarette matabacha [f] SV drug
smoke a joint fumarse un caño [v] AR
dislocate one's bone/joint desmentirse [v] EC disused rur.
injure one's bone or joint falsearse [v] MX DO VE AR BO
dislocate a bone or joint falsear [v] DO AR:Nw
smoke a joint fasear [v] AR UY rare
smoke a joint flipearse (inglés) [v] HN
dislocated (bone/joint) desmentido [adj] EC disused rur.
joint [us] sitio [m]
thin joint flautín [m] HN drug
joint, blunt huiro [m] PE CL
joint, blunt güiro [m] PE CL
drag of a joint llegue [m] MX SV drug
gin joint un bar
out of joint dislocado
burger joint hamburguesería [f]
smoke joint emporrarse [v]
put someone's nose out of joint hinchar los morros a alguien [v]
case the joint hacer el reconocimiento de un lugar antes del robo [v]
blow the joint escabullirse [v]
blow the joint salir pitando [v]
put someone's nose out of joint desairar a alguien [v]
smoke a joint fumar un porro [v]
joint (a marijuana cigarette) bate [m]
joint, blunt guillo [m] PR drug
joint, blunt huato [m] HN drug
joint, blunt hucamayo [m] PR drug
butt of a joint colilla de porro
strip joint cabaré
the joint la cárcel
joint venture sociedad anónima [f]
joint management codirección [f]
joint possession coposesión [f]
joint stock company sociedad anónima [f]
joint proprietor copropietaria [f]
joint-stock company sociedad anónima [f]
joint partnership coasociación [f]
joint property copropiedad [f]
joint acquisition coadquisición [f]
joint liability mancomunidad [f]
joint ownership coposesión [f]
joint tenancy copropiedad [f]
joint venture coinversión [f]
joint estate copropiedad [f]
joint investment coinversión [f]
joint ownership copropiedad [f]
joint possession coposesión [f]
joint venture coinversión [f]
compel joint obligation mancomunar [v]
joint and several solidario [adj]
joint and several solidario [adj]
joint owner condómino [m]
joint proprietor condómino [m]
joint proprietor copropietario [m]
joint tenant copropietario [m]
joint lessor coarrendador [m]
joint tenant coarrendatario [m]
joint creditor coacreedor [m]
joint employer compatrono [m]
joint owner condómino [m]
joint owner condómine [m]
joint owner condueño [m]
joint owner coposeedor [m]
joint owner coposesor [m]
joint tenant comunero [m]
joint trustees cofiduciarios [m]
joint assignee cocesionario [m]
joint proprietor copropietario [m]
joint debtor codeudor [m]
joint owner copropietario [m]
joint heir coheredero [m]
joint lessee coarrendatario [m]
joint lessor coarrendador [m]
joint ownership condominio [m]
joint possessor coposeedor [m]
joint possessor coposesor [m]
joint tenant coinquilino [m]
joint director codirector [m]
joint owner codueño [m]
joint tenant copropietario [m]
joint tenancy condominio [m]
joint owner copartícipe [m/f]
joint holder cotitular [m/f]
joint guarantor cogarante [m/f]
joint surety cogarante [m/f]
joint agent coagente [m/f]
managing partner (in a joint venture) asociante [m/f]
joint owners copropietarios [m/pl]
joint owners condueños [m/pl]
joint owners copropietarios [m/pl]
joint manager director adjunto
joint rule regla de compañía
joint state capital capital estatal conjunto
joint committee comisión interparlamentaria
joint and several liability obligación conjunta
joint undertaking empresa en participación
joint account cuenta indistinta
joint applicant solicitante conjunto
joint-liability obligación mancomunada
joint profit ganancia conjunta
joint supply oferta conjunta
joint venture sociedad temporal
joint demand demanda conjunta
joint managing director codirectora gerente
joint project proyecto en colaboración
joint rate tarifa única
joint responsibility responsabilidad solidaria
joint-liability responsabilidad conjunta
joint consent común acuerdo
joint stock acciones de la sociedad
joint profit beneficio conjunto
joint guarantor garante conjunto
joint commission comisión mixta
joint costs costos mancomunados
joint venture compañía conjunta
joint working explotación colectiva
joint-contract contrato colectivo
joint product producto compuesto
joint agreement convenio colectivo
joint product producto conexo
joint session sesión conjunta
joint effort esfuerzo mancomunado
joint guarantee garantía conjunta
joint board comisión mixta
joint-stock company sociedad por acciones
joint liability obligación conjunta
joint venture asociación de capitales
joint action acción conjunta
joint debt deuda mancomunada
joint-liability responsabilidad mancomunada
joint debt deuda conjunta
joint resolution resolución conjunta
joint efforts esfuerzos en común
joint committee comisión paritaria
joint return declaración de impuestos conjunta
joint enterprise empresa en participación
joint plan plan de acción conjunta
joint venture empresa en común
joint consent consentimiento mutuo
joint discussions negociaciones conjuntas
joint stock capital de la sociedad
joint stock company sociedad por acciones
joint adventure riesgo colectivo
joint venture asociación de empresas
joint general manager director general adjunto
joint-liability obligación conjunta
joint property propiedad indivisa
joint and several debt obligación solidaria
joint exercise maniobra conjunta
joint ownership by husband and wife sociedad conyugal
joint financing financiación conjunta
joint creditor acreedor conjunto
joint liability obligación mancomunada
joint state capital capital estatal mixto
joint tender oferta conjunta
joint distribution distribución conjunta
joint adventure sociedad en participación
joint committee comité paritario
joint contract contrato colectivo
joint undertaking empresa colectiva
joint operations center centro de operaciones conjuntas
joint meeting sesión plenaria
joint and several obligation obligación solidaria
shareholder in a joint stock company accionista comanditario
joint property comunidad de bienes
joint financing financiación en común
joint industrial council consejo industrial mixto
joint stock bank banco de depósito
joint rate tarifa consolidada
joint action acción combinada
joint venture asociación temporal de empresas
joint and several liability responsabilidad conjunta
joint return declaración conjunta
joint stock fondo social
joint debt obligación mancomunada
joint debtor deudor conjunto
joint stock company sociedad comanditaria por acciones
joint ventures cuentas en participación
joint action acción colectiva
joint partnership sociedad en nombre colectivo
joint council junta mixta
joint stock bank banco por acciones
joint account cuenta común
joint liability responsabilidad solidaria
joint agreement convenio salarial conjunto
joint possession tenencia conjunta
joint session sesión plenaria
joint exercise ejercicio combinado
joint signatory signatario colectivo
joint obligor obligado mancomunado
joint venture empresa mixta
joint managing director codirector gerente
joint venture negocio conjunto
joint managing director director gerente adjunto
joint-and-mutual will testamento conjunto y mutuo
joint and several mancomunada y solidariamente
joint committee comité mixto
joint ownership co-propiedad
joint account cuenta conjunta
joint account cuenta mancomunada
joint agreement convenio conjunto
joint adventure riesgo conjunto
joint adventure empresa colectiva
joint account agreement convenio de cuenta conjunta
joint and several contract contrato solidario
joint and several creditor acreedor solidario