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Bedeutungen von dem Begriff "work" im Spanisch Englisch Wörterbuch : 240 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
work trabajo [m]
work obra [f]
work labor [f]
work marchar [v]
work andar [v]
work funcionar [v]
work laborar [v]
work laborear [v]
work labrar [v]
work empleo [m]
work negocio [m]
work oficio [m]
work actividad [f]
work hacer [v]
work obrar [v]
work caminar [v] CAR VE EC PE
work actuar [v]
work operar [v]
work elaborar [v]
work prestar servicio [v]
work embutir [v]
work dar chispa [v]
work tallar [v]
work pitar [v]
work explotar [v]
work trabajar [v]
work faenar [v]
work cuajar [v]
work curar [v]
work regir [v]
work mover [v]
work laboral [adj]
work tajo [m]
work surtir efecto [v]
work faena [f]
work fajina [f]
work marear [v]
work cutio [m]
work acuitamiento [m] disused
work ajobo [m] disused
work tarea [f]
work jotraba [f]
work andadura [f]
work tanda [f]
work asignación [f] NI PA DO PR
work chamba [f] MX GT HN SV NI PA CU PR CO PE CR VE EC BO
work chamba (portugués) [f] MX GT HN SV NI PA CU PR CO PE CR VE EC BO
work chanfa [f] CO
work karma (inglés karma) [f] GT CU VE
work obligación [f] NI
work pega [f] CU EC BO CL
work paja [f] CL child
work pichicateada [f] PE
work accionar [v]
work despejar [v]
work currar [v]
work ir [v]
work laburar [v] AR UY
work chambear [v]
work moverse [v]
work valer [v]
work fermentar [v]
work producir [v]
work bordar [v]
work motivar [v]
work ser eficaz [v]
work torcerse [v]
work hacer funcionar [v]
work manejar [v]
work operar (máquina) [v]
work hacer trabajar [v]
work trabajar (madera/metal/tierra) [v]
work despertar [v]
work bretear [v] GT NI
work bretear [v] NI CR
work buscar [v] CU
work chancear [v] GT SV
work curralar [v] CU
work chejear [v] SV
work escrambear [v] PR
work escrambiar [v] PR
work funcar [v] EC teen
work funcar [v] BO CL AR UY PE
work laborar [v] MX SV NI CR PA CU PR CO VE EC BO
work laborar [v] PE rare
work llegar [v] HN SV NI
work pegar [v] CU
work peguear [v] NI
work pinchar [v] CU
work rumbear [v] NI
work talonear [v] MX
work volear [v] CO
work bordado [m]
work trajín [m]
work tráfago [m]
work pan [m] fig.
work quehacer [m]
work brete [m] GT NI CR VE
work brete [m] CR
work biberón [m] DO
work camello [m] EC
work chance (inglés) [m] GT SV
work brete [m] GT NI CR VE
work costo [m] CU PR
work laboreo [m] DO BO:W
work laborio [m] CL rare rur.
work machete [m] CR DO rare
work rebusque [m] MX NI CO VE EC BO PY AR UY
work rebusque [m] PA rare
work obras [f/pl]
work tarca [f]
work acción [f]
work producción [f]
work obra (artística) [f]
work atormentar [v]
work agitarse [v]
work moverse nerviosamente [v]
work investigar [v]
work tener éxito [v]
work abrirse camino [v]
work hacer efecto [v]
work tallar (piedras preciosas) [v]
work hacer mover [v]
work hacer fermentar [v]
work abrirse (camino) [v]
work acto [m]
work obras (públicas) [f/pl]
work pega [f] BO CO CU EC PE
work pega [f] CU EC BO CL
work chamba [f]
work currelar [v]
work carburar [v]
work manipular [v]
work camellar [v] MX SV CO EC CU rare
work camellar [v] CR child
work laburar [v] EC BO CL PY AR UY
work curro [m] ES
work curre [m]
work curro [m] ES
work laburo [m] AR UY
work jale [m] MX SV
work laburo [m] EC BO CL PY AR UY
work voleo [m] CO
work al cuete [loc/adj] AR UY
work buscarse el billete [v] CU PR
work buscarse el billete [v] CU PR
work bajar el lomo [v] DO
work estar caminando [v] GT HN SV NI PA
work echar punta [v] GT
work empujar la carretilla [v] CU
work morder el cordobán [v] CU
work meter el cuerpo [v] CU
work meter el pecho [v] CU VE
work perseguir la chuleta [v] MX
work chamba [f] AMER
work talacha [f] MX
work chamba [f] PE
work bretear [v] CR
work brete [m] CR
work cocaína
work costura [f]
work ocupación [f]
work labor [f]
work ocupación [f]
work obra [f]
work moldear [v]
work labrar [v]
work laborar [v]
work funcionar [v]
work trabajar [v]
work obrar [v]
work laborable [adj]
work laborío [m]
work empleo [m]
work trabajo [m]
work quehacer [m]
work carga térmica
work hacer funcionar
work pieza que se está trabajando
work labrar [v]
work tarea [f]
work trabajo [m]
work profesión [f]
work laborable [adj]
work aconchabamiento [m]
work empico [m]
work laborío [m]
work trabajo [m]
work resolver [v]
work faena [f]
work fajina [f]
work labor [f]
work comunicar [v]
work trabajar [v]
work suministrar [v]
work utilizar (un circuito) [v]
work obrar [v]
work laborear [v]
work laborar [v]
work labrar [v]
work explotar [v]
work funcionar [v]
work operar [v]
work labrar [v]
work elaborar [v]
work trabajo [m]
work carga térmica
work el trabajo
work faena [f]
work trabajo [m]
work impeler [v]
work suministrar datos [v]
work explotar minas [v]
work manufacturar [v]
work componer [v]
work hacer andar [v]
work comunicar [v]
work preparar [v]
work utilizar [v]
work formar [v]
work causar [v]
work inducir [v]
work aflojarse [v]
work maniobrar [v]
work poner en movimiento [v]
work utilizar un circuito [v]
work excitar [v]
work efectuar [v]
work suministrar [v]
work fabricar [v]
work tirar [v]
work imprimir [v]
work trabajo [m]
work trabajar [v]
work funcionar [v]
work esfuerzo [m]
work empleo [m]
work pieza [f]
work trabajar [v]
work trabajo [m]

Bedeutungen, die der Begriff "work" mit anderen Begriffen im Englisch Spanisch Wörterbuch erhalten hat: 500 Ergebniss(e)

Englisch Spanisch
team work tarea de equipo [f]
superficial and quick work pasada [f]
strike (work stoppage) huelga [f]
(a) compulsory labour or work faena [f] MX
botch-work chapuza [f]
work up elaborar [v]
work tirelessly desvelarse [v]
work as an intern internar [v]
work (function) marchar [v]
rest (after work) holgar [v]
work hard afanar [v]
lattice-work enrejado [m]
strike (work stoppage) paro [m]
frame work armazón [m]
position (work) cargo [m]
work plan plan de trabajo [m]
work surface encimera [f]
shift work alternativa [f]
farm work labor [f]
work-therapy laborterapia [f]
spell of work tonga [f]
piece of work faena [f]
work place faena [f]
filigree (work) filigrana [f]
night work vela [f]
night work vigilia [f]
work force mano de obra [f]
work out calcular [v]
work up acalorar [v]
work (hard) camellar [v] CO CR SV HN
work loose aflojarse [v]
work as a servant servir [v]
work loose soltarse [v]
know how to work entender [v]
work as a team trabajar en equipo [v]
work together trabajar juntos [v]
work out combinar [v]
work full time trabajar a tiempo completo [v]
work out apear [v]
work full-time trabajar a tiempo completo [v]
work the land trabajar la tierra [v]
work up exaltar [v]
work on preparar [v]
work part-time trabajar a tiempo parcial [v]
work on trabajar [v]
work on trabajarse [v]
work hard atarearse [v]
work harder trabajar más [v]
cease work vacar [v]
work hard trabajar mucho [v]
work out resolverse [v]
work out resultar [v]
in work ocupado [adj]
hard to work terco [adj]
difficult to work with rebelde [adj]
out of work desempleado [adj]
hard work ajetreo [m]
work-in encierro [m]
crochet work ganchillo [m]
voluntary work voluntariado [m]
building work obras [f/pl]
construction work obras [f/pl]
in work ocupada [adj/f]
hard to work terca [adj/f]
out of work desempleada [adj/f]
work together hacer causa común [v]
work hard trabajar con ahínco [v]
work overtime trabajar horas extras [v]
chequer work ataracén [f]
critical review of one's own work autocrítica [f]
woman hired occasionally for odd work alquilona [f] derog.
botch-work chapucería [f]
lace or needle-work wrought in the form of a chain cadeneta [f]
lath-work (of ceiling) contiguación [f]
flat side of embossed work contraparte [f]
lack of work desocupación [f]
ground-work base [f]
period of eight months that the indians were obliged to work in the mines demora [f] AMER
work-room (for sewing) costurería [f]
work done in a clumsy way cargazón [f] AR UY
checker-work cuadrícula [f]
rubble-work cascotería [f]
revision and correction of a written work castigación [f]
doctor's remuneration for this work conducta [f]
cabinet-work ebanistería [f]
fancy work frivolité (francés) [f]
public work, at which all the neighbourhood must assist hacendera [f]
ground-work fundación [f]
work done and price paid for it hechura [f]
frost-work escarcha [f]
fascine-work/revetment fajinada [f]
carved work escultura [f]
enamel-work esmaltadura [f]
trellis-work espalera [f]
shop where esparto-work is made or sold espartería [f]
spun work filigrana [f]
pair of mules with a ploughman hired or let out for a day's work huebra [f]
relaxation from work huelga [f] rare
fence-work estacada [f]
silk cloth with open work granadina [f]
shop where mat-work is made and sold esterería [f]
press-work impresión [f]
stucco-work estuquería [f]
scroll-work labor [f]
marble work marmolería [f]
inlaid work marquetería [f]
laborer's day's work peonada [f]
filigree/silver work percocería [f]
relief work mazonería [f]
day's work obrada [f]
small work obrita [f]
reed-work of an organ lengüetería [f]
fatiguing and unprofitable work perrera [f]
artist's work-room oficialía [f]
work-shop oficina [f]
piece of work pieza [f]
gold/silver work orfebrería [f]
net-work randa [f]
rubble-work mampostería [f]
net-work red [f]
stake work presa [f]
mechanical work manufactura [f]
salt-work salina [f]
ornamental work with gilt nails tachonería [f]
saltpetre work salitrería [f]
raised work talla [f]
carved work talla [f]
chequered work taracea [f]
inlaid work taracea [f]
day's work tarea [f]
work done in the course of a week semanería [f]
rest after work sosiega [f]
maker/seller of esparto-work espartera [f]
masonry work done in a house obra [f]
size work before painting or gilding aparejar [v]
work carelessly apatuscar [v] disused
chequer-work ajedrezar [v]
work flax and hemp to make them feel like silk asedar [v]
work eagerly asparse [v]
make filigree work afiligranar [v]
work with the draw-plate aterrajar [v]
make work hard atrabajar [v]
leave off work for a time desensebar [v]
make open-work in meta/wood/linen or paper calar [v]
execute work rapidly beberse [v] rur. rare
work (mines) beneficiar [v]
do task-work destajar [v]
let out work by the job destajar [v]
settle the conditions under which work is to be done destajar [v]
work the edge of stone cantear [v]
work with skill destrejar [v]
work jointly colaborar [v]
remove the digressions from a literary work desamazacotar [v] rare
dedicate (a work) dirigir [v]
work out desarrollar [v]
work dough with a rolling pin bregar [v]
make open-work on any material entretallar [v]
work/develop mines explotar [v]
work out ingeniar [v]
work out escupir [v]
suspend work feriar [v]
quit work holgar [v]
work with iron ferretear [v]
work hard insudar [v] rare
be deeply engaged in work enfrascarse [v]
surround with lattice-work enrejar [v]
adjust the edges of embroidery work formar [v]
work out labrar [v]
shirk work remolonear [v]
give work ocupar [v]
pry into another's work/writings merendar [v]
put the finishing touches (to a literary work) limar [v]
work hard minar [v]
work al pirquén pirquinear [v] CL
work in rotation revezar [v]
embroider with raised work recamar [v]
make net-work mallar [v]
raise rubble-work mampostear [v]
work with the hands maniobrar [v]
work (bees) triar [v]
work by turns turnar [v]
make inlaid work taracear [v]
give up some work temporarily vacar [v]
dedicate (a work) dedicar [v]
work al pirquén dar a pirquén [v] CL
work in atender [v]
worn by work (said of animals) cansino [adj]
said of the preface to a work defending itself against possible objections galeato [adj]
someone who signs another's work firmón [adj]
bead-work abalorio [m]
decoration of carved work arrugón [m]
chequer-work ajedrezamiento [m]
fatiguing work ajobo [m] disused
glazed tile-work alboaire [m]
ornamented plaster-work ataurique [m]
arabesque work aceituní [m]
ceiling ornamented with carved work alfarje [m]
work inlaid with arabesque tiles alicatado [m]
preliminary plans for architectural or engineering work anteproyecto [m]
needle-work basket altabaque [m]
botch-work chapuz [m] rare
someone who supplies money to work mines aviador [m] CL
japan-work charol [m]
work divided into a hundred parts or chapters centiloquio [m]
blunt chisel used in repoussé-work cercador [m]
open-work in metal calado [m]
someone who makes open-work calador [m]
open work deshilado [m]
drawn work deshilado [m]
damascene work damasquinado [m]
end of a work coronamiento [m]
romance (musical literary work) corrido [m] AND
task-work destajo [m]
lady's work-box/table costurero [m]
any unfinished work, writing or composition bosquejo [m]
alteration or correction made in a work castigo [m]
plaster-work enyesado [m]
work wrought with the figure of scales escamado [m]
inlaid work embutido [m]
man of all work factótum [m]
head-dress made of net-work escofión [m]
iron-work herraje [m]
coif made of net-work garbín [m]
inlaid work encaje [m]
enamel-work esmalte [m]
maker/seller of esparto-work espartero [m]
graver for graffito or scratch-work grafio [m]
lattice-work enjaretado [m]
lath-work enlistonado [m]
open-work enrejado [m]
grill-work enrejado [m]
day-work jornal [m]
journey-work jornal [m]
niello work niel [m]
raised work niel [m]
raised work relieve [m]
laundry-work lavado [m]
pile-work pilotaje [m]
work painted pincel [m]
communal work done by neighbours mingaco [m] CL
patch-work made of furs used by the indians as a blanket quillango [m] AR
painful work reventadero [m]
fire work-maker polvorista [m]
raised work realce [m]
raised work (embroidery) recamado [m]
embroidery of raised work recamo [m]
suspension of work paro [m]
piece of work trabajo [m]
slight work, labor/hardship trabajuelo [m]
slot in metal/wood-work canal [m/f]
domestic work haciendas [f/pl]
worn by work (said of animals) cansina [adj/f]
work made of adobe bricks adobera [f] disused
building work albañilería [f]
work up acalorar [v] rare
work up acalorar [v]
work right acertar [v]
work into conversation acomodar [v]
work together acompañarse [v] disused
find work for acoplar [v]
make work hard and hurriedly afanar [v] rare
work hard and hurriedly afanarse [v]
work hard afanarse [v]
make work hard afanar [v]
work with plush or velvet afelpar [v]
work to obtain agenciar [v]
temporarily substitute for someone at work aguantar [v] DO
get ahead at work aguantar [v]
work ahead aguantar [v]
do bricklaying work albañear [v] disused
work in construction albañear [v] disused
do bricklaying work as a hobby albañilear [v]
exhausted by heat or work abayado [adj] DO
constructed with dutch tile-work alboaire [adj] rare
work harassment acoso laboral [m]
dutch tile-work in chapel ceilings alboaire [m]
work during one's down time descansar haciendo adobes [loc/v] MX
work an extra job descansar haciendo adobes [loc/v] MX
with a lot of work con gran esfuerzo [adv]
during the work week entresemana [adv] MX HN CU DO PR CO VE BO
after work después del trabajo [adv]
slight work chapuza [f]
delicate work filigrana [f]
supply work suplencia [f]
cabinet work marquetería [f]
nasty piece of work malasombra [f]
silver work orfebrería [f]
work of art obra [f]
work surface mesada [f]
day's work peonada [f]
work of art obra de arte [f]
insecurity (work) precarización [f]
someone that imitates others' work without adding ingenuity copiona [f]
work stoppage huelga [f]
censoring one's own work autocensura [f]
plot of a written work diégesis [f]
strike (stoppage of work) huelga [f]
collective work minga [f]
dirty work matufia [f]
quick work pasada [f]
gold work orfebrería [f]
work crew plantilla [f]
work ethic alilaya [f] SV
abrasion sore from straps on work animals matadura  [f] DO
day’s work peonada [f]
architectural work obra arquitectónica [f]
architectural work of art obra de arte arquitectónico [f]
difficult work asadura [f] VE
slow-moving work asadura [f] VE
period to take exams and work on a thesis (in the university system) aspirantura [f] CU
place of work asignación [f] DO
fisherwoman who uses a fishing net for her work atarrayadora [f] HN SV NI PR
evaluation meeting of work done and guidelines for future (organization) asamblea de balance [f] CU
body of work obra completa de un autor [f]
capability/ability to do work capacidad/habilidad de trabajo [f]
receiving board and lodging in return for work in rural establishments agregada [f] DO AR UY rur.
group of people who, jointly, perform unpaid work callapa [f] VE
informal minutes of a work meeting that only shows the agreements reached and the distribution of activities of members ayuda memoria [f] HN
thing that is acquired at the cost of little work alicoca [f] HN
hard work breteada [f] NI CR
person who has to work hard to learn cabeceburra [f] HN SV NI DO derog.
occasional work for considerable pay chaucha [f] EC
temporary work cacha [f] GT
early unfitness for work incapacidad temprana para trabajar [f]
surrender of guerrilla/paramilitary fighters who voluntarily abandon their activities as members of armed organizations on the fringes of the law in order to work for government organizations desmovilización [f] CO
break during work descansada [f] CO PE VE BO CL AR
work one's tail off deslomada [f] HN NI
party offered to one's new work colleagues using one's first pay check culebra [f] SV
product of work chamba (portugués) [f] CR
person who does not report for work chachona [f] BO:W,C,S
person who makes many mistakes at work or in a game chancletera [f] PR
work or job chanfaina [f] CO
temporary informal work changa [f] AR UY
a witchcraft fetish or charm made of black tape with seven knots, each one of which has a different perfume and is associated with a thought having to do with a work goal cinta de siete nudos [f] PR
material work chamba (portugués) [f] CR
work, generally of little importance, that is carried out on an occasionally chamba (del portugués) [f] PA EC rare
work done carelessly or sloppily chambonada [f] BO derog.
work done carelessly or sloppily chambonada [f] MX GT HN SV NI CR PA CU CO VE PE CL AR UY
roughness or imperfection in any work chambonería [f] MX PA CO derog.
lucrative line of work chiripa [f] DO
missing class or work falla [f] HN CO BO:C,W
employee who is paid without going to work fantasma [f] NI
skipping class or work falla [f] HN CO BO:C,W
extra work faina [f] SV
overtime work in the field faena [f] MX
any type of difficult work in a barracks that should be carried out by a soldier as punishment fagina [f] EC rare
cleaning work carried out by prisoners fagina [f] MX
occasional work faina [f] SV
effort or exertion at work fajada [f] HN
actively seeking work búsqueda activa de trabajo [f]
line of work of gas fitters gasfitería [f] EC PE CL
woman skilled at house work guarme [f] CO:Sw
line of work of and indigenous guardian of a ranch house guasicamía [f] EC:C rare
short jacket work by the gaucho corralera [f] AR
ambition to work ambición de trabajar [f]
amount of estimated work cantidad de trabajo estimado [f]
amount of work cantidad de trabajo [f]
amount of work completed cantidad de trabajo realizado [f]
free time between two hours of class or work hora sándwich [f] AR
free time between two hours of class or work hora puente [f] AR UY
young woman, typically from a rural area, who does domestic work imilla [f] BO:W
young woman, typically from a rural area, who does domestic work muru imilla [f] BO:C,W
architectural work obra arquitectónica [f]
architectural work of art obra de arte arquitectónica [f]
large limousine in need of body work lechona [f] PR
spontaneous cooperative composed of neighbors with the purpose of carrying out free work for the good of one of them who needs it or the community junta [f] PA DO PR
party or feast that is celebrated after the harvest or other work done in common junta [f] PA
community work by a group of country people or peasants to build a house or work in the field junta de embarre [f] PA rur.
work that takes longer than expected lerdura [f] CR EC
traditional system of work in rural areas that consists of all the members of a community helping in the agricultural tasks or construction of a neighbor house with the commitment that the beneficiary must return the favor of help when needed mano vuelta [f] HN rur.
work or text with many crazy ideas disparatera [f] NI DO
work or text with many unfounded comments disparatera [f] NI DO
work team dupla [f] HN SV CO PE BO CL AR UY
work team dupleta [f] PA BO
hard work macaneada [f] HN NI
person playing hooky from work on monday lunera [f] AR
intense work negreada [f] HN CR
group of black people who are doing agricultural work on a farm negrería [f] BO
intense and excessive work mecha [f] CU
person who drives a motorcycle for work motorizada [f] PE
group of delinquents united by work, camaraderie or friendship muchachada [f] BO:W delinq.
public work of great magnitude obra de choque [f] CU
work crew microbrigada [f] CU
community work minga [f] CO EC PY
community work minga [f] PE CL AR rur.
party celebrated to recognize community work minga [f] AR:N UY rur.
unjustified absence for work or classes paveada [f] PA
set of technical activities complementary to educational work paradocencia [f] CL
work involving responsibility pacaya [f] GT
work that remains to be done pincha [f] CU
work completed with much effort penqueada [f] HN SV NI
work meal sama [f] BO:C
woman who frequently takes time off work reposera [f] VE
building work rusa [f] CO
work done at once sacada [f] AR:Nw
store that sells tools for electrical work, masonry, plumbing or carpentry tlapalería [f] MX
hospital work shifts turnicidad [f] HN
person requested to work on a community project suplicada [f] CL:Sw rur.
person who brings food to laborers who work in the field tacualera [f] MX
small work site tabla [f] MX CU rur.
abundant and very hard work trabajadera [f] SV NI CU
abundant and very hard work trabajadera [f] PE rare
work schedule tarjeta [f] MX SV
work as ejercer de [v]
work one's guts out descornarse [v]
work together colaborar [v]
work out hacer gimnasia [v]
provide work for ocupar [v]
work till exhaustion reventarse [v]
work in detail detallar [v]
work up excitar [v]
work hard bregar [v]
work in relief relevar [v]
work hard sudar [v]
work out resolver [v]
shun work on effort remolonear [v]
work hard pelear [v]
work the disadvantage of desfavorecer [v]
work loose desenroscarse [v]
(for an artist) to produce a work of art hacer una obra de arte (un artista) [v]
work tirelessly desvelarse [v] fig.
work as a procurator procurar [v]
work up or work out elaborar [v]
work with a lathe mandrilar [v]
work as a diver bucear [v]
work hard afanarse [v]
work out colegir [v]
yield positive work cundir [v]
work against desfavorecer [v]
do work unnecessarily descubrir el agua tibia [v]
work together cooperar [v]
discuss one's work hablar de negocios [v]
work for servir [v]
work on something esforzarse [v]
work through the night hacer días y noches [v]
work excessively trabajar duro [v]
work out entender [v]
work out entrenar [v]
work to rule ir a la huelga de celo [v]
work with purpose empeñarse [v]
work throughout the night pasar la noche en claro [v]
work throughout the night trasnochar [v]
do someone's difficult work sacar las castañas del fuego [v]
overdo one's work andar demasiado [v]
overdo one's work trabajar demasiado [v]
cope with (work) hacer frente a (problema/situación) [v]
work free desprenderse [v]
work unsocial hours trabajar a horas intempestivas [v]
work overtime trabajar horas extra [v]
work nights hacer el turno de noche [v]
be off work no estar trabajando [v]
be out of work estar desempleado [v]
go to work ir a trabajar [v]
go to work ir al trabajo [v]
work on commission trabajar a comisión [v] ES
work without a break trabajar sin parar [v]
start work empezar a trabajar [v]
start work entrar a trabajar [v]
be out of work estar sin trabajo [v]
be without work estar sin trabajo [v]
work side by side trabajar codo con codo [v]
work elbow to elbow trabajar codo con codo [v]
work together trabajar codo con codo [v]
work part time trabajar a tiempo parcial [v]
work part time trabajar medio turno [v]
be at work estar en el trabajo [v]
find work encontrar trabajo [v]
work on the computer trabajar en el ordenador [v]
work on the computer trabajar en la computadora [v]
drive to work conducir al trabajo [v]
have work to do tener trabajo que hacer [v]
find work conseguir trabajo [v]
show up for work presentarse a trabajar [v]
work part time trabajar media jornada [v]
work part time trabajar medio día [v]
work for oneself cuenta propia [v]
work for oneself trabajar para uno mismo [v]
work well together trabajar bien juntos [v]
work diligently trabajar afanosamente [v]
work at the computer trabajar con la computadora [v]
work against the clock trabajar contra el reloj [v]
work at the computer trabajar con el ordenador [v] ES
work hard trabajar de firme [v]
work as trabajar de [v]
work at the computer trabajar con el ordenador [v]
work late trabajar hasta tarde [v]
work at the computer trabajar en la computadora [v]
work full time trabajar tiempo completo [v]
work full time trabajar jornada completa [v]
work long hours trabajar muchas horas [v]
work for a cause trabajar por una causa [v]
work correctly funcionar correctamente [v]
work right funcionar correctamente [v]
be out of work quedarse sin trabajo [v]
go back to work volver al trabajo [v]
work overtime hacer horas extras [v]
start to work alquilarse [v] CAR
work like a slave azacanarse [v]
work like a slave atosigarse [v]
work as a worker peonar [v] SCN