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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "remove" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 154 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
remove quitar [v]
remove sacar [v]
remove despegar [v]
remove despejar [v]
remove apartarse [v]
remove remover [v]
remove retirar [v]
remove detraer [v]
remove disipar [v]
remove separar [v]
remove suprimir [v]
remove sustraer [v]
remove levantar [v]
remove radiar [v]
remove desalojar [v]
remove desarmar [v]
remove descorrer [v]
remove resecar [v]
remove desocupar [v]
remove borrar [v]
remove abrir [v]
remove amover [v]
remove decapar [v]
remove defenestrar [v]
remove descolgar [v]
remove descolocar [v]
remove desentablar [v]
remove desglosar [v]
remove detraer [v]
remove disipar [v]
remove eliminar [v]
remove extirpar [v]
remove extraer [v]
remove llevarse [v]
remove mudar [v]
remove mutar [v]
remove podar [v]
remove quitarse [v]
remove remover [v]
remove renovar [v]
remove retirar [v]
remove sacar [v]
remove salir [v]
remove extirpar [v]
remove alejar [v]
remove aligerarse [v]
remove despojarse de [v]
remove pelar [v]
remove limpiar [v]
remove arredrar [v]
remove arrumbar [v]
remove toller [v]
remove quitarse [v]
remove deshacerse [v]
remove expulsar [v]
remove recoger [v]
remove apearse [v]
remove apartar [v]
remove desenlodar [v]
remove desfijar [v]
remove desmarcar [v]
remove cambiar [v]
remove deponer [v]
remove derogar [v]
remove desarrimar [v]
remove extraer [v]
remove remudar [v]
remove obviar [v]
remove mudar [v]
remove transferir [v]
remove transportar [v]
remove trasladar [v]
remove substraer [v]
remove trasmudar [v]
remove traspasar [v]
remove cambio de sitio [m]
remove alejamiento [m]
remove escalón [m]
remove paso [m]
remove intervalo [m]
remove grado de parentesco [m]
remove mudada [f]
remove mudanza [f]
remove mudar (casa) [v]
remove hacer cambiar [v]
remove despedir [v]
remove retirarse [v]
remove mudarse [v]
remove irse [v]
remove alejarse [v]
remove cambiar de casa [v]
remove cambiar de sitio [v]
remove trasladarse [v]
remove corregir [v]
remove desasentar [v] rare
remove valonar [v] ANS
remove desasentar [v] rare
remove desfijar [v] rare
remove escalfar [v] MX HN
remove razar [v] disused
remove sacar [v] LA
remove sacarse [v] LA
remove revolver el estómago algo [v]
remove chaflar [v] CL
remove dar abajo [v] CU
remove sustraer [v]
remove substraer [v]
remove quitarse [v]
remove tachar [v]
remove eliminar [v]
remove quitar [v]
remove despedir [v]
remove remover [v]
remove separar [v]
remove eliminar [v]
remove vaciar [v]
remove desglosar [v]
remove tachar [v]
Online Shopping Terms
remove quitar (producto de carrito)
remove desbarbar [v]
remove retirar [v]
remove eliminar [v]
remove remover [v]
remove quitar [v]
remove descantear [v]
remove escisión [f]
remove desposeer [v]
remove remover [v]
remove retirar [v]
remove drenar [v]
remove distraer [v]
remove evacuar [v]
remove resecar [v]
Construction Machinery
remove desprender [v]
remove arrancar [v]
remove desviar [v]
remove destituir [v]
remove desplazar [v]
remove destruir [v]
remove desbarbar [v]
remove descantear [v]
remove desmontar [v]
remove sustituir [v]
remove reparar [v]
remove cambiar de destino
remove extraer [v]
Animal Husbandry
remove desechar [v]
remove separar [v]
remove quitar [v]
remove retirar [v]
remove eliminar [v]
remove desmechar [v]
remove remover [v]
remove desbarbar [v]

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "remove" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 500 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
you remove quita [v]
remove oneself quitarse [v]
remove difficulties zanjar [v]
remove the scales from escamar [v]
remove from office destituir [v]
remove from alejar de [v]
remove weeds descuaje [m]
remove honey from a honeycomb escarzo [m]
blow given on the neck of a bottle to break and remove the contents golletazo [m]
cut to remove the dry and dirty honeycombs marceo [m]
remove from a position apear [v]
remove from office arrinconar [v]
remove from office arrojar [v]
remove honeycombs brescar [v]
remove from office correr [v]
remove from one's position deponer [v]
remove bees from the hive desabejar [v]
remove dents or bruises desabollar [v]
remove the clothing of desabrigar [v]
remove the troops from the cantons desacantonar [v]
remove acidity desacedar [v]
remove oil from desaceitar [v]
remove from one's own climate or environment desaclimatar [v]
remove troops from barracks desacuartelar [v]
remove the lining desaforrar [v]
remove smoke desahumar [v]
remove the fat from an animal desainar [v]
remove a rug desalfombrar [v]
remove or destroy the battlements desalmenar [v]
remove starch out of linen desalmidonar [v]
remove someone from their parish desaparroquiar [v]
remove the passion desapasionar [v]
remove dirt heaped around a plant desaporcar [v]
remove foundation desapoyar [v]
remove support desapoyar [v]
remove shores desapuntalar [v]
remove clothing desarrebujar [v]
remove clothing desarropar [v]
remove wrinkles desarrugar [v]
remove the artillery out of a ship or fortress desartillar [v]
remove the muddle desatacar [v]
remove the seasoning desazonar [v]
remove thin roots or filaments on the edge of paper desbarbar [v]
remove loose threads desborrar [v]
remove the silks from the saffron flower desbriznar [v]
remove legume leaves desbriznar [v]
remove fat from wool to put in the fulling mill desbruar [v]
remove fat from desbuchar [v]
remove a shell desbullar [v]
remove a hood descaperuzar [v]
remove a holy week tunic descapirotar [v]
remove the hood from descapotar [v]
remove kernels from corn descapullar [v]
remove flesh from bone descargar [v]
remove flesh from bone descarnar [v]
remove part of something descarnar [v]
remove dandruff from the head descaspar [v]
remove the fence round descercar [v]
remove the wall round descercar [v]
remove the coffee bean from the coffee berry descerezar [v]
remove the suckers from a tree deschuponar [v]
remove the foundation descimentar [v]
remove a nail desclavar [v]
remove the nails from desclavar [v]
remove jewels desclavar [v]
remove gemstones desclavar [v]
remove the stem descobajar [v]
remove the stalk descobajar [v]
remove insects descocar [v]
remove bud descogollar [v]
remove the shoot descogollar [v]
remove the sprout descogollar [v]
remove the tag descolar [v]
remove the heart from descorazonar [v]
remove the crown descoronar [v]
remove empty wineskins descoronar [v]
remove the crust descostrar [v]
remove scale from descostrar [v]
remove the crest/comb descrestar [v]
remove the chrism descrismar [v]
remove the chrism descristianar [v]
remove one's hat descubrirse [v]
remove the bottom from descular [v]
remove gold leaf desdorar [v]
remove gold plating desdorar [v]
remove seals desellar [v]
remove tiles desembaldosar [v]
remove flagstones desembaldosar [v]
remove weight from desembarazar [v]
remove the silt from desembarrar [v]
remove a curse desembrujar [v]
remove stagnant water from the mill desempalagar [v]
remove diapers desempañar [v]
remove bluing desempavonar [v]
remove bronzing desempavonar [v]
remove stones desempedrar [v]
remove pitch from desempegar [v]
remove dust desempolvar [v]
remove dust desempolvorar [v]
remove supports desempotrar [v]
remove stagnant water desempozar [v]
remove water desempozar [v]
remove the handle desenastar [v]
remove the halter desencabestrar [v]
remove someone's cloak desencapotar [v]
remove one's cloak desencapotarse [v]
remove from a castle desencastillar [v]
remove water desencharcar [v]
remove humidity desencharcar [v]
remove ribbons desencintar [v]
remove the curb from a road desencintar [v]
violently remove desenclavar [v]
remove pegs desenclavijar [v]
remove framework desencofrar [v]
remove structural framework desencofrar [v]
remove planking desencofrar [v]
remove timbering desencofrar [v]
remove bulkhead desencofrar [v]
remove from a cave desencovar [v]
remove focus desenfocar [v]
remove the bit desenfrenar [v]
remove the covering desenfundar [v]
remove paste desengrudar [v]
remove one's gloves desenguantarse [v]
remove a harness desenjaezar [v]
remove bricks desenladrillar [v]
remove mud from desenlodar [v]
remove tiles desenlosar [v]
remove flagstones desenlosar [v]
remove fish from a net desenmallar [v]
remove one's mask desenmascararse [v]
remove mold/mildew desenmohecer [v]
remove the tallow from a live animal desensebar [v]
remove floorboards desentarimar [v]
remove awnings desentoldar [v]
remove tin desestañar [v]
remove matting desesterar [v]
remove dead leaves desfollonar [v]
remove branches from trees desganchar [v]
remove a board from a groove desgargolar [v]
remove gas desgasificar [v]
remove a sheet of paper desglosar [v]
remove one's hat desgorrarse [v]
remove bermuda grass desgramar [v]
remove or separate the chaff desgranzar [v]
remove a curse deshechizar [v]
remove weeds desherbar [v]
remove weeds deshierbar [v]
remove weeds desyerbar [v]
remove the pages of a book deshojar [v]
remove soot deshollinar [v]
remove from the oven deshornar [v]
remove from memory desimaginar [v]
remove from a cloth desliñar [v]
remove stains desmanchar [v]
remove the handle desmangar [v]
remove make-up desmaquillar [v]
remove from a mold desmoldar [v]
remove from a mold desmoldear [v]
remove burls from wool/cloth desmotar [v]
remove cotton seeds desmotar [v]
remove the best part desnatar [v]
remove rust desoxidar [v]
remove threshed corn to winnow it desparvar [v]
remove a ribbon/cord from a buttonhole/drawstring despasar [v]
remove spindles from railings, balconies, and other iron constructions despatillar [v]
remove the bronzing despavonar [v]
remove the pips from despepitar [v]
remove weeds desraizar [v]
remove rivets desroblar [v]
remove stub from attached documents destalonar [v]
remove the tiles from destejar [v]
remove mastic deszulacar [v]
remove smoothness or shine empañar [v]
remove smoothness or shine empañarse [v]
remove saffron thread esbrencar [v]
remove the small withered fruits from a bunch escombrar [v]
remove dandruff escoscar [v]
remove debris from a hive frezar [v]
separate: remove incidir [v]
remove a stain lavar [v]
remove weight from quitar [v]
release, remove or separate from a risk remediar [v]
remove from a job or post remover [v]
remove damaged parts resanar [v]
move bees to another hive to remove the honeycombs robar [v]
hard to remove tenaz [adj]
remove one's clothes desnudarse [v]
remove the stone from deshuesar [v]
remove the grease from desengrasar [v]
remove the clothing of desabrigar [v]
remove wedges or chocks from descalzar [v]
remove the rust from desoxidar [v]
remove the grain from desgranar [v]
remove marks from desmarcar [v]
remove the stopper from destaponar [v]
remove one's make-up desmaquillarse [v]
remove the nails from desclavar [v]
remove the bandage quitarse la venda [v]
remove obstacles destrabar [v]
remove insects desinsectar [v]
remove rats desratizar [v]
remove bees from desabejar [v]
remove palm despalmizar [v]
remove slag desnatar [v]
remove the best part desnatar [v]
remove the cream from milk desnatar [v]
remove the hat of destocar [v]
remove the mouth (of) desbocar [v]
remove the paint from despintar [v]
remove the pit from deshuesar [v]
remove the top from descabezar [v]
remove fat from desainar [v]
remove to a distance alejar [v]
remove yourself andarse [v]
remove defects from tamizar [v]
remove from desalojar [v]
remove from power descabalgar [v]
remove a nail desclavar [v]
remove a nail desenclavar [v]
remove dust from despolvar [v]
forcefully remove echar [v]
surgically remove extirpar [v]
remove all of one's clothing desnudar [v]
remove violently derrocar [v]
remove violently derribar [v]
remove violently destronar [v]
surgically remove a body part amputar [v]
remove by tearing arrancar [v]
remove plants entresacar [v]
remove the head of decapitar [v]
remove water achicar [v]
remove the horns from descornar [v]
remove ions desionizar [v]
remove a bud from a plant descogollar [v]
remove the head descabezar [v]
remove the head decapitar [v]
remove sand from desarenar [v]
remove toxins desintoxicar [v]
remove air bubbles purgar [v]
remove chains from desencadenar [v]
remove a checkmark sacar la marca [v]
remove one's clothing desvestirse [v]
remove one's clothing desnudarse [v]
remove somebody’s clothing desvestir [v]
remove marks desmarcar [v]
remove a mask from someone desenmascarar [v]
remove one's mask desenmascararse [v]
remove bones deshuesar [v]
remove bones quitar las espinas [v]
remove cream desnatar [v]
remove the skin of desollar [v]
remove the skin of despellejar [v]
remove skin pelar [v]
remove hair from depilar [v]
remove weeds from escardar [v]
remove weeds from desmalezar [v]
remove the ovaries esterilizar [v]
remove dust from limpiar el polvo [v]
remove dust from desempolvar [v]
remove with an iron planchar [v]
remove a tumor extirpar un tumor [v]
remove from office amover [v]
remove the cork from the bottle sacar el corcho de la botella [v]
remove the guts of a fish quitar las tripas a un pez [v]
remove something out of the way quitar algo de en medio [v]
remove the ban on levantar la prohibición de algo [v]
remove skin descamisar [v]
remove the spanish character from something desespañolizar [v]
remove a quality proper to spanish desespañolizar [v]
remove fattened cattle for sale sacar ganado para vender [v]
remove sleepiness/drowsiness/lethargy desamodorrar [v]
remove the edge or point of something matar [v]
remove intensity from color matar [v]
cataplasm to remove scurf casquete [m]
hook to remove the lids of melting pots buzón [m]
remove pilling cardar [v]
remove one from a trust arrumbar [v]
remove difficulties allanar [v]
remove obstacles abrir [v]
remove to a distance alejar [v]
remove an impediment desembarazar [v]
remove impediments desembargar [v]
remove cocoons of the silkworm from the southern-wood desembojar [v]
remove dullness (from a tool) desembotar [v]
remove nausea desempalagar [v]
remove swaddling-clothes from children desempañar [v]
remove supports/stays/props desempotrar [v]
remove dizziness desencalabrinar [v]
remove wrong impressions desencalabrinar [v]
remove bulls from the travelling boxes desencajonar [v]
remove the kerb of a pavement desencintar [v]
remove an inflammation desenconar [v]
remove binding desencuadernar [v]
remove ornaments desengalanar [v]
remove a packsaddle from mules or horses desenjalmar [v]
remove an impediment of speech desenmudecer [v]
remove a platform/stand desentarimar [v]
remove/destroy poison desenvenenar [v]
remove rubbish desescombrar [v]
remove scales (fishes) desescamar [v]
remove tin from something desestañar [v]
remove flakes from fabric desflecar [v]
remove grease desgrasar [v]
remove hydrogen deshidratar [v]
remove the tacking threads deshilvanar [v]
remove what is fixed deshincar [v]
cure/remove inflammation desinflamar [v]
remove the laths from deslatar [v]
remove the marrow from bones desmeollar [v]
remove from the mold desmoldar [v]
remove a heap of dirt/rubbish desmontar [v]
remove the threshed corn from the threshing-floor to winnow it desparvar [v]
remove a cable from a windlass despasar [v]
remove (impediments) despejar [v]
remove the seeds from despepitar [v]
remove folds from tendrils (vines) despleguetear [v]
remove dust despolvar [v]
remove dye desteñir [v]
remove earth from the roots of desterrar [v]
remove/gradually lose sunburn destostarse [v]
remove/undo furrows desurcar [v]
remove the outer integument desvainar [v]
remove (a doubt) desvanecer [v]
remove the veins from the flesh desvenar [v]
remove the fibers from tobacco leaves desvenar [v]
remove buds from a plant desyemar [v]
remove dents or bruises desabollar [v]
remove acidity desacedar [v]
remove oil and grease (from wool) desaceitar [v]
remove acid from a beverage desacidular [v]
remove fear/cowardice desacobardar [v]
remove the die desacuñar [v]
remove paving-stones desadoquinar [v]
remove/diminish ugliness desafear [v]
remove honeycombs from the hive desagitar [v]
remove the fat (an animal) desainar [v]
remove the alcohol from a liquid desalcoholizar [v]
remove out of sight desaparecer [v]
remove a foundation/support desapoyar [v]
remove an obstruction from a conduit desatascar [v]
remove/spend the treasure of desatesorar [v]
remove earth/mud desaterrar [v]
remove thatch desbardar [v]
break or remove the stem of a pipe desboquillar [v]
remove reliefs/carvings or moldings desbozar [v]
remove grease desbruar [v]
remove any brake or impediment used to prevent movement of a wheel descalzar [v]
remove the flap and bones of meat descargar [v]
remove dandruff from the head descaspar [v]
remove gems from a jewel desclavar [v]
remove obstacles descombrar [v]
remove/diminish congestion descongestionar [v]
open the beehive to remove the honey descorchar [v]
remove a restriction from the use of a road/boundary or property descotar [v]
remove the chrism descrismar [v]
remove the chrism descristianar [v]
remove errors (from books) expurgar [v]
remove poor or dirty honeycombs from a hive escarzar [v]
remove rubbish escombrar [v]
remove the esforrocinos from a vine esforrocinar [v]
remove knots from cloth enmondar [v]
remove hindrances salvar [v]
remove with a shovel traspalar [v]
remove suckers (from plants) quitar chupones (a las plantas) [v]
remove (a step or degree, as in a graded scale) grado [m]
wooden utensil used to remove chocolate while it being made bolinillo [m] CO:W
wooden implement used to remove the dry leaf of corn despancador [m] PE rur.
remove of the dead parts of a plant desahije [m] MX rur.
remove of underbrush from a plot of land before planting crops desavero [m] DO
utensil consisting in a long handle with a sieve on one end used to remove the residue from sugar cane juice descachazador [m] CO EC rur.
tool used to remove the buds from corn descapullador [m] PA
remove stains desmanchar [m] MX NI PE CL rare
cylindrical leather mallet used to hit ears of corn in order to remove the kernels capacho [m] AR:Nw rur.
pointed stick used to remove root plants and make holes to plant seeds espeque (del neerlandés) [m] PR MX:E NI CR rur.
fork shaped stick used to hold and remove weeds that are cut with the machete gancho [m] GT HN rur.
place where coconuts are piled up to remove the tinder cocoyal [m] PR
rustic bullfighting in which one or several people try to remove a package attached to the bull's body that usually contains a quantity of money jocheo de torros [m] BO:N,E
rustic bullfighting in which one or several people try to remove a package attached to the bull's body that usually contains a quantity of money jochi de toros [m] BO:N,E
utensil made of a long handle with one of its ends tied to a perforated pumpkin used in grinding cane juice or remove honey pascón [m] HN SV NI CR
scrape with a brush, spatula, or tool to remove paint rasqueteo [m] VE PE BO CL,AR UY
boiled beef fat, used to make candles to remove the evil eye curse sebo de cuba [m] PA
rudimentary instrument to scrape the leaf and remove fiber of the fique sacador [m] CO
tube open at both ends inserted into the vat to remove some wine catavino [m] ES local rur.
container used to remove the residue from sugar cane juice descachazadora [f] CO
remove certain sprouts and shoots from a plant/tree deshija [f] CR CO rur.
remove stains with a stain remover desmanchada [f] PE BO CL
children's game that involves using a top to remove bottle caps from a circle chapa [f] PR
machine used to remove the pulp from mature coffee beans chancadora [f] CR
place where coconuts are piled up to remove the tinder cocollera [f] PR
blow from a spade to remove soil lampada [f] EC PE BO
scraping to remove paint rasqueteada [f] BO PY AR disused
scraping to remove paint rasqueteada [f] PE UY
remove trees, shrubs and useless herbs tala [f] DO PR BO PY UY rur.
having undergone a treatment to remove a curse icarado [adj] PE:E rur.
very penetrating and difficult to remove pasoso [adj] CL
remove debris desenronar [v] rur. rare
remove suckers (from plants) deshijar [v] AMER
remove dirt from silk-worms deslechar [v] rur. rare
remove a skin entire copinar [v] MX rare
remove reaped corn from the fields despanar [v] rur. rare
remove the headgear as salute caperucear [v] disused
remove from shop/warehouse or depot desalmacenar [v] rare
remove the digressions from a literary work desamazacotar [v] rare
remove the froth from boiling cane juice descachazar [v] AMER
remove from earthly things descarnar [v] fig.
remove or clean stains desmanchar [v] LAM
remove the outer covering deschalar [v] SCN
remove the dry and ground up rinds after threshing coffee beans arrear [v] VE:W rur.
pound clothes to remove the dirt when washing aporrear [v] CL AR rur.
pound clothes to remove the dirt when washing aporrear [v] VE:W rur.
remove weeds from a plot of land aporrear [v] PA rur.
remove a person from his activity banquear [v] HN PA
remove plants/shrubs from an open path in a forest or jungle barbear [v] AR:Ne
remove a sample of grain or other foods from a lump or bag with a grooved drill calar [v] EC CL AR UY
remove rice grains with a mallet amachinar [v] CR:Nw
remove any dross from the molten metal when exiting the oven bogar [v] CL
remove gold from silver apartar [v] MX
remove food from heat apear [v] NI DO VE rur.
remove from heat apear [v] NI DO VE rur.
remove the bark from a tree desconchar [v] HN
remove molars desmuelar [v] HN SV DO
remove filth from clothing (typically by soaking it in water with detergent) desmugrar [v] CL
remove from a plant the shoots impeding its growth desnietar [v] AR:Nw rur.
remove from office/post descontinuar (inglés to discontinue) [v] DO
remove all seeds from a tree desnudar [v] PR rur.
remove weeds/underbrush from around a plant desorillar [v] CU PR
remove the leaves from the dry stem of a tobacco plant despalar [v] AR:Nw rur.
remove the central vein from a tobacco leaf despalillar [v] HN CU DO VE AR:Nw
remove the rough parts from wood despalmar [v] CU
remove the central vein from a tobacco leaf, despalotar [v] PR
remove shoots despampanar [v] CU
remove the leaves that surround the corncob despancar [v] PE
break open a doll to remove the insides despanzar [v] BO
remove the fine plaster coating from a wall despañetar [v] DO CO
remove the thatch in order to rethatch the roof desempajar [v] NI CO EC rur.
remove grass from a plot of land despastar [v] CL rur.
take apart a bundle of corn to remove the leaves that surround the cob desemparvar [v] EC:S rur.
remove binding of a book desempastar [v] MX GT NI CO
remove the bad luck from someone/something desempavar [v] VE
remove the dirtiness from something/someone desempercudir [v] CU
remove the handle of a tool desencabar [v] CO
remove the lime from something (particularly fur) desencalar [v] HN
remove the horseshoes from a horse (particularly a work horse/steed) desencasquillar [v] CU
remove all of the water in a place desagotar [v] AR UY
remove the dead parts of a plant desahijar [v] MX rur.
remove staples desengrapar [v] MX GT HN SV NI CR PA DO EC
remove the knocker from a door/window desaldabar [v] EC rare
remove the knocker from a door/window desaldabar [v] BO
remove the lock from a door/drawer desenllavar [v] NI PA
remove something from a mold (like a brown sugar loaf or cheese) desenmoldar [v] HN
remove the files from a tile roof desentejar [v] MX HN SV NI CO VE
remove the leaves from a plant despenicar [v] GT HN SV
remove the roof from a house/building desentechar [v] HN SV NI CO EC
remove the obstacles that impede something desentrabar [v] DO VE
remove the sediment blocking a pipe/channel desenzolvar [v] MX
remove the weeds from a cultivated field deserbar [v] HN
remove dirt from a place to clean it (road/ditch/channel) desaterrar [v] HN NI CR MX rur.
remove debris/dirt from a place to level it desaterrar [v] EC rare
remove obstacles desatracar [v] PE
remove sediment obstructing a pipe desazolvar [v] MX
remove the sap from coffee/cacao desbabar [v] PE
remove the dry sepal from each bunch of bananas desflorar [v] HN rur.
move soil in order to remove the material contained in it desbancar [v] GT EC
remove the superfluous branches of the coffee tree desbandolar [v] CR rur.
remove weeds from a plot of land desbarejar [v] AR:Nw rur.
remove litter from a plot of land desbasurar [v] GT HN:W NI CR rur.
remove a bird's feathers desemplumar [v] MX rare
remove impediments desatracar [v] PE
remove a bird's feathers desemplumar [v] HN DO CO
remove obstacles desatorar [v] MX GT HN NI CR PR PE BO CL
remove lice from someone desliendrar [v] HN
remove insects and rodents desinfestar [v] MX HN
remove part of the facing of a surface descarapelar [v] MX CR CO
remove the lid from a tank desbitocar [v] GT
remove part of the facing of a surface (particularly a wall) decacarañar [v] DO
remove someone from their position descharchar (inglés discharge) [v] GT HN SV NI PA
remove someone from their post/position desbancar [v] GT
remove someone from their post/position desburrumbar [v] NI
remove someone from their post/position descabezar [v] HN NI BO PY
remove the fiber from a tobacco leaf despalotar [v] PR
remove sprouts despampanar [v] CU
remove someone from their post/position desgañotar [v] HN NI
remove the ice from frozen food by increasing the temperature deshielar [v] DO PE BO CL EC
remove the pit from a fruit descarozar [v] MX CU BO CL AR UY
remove the horns of an animal (generally cattle) desguampar [v] UY rur.
remove one's clothes desbolarse [v] UY
remove the skin of a fruit despenicar [v] GT HN SV
remove the underbrush from a cultivated field deserbar [v] HN
remove the shell descarachar [v] CO:Sw
remove the rope used to tie up a calf desenrejar [v] HN rur.
remove weeds desmalezar [v] MX PA CO VE PE BO:E CL AR UY CU PR rur.
remove underbrush from a plot of land desbarejar [v] AR:Nw rur.
remove the dirt that impedes the sprouting of shoots in the sugar cane plant desboquillar [v] AR:Nw rur.
remove from a plant the buds that are impeding it's growth so that the leaves become larger desbotonar [v] MX HN PA CU PR CL
remove staples desgrapar [v] DO PR
pull out and remove weeds/underbrush from a place desbreñar [v] MX
remove an animal's horns descachar [v] MX HN NI CR PA CO VE rur.
remove residue from sugar cane juice descachazar [v] CR EC rur.
remove residue from sugar cane juice descachazar [v] GT HN CU CO